Lessons Learned by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

18338838Title:  Lessons Learned

Series:  Assassin/Shifter book #19

Author:  Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Novel (158 pages)

Publisher:  Sandrine Gasq-Dion (September 1st 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Heart

Blurb:    Years ago, sensitive Jude Brooks got tired of watching junior high life through the vents in his locker. Unfortunately, handsome Hayden Cox’s favorite pastime was putting him in there. When Jude’s werewolf friends torment Hayden for being human, he takes it out on distractingly beautiful Jude. A lot.

Tired of having his son picked on, pack member Henry Cox moves his family away. “Cox the cock” is gone – so why does Jude feel disappointment mixed with his exhilaration? In another city, Hayden is finally being accepted – so why is he constantly haunted by the memory of mesmerizing violet eyes?

Fast-forward to a meeting as adults, and the air is so thick with tension and anger that it can be grabbed and shaped into adorable animals. Jude’s rage toward his nemesis has boiled over and nothing Hayden can do or say will make it go away. Hayden’s efforts to make peace convince everyone but Jude he’s a changed man. In fact, he’s a werewolf now and he wants nothing more than for Jude to forgive him. Jude wants nothing more than to ignore Cox the cock and be taken seriously as a protector of the pack.

If longing looks and lustful thoughts are anything to go by, this situation is far from resolved. Is Jude’s best friend really dating Hayden? And why does he care? Can he ever completely trust the person who spent years treating him like an algebra book? Will a survival test in Siberia and a stunning revelation bring them together or tear them farther apart?

Maybe they’ll both be taught a lesson about love.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Jude Brooks and Hayden Cox share a past that threatens a possible future. When they were teenagers, their father’s were members of the same pack. Young and inexperienced, Hayden was confused by his feelings for Jude so he bullied the young wolf in hopes it would cover up the growing attraction he had for Jude. Hayden as well is picked on by the other wolves within their pack for being human, so when Noah and Ross want to tell Jude’s father, Jonas the pack alpha, about the abuse Jude is suffering from Hayden, Jude won’t allow it.

Knowing what his son is enduring and why, Henry Cox severs ties with the pack and moves his family away. Jonas begs him not to remove himself or his family from the protection of the pack, and years later Henry’s decision has devastating consequences. As a parting gift, he bites Hayden and turns him and Jonas is there to pick up the pieces. Hayden is sent off to boarding school with Noah and Ross and given time to adjust to his new self, but he never forgets the dark-haired wolf with the violet eyes that consumes his thoughts.

Fans of this series are fully aware of Jude and Hayden’s story and the lengths Hayden goes to trying to convince Jude that he’s a different person than he was all those years ago. But Jude is stubborn and he has resigned himself to hating Hayden, fighting the pull he feels toward the wolf every time they are in the same room together tooth and nail. When the pair are sent on a mission to Siberia together and alone will the mutual attraction finally be explored? Or will Jude continue to fight against his feelings for Hayden and finally push him away completely with hurtful comments and ignorance?

One of my favorite aspects of this series is getting to follow the lives of characters and couples and watch them grow, into themselves and as individuals and eventually becoming friends and lovers. I’ve been following the story of Jude and Hayden since Jude threw Hayden into the wedding cake a dozen or so books ago. I’ve been watching their story develop on the sidelines for ages, covert glances and innuendos over the years have shown us that the attraction is mutual. But the pain Hayden inflicted on Jude when they were younger is not so easily forgotten. Now they are alone in Siberia, the threat from the rogue wolves looms over them, and they are more open and honest with each other than they’ve ever been. And the sex is off the charts! That backwards lap dance alone had me fanning myself, good god almighty!!

This series and this author continue to amaze me, I mean this is book nineteen in the series and I’m still not bored! With every installment Gasq-Dion manages to bring something new to the table. I am so invested in these characters, I feel like they are extended family, and with each new book it’s like a little family reunion where I get to catch up with everyone! Sexy, steamy, detailed and devious are all characteristics of Gasq-Dion’s writing. If you’re a fan of the M/M genre and you haven’t read this series, my only question is why not??

Note: this is the 19th book in a series that most definitely should be read in order……….


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