Liam's Happiness by Kam Miller

Title: Liam’s Happiness

Series: The Portland Pack 01

Author: Kam Miller

Genre: Paranormal, Shifters

Length: Novella (129pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (21st July 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: As a child, Liam was kept isolated by the power of his abusive Alpha. Years later Liam escapes to find a fragile peace — until Griffon storms into his life. Can Liam overcome his past and seize his future?

As a child, Liam was kept in isolation and under control of his abusive pack Alpha. He eventually escaped and forged a life as a lone wolf.

After finding out Liam survived the explosion that killed his parents, Griffon immediately throws himself into rescuing Liam. Ten years later, Griffon finally finds his lost mate.

All Griffon wants to do is take Liam home and protect him, but Liam is scared to leave the only peace he’s known. Then an emergency forces Liam to confront his past and risk his future.

Will Liam be able to follow his instinct and believe in the happiness and safety Griffon represents, or has his ability to trust been completely shattered?

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Review: Liam escaped from the hands of an abusive Alpha with the help of his only friend Cale. Now, he lives in the wilds of Canada as a wolf, keeping to himself. But, one day someone finds him, wanting him to return to the place where his nightmares reside. Griffon has hunted for Liam for years and finally he has tracked him down. But, the hardest part is yet to come; to convince his mate to return to civilization and to face his fears.  An emergency forces them both to confront the past and Liam learns just where his real strength is.

This book is Kam Miller’s first published work and for a first timer, she’s done a great job. Liam is an Omega. When his adoptive parents were killed in an explosion, he was taken by his biological grandparents and kept as a prisoner. Everyone believing he died in the explosion. Now, ten years after his escape from his cruel grandparents, he is wary of ever trusting anyone again, but he feels safe with the wolf who finds him. Griffon is a strong but caring Alpha and tried to get to Liam before he disappeared. Now, after ten years of hunting he has finally found the wolf who is his mate, but getting Liam’s trust is hard. Especially when they are forced to return to pack lands by the kidnapping of one of their own, Cale.

Liam is a very gentle wolf and so very, very sweet. The way that he was treated was appalling and I was so glad that the author wrote about his escape. Griffon is a strong but compassionate wolf and he rules his pack like they are family and he has been devoted to finding Liam since he first discovered he was alive. Both Liam and Griffon click when they first meet and it does get very sexually charged between them, but they get to know each other a little bit before jumping each other’s bones.

The storyline is quite good. Liam being an Omega can help calm wolves and unfortunately Liam’s grandfather was completely insane and looked down on Omegas, so Liam was punished just for living. Now a threat connected to his past re-emerges and both Liam and Griffon fear the outcome when a pack-mate is in danger. The council failed him badly in the past and I think Kam Miller should write a story that shakes up all their rules (you’ll understand why when you read this). Now I love hot man on man sex as much as the next person and this has plenty to keep you going, but sometimes it just felt out-of-place.

Hmmm, I will recommend this to those who love shifters, hot sex, a good storyline, some danger, some great characters (and there are a few of them) and a happy ending.



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