Life According to Buddy by Lily Velden

LLLL-Final-COverTitle: Life According to Buddy

Series:  Love, Loss, Laughter & Lust Anthology
Author: Lily Velden
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (14 pages)

ISBN: 9781783014453
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing (November 25, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Zane
Blurb: Buddy is a penis on a mission… Mission Objective: The Love Tunnel
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Review: Absolutely hysterical – if I wasn’t giggling, I was snorting. If I wasn’t doing that, I was cackling. Fourteen pages of life according to penis – or should I say, Buddy. Complete with a cast of characters (YES, it is listed in the beginning), this catalogues Buddy’s journey to, you guessed it, the love tunnel. Buddy considers himself to be polite and smart (MENSA material if he does say so himself), and is only too happy to tell his tale.

Ridiculously funny, amazingly insightful, and just all around entertaining, Lily Velden has hit a home run with this one. Five side splitting hearts for Buddy and his story – If you ever wondered what went through a penis’ brain (because we all know they have one), or just want to laugh out loud for a few, this is the story for you.

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