Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees by Michael Murphy

LittleSquirrelsCanClimbTallTreesLGTitle: Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees
Series: Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees, #1
Author: Michael Murphy
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (200 Pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 27, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Kyle Miller is a rare breed. Though born to conservative parents and raised in small-town Oklahoma, Kyle realized young that he had to escape rural America.

Now he’s living in New York City, working as an ER doctor, and paying off his massive student loans. He’s never been on a plane and never seen a movie, but he is worldly enough to recognize attraction when it smacks him in the forehead.

Not that he knows how he managed to crack heads with Joseph, who’s a good foot shorter than Kyle’s six and a half feet.

Joseph is Kyle’s polar opposite in other ways too, well off where Kyle is poor, and self-assured while Kyle is insecure. He’s also determined to show Kyle what a great guy he is and bring the confidence Kyle shows in the ER out in his everyday life. But Kyle’s hectic work schedule and inexperience with relationships won’t make for an easy romance.

ISBN: 978-1-61372-618-1

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is the first book to this collection and I had a blast reading it. Although with that title I was thinking Squirrel shifters or some paranormal. It is told in first person and I usually don’t much care for those but this one was amazing. There was so much humor in it that I spent most of my time laughing my ass off. Talk about an accident waiting to happen with these two men. And that was how they met. They both rose up and hit heads. Things were heating up ever since.

Joseph is very open and has a bit of an attitude. I get a kick out of him. He hits Kyle’s head with his, and then they meet again in the locker room. All naked and hot, Kyle just kept talking to him and Joseph was not exactly paying too much attention to anything the man said. He was also about a foot taller than he was, so he was face to face with the man’s chest. Yummy goodness was all he could think about.

Kyle raised by his parents in Oklahoma, they were both very religious and conservative. So he definitely was not out to him. He ended up going to medical school and working in New York. He wanted what any man wanted, love, and a family. When he started talking to Joseph in the locker room his attention was caught. He even asked him out for coffee. Things really heat up between them both. Although there is a bit of confrontation between them both, things are really looking up for them both.

I was already laughing, and then you introduced Mano and things get even quirkier. You can tell from the way they act and talk that they are deeply in love. I also love the fact that Kyle’s mom ended up being good with it all. It truly was a story that was warm and heart filled.

If you want a story with a happy ending then this is one for you. It gives you humor, lust, a little medical emergency where you can watch Kyle in action, just an itsy bitsy bit of angst and some hot sex. I would definitely recommend reading this story.

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