Love Rivals by Shayla Mist

Love RivalTitle:  Love Rivals

Author:  Shayla Mist

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novella (100 pages)

Publisher:   Less Than Three Press (July 10th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Laurie

Blurb: Aiden has a crush on Shawn, but there are two problems in the way of the happily ever after he knows they’re meant to have. The first is Shawn’s new boyfriend, Noah. The second is Jordan, Shawn’s best friend and Aiden’s long-standing rival for his affections. So how’s a man to overcome such obstacles? 

Not by accidentally sleeping with his rival. And not by going on the camping trip from hell, where Aiden swiftly loses track of what it is he really wants.

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Review: Enemy to friends, self-introspection and seeing those around you as they really are and growing up a bit. All of these are a part of Aiden’s story.

Aiden is a bit self-absorbed and wants who he wants, when he wants and doesn’t seem to care that’s it’s for all of the wrong reasons. I didn’t always like who Aiden was while reading this story. But he does redeem himself in the end.

Aiden want Shawn, not to keep, but just to have for a few hot encounters and mostly to keep Shawn away from his best friend, who he hates with a passion. Shawn’s best friend, Jordon wants Shawn and tries to keep Aiden at bay by always being there with Shawn. And Shawn doesn’t want either. Shawn has very different ideas of who should be with whom. As evidenced by what happens at Aiden’s birthday party.

So when Shawn invites Aiden, mister city boy, to go camping with him, his date Noah and Jordon, well he’s not giving Jordon a clear, clean shot at snagging Shawn. And he has to get Noah out of the picture too. So of course he’s going. And there starts the misadventures in the wilderness. Through those misadventures, Aiden starts the growing up process, learning about himself, how other see him and starts to see these guys as they truly are.

This story was a fun, fast and well written read, and the character are engaging, if not always likable. I would love the author to write some more of these guys’ story.