Mage of Silence by Edward Kendrick

Title: Mage of Silence

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Length: Novel (227pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (14th January 2011)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Castien, a mute elven mage, and Theirn, a young half-elf thief, join forces to rid their land of an evil Lord. Their feelings deepen as they travel across the seas to spy on a mage/prince who enslaves his subjects.

Castien, an elf mage who cannot speak except with the aid of a magical dagger, has been captured while on a mission. He is freed by his companion, the warrior elf Daeron, and returns with him to Daeron’s homeland. There they will join forces to rid the land of a Lord bent on the destruction of the elves.

Theirn, a young half-elf thief, attempts to rob Castien during his stay at an inn and is caught by the mage. Much against Theirn’s will he is enlisted into the group of rebel elves. But as Theirn’s infatuation with Castien grows, he becomes more eager to risk treachery, betrayal, and even death on dangerous missions just to be close to the man he is growing to love.

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Review: Castien was cursed to silence as a punishment.   He might be a powerful mage, but because of the curse he is limited to when he can do some spells. Theirn is a thief and gets caught by Castien, but with the information he reveals he is enlisted into the group and also comes in handy when they need access to a castle. Castien and Theirn start to become close, but Theirn has some fears…at first.

There are two parts to this book or more correctly two adventures in one book.  The first one is where Castien and Theirn meet and help to get rid of an evil Lord.   and the second one show’s how their relationship develops as they set out to spy on a mage/prince. I must admit that I did enjoy this story and the world it was set in.   The characters were interesting and their reaction to each other was well written. The entire story was well-written; in fact and I am not being bias just because it’s a fantasy, honest!!

The action was really good and although we don’t see any sex, we do see the lead up which is at first filled with a misunderstanding. The development of the story is good and we do find out about both Castien’s and Theirn’s background and the characters are really sweet together later in the book.  I will admit here that there was one bit that niggled for me and that was the curse that Castien has.  It just seemed too awkward to be effective but you can make your own mind up about that.

So in all honesty, I have to recommend this to those who love fantasy, action, adventure, magic, elves, love, spies and a cracking mage battle near the end.