Making the Pass by Cheryl Dragon

18365454Title:  Making the Pass 

Author:  Cheryl Dragon

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length:  Short (75 Pages)

Publisher:  Total-E-Bound (August 30th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer:  Laurie

BlurbOn the field and in bed, Aiden and Jack are a perfect match. But when reality and pride interfere, will they be able to become a team.

Aiden and Jack are both hot, gay men and play weekend football for the Griffons. Their similarities end there. Jack is blue-collar and sees both the attraction to Aiden and the divide between them. His career is delivering packages to fancy offices, including the one where Aiden works. On the field, they spark and win, but it takes a friend’s nudging before Jack turns the mutual macho posturing to passionate sex.2179

The physical connection between Aiden and Jack is easy, but they’ll need extra practice for the relationship part. Aiden tries to fit in with Jack’s friends, but when Aiden invites Jack to an office party, Jack refuses. Thankfully, the rift won’t stop the game from progressing, and neither man is a quitter!

Title originally published in the Out of Bounds Anthology.

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Review: As a major sports lover and a football fan, I loved this book. This is another one that is part of a fun little series set in the football world of the Griffons and done by this author, as well as Stephanie Burke and Megan Slayer. In this book, Aiden and Jack, the executive and blue-collar worker, come together in the same locker room that we meet Dolton and Dean from In the Red Zone.

In this story, one of the issues dealt with is the perceived differences between blue collars versus white, studs versus geeks. Teammates, Aiden and Jack have danced around their attraction to each other for a while. Aiden sees Jack as a love them and leave them type, while thinking that Jack never sees beyond the geek in him. Jack wonders why a smart man like Aiden would or could ever be interested in him and he deals with his attraction to Aiden by pretending that it’s another teammate Aiden is attracted to. Aiden tries very hard to live up to what he thinks Jack’s world would want him to be instead of being himself.

I loved that Aiden and Jack have to work at making their relationship work. They have ups and downs, and insecurities for both that pop up along the way to love between them. Aiden’s testing of Jack when he invites him to a company function is real life. Something we’ve all done, a ‘prove to me that you love me’ type thing. The interaction and play with toys between the two as they work on taking their relationship farther is well written sex and incredibly hot to read.

What I loved was that all of the books in this series dealt with a rocky road to love, the building of relationships and hot wild sex. The cast of surrounding characters, such as coach and her red heels, are as much fun to read about as Aiden and Jack.

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