Making Waves by Marie Sexton

marie-sexton-making-waves-coverTitle: Making Waves

Series: Wrench Wars #4

Author: Marie Sexton

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short Story (76 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 28th 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 hearts

Blurb: A Wrench Wars Story

Best friends since they were teenagers, Ward Kent and Dean Zimmerman work together at Reggie’s garage, where the reality show Wrench Wars is filmed. Outside of work, Dean is a notorious player, and as far as he’s concerned, Ward’s the best wingman ever. Little does he know, Ward is much more interested in the gentlemen than the ladies.

Then Dean’s younger brother, Ash, comes to work at the garage. Ash may be seven years younger, but he’s had a crush on Ward for years, and he’s not shy about going after what he wants.

Admitting his best friend and his brother are gay is one thing. Seeing them together? That’s a bit more than Dean can take, and he’s about to force Ward to make a decision: lose his best friend and his job, or give up Ash forever.

ISBN: 9781634774604

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Reviewer: Aerin

Review: Dean and Ward have been through a lot together, have been best friends for years, and despite Dean being self-absorbed and selfish, he’s been there for Ward through a very hard time in his life when he bounced from foster home to foster home. Dean is the brother Ward never had, the one constant in his life. Despite knowing of some relationships Ward has had with men before, Dean refuses to accept or understand that Ward might be gay; he’s not an asshole about it, but he prefers to ignore it as long as possible. Until Dean’s little brother Ash comes around.

Ash is 7 years younger than Ward and has had a crush on him since he was a teenager; now that he has Ward in his sight again, he does everything he can to show his interest in Ward. Ash is flirtatious, all grown up and not afraid to go after what he wants. Ward’s efforts to resist him crumbled under Ash’s sensuality and the chemistry between them.

This book would’ve been relatively drama-free if it wasn’t for Dean. Christ that man was such a whiny, annoying, self-absorbed asshole! That selfish prick ruined the whole entire book! I got sick of his tantrums and ultimatums, and the fact that he refused to see his brother is no longer a child and can in fact make his own decisions. Because of this asshole, we got robbed of some sexy times that had real potential.  

The ending is a HFN, and that’s ok. We also got to see the couples from the previous books, and while Chandler and Mark are still my favorite couple, Ash and Ward are a close second.