Meant For Each Other by D. H. Starr

Title:  Meant For Each Other

Series:  N/A

Author:  D.H. Starr

Genre:   Young Adult/MM contemporary

Length:  190 Pages

Publisher:  Ai Press (November 7, 2010)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Blurb:   Sometimes your first love is the one that was meant to be. Craig Harper and Jeremy Finn were best friends growing up. They attended the same school, spent all of their time together, and hung out with the same group of people. It wasn’t until the day before Jeremy and his family moved across the country that they discovered their attraction to one another. Fifteen years later, they reunite by chance in New York City. Both are in relationships and have established a routine in their lives. But routines and relationships are shaken as they begin to spend time together once again. Old feelings and connections are still strong and the passion that pulls them together is a powerful, soul-searing call neither man can deny. As each deals with the issues in their own relationships, they begin to question whether the comfort of what they know is more powerful than the pull of what they could have been…and what they might become. Struggling to find the answer, only their hearts can reveal if they are meant for each other.

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Reviewer: John

Review:  I have to be honest. When I got this novel to review, I wasn’t looking forward to it because I am not a fan of MM contemporary novels. They tend to be more about adults and their problems. But, I’m so happy that I did.

This love story revolves around Craig Harper and Jeremy Finn, who grew up as best friends in Newton, just west of Boston. One day at age fifteen, they share a kiss and Jeremy moves across the country the following day. Slowly, they begin to lose contact with each other and grow apart. Fifteen years later, their paths cross once again, but things are not perfect. Why? Craig is with Robert and Jeremy is with Andrew. This is where things get a little interesting.

I loved the main characters and I absolutely loved the concept of the story. Some may find it hard to believe that you will lose contact with a friend over time, but that has happened to me so I found credibility in this story. With that said, I get where these two are coming from.

The only character I disliked was Robert. There was something about him that I hated so much. He was just a bastard. I loved Andrew and I was torn because I was cheering for Craig and Jeremy. Andrew was just too sweet and at some point, I was cheering for him and Jeremy. What made me change my mind about Andrew was the fact that he placed his needs first and cheated on Jeremy. I loved Jeremy. He was perfect and deserved someone better or in other words, Craig.

In a nutshell, the story was perfectly written and well thought out. It was an amazing read that made me enjoy a genre even though I was not a fan. I would recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read a sweet love story full of tears and real life scenarios.

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  1. Thanks so much John. I really appreciate the review. And I’m especially glad you like Andrew because his story is next on my “To Be Written” list. The title will be Meant For Him where Andrew finds his happily ever after in the most unusual of people.

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