Mischief Maker by Andi Lee

Andi Lee - Mischief Maker 3d Cover 5j39b

Andi Lee - Mischief Maker Cover 847gvTitle: Mischief Maker

Series: Animal Lark 01

Author: Andi Lee

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC. (August 13,2019)

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖 3 Hearts

Blurb: What to expect when your pet rat is expecting, or how to fall in love at a pet show.

Jamie Hewett rescues and breeds prize-winning fancy rats. While he’s surrounded by supportive, animal-loving friends, his ex-boyfriend has never been one of them. One embarrassing breakup later, he definitely isn’t looking for love again, but perhaps a rebound relationship might ease his broken heart.

Liam Donnelly’s quirky dating life is the subject of a popular vlog, and his viewers have interesting ideas on where he might find romance. When they suggest he take Mabel, his new rat, to a pet show, he’s up for the adventure.

Although they can’t deny their growing interest in each other, neither Jamie nor Liam believes in love at first sight. They’ve both had bad luck with men, and Jamie isn’t pleased that Liam makes a living as a serial dater. On top of that, others are conspiring to keep them apart, and Jamie is left holding the baby—or twenty-plus babies—when their fur children have no trouble making a connection. Will a YouTube ukulele serenade convince Liam that Jamie’s love for him—and their unborn rat children—is for real?

ISBN: 9178-1-64405-422-2

Product Link: Dreamspinner | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Liam is a serial dater and has no regrets about it. However his crazy family won’t let him bring a date to a wedding unless he is serious. So he sets out to find someone to take. On the side he is a pretty good Vlogger and has fun with it. They suggest where he goes to meet dates and he actually listens every once in awhile.

Jamie has an idiot for a boyfriend but not for long. Here is a man that loves rats, all kinds of rats. He breeds them and even rescues them. After his ex breaks up with him he is not sure he wants to try again. So when he meets Liam things might just heat up, but is it real or just rebound, we will soon see.

This story was very long with quite a bit of information that was not really needed. It felt drawn out and just a bit dry. The topic was very interesting and I did like part of the story. However it was so drawn out that I pretty much skipped parts of the story just to get to the interesting parts. There were a few minor problems in editing but not enough to really take away from the story itself.

The beginning of the story caught my attention which was a plus but didn’t keep it which was not a plus. Overall the story was pretty good and showed great potential. I didn’t really connect with the guys like I would have liked to but it was a good start to a new to me author.