Monkey Suit by B.A. Tortuga

20653025Title: Monkey Suit

Series:  Take it Like a Man Anthology

Author: BA Tortuga

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (22 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (January 28th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Eli

Blurb: Casey resigned himself long ago to wearing a monkey suit and playing piano in swanky hotels and bars. It’s work, even if it isn’t the big break he always dreamed of. No, his ex-lover Derek got that: the record deal, big Nashville house, sold-out tour. When Derek comes back to Austin, though, he wants Casey, not all the trappings of fame. Can he make Casey believe it, or is their song played out? 

This story is also available in the Take It like a Man Anthology

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Review: So music star Derek left town and his love behind in search of bright lights and fame.  He found them, but in the interim, he found he lost himself. He’s returned home to collect the thing he should never have left behind – the talented piano player. Casey has never seen himself as someone with talent and so it was easy to let Derek go and be famous because he would only ever be an invisible sidekick.  Now however, they both have a second chance at love.

Derek wants to simplify his life and go back to just writing music; and, he wants to do it with Casey, the man he loves. So he’s come back to ask him to be with him on his farewell tour.  To achieve his goal, Derek will need to convince Casey that he is not a talentless hack that he can make it outside of Austin and that he, Derek, never stopped loving him.

Derek will need to pull out all the emotional stops. He will need to remember how to play the instrument of his lover’s body if he’s to prise him away from Austin and take him to the bright lights of Vegas.  Well apparently, the music of love and passion never fades … and Derek and Casey are able to hit just the right note.

Erotic and heartfelt.