Naked Dragon by G. A. Hauser

Title: Naked Dragon

Author: G.A. Hauser

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Action, Thriller, Interracial

Length: Novel (209pgs)

Publisher: The GA Hauser Collection LLC (13th August 2010)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In the worst serial killer crime spree in Seattle’s history since the Green River murderer, the ‘Dragon’ is hunting young Asian men as his victims. FBI Agent Robbie Taylor has been assigned to use his skills as a psychic to help solve the case and find out the identity of the madman. Seattle Police Officer Dave Harris, a rookie black cop meets up with the handsome FBI agent on one of the gruesome crime scenes. The two are immediately sexually attracted to each other and begin a secret affair that keeps them sane in the middle of all the madness. As the corpses keep piling up, their passion and love grow. Will they outwit the Dragon? Or will he get away with murder? The two men hope they survive the battle of wits and come out of the crisis alive.

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First published September 2007 – Linden Bay Romance

Review: Dave is going about his job when he gets a call to another crime scene; it’s the third murder in three days.   As he is getting information, the FBI turn up and he is instantly attracted to one of them.  as the case progresses he embarks on his first gay relationship and he is loving it. Robbie is an agent called in on the case of a horrific serial killer, Dave immediately catches his eye and Robbie can only hope that when the case has ended they will still be around.

This is an incredibly brilliant, suspense, mystery and action story. It has been one of my favorites for years and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. Dave has always been in the closet and has never acted on his desires… until he meets Robbie.  Robbie is confident, observant and usually right, when he sets his sights on Dave during the investigation, they both end up falling hard.

This book is not for the faint hearted, it’s for those readers who love gritty, slightly dark, gruesome, bloody stories where love blossoms. It’s a brilliantly written book that keeps you gripped as you read, there is no pussy footing around in the opening scenes and it starts as it means to go on.  so just be thankful that the opening scene is pretty mild compared to later ones. Both Robbie and Dave’s characters are well portrayed and have great personalities.

The relationship between Dave and Robbie is wonderfully done for the situation. Because of Dave being in the closet there is a lot of sneaking around and trying to hide how they both feel.  Although when Robbie’s colleagues find out Robbie puts them in their place with a few well-chosen words. Even though it is interracial other than their descriptions it isn’t focused on.  It’s just two men who work together who fall in love. There are several action scenes that are brilliantly written and I really enjoyed that it wasn’t an open and shut case and that they got frustrated with their lack of progress.

This book I will recommend this book to everyone , but especially those who love thrillers, mystery, action, suspense, chases, cat and mouse games, hot sex and (finally) a happy ending. P.S. when I say gruesome I mean GRUESOME.

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