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Hi guys, we have Aimee Brissay stopping by with the blog tour for her new release Nature of the Beast, we also have a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway, so check out the post and enjoy the excerpt! <3 ~Pixie~

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Nature of the Beast

(Tangled Bonds 01)

Aimee Brissay

After sorceress Alexandra tries to kill her insane father, her fae uncle expels her from the Otherworld in an attempt to keep her safe. Living among humans, she keeps her connection with the supernatural by working for vampires and werewolves.

When she stumbles upon a hurt werewolf pup her efforts to heal him inadvertently break the bonds tying the young lycan to the pack, making her his new alpha.

This is the least of Alexandra’s worries though, for back in the Otherworld her father has not forgotten her. He dispatches an assassin to kill her. But just who is this mysterious foe, and what will their arrival mean not only to Alexandra but to the delicate balance of the world?

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I knelt at Nicolae’s side, noting with concern that his breathing seemed even more shallow. “Come on, kid, fight.”

I caressed his head, his fur tickling my palm. He was… suffering, though I couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem. His energy levels were depleted, and I couldn’t see him extracting it from anywhere else. Perhaps I could give him some of mine.

I opened myself to him, energy flowing between us.

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea….”

But Sean’s warning came a bit late. The pack bonds I’d severed, which floated like shredded ribbons around him, attached themselves to me. I felt the fringe of their ends drilling into my core of power, the fine, fragile strings turning slowly into stronger, more defined lines.

Nic’s aura changed, becoming lighter as he fed on my power. He drank his fill. The hurt faded, his eyes locked on mine and cleared. His strength returned.

“That’s it, Nicolae. Good boy.”

He climbed to his feet, his movements no longer pained.

“Chris, do we have any meat?”

“In the freezer, I guess. Do you want me to check?”

“Nic, can you shift?” I put enough command in my voice to make him submit to my will, but not enough to scare him away.

Without hesitation, he began the transformation. I removed my hand and stepped back to give him some space. At the same time, I tried to close down the channels between us. But the bonds remained. I jerked on them, hard. The strings stretched and extended, and Nicolae groaned as if in pain, but the bonds held.

“I think we have a problem.”

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About Aimee

Aimee Brissay author picBorn in Romania, land of the Iele and Vlad the Impaler, AIMEE BRISSAY has spent all her life surrounded by books. She has ridden side by side with d’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers to retrieve the Queen’s diamonds, set sail on the Erasmus in search of the Japans, fell in love with Rhett Butler and roamed the Wild West along Old Shatterhand. She has walked on the footsteps of the Olympian Gods and searched for Zalmoxis’ sanctuary in the Carpathians. In her mind, she’s never been the damsel in distress but rather the knight in shiny armor fighting for a cause.

With a background like this, turning to writing was no surprise.

Aimee discovered erotica early on in life and has never looked back. Now she can write anywhere, even in a crowded room or a busy subway station, but she loves solitude.

When she’s not at her evil day job, she can be found writing or playing with her cat. She welcomes messages from readers and promises to answer all of them as soon as possible.

Aimee Brissay can be found at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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