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New Orleans Hustle


P.J. Nevada

Tristan, owner of a popular gay bar in New Orleans, is trying to balance his love life with the daily demands of running a bar. His busy schedule is complicated by interactions with local police, street walkers, and problematic employees. With just a little voodoo influence, and some steamy nights, Tristan’s life will either shatter under the pressure, or finally reveal his true path for love. This romantic tale has just enough heat to keep you wanting more.



Antoine and Nolan kept Tristan up to date with daily reports on Gabriel, basically sharing their approval and satisfaction on how things were working out.  Tristan was pleased.  Another week passed and the bar was closing one  weeknight at 2:00 a.m.  Nolan was finishing up at the bar and Tristan was doing some day’s end paperwork, when Gabriel walked over to Tristan.

“Yes, Gabriel?” Tristan asked when the young man approached him.  Tristan looked up to find a few tears hanging in the corner of Gabriel’s eyes.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to thank you, that’s all, for giving me this chance.  I hope the guys are telling you that I’ve been working hard and that I have been clean since we first talked.  You can have my blood tested any time you want.  I am so done with cocaine!”

“I’m glad to hear that Gabriel.  And yes, Nolan has been keeping me up to date.  I must say that I am quite pleased.  I hope we can help you get back on your feet.  Keep it up and maybe we can bring you out front to bus the tables, then at least you can get a small share of the tip money,” Tristan stated.

Suddenly, Gabriel leaned over and planted a grateful kiss on Tristan’s cheek, surprising him.  Gabriel quickly turned and walked behind the bar and stood next to Nolan.  He repeated the same remarks to Nolan, again followed by a quick kiss, but also placed his open palm squarely on Nolan’s ass, giving it a slow and gentle rub from one cheek to the other.

Although Nolan showed the shock of the ass caress, from Tristan’s vantage, it appeared that Nolan was simply reacting to the surprise kiss from Gabriel.  As the three continued to finish up for the night, it was Tristan who first announced that he was done and heading home.

“Almost done here,” Nolan responded.  You get going Tris, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thanks guys.  See you tomorrow.  Great job,” Tristan hollered as he left, locking the door behind him.  The bar remained quiet as Nolan kept busy locking up the last few items for the night.  Gabriel remained quiet while wiping down the rest of the tables.

“Nolan, I really mean it.  I know you went to bat for me and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Its fine, Gabriel.  Just keep up the good work, that’s all we ask of you,” Nolan said in response.

“You should see how I fixed up my room.  I found some old curtain rods and some old material in the kitchen and made some new curtains.  It now feels a bit homier.”

Nolan, clearly impressed.  “Curtains, wow.”

“I’m done here Nolan, can I go upstairs now?”

“Sure, that’s fine, Gabriel.”

As Gabriel turned to leave, he stopped briefly.  “Nolan, you are welcome to see how I fixed things up, if you’d like.”

“Thanks, maybe next time.  It’s kind of late, but thanks Gabriel,” Nolan replied.

Gabriel turned and left, leaving Nolan to finish his remaining duties.  It wasn’t fifteen minutes before Nolan finished and shut the rest of the lights, leaving on only the emergency and exit lights.  He walked to the back door and passed the stairs leading up to Gabriel’s room.  He let his hands drag along the old wood-paneled walls, thinking how happy and grateful he also was to Tristan, who first took him in on his out-of-town arrival and helped him get on his feet.  He called up the stairs.  “Good night, Gabriel.”  But there was no answer.

Nolan called up again, and again received no response.  Not sure why it was quiet and getting a bit concerned, he began to walk up the narrow flight of stairs towards Gabriel’s room.  Once at the door, Nolan knocked.

“Gabriel, are you okay?”

Gabriel quickly came to the door and opened it.  The music of a small radio was playing inside.  Nolan was surprised to see a shirtless Gabriel, wearing only a pair of white briefs.

“Oh, sorry, Gabe.  I didn’t mean to barge in.  I called good night but didn’t get an answer.”

“Nolan, I am so sorry.  I guess it was the music.  I should have turned it down.  Sorry.”

“Don’t be silly.  You’re certainly allowed to have a radio in here.  I’m glad you do, for what it’s worth.” Nolan stated, trying hard not to stare at Gabriel’s trim but sinewy, hard torso.  Most of the bruises were either gone or barely visible.  With a clean bed and three regular meals, Gabriel was looking much fitter.  And buffer than before, Nolan observed.

“Please come in and at least look at my new curtains.  It may sound silly, but I’m kind of proud of them.  I haven’t made much in my life, so this is a big deal for me,” Gabriel admitted, grabbing Nolan by the elbow and pulling him around his bed towards the curtained window.

The two stood quietly, side by side, facing the window.  The sexual tension in the room began to rise slowly.

“You did a good job, Gabe.”

“Nolan, you called me Gabe, again.”

“Oh, sorry,” Nolan responded, suddenly nervous.

“No, please, I like that.  I feel like someone knows me,” Gabriel volunteered, squeezing Nolan’s elbow tighter.  “I owe you my life, you know that, don’t you Nolan.”

“Nah,” answered a suddenly nervous Nolan.  “We’ve all gone through a hell of some sort, coming to grips with our lives.  It’s never easy, so why can’t we just pass along the kindness.”

“This was more than a simple kindness, Nolan.  This was going out of your way and putting your own neck on the line.  You and Antoine are my saviors.  I feel that you pushed even harder, though.  My life is yours,” Gabriel repeated quietly.  “And my body is yours,” Gabriel added after a few moments of hesitation.


About P.J.

P.J. Nevada, a retired attorney has been a long time writer. New to the world of online publishing, he is happy to join the revolution. While happy to have found acclaim and some initial success, P.J. has always found quality erotica to be lacking and wants to share his fantasies and stories, to enhance this genre, especially in the m/m world. After all, love is love.

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