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Hi guys, we have T.S. McKinney popping in with her new release Overtime, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so enjoy the post and click that giveaway link <3 ~Pixie~

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T.S. McKinney

Jagger Jameson could be the poster child for a nasty childhood campaign but he refused to allow it to dictate his future.  At an early stage, he learned to shut down all emotions and focus solely on survival.  As it turned out, survival came in the form of a basketball scholarship with the University of Kentucky Wildcats.  As the rest of the team around him focuses on having a good time and building friendships, Jagger worries only about using his talent to help him escape the life that was dealt to him.  Everything is going smoothly until somebody from his past makes a reappearance and with just the mention of a name, Jagger finds himself struggling to maintain his cool façade.

Colton Montgomery’s wealth allowed him the opportunity to have about anything in the world he could desire…except the only thing he’d ever really wanted – Jagger Jameson.  When the opportunity to try and tame his Wildcat comes his way, Colton gladly accepts the challenge.

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Sure, it had been less than twenty-four hours since he’d come face to face with Colton Montgomery for the first time in four years, but he’d managed to think of nothing but Colton Montgomery every moment he was awake.  He thought of the way Colton’s emerald eyes had looked at him so intently that he felt like the man could dig into his soul, see all his secrets, know all the things he didn’t want people to know.  Dick had described it as ‘dude, Colton Montgomery just spent the last thirty minutes eye-fucking you’ and then summed it up with ‘and he wants to fuck you’ – typical Dick.

He’d thought he was prepared, thought he’d managed to build up an immunity against the rich prick that had stunned him years ago, but the second he’d walked through the door and saw him, every protective barrier he’d worked so hard to build over the years disintegrated with one lusty smirk from Colton.  Fuck, he was in so much trouble.  Riley knew….

One look in Riley’s eyes and Jagger didn’t have the first doubt that Riley knew he was attracted to Colton – hungry for Colton.  His captain had given him a sympathetic look.  It was as if he had somehow figured out that Jagger had always had the hots for a boy way out of his league and now, fucking now, when he didn’t need any distractions, that boy decided it would be fun to tease the poor kid – make him think he was wanted for something other than…hell, what was he good for if it wasn’t going to be sex?  He’d never given himself to another man.  Actually, Colton was the only man he’d ever looked at with those thoughts dancing around in his head.  He’d fucked a handful of women over the years and enjoyed it…just enough to get the job done.  There had never been the first doubt in his mind about his sexuality until Colton-fucking-Montgomery’s ten words.   Fuck!

The basketball hit him square in the chest, bouncing away and damn near knocking the breath out of him.  “Shit, sorry, Riley.  I was going over some plays in my head.  I’m good, I swear.”  Thank the fuck they were just in warm-ups before the championship game.  “We Will Rock You” was blasting over the speakers because that song never got old when it came to championship games, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.  Championship games were always a bundle of excitement – add a Cinderella story into it, and the people and media ate it up.  Shit, even half the state of Kentucky kinda hoped Florida Gulf would win or at least make a good showing.

What the fuck did they know?  They didn’t have any idea what was on the line…how their winning might damn well destroy him.  Sure, it was all fun and games for Colton Montgomery, but it was his fucking self-esteem, pride, and sanity up on the auction block.

“Get your head out of your ass, Jag.  I’m going to need you at one hundred percent tonight if we plan on winning this game.”  His hands flung around the arena.  “The entire crowd is either openly pulling for Florida Gulf or secretly hoping they win.  I feel like we’re up against everybody in this fucking arena and my fucking point guard has his head shoved all the way up his own fucking ass!”  Yeah, his tirade ended with a scream.  That was Riley for you.  He hated to lose.  Well…correction; he didn’t like losing but if everybody played their damndest, he could take it.  When they lost because one or more of them ‘had their head up their fucking asses’, he completely lost it.

He was already losing it.

“My head isn’t up my ass, Riley.  I’m good.  When the whistle blows, I’m going to shove this ball all the way up Colton Montgomery’s arrogant fucking ass.”  He gave Riley a fist bump, hoping that was a normal action.  He’d seen others on the team doing it….

“I hope so, Jag.  If not, I’m afraid he’s planning on shoving something else up yours.” Riley crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Jagger, waiting for a reaction…any reaction.  He wasn’t disappointed.  Well, he was disappointed because he was fucking certain that without their point guard playing top notch, they were damn well going to get beat, but, on the other hand, some life in the kid’s eyes was something to see.  Finally….

“There’s no need to be gross, man.  I’m ready.  Colton Montgomery will not score the first point tonight, mark my words.”

Riley rolled his eyes.  “I don’t necessarily think its gross, but I don’t think it’s what you’ve got penciled into that fucking life-plan that you’ve had since day-fucking-one.”  He shoved another basketball against Jagger’s chest.  “I’ll hold you to that promise of him not scoring any points, Jag…just don’t let him do the same to you.”

The warning buzzer sounded before Jagger could respond (and question the ‘not necessarily gross’ statement) and the crowd went absolutely nuts.  This was it.  Championship game – it would look awesome on any resume he sent out.  If they won…no, when they won, he could probably pick which accounting firm in Kentucky he wanted to work with.  It all came down to this night.

Even after he’d promised himself he wouldn’t do it, his eyes drifted to the other end of the court and immediately found his adversary.  Colton Montgomery, in all his fucking, glorious, arrogant, rich beauty was staring right back, a confident smile curving his lush lips.  He offered a wave and a wink.  Jagger flipped him off and headed to his bench.

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About T.S.

TS McKinney lives in East Tennessee with her high school sweetheart/husband and all the countless dogs she picks up from deserted country roads.  Her professional career has been in business but her heart has always belonged to the fantasy world found in books.  Creating wicked worlds where one can meet the perfect hero – and then do anything to him that you want – has been a hobby that has brought her plenty of hours of fun and naughty entertainment.

When not working, reading, or writing, she loves to spend time with her family and forcing them (because they don’t really have another choice) to allow her to redecorate their houses…and listen to her naughty…sometimes sadistic stories.

Where to find the author:

Facebook | Facebook Author Page

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  2. Annoying my partner… oh, you mean a competitive sport? I compete against my daughter to annoy my partner. I guess I like learning about new or unusual sports – like Kirkpinar (Turkish oil wrestling) or the Beer Can Regatta (Darwin, Australia).

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