Patch Day by Mychael Black

81-0iAcUZAL._SL1400_Title: Patch Day
Series: DungeonCrawl, #2
Author: Mychael Black
Genre: Paranormal/ Action-Adventure/ Suspense/ Dark Fantasy
Length: Short Story (37 Pages)
ISBN: 06978-02247
Publisher: Changeling Press (June 22nd, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Gamer Elijah Burrows has rather seamlessly taken over the life of his game character, Elian Surgis, in the world of Timiria. Alongside his lover, the lupine mage Sarin Eckhert, Elijah leads survivors of Sarin’s mystical order through the wilds of the province of Tasmorum. They manage to stay just one step ahead of Timiria’s monarch, King Mirov, who seeks to destroy every magic-wielding soul connected to the Labyrinthine Order.

From encounters with a mysterious group of traders on the road, to a revelation of epic proportions, it’s a miracle Elijah has any time to explore his relationship with Sarin. Then Fate throws a wrench into the mix: the appearance of another “traveler” — another gamer stuck in the game world Elijah now calls home. But this particular gamer has ulterior motives that have nothing to do with the Order’s survival.

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Review: He was now getting use to this new world and his lover Sarin. Sarin was a lupine mage and he was helping Elijah protect and lead the survivors to a safe place. They came across a woman pretending to not only be a captured wife but a servant. In fact, she was indeed royalty. They were trying to get the end of Mirov out of the way. He was an evil lord that wanted magic-wielding souls.

Sarin and Elija have very little time exploring their lives together. Elijac was also Elian a surprising twist. Sarin and Elian had been lovers for a while. Sarin had seen something in him that made him want to release him from the prison he set in and love him for life. Now he was here with Elija/Elian in more than just love, but protection and survival. The twist to this story was another gamer had found his way into their lives. Except he had chosen to work for Mirov. A gamer that has ulterior motives that might just get them all killed.

This story was a blast to read and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next story. I love the way it just comes together. I also love Elija and Sarin. They are so sexy and protective of each other. They are in love and are just trying to survive and keep their friends safe. They are trying to get rid of evil and give the world back to those who intend goodness.

I would recommend reading this story if you love dark fantasy, paranormal, magical beings, earthlings that get caught in a world that they created, excitement, adventure and suspense, danger coming at them all and hot sex.