Physical Chemistry by Jana Downs

Title: Physical Chemistry

Series:  Silver: A Mind is a Sexy Thing

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (87pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (28th April 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Nico Johnston doesn’t care that fellow chemist, Jin, is gorgeous, kind, and talented; Nico can’t risk getting involved with a man like Jin. Together for a semester, Jin hopes their shared project will lead to more than good test results.

Nico Johnston is a nerd with a grudge. Top of his class in the Chemical Engineering department, Nico’s academic career is set. Until Jin Rogers transfers from Penn State and usurps his position as highest-ranked student. To add insult to injury, Jin joins the research project Nico is conducting for the department head. It doesn’t matter that Jin is gorgeous, kind, and talented, Nico can’t risk getting even involved with a man like Jin again.

Jin Rogers falls for Nico the second he sees him. Nico is intelligent, talented, and driven, qualities which intrigue Jin. Unfortunately, Nico is oblivious to Jin’s crush. Their shared research project is Jin’s only hope.

Tempers and passions flare as they are forced into constant, close contact during the semester. Can Jin overcome his imperfections and can Nico give himself a chance at happiness?

Part of Silver Publishing’s “A Mind is a Sexy Thing” anthology

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Review: Nico is harboring resentment towards transfer Jin, because he is now top of the class.  knocking Nico off the top spot. Jin is attracted to Nico, but Nico has a wall built around himself that Jin can’t penetrate.  Until they have to work close together on a project and just as everything is going great, Jin’s secret is exposed.

This is a wonderful story about perceptions and resentment and scratching below the surface. Nico is a geek pure and simple and the only thing that he truly thinks he has going for him is his.  And when he is knocked off the top spot he is not happy. Jin is a hard worker, but Nico thinks everything seems to be so easy for him. He’s good looking, he has money, he’s intelligent and everyone likes him. Nico is certain that his friendly charming personality is a front and that one day he will show his true colors. But, as he gets to know Jin better, he begins to realize that with Jin…what you see is what you get.

Ohhh.  I loved Nico and Jin.  Both of them are geeks, but while one is confident in himself, the other is filled with doubts because of his past.  Nico has to put aside his preconceived notion about men like Jin and open himself.  And Jin has to be honest and hope that Nico will understand, but that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect and that is just the way Nico likes it. Nico sees Jin as perfect and that puts him off.  Jin sees Nico exactly like he really is and it isn’t until Nico realizes that Jin isn’t perfect that he fully relaxes into their relationship.

Jana Downs has written a story that is sweet and touching and both her MCs have their own flaws, even if at first glance you miss them. The characters are perfect together and they get to know each other before jumping into bed (which is hot by the way).  Nico’s support for Jin was wonderful ,when he discovered the truth, and Jin’s fear was well written and very understandable.

With this story, I am going to recommend it to those who love flawed characters, hot sex, hot geeks and a happy ending for two sweet men.




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