Premonition by D. H. Starr

Title: Premonition

Author: D.H. Starr

Genre: Suspense, Paranormal

Length: Novel (213pgs)

Publisher: MLR Press (28th October 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Martin Proctor has been on the Boston Police Force for ten years. His record is impeccable and he’s helped his precinct and captain maintain one of the best crime records in the city. But no one knows Martin has premonitions which help him solve cases others find impossible.

Justin Franklin is also on the Boston force. Justin may not have supernatural abilities, but as an openly gay man, he possesses a courage that draws Martin in.

When Martin has a premonition about the death of Justin’s brother and fails to save him, their lives become intertwined. As they work together to discover the truth behind Larry’s murder, Martin foresees Justin’s death.

The closer they come to cracking their case, the less time Martin has to piece together his fragmented visions and save Justin before it’s too late.

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Review: Martin is a hard-working detective who borders the line at work sometimes as he has premonitions.  Premonitions which he just can’t ignore. So sometimes he dodges trouble by the skin of his teeth. Justin is also a detective who has just suffered the loss of his brother.  As the two men work together they are drawn into danger even as they become more than just partners on the force.

This is a really great suspense/romance/paranormal story that at times will have you chewing your fingernails and perched on the edge of your seat. Martin has a heavy burden to bear, he has premonitions and although he does his best to change the outcome of those premonitions sometimes his best just isn’t enough.  The guilt of those failures weighs heavily on his soul.  He can’t share his knowledge without fear of being thought of as crazy so he stands alone without anyone to share his burden. Justin feels betrayed that Martin kept a secret from him and he finds it difficult to let it go and forgive him.  The pressure is also affecting their working partnership and Justin struggles to trust Martin to do the right thing with the case. We get to experience both these men’s’ emotions; which is brilliant as they both experience anger, frustration, despair, love, hope, fear, betrayal and shock so you get the whole range of feelings.

This story-line is brilliant, the plot fantastic and the characters were incredible. This story will have you wondering and pondering, it will have you frustrated and miffed off and it will have you empathizing with both main characters. With both Martin and Justin, you can’t help wanting to choose sides and pick a favorite, but you can’t because you can see the problem from both points of view and they are both right… and wrong.  Their relationship progresses well and they also share secrets early on but it doesn’t feel too soon.  They both have an instinct to trust each other and you get the feeling that they were meant for each other. The sex between them is hot and erotic and there was one scene where Martin undressed when he was by himself that I found really erotic *pant pant, wiping drool from my chin*.

The suspense and mystery are great and moves along smoothly, it also keeps you guessing as the story pulls together.  Warning:   there are one or two strings left untied. So I have some questions that I’d like answered… who was Mouse? How did… (Oh that would give the story away), What about… damn everything I want to know will give the story away. Okay D.H. Starr at least please promise me that there is a sequel planned so that I can find out the answers.

So fantastic story, great hot sex, a wonderful mystery, lots of suspense, hot men, danger, paranormal, angst, and a great ending… I don’t know why you are still sitting there reading this review and not already clicking the link to get this book?? Honestly some people can’t take a hint. I recommend this story to everyone who loves any of the above.

3 thoughts on “Premonition by D. H. Starr

  1. What a Fantastic review of what sounds like a Great Book, I’m definitely picking this one up.
    Take Care & Happy Reading,

    1. Why thank you Renee. I have got to say it truly is a great book, so happy reading.


  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I don’t know how I missed it. I’m so thrilled you liked it. I just subbed another book for review, a vampire love story (dark and hot).

    Thanks again for the review Pixie.

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