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Thank you for your interest in MM Good Book Reviews.  MM Good Book Reviews reviews books, all genres welcome, in which at least two male characters are romantically involved.  Books classified as MMF will also be considered if the dynamics are equal.

Please send a digital (PDF or mobi*) copy of the book you would like reviewed to:

Include: Request Review in the subject line.

Please include:
Digital e-book (I prefer a pdf ready format, but send what you have.) 
Available formats

The new site is still very much under construction, but I’d like to think that it will  be the place that MM writers and readers go for their reviews.  In addition to honest book reviews, there will be several regular columns that I hope you will consider contributing material for.

Tips from the Pros – Advice you wished you’d gotten when you first started out
Friday Rants – Things within MM romance that tick you off
Free Reads – Can be related to submission, but not required.

We look forward to receiving your submission.


*kindle-email requests are not permitted, due to reviewers privacy. This includes requests made via tour operators for blog tours.

14 thoughts on “Request Review

  1. Hi Portia, do you accept indie author/self published work? I’m currently working on the first edit of my book so still a way to go so I’m asking for future reference. Thanks, Alison

  2. I am writing because I did not request a review, but Portia asked me on for a PDF file for review. I haven’t seen my book in the books to be reviewed link, nor has it been reviewed. I was just wondering the wait time for such reviews that were site requested rather than personally requested? Thanks and have a wonderful day. I really enjoy your honest reviews, and thank you for turning me on to so many books I may not have previously read. 🙂 Happy reading!

  3. I have a question. I write reviews for a few Authors that I follow and I’d like to know how I can put them on this site. They are M/M authors. If I can that is.

  4. Hi there,

    Are you still looking for guest bloggers for any of the columns you mentioned above or for any other subject? I’m a newly published author with one M/M fantasy romance out on Amazon, the second one set to go for June 5 and more in the works.


    1. Hi Eric, If a release day review is wanted then a maximum of two weeks before release and a minimum of 5 days before release.
      But submission is accepted anytime and we’ll get reviews posted as soon as possible.


  5. If I submit my ebook for reviews, how long will it be available on your site? I’m planning to have my book in KU, and don’t want to risk not letting Amazon have their exlusiveness. So I need to know that my book will be down everywhere else from the 15th of April (when my book will publish).

    1. Hi Mariska!

      Reviews don’t affect Amazon’s KU exclusiveness. So any review sites you submit to for reviews will be able to have the review up indefinitely. The only places that would be affected by Amazon’s KU policy would be retail sites that sell the book, so B&N, Kobo, Smashwords and iTunes the book would have be taken down from. Most review sites post the purchase link to the book so when your review is posted the links would be to Amazon, so any readers can click the link and be taken to Amazon to purchase the book. Amazon welcomes this and even has an affiliate program that reviewers can join.

      We look forward to your book submission <3

      Many thanks,


  6. I send in a request for a review (my pen name is Mariska Slieker and the book title is Dinner at Dawn) but so far haven’t heard anything yet. Did something went wrong with the transfer of the file? Should I send it again, or should I wait a little longer?

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