Rolling Thunder by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

RollingThunderLGTitle: Rolling Thunder

Series: Murder Most Gay Series, #5

Author: John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel (202 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 13th, 2013)

Heat Rating: Low

Heart Level: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Budget cuts shuffle the decks of the Prince George’s County Police Department. Separated after years as partners, Hank Capstone and Patrick St. James find themselves having to make a new start. Assigned as a training officer, Hank takes on the tough task of showing hot, fit young rookie Jessie Morgan the ropes. Unfortunately, Jessie’s beauty is only skin-deep, as he seems to have a habit of spouting homophobic comments to anyone who will listen. Still, Hank watches closely, figuring his rookie hides a deeper secret.

While Hank is distracted by his new partner, secrets from his past resurface. A former Iraqi general with a grudge against Hank arrives in the area seeking revenge. Does his appearance connect to a terrorist threat made against the local mall? Hank and Patrick must reunite to save the day

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Review: Hot cops in and out of uniforms, what more can a person ask for.


This is book five in the Murder Most Gay Series and to get a feel for them you should start with book one. This book has such an amazing plot and it will capture your attention from the get go. Great sex scenes, danger, murder, friendship, and love are just parts of what you will get from this. Now these amazing hot sex scenes are not between Hank and Patrick but with their husbands. So you actually get lots of hot sex scenes with both. They had met right after graduating from the police academy and became best friends. Being there for each other when they were married and grew to love each other as brothers.


They had separated for a bit on the job, they were surprised to find themselves teaching rookies how not to get themselves killed. They still protected each other no matter what, especially when danger comes for Hank. This has them reuniting together to stop the danger from killing Hank and terrorizing innocents at a mall. This story has the excitement you crave and love. I actually read this story three times, because it was so good.


I have always loved this series and was happy when this book came out. It has the perfect amount of twist and turns that will keep your attention. You will love Hank and Patrick along with their husbands Shawn and Dean. They are just so cute together and you can’t help but love them. Besides what is there not to love Hot and sexy cops and danger…all in this juicy story.