Snatched ~ A Storm Moon Press Anthology

snatched_3d_500Title: Snatched

Author: Tilly Hunter, Lor Rose, Ann Anderson, Egnis Jones (Editor)

Genre: Forced Seduction / Captivity (Dubious Consent)

Length: Anthology (three short stories)

ISBN: 9781627570930

Publisher: Storm Moon Press (February 14th 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewers: Thommie/Gigi

Blurb:Any hunter will tell you part of the satisfaction is in the chase as well as the triumphant capture of their prey. In Snatched, the focus is on the eroticism of the power play between men and their male captors. Sometimes romance ensues, sometimes just a good amount of steamy sex, but in all cases, the effects of one character being in utter control of the man he has captured takes center stage. The appeal is in the erotic dominance and the way the captive would try to escape if he could, whether he truly wants to deep down or not.

Thomas is determined not to let the fights with his boyfriend, John, ruin his vacation in the tropical rainforests of Equador. But when he steps off the trail, he steps into danger, as he is taken captive by guerilla freedom fighters. Held against his will, he nonetheless finds himself developing an attraction to the man who both arouses and repels him. And as his captivity weighs on him, Thomas finds that being “The Guerilla’s Plaything” is not the worst fate he can envision…

Bryce’s life changes forever the night that he and his boyfriend are brutally attacked by creatures that seem like they can only be demonic. He’s sure, when they carry him off, that he’s being packed off for lunch, so it’s a shock when he finds that one of his captors is not the horror that he expected. As their attraction grows, it could be “The Two of Us” against the world.

As a member of the lesser nobility, Micah has never truly been able to “Feel the Wind” of freedom, and he and his family are not exempt from the brutality of the highest of the nobles. When he is imprisoned, hunted for sport, and captured by Ari, one of the realm’s Princes, he feels that his life is over. But when an escape attempt leads him to the bed of Dhea, Ari’s brother, he finds that there is much more to live for… and at the same time, so much more danger than he knows.

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Thommie’s Review: I can’t resist seduction. There’s something about it that makes my blood heat, but when we talk forced seduction that blood goes overboard and right into boiling stage. This Anthology was an eye-catcher for me and I simply could not resist it. Finishing it, I was left with sated feelings and a slight smile. Definitely recommended to all those that are even a little bit like me. Enjoy!

The Guerrilla’s Plaything by Tilly Hunter ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

This story is a bit thought-provoking. We have a tourist being captured and the circumstances are a bit at odds. His captor is clearly toying with him sexually and evoking reactions that are in fact a bit humiliating for the captive. The fact that the captive’s lifestyle leans on the side of bondage doesn’t help matter much, because every time he’s in a vulnerable situation his libido make a presence. Truth be told, I was half expecting the whole scene to be invented by the captive’s boyfriend as a gift, but when it proved not to be so my feeling on this read started confusing me a bit.

For example, I did not appreciate much the fact that Thomas let himself be taken by Alvaro while he is in a relationship with John. If this entire story was a scene directed by John to spice up their life with games I’d be totally in for it, but as it was I disliked the fact that Thomas proved to be a cheater. Yes, some would argue with me that he didn’t have that much choice, that there was a blur line in the consent factor, but Thomas did never protest to any of the ministrations received from Alvaro. In addition the way the story ended “happily” was a bit surreal as well, convenient perhaps.

All in all, though, I did enjoy the psychological part of it. The way it focused on the victim and his thoughts/reactions, the way one’s lifestyle might make a difference in how one views a situation and copes with it. Since that was the point of writing this story in first place, I think the author managed well. The end result despite the surreal situation was very enjoyable and well written.

The Two of Us by Lor Rose ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

What an intriguing and enticing story this one was. I have no words on the characters’ personality development. Our main character Bryce, the victim, is a chillingly cold person inside, with no feelings running his nature. No wants, no emotions. He witnesses the death of his sex partner, sees him being eaten alive and still the only thing he feels is fascination. How cold, yet how very intriguing at the same time. How risky having one such person as your protagonist.

Xanthos on the other hand is a creature of the paranormal world, horse-like, a movable stone who hasn’t felt anything but pain – and that slightly due to his enhanced healing – for years, so it makes sense for him to be vicious and cold. Hunting and eating his prey is part of his existence. Oh and I just loved the name/word play for Xanthos. As it is Xanthos in Greek stands for blond, and that put a smile in my face because damn, the author did research on that and it makes me appreciate the read even more.

In the grand scene these two characters, hunter and prey, captor and captive, they work together well, they seem to fit perfectly and complement each other well. Their lovemaking seemed almost inevitable, something that couldn’t be avoided, and it definitely held a powerful punch of chemistry. The sensations that come through the text are quite potent as Xanthos has been deprived from sensing anything for thousands of years and now finally he’s feeling them all again. In my opinion, the author here achieved to make what her characters did reach us and captivate us as well, and it made for a highly enjoyable read.

Overall, this has been one very interesting and fun story to read, one that I highly recommend to those who like the sinister side of paranormal.

Feel the Wind by Ann Anderson ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts

Well if this story wasn’t highly amusing and entertaining. I think I loved every aspect of it except for the happily for now ending. The story is set in a world where people are gifted. Our main character has the gift of the wind and it’s that treat that grands him the opportunity to escape his imprisonment if he managed to escape captivity for a whole day. Nobles will hunt him down, everyone using their gifts as well, and if they capture him, he’ll be their slave and bound to do whatever they wish. If not, he wins his freedom.

As much as it killed me to see Micah lose his freedom, it also rather thrilled me that he managed to pick his captor somehow. He falls prey to one of the Princes and the story of his enslavery inside the palace grounds begins.
The plot was not only engaging but also surprising. Ari, the prince, was a lovely character, but his brother Dhea was the star for me. I was shocked at how the author spun the story, but it was a pleasant one and I enjoyed the events that followed immensely. The ménage scene was the best part of all, making the three men balance superbly.

What followed that though kind of soured the story for me, mostly because I never understood the reason behind Ari’s behavior. It was never explained and it left a hole in the storytelling and admittedly, it still nags at me.

Overall, though this was a great read, a recommend one to all those who love romance wrapped in a forced seduction package.

Gigi’s Review:  ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts This fast and fun anthology of three stories of kidnapping, chase, and captivity leaves you not only cheering for the captives, but also for the captor! From hot steamy jungles to mysterious fantasy worlds….

The Guerrilla’s Plaything by Tilly Hunter: A contemporary case of kidnapping. Grumbling on vacation, by himself, Thomas Jones get’s kidnapped by rebel groups for information and possibly ransom. But his sexy captor, Ramirez, quickly realizes Thom has a bit of kink for bondage, and takes advantage of those rope bindings! The leader of the Guerrilla faction isn’t as kind and may have a different kind of suffering in mind for Tom. Tom’s original handler, Ramirez takes the opportunities that arise to both help Tom and help himself to Tom! Will they both escape? How will Tom explain his sexy assailant to his lover if he does return home?

The Two of Us by Lor Rose: A paranormal chase. What would you do if you were being chased down by bloodthirsty stone stallions hell-bent for your flesh? Hmm… Bryce decides he’s share his flesh with Xanthos…but can he turn his hell-raising lover’s heart from stone to hot tenderness? This odd yet fascinating short is loosely based, I think, on the four horsemen….though they have turned into human heart-eating savages…only true love can change their hearts.

Feel the Wind by Ann Anderson: A paranormal fantasy setting. Micah is being chased, with the possibility he could win his freedom if he can avoid capture for a complete cycle. When things get helpless, he decides that if he will be caught, he’d rather choose his captor. His punishment: being the plaything of a prince…. Once he sacrifices his virginity to Prince Ari, with pleasant results, Prince Dhea’s interest peaks thinking that Ari can deliver on his own kinks. Being the pet of princes causes problems, jealousy, squabbling, attempted escape, and attempted murder…a very exciting adventure indeed!