Stars & Strips by Susan Laine

20687055Title: Stars & Stripes – A Bedtime Story


Series: Cowboys of Snow Lake, #6


Author: Susan Laine


Genre:  Historical Romance (1883)/Western/Cowboys


Length: Novella (116 pages)


ISBN: 9781627411752


Publisher: Siren BookStrand (February 8th, 2014)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb:   Sheriff Jesse Brown tells his restless cowboy lover, Clayton Jennings, a bedtime story….


Snow Lake, 1883. Sheriff Lincoln “Linc” Redding is tracking an escaped prisoner through the wilderness of Wyoming. The young man, Edward “Ned” Dove, is accused of theft, his victim a military officer staying at Bernadette’s Boarding House. Dove was being transported to Fort Laramie to stand trial when he somehow managed to flee.


As Lincoln follows the trail and finally catches up with Dove, he learns things aren’t quite so black and white. Lincoln is forced to accept that a tin star on his chest doesn’t mean he has all the answers, or that just because a man wears a striped prison uniform doesn’t mean he’s guilty. It seems illicit conspiracies exist in the seedy underbelly of his town.


Lincoln’s loyalties are divided between doing his duty and falling for a man he shouldn’t.


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Review: This is a book six in a series but it stood alone fine, since it was actually a story being told by another character to his lover.

I liked how this was told by a character as a bedtime story. I like a good historical type cowboy story and this was one.

Lincoln was one of the first gay Sheriffs of Snow Creek. This is the tale of how he met his deputy, Ned Dove. Ned was accused of being a thief and was being transported to Fort Laramie for a trial.  His was a bit strange for Lincoln as to why a thief was being sent there for a trial instead of in town but he wasn’t one to argue. Until he actually met Dove and heard his story, then things really didn’t set right with Lincoln.


The story was a good old west story, set in an old west time. It was also a good love story and fairly hot.  I liked the dynamics between Ned and Lincoln but the relationship seemed a bit too out for that time period.


If you like cowboys, old west eras, a bit of mystery and intrigue and some fairly hot mansex this is for you!