Summer Love, Midnight Kisses by Pelaam

Title: Summer Love, Midnight Kisses

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (78pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (28th July 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Josh assists his father in coaching the local basketball team. Through the season, he flirts with his friend Bax and hopes things will become more serious. He’s asked to befriend Amelia’s grandchild Xandy. Josh intends to let others do it–until they meet.

Josh falls in love with a quietly spoken, shy, straight guy–or so he thinks. Xander, equally enamored, hides his sexuality and desire. The more time they spend in summer’s heat, the more their attraction grows until it boils over one evening. Each man thinks he has spoiled their friendship.

His sexuality isn’t Xander’s only secret and when Bax thinks he’s uncovered it, he tells Josh. But it’s a secret more dangerous than either of them realize.

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Review: Josh is asked by his neighbor to show her grandchild Xandy about town and introduce him to people his own age. But, when he meets the sexy grandson all he’d like to do is strip him down and lick him all over.  Unfortunately, Josh thinks Xandy is straight. Xandy is hot for Josh, but thinks he is straight and after a shared night together each thinks the other is ashamed. But, when Bax (Josh’s friend) thinks he has discovered Xandy’s secret, it actually brings them all closer together.

This story is a sweet romance that has a hidden twist that really adds to the story. Josh has had a crush on his best friend Bax for a while and Bax has been flirting back, but Josh doesn’t know if it will go anywhere. Xandy is visiting his grandmother to get away from his home for a while, when he meets Josh he is instantly smitten but he thinks Josh is straight so they just become friends. Josh is equally as smitten, but he also thinks Xandy is straight and it takes one slightly drunk night and his friend’s jealousy for the truth to come out.

Xandy and Josh become friends while secretly falling in love with each other. They make a great couple even before they realize the truth about each other. The mysterious man in Xandy’s past is a surprise and adds a great aspect to the story. I really enjoyed the way the story evolved, with jealousy, misunderstandings and hope. There’s some passion between Xandy and Josh which is very erotic, but the main scene between them is more gentle with restrained passion, but with lots of love between them.

The story flowed smoothly and the characters are wonderful and the storyline was great with a twist and some surprising danger. For some reason, and I have tried to work it out but haven’t been able to figure it out, I kept thinking that Xandy, Josh and their friends were teenagers (late teens) instead of in their twenties and I haven’t been able to pin point why it felt that way but it felt like they should have been teens. *Maybe it’s just me feeling old.  lol*

So, I will recommend this to those who love summer love, confusion, misunderstandings, a twist, a surprise danger, some sweet erotic loving and a happy ending.