Dearly Stalked by Allison Cassatta Guest Post & Excerpt!

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Hi guys, we have Allison Cassatta popping in today with her upcoming release Dearly Stalked, we have a brilliant guest post where Allison shares her inspiration for Dearly Stalked, and we have a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~ 

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Dearly Stalked


Allison Cassatta

Writing crime novels catapulted Memphis native Silas Cooper to fame and fortune, but when his words backfire and he becomes trapped in what could be one of his books, he needs a hero of his own.

Silas’s publicist insists he hire a personal assistant, and Silas chooses Scott Kramer. But before Scott starts, he already has a round of steamy phone sex to hold over Silas’s head, and his interest in his boss isn’t decreasing.

Benjamin Logan joined the Army to see the world, and while deployed he read every one of Silas’s books. With his military career over, Ben is back in Memphis working for the police department—and attempting a deeply closeted relationship with fellow cop Morgan Brown.

Over coffee, Silas and Ben become friends who support each other as relationships fall apart, and the attraction between them slowly emerges. When a dangerous stalker threatens Silas, it’s up to Ben to stop him.

If Ben fails, Silas might not live to tell this story… and Ben might not be able to live with himself.

Release date: 23rd January 2017
Pre-order: Dreamspinner PressAmazonB&N

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Three Little Words by Allison Cassatta Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Hi guys, we have Allison Cassatta stopping by today with her upcoming re-release Three Little Words, we have a brilliant guest post from Allison, a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

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Three Little Words


Allison Cassatta

Is it better to keep some secrets locked away?

Matt thought his life was perfect, but he learns there’s no such thing when the man he planned to marry breaks his heart and leaves him holding the pieces. Needing to escape and lick his wounds, Matt heads to New England to spend time on his brother’s lobster boat. A one-night-stand proves to him that empty sex does nothing to mend old hurt, and neither does running away.

So when Matt’s best friend, Luke, a firefighter, is seriously injured, Matt steps up, even if it means facing bigotry and ignorance. Luke has been hiding his feelings from Matt all their lives, and revealing them after so many years won’t make life easier for either of them. But nothing worth having ever comes easily….

Release date: 26th August 2016

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Teaching Professor Grayson by Kade Boehme and Allison Cassatta

TeachingProfessorGraysonLGTitle: Teaching Professor Grayson
Author: Kade Boehme and Allison Cassatta
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (224 pages)
ISBN: 9781632165039
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 21st, 2014)
Heat Level: Medium
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Reviewer: Zane
Blurb: Christian Grayson is a professor of sociology who comes from a close-knit Southern family steeped in values and tradition. He left Tennessee using education as his excuse for escape, when he truthfully only wanted the freedom to be who he truly was. But at age forty, he’s still in the closet and still adheres to the morals his father, a Southern Baptist minister, raised him with. This includes saving himself for Mr. Right.

CJ Hata has been under Christian’s wing since his freshman year. A genius, pure and simple, he’s a senior now and no longer needs to report to Professor G, but he still seeks his teacher out occasionally for a friendly chat.

When Christian accidentally outs himself to CJ while pouring his heart out about his dying father, CJ feels totally out of his element. He convinces himself to put forth his best effort because the man he’s been crushing on for four years needs a friend. In the meantime, everyone around CJ is stumbling out of the closet, but the one person he really wants to come out has barricaded himself in with the bible and his family’s expectations.

Purchase Link:

Review: This was an extremely captivating read, in large part because both characters were not what one would expect them to be. Christian, the 40-year-old teacher is the virginal, closeted one, while CJ (the college student) is the more worldly and experienced of the two. I found this role reversal very refreshing. It’s not very often we see the younger MC learning patience and understanding, having to slow down and educate (of all people) his teacher. On the flip side, seeing the older MC struggle with who he knows himself to be versus his religious/family upbringing and responsibilities was absolutely intriguing.

While CJ did come across as snarky, I understood that. If you feel like in your 20’s you have it together, and yet the guy you’re falling for who is twice your age can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other without stumbling – well, how frustrating would that be? And Christian often seemed like too much of an innocent – but to be that 40-year-old feeling inept in his attempts to be what his young would-be lover wants, while trying to be true to himself – or who he thinks he should be… the amount of self-doubt that could generate would be of epic proportions.

Family and religion intersect to generate even more issues, and CJ and Christian have their hands full. The two repeatedly stumble and get back up again; they love, leave and return to fight for their relationship. Through their trials and errors, they do reach that middle ground and manage to be true to themselves and their beliefs.

Those of us who don’t see sexuality in limitations and constraints often forget that there are people and places that are not quite so liberal, and individuals who do have to deal with these conservative and antiquated values. This story so effectively portrays these circumstances and deeply resonated with me on many levels. I only hope that for every struggling ‘Christian’ in real life there is a ‘CJ’ waiting in the wings.

Christian and CJ teach us that where there is a will, there is, in fact, a way. I loved that they turned what was originally viewed as ‘black and white’ to ‘gray’. They showed that faith is what YOU believe, and how YOU work it into your life, and not what others want you to believe. It is because of this that I found myself rooting for them, wanting them to find their way to a future, their future.

Collaborative writing of a single work is not easy. Such endeavours are often apparent to the reader; the writing can seem disjointed and lack cohesion. This most assuredly did not occur here. Teaching Professor Grayson is a seamless effort, well written, and had I not known in advance this was co-authored, I’d never have guessed. Kudos to Allison Cassatta and Kade Boehme for this accomplishment. I truly hope there is more to come from these two in the future!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through **

Patient Privelege by Allison Cassatta, 2nd edition

PatientPrivilegeLGTitle: Patient Privilege, 2nd edition
Author: Allison Cassatta
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (278 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 24th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Dr Erik Daniels hasn’t had it easy. After losing love and fighting addiction, he becomes a successful substance abuse counsellor and helps people regardless of their insurance or ability to pay. It isn’t the dream life he had in San Francisco, but at least he has something to be proud of.

Everything seems to be getting back on the right track until Angel, a heroin-addicted male prostitute, crosses his path. Erik not only sees a lot of himself in Angel, but a lot of potential as well. He quickly realizes he’s willing to sacrifice a lot to get him on the right path–but is he willing to jeopardize his career?

1st Edition published by Silver Publishing, 2012

Purchase Link:

Review: A story of two men, almost a decade apart in age, that carry similar pasts. It’s only when their paths cross that their futures align and give them both a second chance at happiness. But it’s not all moonlight and roses. People will be hurt and trusts broken as these two men help each other heal.

Erik Daniels is a struggling substance abuse counsellor. A recovering alcoholic, he pushed away the man he loved before hitting rock bottom. Now he works a job he loves helping young men in similar situations as he was just a few years ago, trying to get clean and get their lives back. When a patient is brought into the ER after a heroin overdose, Erik is drawn into his world with on overbearing need to help him get clean.

Angel ran away from home after his father rejected him when Angel told him he was gay. Living from one alleyway hook up to another does nothing for his self-esteem, but it does keep his veins full of the substance that is slowly killing him. His best friend and wanna be boyfriend Jon, along with the help of Dr Daniels, convinces Angel to go to rehab and get clean. Angel runs away, more than once, falls off the wagon, loses his boyfriend and his dignity… but he gains a trust he has never felt before in his life. An attraction to the one man who pushed him when no one else could, Erik.

While there were a few things that happened in this story that either made me roll my eyes or sigh unhappily, overall I enjoyed it. I most enjoyed the way Cassatta wrote it almost like two different stories in the beginning, giving the reader a look into the life of each man separately, then bringing them together and then ending with a look into their lives together.

Erik’s struggle with being the man he thought he needed to be and reconciling that with the man he is was so well conveyed that I felt his turmoil. And poor Angel, all he wants is to be loved and while Jon loves him, Angel also needs to be directed and motivated to an extent, which only Erik can do.

This wasn’t a love story per say, more of a story about two men that had to find themselves before they found each other, the love they found was just a bonus. I definitely recommend this read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Dream 'til Monday by Allison Cassatta

DreamTilMondayLGTITLE: Dream ‘til Monday
AUTHOR: Allison Cassatta
GENRE: Contemporary
LENGTH: Novel (206 pages)
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press(August 15th, 2014)
HEART RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts
BLURB: When Hollywood comes a-knockin, a young, small-town Mississippi photographer named Sawyer Taylor packs his bags and heads to the West Coast. He’s been hired to photograph for a romantic comedy in San Francisco and looks at the opportunity as a chance to rebuild and reclaim his life. But a quick, drunken hand job behind a bar in the Castro might prove a horrible mistake.

Film director Miles Eisenberg isn’t a man who wants to commit. He has a daughter who means the world to him at home, and he worries over how his decisions might affect her. He comes up with a million good reasons not to give Sawyer a second look but sometimes the heart is determined to love, and the brain can’t convince it otherwise.

His affair with Sawyer becomes a whirlwind romance worthy of the silver screen, but life doesn’t always imitate at, and imperfect heroes don’t always get their happy endings.

ISBN: 978-1-62798-981-7
REVIEW: Small town boy/photographer is hired by a Hollywood director and moves out to San Francisco to start the job. It sounds like the basis of a clichéd story, but that would be where you are wrong – or at least I was wrong. Sweet is too inadequate a word to use to describe this story. It is sweetness overload but in a good way, not the diabetic coma way.

The story isn’t over the top with melodrama. Neither does the plot fall flat. It just sweet, nice and a very well written romance that also feels realistic. The characters are also great. One of the minor characters, Martin, is kind of like the angel on the shoulder, trying to beat some sense into our main characters, particularly when the main characters start showing signs of melodrama.

Hollywood director, Miles, is dedicated to his job and his daughter. The daughter, Zoe, is also a very adorable, but minor, character, as are many seven-year olds. His job and his daughter are the two known factors in his life, he wants to raise his daughter right and he wants his current movie to be a great success. I get the feeling that Miles is afraid of change. Sawyer is the small town photographer, whose work has recently been discovered and pushed out into the world for the art scene. He has a demon or two that he left behind (leaving him wary), as well as a BFF who is all exuberance and advice (another wonderful character).

Ultimately, both Miles and Sawyer are afraid to put their hearts on the line and fall in love

This isn’t a “life styles of the rich and famous” type of novel. Instead, the characters are, thankfully, more down to earth. As I said, this well-written romance feels realistic. So real, in fact, there were a couple of times I wanted to slap some sense into both Miles and Sawyer, albeit at different points of the story.

One thing that leaves me confused is the title of the book, Dream ‘til Monday. I completely understand the “dream” part of the title, but struggle with the Monday. It may just be me being completely dense, but this isn’t some fleeting weekend romance, leaving me wonder if that’s the reason behind the title. I’m just having a couple of problems reconciling the title to the story. I honestly didn’t know what to think when I read the title before reading the blurb. However, as I said, it’s not an issue, but rather just an observation. Just sit back and enjoy the story!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Dance for Me by Remmy Duchene and Allison Cassatta

71Qty0NGC7L._SL1425_Title: Dance for Me
Author: Remmy Duchene & Allison Cassatta
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Length: Novel (228 pages)
Publisher: MLR Press (March 19th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Lo… When they dance into your heart and falling can’t be helped …ve

Alexander Benton is used to getting what he wants. With his wealthy parents MIA most times, he is left to rule Julliard and half of Manhattan with impunity. He hides his misery behind meaningless sex and condemning behavior.

Augusto Catalan grew up poor. To make a living, he dances at a local gay performance club and survives on the poverty line. His crappy New York apartment and simple life make him happy—except for the death of his lover, his brother being in a war zone and his life-long dream of getting into Julliard slipping away with each passing day.
When Alex meets Augusto, he knows there is no way this ghetto boy is getting into /his/prestigious school. Then he sees Augusto dance.

Purchase Link:
Review: Alexander Benton is rude, ostentatious, entitled, domineering and handsome. He has spent his life with a silver spoon up his ass the product of money and an upper class life style. The only thing Alex has missed out on is love. True, unyielding, undying and unconditional love. His parents are never around and the one person that he trusted and gave his heart to, tore it apart. In an effort to remain indifferent, he’s only done the occasional hook-up or his latest friends with benefits, which are more benefits than friends.

Augusto Catalan is polar opposite of Alex. He has worked hard to get where he is and came from practically nothing. The Spanish-American dancer wears his pride on his sleeve and has had the love of his parents and adopted brother, along with his boss and long-term partner’s father for as long as he can remember. After the death of his lover to cancer, Gus never wanted to open his heart or his life to another man. He can’t take a chance of being hurt that deeply ever again. That is until he meets Alex.

Alex and Gus butt heads from the start. They really, truly can’t stand one another. The mutual disdain is insurmountable, and the sexual tension couldn’t be cut with a pair of garden sheers! Gus knows he should walk away from the brash dancer, but he can’t help himself, and one stolen kiss later, the two can’t seem to stop thinking about each other.

Sparks fly and passion ignites when they stop running, and stand still long enough to get their arms wrapped around each other. But can a person really change who they are? Will Alex be able to give up the control he so desperately clings too in order to capture and hold on to Gus’s heart? And if he can, will Gus open himself up to love and be loved again?

Cassatta and Duchene have delivered a well-written and highly emotional love story set in a world surrounded by dance. Alex is an accomplished ballet dancer and Gus is a striving fresh new dancer, just enrolled at Julliard. They really come together and compliment each other, learning from each other’s weaknesses and gaining from each other’s strength.

My only teensy issue was the slight resemblance of instalove at one point in the story, and a little misplaced angst here and there. But overall, this was a fun, fast read that got my blood pumping and left me with a smile on my face.

If you like a passionate love story between a couple of sexy guys that have to learn how to bend and move to please each other (pun intended!) with a Happy ending (!!) then this is the story for you.

This is Love by Remmy Duchene and Allison Cassatta

ThisisLoveLGTitle:  This Is Love

Author: Remmy Duchene and Allison Cassatta 

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel (198 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 4th 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate to Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Heart

Blurb:   Anderson “Andy” Hartley Jr. lives the life of a playboy with Daddy’s money, but without love. If his father finds out Andy’s gay, the game’s over. So he restricts his sex life to the pool house and seems content until he meets the gorgeous new groundskeeper, who just might turn his life upside-down. Merrick “Maverick” Washington is African-American, an ex-SEAL, and recently released from prison after his false conviction was overturned. Working for a rich white dude who looks down his nose at him is one more blow to his spirit. But any job is a step toward self-sufficiency, and Maverick’s not willing to risk that for a spoiled brat. Then Andy tugs at more than Maverick’s body, and he’s starting to wonder how things would shake out if they both overcame their fears and let their worlds collide.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Andy Hartley leads a life of decadence and privilege. After his moms death his already strained relationship with his father only got worse. He avoids his father whenever possible and keeps the truth about his sexuality from him for fear of being cut off and kicked out. He keeps his secret well confining his trysts to the pool house, well out of his father’s range, until Merrick comes along.

Merrick is a gay, African-American, ex navy seal and alleged ex con. He’s out of prison with his conviction overturned but still, no one will hire him. When a friend gets him a job, as the grounds keeper for influential Anderson Hartley, he jumps at the chance. Andy doesn’t hide his attraction to Merrick, but he’s scared to risk the first paying job he has found for the spoiled rich kid. Soon enough though, the mutual attraction takes over. When Andy’s father notices and confronts them, Andy doesn’t deny anything and his worst fears are realized.

As the story progresses Andy and Merrick grow closer and fight through their inner demons and personal doubt to maintain their relationship. A couple of twists and turns along the way give them both unexpected financial stability as well. Andy has fallen completely in love with Merrick. But when he says those three little words will his heart be broken if Merrick doesn’t feel the same?

Duchene and Cassatta have managed to write a love story where there is struggle, loss, and uncertainty from the ML without adding any angst! None! Zip, zilch, nada. This story is about two grown ass gay men that each has a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual. Andy has always been the one in control and he quickly learns that Merrick has a controlling side, and it turns him on even more.

This is a must read for us hopeless romantics! Two gorgeous alpha males falling in love and figuring out how to keep it together and keep it real. Oh, right, there is a HEA as well… Bonus!!



Pride by Allison Cassatta

PrideLGTitle: Pride (2nd Edition)

Series: Dear Diary 02

Author: Allison Cassatta

Genre: Young Adult, Coming Of Age, Contemporary

Length: Novella (130pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (17th July 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Prom ends with a bang of unexpected epic proportions and leaves Chris with a disheartened outlook on where he is in his life, when he should be on top of the world. He’s graduating high school with honors and has the best boyfriend in the world, but things still aren’t right. Bullies make him doubt his choice to accept the way he feels and come out of the closet. Those friends turned foes make him realize how much the narrow-minded masses can hate gay people.

And everyone Chris loves starts to worry about him.

To give Chris a new perspective, his parents and loving boyfriend send him to his first gay pride—but Chris doesn’t see the point, and he damn sure doesn’t want to go. Will pride help him see there’s nothing wrong with him? Will it change his feelings and his mind?

1st Edition published by Allison Cassatta, January 2012

Purchase Link:

Review: This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Chris and Josh share a dance at the prom but come up against abuse from people Chris thought were friends, Chris is disheartened by their reactions and becomes wary. Graduating high school should be one of the proudest moments of his life but the bullies make it a day of humiliation and Chris begins to wonder if the love he has for his boyfriend Josh is worth all the abuse and humiliation. Josh and Chris’ parents decide to show him that not everyone is bigoted and small-minded by arranging a weekend away at his first gay pride, but Chris doesn’t want to go until Josh sweet talks him.

This is an absolutely sweet and touching coming of age story that has angst, fear, anger, kindling hope and determination. In Dear Diary we are told the story of Chris and everything that had come about until the moment he was getting ready for his high school prom, in this story it picks up on the way to the prom continuing Chris’ and Josh’s story. Chris is cautious when he first gets to the prom, even though he knows that Josh is disappointed but he takes a chance and asks Josh to dance and it ends badly. Chris has to face up to the fact that some of his friends are now foes even though he doesn’t want to believe it, but the message is sent home further when he is cornered in the school bathroom. Josh tries to give Chris something to look forward to but to also give him perspective of the world around him with a trip to gay pride.

This isn’t a cutesy, rainbows dancing, love fest it’s a realistic coming of age, coming out story warts and all. Chris is faced with hate and anger from those he called friend, and he begins to wonder if being gay is worth the hassle. It is only because of the love and support of his family and friends that he gets through Graduation, but even that is tainted by humiliation. Josh is a super supportive boyfriend that sticks it through the tough times and gives Chris the love he rightly deserves; he also knows that seeing gay pride just might be what Chris needs.

There is a huge gamut of emotions that you feel as you read this book and we are made to see the fear, loss and anger that a young man faces when friends turn to foes. We see the effect it has on his confidence and emotions as he tries to work out why they are so prejudice and bigoted. We see the incredible support he gets from those that truly love him and the love he has for one special man. Josh and Chris’ relationship couldn’t have gone through a harder time, but their love for each other shines through and smashes the doubts. They are sweet together and their lovemaking is wonderful.

I recommend this to those who want a hard-hitting coming out story, who want a young love that’s built from stone, that want realistic problems being faced and our young couple facing the fire and coming through stronger together.              

Dear Diary – The Story of Chris and Josh by Allison Cassatta

17788465Title: Dear Diary – The Story of Chris and Josh

Series: Dear Diary 01

Author: Allison Cassatta

Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age

Length: Novella (90pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (8th May 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Chris Bishop has everything a high school senior could want—a loving family, a perfect girlfriend, and a bright, shining future. At his dad’s suggestion, he spends a summer working at a law firm to gain experience, but he never bargained on meeting Josh. Josh is handsome and green-eyed and just what Chris doesn’t want—or does he? Some things Chris has admitted only to his digital diary, but by the time prom comes around, he needs to make a decision: risk the pain of honesty about himself and his feelings for Josh, or play it safe and lose what matters most.

First Edition published by XoXo Publishing, June 2011

Purchase Link:

Review: Chris is getting ready for his senior prom; he is reflecting on the last eight months and confiding to his digital diary everything that has happened to him since he met Josh. Josh who Chris met when working the summer at a law firm and had Chris rethinking everything about himself as he recognized his attraction to Josh.

This is a wonderful coming of age story as a young man remembers everything that changed for him in the past several months, as he prepares to shut the door on one of part of his life and say goodbye to his high school years and begins the next step of his life. We join Chris as he prepares for his prom, as he pours his heart out to his diary taking us through his attraction to another boy, his conflicting emotions of his first male kiss, his fear of coming out, his confession to his girlfriend and admitting to his parents his new relationship.

Allison Cassatta takes us into the heart of an eighteen year old as he makes sense of his sexuality and finally says to himself ‘I’m gay’, this story takes us through those moments most important to Chris as he worked out what he felt and how he reacted. Although we only see Josh from Chris’s perspective we get a very good sense of him, he’s only a year older and is slightly more confident in his sexuality. We also see quite a bit about Chris’s ex-girlfriend Sarah and we are left puzzled, as Sarah is also getting ready for the prom at Chris’s house. The ending is just wonderful, filled with hope and love.    

This is a brilliant story that would be great for young adults who are still trying to find themselves; it would show them that they aren’t alone in their struggle for identity and that it is okay to be scared. I have to recommend that everyone who loves m/m read this story of young love and discovering one’s self. 

Patient Privilege by Allison Cassatta

Title: Patient Privilege

Author: Allison Cassatta

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novel (286 pages)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (August 18th, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts-liked it

Blurb: Dr. Erik Daniels hasn’t had it easy. He lost love and fought addiction to get where he is, one of the best substance abuse counselors people with no money and no insurance can get. Not the dream life he had in San Francisco, but at least he has something to call his own. Everything seems to be on the right track until Angel, a heroine addicted male prostitute, and the kid’s lover happen to cross his path.

Erik not only sees a lot of himself in Angel, but he also sees a lot of potential in the kid and he quickly realizes he’s willing to sacrifice a lot to get him on the right path, even his own love life.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Showme

Review:  I expected to shed tears, at some point while reading this book, after reading the blurb. Addiction, prostitution, broken hearts and homes sounds like it should come with a box of tissues, if you ask me.  I never did cry. There were plenty of situations that screamed for me to but I just never connected with characters to produce tears.

Most of the story is told from the POV of Dr. Erik Daniels, a counselor and recovering alcoholic at a free clinic.  He knows what it’s like to lose everything to addiction. He used to have a committed partner whom he loves, private practice and a beautiful home in San Francisco, but lost it all to his addiction to alcohol.

Angel is a drug addicted prostitute with no place to call home. His only reason for being is to get his next high and pay for someplace to crash after shooting up. He has one true friend named Jon who loves him, but Angel isn’t capable of loving himself much less anyone else.  Every day is the same for Angel.  Selling his body and relieving him of the grotesque memories through drugs. It’s a vicious cycle that he has no desire to get out of until one night he ODs.  A night in the ER brings him in contact with Erik and a very dramatic blow up gets Angel in Erik’s rehab center.

There are three different love stories going on in this book. I was kind of into the two going on in the first 2/3 of the book and I was looking forward to seeing everyone get their happy ending.  Then everything changed and I didn’t really like how it did. It seemed to happen all at once without any subtle hints or working up to it. Until this, I thought I knew how the book would play out. I wish there had been less time getting me invested in couples that were never going to happen and more time showing me how the couple at the end of the book fell in love. Maybe the author will write the other guy’s stories next and if so, I’d give it a try.

Sin and Seduction by Allison Cassatta

Title: Sin & Seduction

Series: N/A

Author: Allison Cassatta

Genre: Contemporary/BDSM

Length: Novel

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 10th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: Dorian Grant is king of the New Orleans underworld, but he isn’t mafia and doesn’t appreciate the assumption. He’s simply a crude businessman anyone in his right mind would think twice about screwing over. Life in the Big Easy is all about sin, and violent, short-tempered Dorian has committed them all.

But not all New Orleans sins leave a bad taste in the mouth, as Dorian discovers the night a man stage-named Sweet Heat dances into his life at a club called Sin and Seduction. Dorian was expecting a hot lay. He damn sure wasn’t looking for a relationship, and certainly not with someone like Jansen, who turns Dorian’s grimly organized world upside down.

Now Dorian finds himself pressuring Jansen to quit his job because he can’t stand the thought of other men touching what’s his. Of course, Jansen wants a little quid pro quo—after all, Dorian’s job is dangerous. Jansen just doesn’t realize how dangerous until it’s too late. (via Goodreads)

Product Link:

Reviewer: Adrienne

Review: Sin & Seduction was a bit hard to read in parts, as there is a fair amount of violence and a fairly graphic scene featuring somewhat dubious consent. Dorian is not a likeable character at all, and Jansen alternates between seeming like an abuse victim and appearing to be a gold-digger. Though there are explanations for their behaviors, it doesn’t really make either any more palatable. In fact, their personalities are so extreme; it is difficult to relate to either character. The repetitive on-off nature of their relationship and the severity of Dorian’s mood-swings are such that between the two, it is hard to keep up with the story.

In between the ups-and-downs of Dorian and Jansen’s affair is the threat of violence from Dorian’s peers, and Dorian’s efforts to maintain his position in the underworld while keeping the brutality from touching Jansen. Despite his attempts, the bloodshed enters their lives, and the effect that has on their already strained relationship becomes as much a focus as their personalities.

If one can get past the violence, and doesn’t hold out for the characters to have startling, life-changing revelations, this is an interesting read.






Seasons of Change by Allison Cassatta

Title: Seasons Of Change

Author: Allison Cassatta

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (98pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (28th July 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥2 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Presley Howard returns to unemployment and single life after five years of normalcy, breakdown is imminent. On the advice of his twin sister, he takes a vacation in Florida where he meets hunky pediatric surgeon, Dr Camden Brooks.

When Presley Howard loses his job and his lover of five years, control of his life is gone. His daily routine is thrown into disarray, bringing him close to a nervous breakdown.

On the advice–or rather, the insistent prodding–of his twin sister, he takes a vacation in Pensacola, Florida to relax and reconnect with parents he hasn’t seen in years. What he finds is a sense of hope and the only man who can rein him back in and save his broken heart, hunky pediatric surgeon, Dr Camden Brooks.

Together, they conquer Presley’s fears and temper his need to control everything around him, and their blossoming love gives Dr Brooks something new and beautiful to look forward to.

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Review: Presley loses his job and then his lover walks out on him, his routine is broken and he is spinning into depression.  his sister pokes and prods until he goes to visit their parents at the beach and there he meets a man who gives him back some semblance of balance. Cam is a doctor that has recently lost a patient; he meets Presley on the beach one night, a man who helps him to forget and to look forward instead of backwards.

This is a well written novella that shows two men coming together and helping each other to overcome their emotional woes. Presley has a slight case of OCD and when he loses his job and his lover he feels helpless, like his life is now out of his control and he begins to sink into depression. when he meets Camden on the beach, he loses some of his neurosis as he feels calmer in his presence. Cam can lose himself in Presley, but can also help him to balance his neurosis. they fall hard for each other, but at the end of Presley’s holiday he has to return home and it is time for Presley to face the reality of his life.

I will be honest and say I didn’t like Presley, he was all me, me, me and from the descriptions in the book he had a hell of a lot more problems than just a touch of OCD. The OCD was well described as well as the feelings that you get in an OCD moment, they were very well written, but Presley showed signs of other issues which also made him neurotic (to be honest he was bordering on psychotic at times). Cam seemed like a nice bloke, but I couldn’t get his whole relationship with his daughter’s mother. I mean when they lived together was it platonically? How did her conception come about? It was frustrating to not know the full circumstances.

Now the sex was hot, a bit quick but very hot, although they don’t have full sex until the very end. The relationship seems to move very fast, although we don’t see much of it, we seem to get the highlights.

I will recommend this story to those who want a hot holiday romance that leads to a happily ever after, hot sex and two hot men finding love.