Kissed by Death by Andi Anderson, 2nd edition

kissedbydeathTitle: Kissed By Death, 2nd edition
Series: Kissed By an Immortal, # 1
Author: Andi Anderson
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (112 pages)
Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc. (June 15th 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: Gregory is determined to have his one chance of love and romance, even if it’s with the person whose occupation is to take him to the afterlife.

The Angel of Death has come back to claim Gregory’s life. After a seven-year reprieve from the Grim Reaper, Gregory knows it’s time to move onto his eternal afterlife, and stop the suffering he has had to physically endure all these years. Even though Gregory knows it’s time to move onto the next phase of his existence, his secret desire to be with the handsome, mysterious being has almost consumed his every thought. Instinctively, he knows they belong together, forever.

But how does one have a relationship with Death’s Angel, and how can Gregory convince him they are meant to be?

ISBN: 978-1-4874-0298-3

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: I didn’t know what to think about this story as I started to read it as this is the first time I’ve ever read a book where the Grim Reaper has a love interest. It was strange yet really good. Gregory makes two deals with Thanatos, the Grim Reaper. It’s the second during the second deal that they fall in love. I loved Gregory’s happy, positive personality even though he’s been in a lot of pain since he was granted 7 more years of life.

Thanatos wasn’t as scary as I thought he’d be and tried to fulfill every wish Gregory had in the two days they had together. It was a beautiful time with amazing details of the beach and of course hot, passionate sex between the two. At the end of the second day Gregory takes Nemesis words to heart and gets his final wish to be with Thanatos for eternity.

Really sweet and great read.

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Andi Anderson

aa-cof-bythelightofthesilverymoon3 (1)Title: By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Series: Circle of Friends, #1

Author: Andi Anderson

Genre:  Paranormal/Vampires/Werewolves

Length: 116 pages (32,492 words)

Publisher: Siren Publishing (May 28th, 2013)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Heat: Explicit

Blurb: Charlie Amos always wanted a werewolf for a mate. At thirteen, he convinced his two best friends and his little brother to participate in a “love spell” ceremony on New Year’s Eve. Each boy picked their own paranormal being that each of them wanted to be mated with forever. Even though Charlie and his friends knew the ceremony was probably just wishful thinking, it was never forgotten.

Years later, when Charlie meets James Williams, a spark of attraction soon turns into a heated courtship. But James has a secret. He’s a one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old werewolf, who instinctively knows Charlie, is his mate. Not one to keep a secret from the man he loves, James is determined to tell Charlie his secret as soon as the time is right. But when he finds out about the love spell from another paranormal friend, both men wonder if the feelings they have for one another are nothing but magic, or is it true love?

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: I liked the prologue to this story; how it sets the stage well for the series. It’s cute how the young boys confessed they are all gay to each other and do the spell to choose what they think would be their perfect mates. When the actual story starts, its years later and Charlie still hasn’t found that perfect lover. All the boys have grown up and that day has been brushed aside. Charlie is in a bar with his brother, Austin, when he meets James, the owner. The attraction is really strong and very mutual. James is a werewolf and has all but given up on finding his mate… until now. The strong pull for Charlie is unlike anything he has ever felt and his wolf wants Charlie, too.

This is a very cute but typical boy meets man (werewolf) they are destined to be mates, story. It’s very cute and romantic, but pretty cliché and over the top sugary sweet. Having said that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I loved it, since there are times when that is just what I need. A good super romantic escape from the day-to-day grind. Who doesn’t dream of a love this powerful? It has a few twists and turns and a happy ending. This is one of those stories that make you smile and it’s very hot!

I recommend this to anyone that loves a good sweet romance, with plenty of magic, werewolves, witches, and super-hot mansex.

A Hold on His Heart by Andi Anderson

Title: A Hold on His Heart

Author: Andi Anderson

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (86pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (22nd September 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Office clerk Justin is surprised when he realizes Preston, the sweet, but nerdy engineer, is crushing on him. But Preston’s friendship and gentle flirtation makes Justin question his hesitations, and soon he realizes love has no boundaries at all.

It’s just another interminable day at the office for clerk Justin Myers. After a wild night at his favorite club, he’s nursing a hangover and wishing he was home instead. All he wants is to get through the day unnoticed and hopes his pounding head will subside. When his co-worker Preston goes out of his way to help him, Justin realizes the nerdy engineer has a crush on him. They’re polar opposites, and at first, Justin isn’t sure what to do about Preston’s gentle flirtation and friendship. But as Preston becomes a bigger part of Justin’s life, he realizes that love has no boundaries after all.

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Review: Justin is suffering from a hangover one morning, when Preston takes pity on him and offers him coffee and aspirin. Justin is grateful, but isn’t sure what to make of the geeky engineer. when they fall into a routine of spending lunches together, Justin starts to realize just how much he enjoys being with Preston. Preston has hopes of getting closer to Justin and when Justin invites him to join him on a night out, Preston wonders if he isn’t too different from Justin to keep his attention.

This is a soft gentle romance that takes its sweet time, as the characters of Justin and Preston get to know each other and discover their love for each other. Justin hasn’t really noticed Preston other than as a work colleague, but when Preston asks him to lunch he begins to enjoy spending time together as friends. Preston has always noticed Justin, but has held back as Justin is his opposite. Confident, outgoing and fun-loving, whereas Preston is quite, withdrawn and geeky. But, spending time with Justin makes Preston lighten up and Justin begins to see Preston in a new light.

I loved this gentle romance, it was very easy-going, progressing from work colleagues to friends and eventually to lovers with no conflict or angst or spanners being thrown in the works, *sigh* just a true romance of slowly falling in love. Justin and Preston are wonderful characters both of them with their own unique personalities but accepting other people’s personalities and seeing below the outer surface. I really liked the fact that the attraction was brought in slowly, while they were getting to know each other, giving them something solid to work from.

I am recommending this to those who love gentle, slow building, love stories, incredible love-making, opposites attracting and finally an incredibly happy ending.

Kissed by Death by Andi Anderson

Title: Kissed By Death

Series: Kissed By an Immortal 01

Author: Andi Anderson

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novella (146pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (25th February 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Gregory cheated death. And now, seven years later, the grim reaper has returned. Can Gregory convince Angel of Death, Thanatos, to grant one final request: a single lover before he moves on to his great reward–and he chooses Thanatos.

At fourteen, Gregory Harris suffers a massive heart attack during a baseball game. As his coach tries desperately to keep him alive, a tall, handsome man in a hooded black cloak stands beside him–the Angel of Death. Gregory begs this grim reaper for more time on Earth so his parents can prepare for his death. The reaper grants him his wish, and even though Gregory saw him for just a few short moments, he often fantasizes about the mysterious creature.

Seven years later, the Angel of Death is back for Gregory. Gregory is ready to move on to the afterlife, but he regrets that he never had a lover and partner to call his own. Gregory has no intention of escaping this grim reaper. In fact, he intends to do whatever it takes to convince Thanatos that they belong together forever.

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Review: Wow.   this is a really good story involving Greek mythology. Gregory suffers a heart attack and when Death comes for him he isn’t scared but asks for the time to say goodbye to his family and prepare them for his death.   Years later, he is visited again and strikes a bargain with Death. Death is Thanatos, who has developed a soft spot for Gregory over the years. When he comes to collect Gregory, for the final time, Gregory strikes a bargain.

A really sweet story about a young man who defies death himself to get the man he loves. Gregory has suffered greatly because of his weak heart over the years, but it was a price he was willing to take to give his family time to adjust and prepare for his death.  Thanatos has visited Gregory over the years and has admired the young man for his love and compassion. When Gregory cons him, Thanatos grants him one last wish.

Thanatos and Gregory make a great couple in this story and it was wonderful that Gregory got to experience the one thing he wanted most with the person that he wanted the most. But fighting for it, as his time came to an end and Thanatos was determined to send him on to his rewards, when all he wanted was Thanatos, was a great twist. Gregory has help, in the form of Nemesis, who advises him to remember what they promised one another.  They also have to contend with Thanatos’s twin brother trying to cause trouble.

This is a well written story that I really enjoyed, it has incredible hot sex, interfering siblings, a strong willed young man, a stubborn Death and a happy ending, so really all I can recommend is that you read it and enjoy.