Traditions by Ann Anderson (Bah Humbug Giveaway!)

Bah Humbug MMGBR Giveaway gifAnn Anderson - Traditions CoverTitle: Traditions

Series: 2016 Advent Calendar- Bah Humbug

Author: Ann Anderson

Genre: Contemporary, Holiday

Length: Short Story (37 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 10, 2016)

Heat Level: Low 

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: When Marcus and James started dating a few years ago, James invited Marcus home to spend the holidays with his close, Christmas-loving family. Marcus quickly realized once was enough, and since then, he’s stayed behind.

But this year will be different. Though the festivity and chaos make Marcus uncomfortable, he loves James, and he’s decided to put aside his unease so they can spend Christmas together—even if it means losing his hotel room to one of James’s siblings, braving the cold to go caroling, and battling the crowds so the children can visit Santa. It’ll all be worth it if Marcus can take his place in the family’s traditions—and maybe begin a new tradition for the two of them.

ISBN: 978-1-63533-172-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review:  James’s family plans for Christmas are spent with his family.  Marcus had gone once and that was enough for him.  That is until this Christmas, however if you want the juicy details you are just going to have to read it.

I think out of all the stories in this calendar, this one rocked it all.  Not only is it sweet, tender and very cute, but it is more traditional.  I got a kick out of it and can’t wait to see what else this author has out.  It will be a Christmas to remember.

Ann Anderson - Traditions Square gif

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Ann Anderson’s Question!

What is the name of the main character in my New Beginnings series?

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MMGBR Bah Humbug Giveaway!

(Winners will be picked by a dart on 1st January 2017)

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Bah Humbug MM Good Book Reviews Giveaway Coming Soon!


Hey everyone! I’m just here today to give you the heads up for MM Good Book Reviews upcoming month long giveaway which starts on the 1st December 2016. 

MM Good Book Reviews has asked each of the Bah Humbug Advent Calendar authors to submit a question which you readers will be able to answer. And most of them agreed! So throughout the month of December EVERY DAY we’ll have a review from the Bah Humbug Advent and the books author will ask a question… all you have to do is to answer the question in the comments for that review.

What will you win? Well I’m feeling very generous this year so MM Good Book Reviews has the most AMAZING prizes… especially for those of you who will be feeling the pennies pinching in the New Year! 4th & 3rd prizes are $25 Dreamspinner Press Credits, 2nd prize will be $50 Dreamspinner Press Credits and 1st prize is an astounding $100 Dreamspinner Press Credits!  

I know you’re thinking ‘what’s the catch’. Let me assure you there’s no catch whatsoever other than needing a Dreamspinner Press account if you win, oh and needing to get the answers correct 😉

The best thing about the giveaway is… there’s 31 chances to win! Yep if you comment on every Bah Humbug review with the correct answers then your name will be pinned 31 times to the corkboard (darts! It’s gonna be so fun on New Years Day) if you get 26 correct answers then your name will be pinned 26 times on the corkboard, easy.

And while it would be nice if you visited us every day in December you don’t have to, that’s right you could just visit once a week or if you’re really pushed for time then just once on the 31st Dec, I’ll be creating a page with all the links to the reviews and questions so you won’t have to miss any 🙂

So guys why don’t you nip over to Dreamspinner Press, check out the Bah Humbug Advent and take a look at the stories that have made me feel super generous this year <3

Don’t forget the MM Good Book Reviews Bah Humbug Giveaway starts on the 1st December! 

Lots of huggles & snuggles ~Pixie~


Bah Humbug

There’s always that one guy for whom the holiday season is anything but jolly. It’s a bother, a trial, or in a few cases, a downright misery, but in the end, the holidays bring hope, love, and cheer to even the darkest of days. What else but love would get Scrooge willingly under the mistletoe?

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Dreamspinner Press


Love is Love Anthology & Giveaway!

Anthology - Love is Love Jay Aheer 2016 banner 2

Hey guys, today we have a collection of wonderful authors who have got together and contributed poems towards the charity anthology Love is Love.

In the aftermath of the horrendous shooting in Orlando where 49 innocent men and women lost their lives and numerous others were injured, the LGBT+ community, along with their brothers and sisters in the straight community, pulled together in shock, grief and devastation . They pulled together to show that love is love, that we all stand together in the face of hate and we will support those who love.

These amazing authors have contributed a small part of themselves in the shape of poems, these poems will stand against hate and invite love in for all time. ♥ ~Pixie~  

P.S. there’s also a fantastic giveaway 🙂 

Anthology - Love is Love Cover s

Love is Love


AC Benus, Aditus, Andrew Jericho, Ann Anderson, Ash Marie, Asta Idonea, Betti Gefecht, Cam Kennedy, Cynus Eldranai, Darren White, dughlas, Eddy LeFey, Eden Winters, EmiGS Em, F.E. Feeley Jr., Gelybi , Headstall, Jack L. Pyke, Jana Denardo, Jason Frazier, Jay Rookwood, J.L. Merrow, Karina Rye, Kathy Griffith, Kay Ellis, Kaye P. Hallows, Kit Loffstadt, Laura B. Damone, Layla Dorine, Lily G. Blunt, L.J. Harris, L.M. Somerton, Louis Stevens, L.S.K Harris, L.V. Lloyd, Lynn Michaels, Maggie Chatterton, Maria Siopis, Monika De Giorgi, Parker Owens, Patricia Nelson, Pelaam, Petra Howard, Ravyn Bryce, Rick R. Reed, Ruski, Valik and Addy, S.J. Davis, Skylar M. Cates, Star Brady, Steve Baldry, Susan Crane, Tamara Miles, Tash Hatzipetrou, Tim Landon, Tracy Gee, Vicki Tubridy, Victoria Kinnaird, and Wendy Rathbone.

A collection of poems composed by over fifty authors in aid of the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse Attack.

On June 12, 2016, the most horrendous mass shooting in US history and an unfathomable act of hate was directed at the LGBT community in Orlando. The horror of this tragedy reverberated around the world, leaving millions shocked and appalled at the senseless violence that destroyed so many innocent lives.

In a display of solidarity with the victims and survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting, a group of LGBTQ+ and straight allies, from all across the globe, came together to produce a collection of poems in celebration of love and acceptance.

The resulting Love is Love Poetry Anthology is dedicated to the families and victims of the shooting and all proceeds of this work will be donated to Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund.

In this small way, the authors, along with the readers who purchase this work, seek to contribute to the lives of those who still suffer from the consequences of the malice directed toward them, and offer some positivity and compassion in the face of such bigotry.

Paperback: | Amazon UK |  CreateSpace

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Storming Love: Earthquake Blog Tour, Excerpts, Review & Giveaway!

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 960x350

Hiya guys, we have MLR Press and six of their brilliant authors stopping by today with the great series Storming Love: Earthquake. We have great excerpts, a fantastic giveaway and Cat’s reviews for a couple of the stories. So enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 01 Cover - Ann

Gabriel & Avery


Ann Anderson

Loneliness has been Gabriel’s companion for since his parents’ passing, growing with each sibling that leaves home to start their own life. When a big earthquake hits Alaska, Gabriel finds himself taking in Avery, his two daughters, and their grandmother and relishes not being so alone. Yet, Gabriel feels a spark of recognition he can’t explain about Avery, but more than that, he likes the company and wishes he could have a deeper relationship with the man. But when the small family has their new home, what could make Avery want to stay?

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 02 Cover - Megan

Derek and Hayden


Megan Linden

Derek Warden is certain his boss sent him to cover the conference in the middle of nowhere, Alaska, to punish him for something. After an unpleasant phone call from his father who tries to stop him from going, Derek is ready for the whole thing to be over before it even begins.

Hayden Shaw has been looking forward to this conference for months. The problem of fracking is very dear to his heart and he couldn’t wait to spend the long weekend with like-minded people.

Neither of them expected the big earthquake, but most importantly – they didn’t expect each other. Meeting again after over a decade may result in something even more surprising that the ground trembling under their feet.

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 03 Cover - Diana

Rhody & Brendan


Diana DeRicci

Rhody Witte is on his way to Alaska for two weeks of fishing and not much else. Mountains, clean air, and all the bait he can waste. What he gets is the largest earthquake to rock the Alaskan wilds in sixty-plus years.

Brendan Skorvarski isn’t the kind of man Rhody usually finds himself attracted to, much less want to know, but there’s something in the gentle giant that Rhody can’t seem to resist.

When they’re locked up in a cabin together for days in the Alaskan wilderness, resistance seems futile when survival takes precedence. Especially their survival when Rhody sees a bear outside their window.

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 04 Cover - Caraway

Anders & Ujaruk


Caraway Carter

Geologist Anders Thorpe has sworn off relationships with colleagues, after his last one ended in a dirty little game of sabotage. Six months later and he’s preparing to camp and investigate a gold mine that might still be active. He’s joined by Ujaruk an archaeologist who fights an inner battle with the fact that he’s a native Aleut, and wondering if he’ll ever find the perfect man.

Will Anders break his vow? Will Ujaruk find the right guy? Will they survive whatever is thrown their way? 

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 05 Cover - Nicole

Xavier & Devin


Nicole Dennis

Tremors are a part of everyday life in big Alaska.

Bush pilot, Xavier Markovic, goes with nature’s flow and loves it. He guides guests through Denali National Park to show off his beloved state. Until health issues arise for his mentor, Daniel Chevalier, and Xavier flies him to the hospital.

An almost fatal tumble down a mountain ends Devin Chevalier’s professional mountain biking career and brings him to a crossroads. Learning his grandfather is ill, he makes a rash decision. Uprooting his life for a chance to meet Daniel, he crosses paths with a brash Alaskan.

Alaska throws them another surprise in the form of a huge earthquake. Differences put aside while they struggle to survive.

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 06 Cover - Anna

Asher and Emmett


Anna Lee

Celebrating their fifth anniversary, Asher and Emmett are on a romantic getaway in a cabin in Alaska. They have plans to adopt when they return home. But their paradise is destroyed when a huge earthquakes hits. Being a firefighter and a paramedic, both men put themselves at risk to save others when the tragedy strikes. Will they be able to make it home to start a family? 

MLR Press

Storming Love: Earthquake series link

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Gabriel & Avery by Ann Anderson

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 01 Cover - AnnTitle: Gabriel & Avery

Series: Storming Love, Earthquake 01

Author: Ann Anderson

Genre: Contemporary, Natural Disaster, Earthquake

Length: Short (55pgs)

ISBN: MLR-1-02015-0425

Publisher: MLR Press (3rd July 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Loneliness has been Gabriel’s companion since his parents’ passing, growing with each sibling that leaves home to start their own life. When a big earthquake hits Alaska, Gabriel finds himself taking in Avery, his two daughters, and their grandmother and relishes not being so alone. Yet, Gabriel feels a spark of recognition he can’t explain about Avery, but more than that, he likes the company and wishes he could have a deeper relationship with the man. But when the small family has their new home, what could make Avery want to stay?

Product Link:

Review: Avery, Gabriel’s brother’s boss, finds himself homeless after an earthquake. Gabriel is alone and lonely and offers Avery and his family a place to stay until insurance comes through and they can rebuild or find a new home.

Gabriel is attracted to Avery but unaware that Avery is gay.

The premise of this story is good. It is all in Gabriel’s viewpoint and thoughts.  I found a few things missing I would have like more details on Avery’s split up, Gabriel’s parent’s death, how each man attend his physical needs beforehand. I would have liked more interaction between Gabriel and Avery.

Having said that the sex scene when they come together was pretty hot.

If you like natural disasters, troopers, caring men, cute kids and some sweet sensual man-sex this is for you!

Kritter Tales Anthology

81EMBp5wL0L._SL1500_Title: Kritter Tales Anthology
Series: Anthology
Author: Ann Anderson, Jenna Hale, Tracey Michael, Lor Rose, Amanda C. Stone
Genre: Varied
Length: Anthology (120 Pages)
Publisher: Rooster and Pig Publishing (January 21st, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Sometimes the best matchmaker has four legs and a cold nose…

Dogs aren’t the only creatures that are man’s best friend! From Dalmatians to all the animals in Dr. Doolittle, animals have ways of bringing people together that’s almost its own type of magic. Within the Kritter Tales anthology are five heartwarming stories about men and their animals, and how the mix brings about relationships that may never have been.

ISBN: 978-069236-461-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is a cute little anthology with five stories where the men have the cutest animals or exotic ones. They have more humor in them that I have read in a while. I had a blast reading it and look forward to reading more. I must admit that pets make the best friends and best friends love to set you up for a bit of loving.

That and a pet show the tender side of their owners. A very hot little book that gave me almost all that I could ask for. I couldn’t put it down until I read the whole book.

Mischief Makers by Ann Anderson ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Dustin is living in his apartment with a momma cat and her two kittens. Sounds cute he is not technically allowed to have pets in his apartment. So when he comes home to find the little trouble makers missing, he knows he is in major trouble. They were saved by one gorgeous man, who made his heart beat fast and his palms sweat. Lucky for him, that Adam is looking for a roommate, and pets are welcomed.

This was one cute and hot little story. I loved the way it just flew off the pages. Other than the fact that it was too short, I found myself loving it quite a bit. It was just so damn adorable to read.

Princess Cocoa Puff by Jenna Hale ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Thanks to Sandy, Andrew was the proud owner of a pain in the ass cat. The problem was he never wanted a cat. Sandy wanted Andrew not to be alone, but he was going to kill her once he got his hands on her. That is until Princess Cocoa Puff took off, and one hell of a sexy neighbor brought her back.

I had a blast reading this and look forward to reading more by this amazing author. I laughed my ass off with this book. At first I was not too sure of Darren’s attitude but he proves to be an interesting guy. I wished that it was longer though, because I would love to read more by these two gorgeous guys.

Puppies Love by Tracey Michael ♥♥♥♥4Heaerts
Leo and Dante have been together for two years. One year as boss and employee, then Leo fired his ass. Then as a couple. Leo had a big surprise for Dante, but on the way to the restaurant, they found a momma dog and some puppies. Some ass had thrown them out on the side of the road. Leo’s plan had changed a bit, but now he had one hell of a happy man.

This was the cutest of all the stores so far, and that is saying something because they are amazing. I loved how Leo fires him, and then asks Dante out on a date in the beginning of their relationship. You can just see the heat between them and feel the love they have for each other. I also loved how it didn’t take long before Dante had fallen in love with the dogs. I had a blast reading this book.

Elephants Knows Best by Lor Rose ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Ethan had been taking care of injured elephants since he was little. He loved them quite a bit. He didn’t know what he would do without them in his life. There was someone else that he was falling in love with, but he never thought it would happen. That is until Corbin made his move.

This was a cute little story that had me smiling. I think there is something more about this story but you don’t read about it. For the true passion to come out I would assume that this story would have to be made longer. However I loved this story just a bit more. It was a blast to read.

Agent Princess Twinkle Buttons: Matchmaker by Amanda C. Stone ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Max had the best unique animal I have ever seen. He had a prairie dog for a pet. He takes her out for walks all the time, but it also has another purpose. He has seen one sexy man working out and loves to get a look at him. To his surprise Guy has been planning on getting to know him as well.

I think that this book was perfect. I love the way they take it slow trying to get to know each other. It was so tender and caring that had me smiling through it all. I had a blast reading it and look forward to reading some more by this author.

Overall, I was quite pleased by this anthology. I have never laughed so hard when reading an anthology. It was a blast to read. I have always loved books that are paranormal or that just include animals. So these animals included in these stories made it even better. I loved it and look forward to reading more by these authors. I had just wished that they were longer in length.

I would recommend reading it. What is cuter than men with animals.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Chocolate Power by Ann Anderson

1146896Title:  Chocolate Power

Series:  N/A

Author:  Ann Anderson

Genre:   Paranormal/Vampire

Length:  Short (7,000 words)

Publisher: MLR Press (March 21st, 2013)

Product link

Heat Level:  Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb:  Will Kris’s sire assist him in saving a pack of wolves from an Ancient one, or will Kris find himself abandoned again when he needs his sire most?

Kris has been fine, even happy, while living in the territory of wolves, giving help when needed, but when the wolves start dying and Kris is asked for help, the only one he can think to turn to is his sire. While Kris might fear being abandoned again by the one he holds most dear, he’ll do anything to save those who welcomed him when he was broken, even if it means seeking out the man who left him broken in the first place.

Reviewer:   Pammie

Review:  When members of his adopted pack are killed, Kris seeks help from his sire, willing to face the one who hurt and abandoned him for the sake of his adopted family. When they meet the attraction between them flares hot and strong, but Will stills sends Kris away.

Disregarding his sire’s advice not to pursue the rogue vampire, known as Tiger, Kris instead sets himself up as a decoy to draw him out and protect his pack. The ploy works too well. Tiger is far stronger than Kris. However, Will arrives and defeats Tiger, and his desire for Kris explodes into life.

Kris races, with Will at his heels; to the one place they both feel safe. Once inside, Will confesses he sent Kris away out of fear; fear of losing him, and fear of admitting the power of his love for Kris. They claim one another in a night of passion.

When Kris wakes, he has physical reminders of their passion, and the mental link to Will denoting their relationship, but before he can luxuriate, he is transported before Gaia.  Gaia had warned Will against fighting Tiger, and threatened to take Kris from Will. The entity kidnapped Kris as Will’s punishment. However Kris is quickly returned to Will.

Although I liked this story, it felt a little rushed. The werewolves and their leader, John, are barely in the story, except as a reason for Kris to seek out Will, and the end felt very rushed. But, if you like vampires and are looking for a short, sexy read this is for you.