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Hiya guys, we have MLR Press and six of their brilliant authors stopping by today with the great series Storming Love: Earthquake. We have great excerpts, a fantastic giveaway and Cat’s reviews for a couple of the stories. So enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 01 Cover - Ann

Gabriel & Avery


Ann Anderson

Loneliness has been Gabriel’s companion for since his parents’ passing, growing with each sibling that leaves home to start their own life. When a big earthquake hits Alaska, Gabriel finds himself taking in Avery, his two daughters, and their grandmother and relishes not being so alone. Yet, Gabriel feels a spark of recognition he can’t explain about Avery, but more than that, he likes the company and wishes he could have a deeper relationship with the man. But when the small family has their new home, what could make Avery want to stay?

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 02 Cover - Megan

Derek and Hayden


Megan Linden

Derek Warden is certain his boss sent him to cover the conference in the middle of nowhere, Alaska, to punish him for something. After an unpleasant phone call from his father who tries to stop him from going, Derek is ready for the whole thing to be over before it even begins.

Hayden Shaw has been looking forward to this conference for months. The problem of fracking is very dear to his heart and he couldn’t wait to spend the long weekend with like-minded people.

Neither of them expected the big earthquake, but most importantly – they didn’t expect each other. Meeting again after over a decade may result in something even more surprising that the ground trembling under their feet.

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 03 Cover - Diana

Rhody & Brendan


Diana DeRicci

Rhody Witte is on his way to Alaska for two weeks of fishing and not much else. Mountains, clean air, and all the bait he can waste. What he gets is the largest earthquake to rock the Alaskan wilds in sixty-plus years.

Brendan Skorvarski isn’t the kind of man Rhody usually finds himself attracted to, much less want to know, but there’s something in the gentle giant that Rhody can’t seem to resist.

When they’re locked up in a cabin together for days in the Alaskan wilderness, resistance seems futile when survival takes precedence. Especially their survival when Rhody sees a bear outside their window.

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 04 Cover - Caraway

Anders & Ujaruk


Caraway Carter

Geologist Anders Thorpe has sworn off relationships with colleagues, after his last one ended in a dirty little game of sabotage. Six months later and he’s preparing to camp and investigate a gold mine that might still be active. He’s joined by Ujaruk an archaeologist who fights an inner battle with the fact that he’s a native Aleut, and wondering if he’ll ever find the perfect man.

Will Anders break his vow? Will Ujaruk find the right guy? Will they survive whatever is thrown their way? 

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 05 Cover - Nicole

Xavier & Devin


Nicole Dennis

Tremors are a part of everyday life in big Alaska.

Bush pilot, Xavier Markovic, goes with nature’s flow and loves it. He guides guests through Denali National Park to show off his beloved state. Until health issues arise for his mentor, Daniel Chevalier, and Xavier flies him to the hospital.

An almost fatal tumble down a mountain ends Devin Chevalier’s professional mountain biking career and brings him to a crossroads. Learning his grandfather is ill, he makes a rash decision. Uprooting his life for a chance to meet Daniel, he crosses paths with a brash Alaskan.

Alaska throws them another surprise in the form of a huge earthquake. Differences put aside while they struggle to survive.

MLR Press

MLR Press - Storming Love, Earthquake 06 Cover - Anna

Asher and Emmett


Anna Lee

Celebrating their fifth anniversary, Asher and Emmett are on a romantic getaway in a cabin in Alaska. They have plans to adopt when they return home. But their paradise is destroyed when a huge earthquakes hits. Being a firefighter and a paramedic, both men put themselves at risk to save others when the tragedy strikes. Will they be able to make it home to start a family? 

MLR Press

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His Soldier by Anna Lee

hissoldier_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: His Soldier
Series: N/A
Author: Anna Lee
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (158 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (March 6th, 2015) Early Download February 6th 2015
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Sometimes you find love where you least expect it. For Sergeant Ryder Brooks, that’s writing letters home to Dean Anders, his Army pen pal.

After a tragedy, as a way of honoring his brother and trying to cope, Dean becomes an Army pen pal to Sergeant Ryder Brooks. The two connect through letters and phone calls for a year, falling in love and making plans to meet when Ryder finishes his tour. However, in an effort to save one of his men who stepped on a mine, Ryder loses his leg. Broken and depressed, he doesn’t think Dean will want him. But once Dean learns what has happened, he immediately goes to Ryder, determined to help him heal and show him that he loves him no matter what.

Ryder has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but with Dean’s support, he realizes that his life isn’t over, it’s just beginning—if he’ll only give them a chance.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-437-9

Purchase Link:

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: Dean lost his brother in the Middle East to an IED. As a way to honor his memory, he becomes pen pals with Ryder who is still serving in the Middle East. As each letter is written and read, they are drawn closer together. After nearly a year, they have fallen in love with each other. However right before Ryder is set to be sent home, he risks his life to save one of his man. Due to this, Ryder loses his leg.

Thinking to spare Dean, Ryder tries to cancel their meeting. But Dean is not about to give up his man.

There are really so many things to love about this book. I am a sucker for soldiers, and the wounded ones always pull my heartstrings. Ryder was no different. Without Dean, he would have fallen deep into depression and PTSD. But Dean won’t let him go that route without a fight. And I love Dean for that. He faced each of Ryder’s insecurities head on. He proved to Ryder that just because he lost a leg he was not less of a man, and he could still do everything he did before, maybe just a little differently.

There was also a very strong supporting cast. Both Mama Beth and Jessie were awesome women that anyone would be lucky to have in their lives. Also Dean’s dog, so cute. The “villain” was an ass, and I was glad when he got his ass kicked.

Two men who have been hurt and lost find each other. They learn to overcome and growing stronger together. Perhaps it was a little sappy in parts, but I don’t care. The writing is top-notch and moves quickly. The MCs are well flushed out and easily connectable to. The sex scenes are more sensual than explicit in my opinion, although pretty descriptive.

All in all, I loved this book. I think this story was awesome and well worth a read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

The Ultimate Find by Anna Lee

AL_The_Ultimate_FindxTitle: The Ultimate Find     

Series: The Average Joe (MLR Series) 

Author: Anna Lee     

Genre: Contemporary     

Length: Short (49pgs)    

Publisher: MLR Press (9th August 2013)   

Heat Level: Low     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Kevin Stokes, an antique picker is searching for the ultimate find. He thinks he might have found it in delivery driver, Aaron Nichols, who to him is anything but average.

Kevin Stokes is an antique picker and sci-fi geek. He has a crush on delivery driver, Aaron Nichols, but thinks the feeling won’t be returned. Still, he can’t resist asking Aaron to join him on a trip. He’s searching for the ultimate find. He thinks he might have found it in Aaron Nichols, who to him is anything but average. Aaron believes he’s just an average guy with nothing to offer but a complicated life that sends most guys running, that is until Kevin comes along. When Kevin invites him to go picking, will Aaron’s nephew tagging along and a near accident spoil the day? Or will the two finally hit it off?     

Purchase Link:    

Review: Kevin is a slightly shy antique picker who has a huge crush on delivery driver Aaron. But, trying to figure out if Aaron is single isn’t easy. Asking Aaron to go picking with him, Kevin figures they could just be friends. But, then he discovers Aaron is interested in him. Aaron is interested in the slightly nerdy antique dealer, but figures the guy wouldn’t want get tied to a guy with a complicated life. But, he still jumps at the chance to spend the day with him. When they start the day off with a grumbling nephew tagging along and then a near accident, will these two men hit it off?

This is a cute story of two men both feeling as if they are average. But, both showing that they aren’t in the other man’s eyes. Kevin is a cute, nerdy, sci-fi geek, who loves finding treasures. Aaron is the man who has caught his eye, but Kevin thinks he is too nerdy for Aaron to notice him. Aaron is a bit nerdy himself and has a lot on his plate helping his brother out with his nephew. But, getting the chance to spend the day with the cute antique picker, he jumps at the chance. With life getting in the way, the two men still get to know each other and it is the beginning of something sweet between them. 

I really found this story cute and really liked both Aaron and Kevin. Kevin shows himself to be a wonderful man, when Joey (Aaron’s nephew) has to tag along on his date with Aaron. Aaron is an incredible man who, although it annoys him that it seems like his brother isn’t taking responsibility, steps up to be there for his nephew. They make a great couple. this story shows us their first ‘date’ and the fun, and near disasters, they go through… my favorite part of the book? In the barn, up in the loft when they uncover the object in the corner, Whovians will love it!! 

I recommend this to those that love great characters, connecting with someone special, some heated kisses, a cute kid and the beginning of something great. 

Christmas Hopes by Anna Lee

AL_ChristmasHopesTitle: Christmas Hopes

Series: MLR Holiday 2012

Author: Anna Lee

Genre: M/M, Holiday

Length: Novelette (12,000 words)

Publisher: MLR Press (December 17th, 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Christmas is a time of hope and love, but with a guarded heart Ethan Reed refuses to let anyone get close. Until he meets Trevor Hayes…

Doctor Ethan Reed’s life revolves around the hospital and his patients. Nothing will deter his commitment to his job; not even his new fellow, Trevor Hayes. Ethan is instantly attracted to the handsome doctor and the desire he feels isn’t one-sided. Sparks fly, but a guarded Ethan shoves Trevor away, not realizing that what he really wants for Christmas is to be loved and regain the hope he’s lost. Can Trevor get through to him or will Ethan spend another Christmas alone?

Product Link:

Reviewer: Thommie

Review: A very sweet Christmas story from Anna Lee that jumps right in the spirit of the Holidays.

Ethan is a very successful doctor, but after a very bad relationship at the beginning of his career he built a wall around his heart, only giving it all at his job. However when Trevor comes along, Ethan feels that wall threatened. In his fear, he pushes Trevor away. Being not only cold, but rude and hurting Trevor in the process. It’s only then, when his fellow gives up on him and completely avoids him, that Ethan realizes he’s having it bad for the charming doctor. In addition to feeling guilty for being a complete jerk, he understands that his life is lonely and if he keeps pushing people away, he’ll end up wasting his life. But, Trevor seems adamant to let him be, avoiding him at all costs. Now Christmas arrived and the only thing Ethan wishes for is another chance with Trevor, and since Santa can’t really help him, he has to win Trevor by himself.

As I said this is a sweet little story with dedicated doctors, amazing children not giving up even in the hospital and love waiting around the corner. I’d wish there was a bigger time-frame for the story, since all this happens very fast, but it didn’t threw me, I think it suited it a lot. Definitely worth a read.

The Broken Road by Anna Lee

Title: The Broken Road

Author: Anna Lee

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (102pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (17th November 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Kason Tyler’s life was turned upside down by a drunk driver. Confined to a wheelchair, he feels invisible, but Ryen Moore helps him figure out how to be whole again and shows him what real love is all about.

Nearly a year and half ago, Kason Tyler’s life was turned upside down when a drunk driver hit his car. To make matters worse, Kason’s boyfriend Blake walked out on him while he was recovering. Now, confined to a wheelchair and insecure, Kason is afraid he’ll never find someone to see past it. Then he meets Ryen Moore in his coffee shop. Falling head over heels for Ryen is easy. When Blake reappears and tries to steal their happiness away, Kason puts his trust in Ryen and realizes that his broken road has led him to love.

CONTENT ADVISORIES: This title contains moderate violence.

Purchase Link:

Review: Kason was on the way to help a friend when his life was changed forever by a drunk driver. Living life in a wheelchair and losing his lover has knocked his confidence and he feels invisible. But, Ryen sees Kason as a man he could love. Ryen knows all about life changing instances, and just because Kason is in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean he should be alone and Ryen wants to be the man to show Kason what they could have. When Kason’s ex, Blake, shows up Ryen won’t allow him to mess with his happiness.

This is a very sweet story about two men who have both suffered loss and heartache and together they begin to live their lives to the fullest. Kason has been through a lot in the eighteen months since his life was changed and when it comes to meeting a new man he has lost all confidence. believing that no man would want him now he is in a wheelchair. When Ryen sees Kason hanging around his coffee shop, he wants to know the man better and it is better than his wildest dreams when they embark on a relationship. together they begin to move on with their lives and the only bump in the road is Blake.

I really enjoyed this story and the wonderful characters of Kason and Rye. These two men, who have both suffered in the past, make a great couple as they move forward with their lives. Each man being able to understand what the other has gone through. Being a comfort to each other, but much more than that. They fall in love with the person inside. Blake is a character that is a very nasty individual. When Kason couldn’t be the man he used to be, he walked away. But, seeing him in a couple of brief scenes and you are glad he did. Because the way he treats Kason sends shudders down your spine.

A really sweet love story that isn’t too overpowering or over the top. We see aspects of Kason and Ryen relationship as it develops and they get to know each other. We see them fall in love and see how they respect each other and also how they protect each other. The supporting characters are really well written and I am glad that we briefly met both Kason’s and Ryen’s extended family, because they do add a lot to the emotional side of the story. There are a couple of brief sex scenes between Ryen and Kason, which are really hot and show us just how well-suited these two men are.

I will recommend this to those who love men who rise from the ashes of tragedy, who find true love that makes them better men, who have hot sex and plan on living happily ever after.