Chasing the Dragon by Ash Penn

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Title: Chasing the Dragon
Series: N/A
Author: Ash Penn
Genre: Contemporary/Twincest
Length: Short Story (62 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-78430-003-6
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (May 2nd, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: On his birthday, Aiden has only one thing on his mind. Spending time with the only man, he will ever love. The one man he can’t have.

A decade has passed since Aiden last set eyes, or hands, on Kai. Yet when Aiden tracks him down in order to keep a promise to spend their thirty-second birthday together, it’s as if only a breath of time has swept by since they were last together. The attraction they share is as intense as ever despite their years of separation, and Aiden’s decade-long marriage to a woman.

When Aiden learns that Kai’s current relationship has broken down, he’s compelled to invite Kai back to his hotel room for the night. Aiden believes if they both try hard enough, they might become true brothers again and banish the rogue feelings that originally tore them apart.

Only, Kai doesn’t agree. It’s his birthday too, and he’s got plans of his own. Plans that involve shunning a twin room in favor of a double. And Aiden has never been able to resist his desires, no matter how skewed those desires might be.

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Review: I am not sure what to say about this story. It is one majorly hot ticket but it doesn’t lead to happily ever after either. I love the twincest part of it, but hated the fact that they come off as horrible men. However, after reading it you can tell that there are more to them then you would expect. You can tell that both of them not only love each other but also hate each other or at least Aiden does. You can also feel the pain and fear coming from them.

Aiden had ended not only his relationship as a brother but as a lover to his brother. They were twins and had taken their relationship to a sexual one. Aiden wasn’t gay but he wanted his brother however, to him it was poison. So ten years earlier he had told him to leave and never come back. It makes me mad to end your family ties in such a harsh way but I suppose I could understand it. However when he ended it, he should have stayed away like he asked Kai to do. It doesn’t seem fair to want one thing and demand it from one but break it yourself. He went to Kai after telling him to stay away because he missed him, but what he was doing was torturing Kai because he knew Kai wanted him forever.

Kai had done what Aiden had asked and left. He had actually done something with his life, but when he had looked out the window he had seen his twin walking past the house. The one man that he truly loved over all. So he ends it with the man he lived with and was drunker than a skunk.

I was disappointed in this story. I can’t get into one where the man actually cheats. Whether they are together or not. He had ended his relationship with his brother, kicking him out of his life. Then hurts Kai but doesn’t really care it seems that he has done it. The only way I would have been able to get into it was if Kai and Aiden actually stayed together. However, it just leaves you hanging with Aiden going to Kai’s boyfriend to talk to him.

Snowflake by Ash Penn

pennash_snowflake_coverinTitle: Snowflake

Author: Ash Penn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel (136 pages)

Publisher: Loose Id (September 11th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Closeted eighteen-year-old Steve Chiverton’s fantasy boyfriend is Beau Mason, a quiet and reserved older man who lives on the edge of the village. A man who barely knows Steve exists. Amateur artist Beau’s fantasy is Rick Angell, international rock star and the fuel of many an erotic dream.

Temptation is the hottest club in town, and Steve’s there looking for a boyfriend who can tear down his walls of secrecy. Beau’s there too, looking for indiscriminate sex to ease the pain of a broken relationship. When Beau suffers a minor asthma attack, Steve sees his chance to play rescuer and jumps at the chance to escort his fantasy home.

The sex they enjoy is more intense than Steve’s virginal imagination could ever have supplied. Beau is everything he could want in a boyfriend and far more besides. The unexpected arrival of Beau’s ex-lover sends Steve’s dream-come-true crashing around his ears. How can he possibly compete for Beau affections with Rick Angell, world-famous rock star, public heterosexual and bedroom user of Beau’s affections and body?

  • Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

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Review: I first read this book last year and somehow it got rooted in my mind. Back then I was not is a good state of mind and somehow what I got out of this book was distorted. When I finished reading it and started writing the review I felt that I wasn’t doing this book any justice, or even being objective, but I was rather projecting my own feelings, thus I stopped and simply left it alone.

Now a year later I picked it up again, even suggesting it as a book read for our weekly chat. One entire year passed by and this book has been haunting me, even my dreams. Why? I simply hate it when I don’t give something/someone their due.

So here it is:

This is the love story of Beau and Steve who live in a tiny village in South England. Beau is one of my favorite characters appearance-wise. He’s an albino, white hair, white eyelashes, and pale translucent skin. He’s gorgeous the way this author describes him, he’s beautiful the way Steve sees him, and he’s an angel the way his lover feels for him. You would think Beau is a self-assured confident man…

Steve is a young man who has never fell in love or in lust with anyone male or female. Or perhaps we should say he has an infatuation verging to obsession with Beau. Unfortunately, Beau thinks of his as a homophobic and he quite literally thinks Steve wants to harm him.

Rick is a famous rock star who has for year been Beau’s lover when nobody’s looking, or should we say Beau has been his dirty secret stashed away in remote villages when off the spotlight.

This book is quite the emotional ménage with Beau trying to leave his lover, who can never be more than that, Steve wanting to have a relationship with a man who is ten years his elder and afraid of him, and Rick trying to keep his kept man despite the fact that everything has been over for a long time.

This is a mix of a melancholy read, with some delicious romantic scenes, some frustrating one’s (I admit I would have kicked Richie’s butt a bit more) and a whole lot of love in a very easy to read novel. I felt sad for Beau at the beginning, so much so that I didn’t want to keep reading it. He gave me the impression of being a self-destructive character, I almost thought he wouldn’t be able to stand tall and escape that dead-end relationship. Steve on the other end was a character that surprised me, although I think most of his “good” points came from the fact that he was too overwhelmed to react hence waited it out and in the meantime gave it the chance for every intel he got to sink and make a decision. If he was a bit more hotheaded, I don’t think there would be a happy ending there. But I loved him, and his sweetness. He was indeed a character that deserved all the snuggling and cuddling. As for Richie, oh dear, they say when you write a story you need to make the villain as good as or better than the protagonist. Well, mission accomplished; Richie was indeed the character that made you despise him, want to kick him, want to strangle him, yet deep down want to shake him and make him see light. He was not so bad as he was spoiled, and in the end, I didn’t know if I should say good riddance or feel sorry for him.

So the romantic story here I liked it, even though there was that instant love thingy that has me reeling. I just can’t go around that thing. But all in all, I liked how it all went down, I liked the end and as for the erotic part, I have one word: HOT! Steve and Beau felt right to me and they had it, they had all the sensuality and eroticism I needed to make this read right!

As for Bone, thank God that dog wasn’t a Chihuahua. She is the start of this book for sure!

Recommended for everyone who loves a good romance. Enjoy!

End of the Line by Ash Penn

end-of-the-lineTitle: End of the Line

Series:  Dark Love, Book #1

Author: Ash Penn
Genre:   Paranormal, Vampire

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total-E-Bound (July 4th, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Bookworm David knows the difference between fantasy and reality…until he meets Alex.Orphan and loner David Greene has always found solace in the dark romance written by his great-grandmother. The book and a crumbling old house on the edge of town are all that remains of his ancestry and the family he never knew. But when David meets Alex, the new owner of the house, his world spins out of control.
Alex is every bit of man and mystery David could have conjured in his wildest erotic dreams, and he is drawn into a strange romance where weirdness becomes the norm. He even begins to sense the spirit of Vincent, the novel’s mysterious anti-hero, who issues a warning about the dangers of involving himself with Alex.
As Alex begins to manoeuvre and manipulate David’s empty life, the question soon becomes not who is Alex, but what is Alex? And once the truth is out David discovers that the fictional world of his great-grandmother’s novel was never quite so fictional after all. Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of blood play.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: Not your usual vampire love. This story starts out with plenty of mystery and questions, drags us through interesting plot turns and uncomfortable situations, and includes plenty of steamy smex scenes. The characters progress through the plot almost in a dream state; scenes jump forward, and sometimes back, while there seem to be parallel stories happening. I must admit to wanting more of the usual possessiveness trope, because it’s what I’ve come to expect, but these characters have plenty of room to grow into each other. I will warn readers that if it’s a HEA you want, you won’t’ really get it. In fact, it’s more like a relational cliffhanger. Not sure if the discomfort I felt at the end was intentional, or if the writer wants me to yearn for the next book to satisfy my happily ever after needs. I don’t’ know if I love and feel sympathy for Alex, or hate him. There are also times I wish David would grow a pair, but this is a series after all, and I expect we’ll see these characters mature a bit and come into their identities with time.