The Last Dire Wolf by Kelex

thelastdirewolfTitle: The Last Dire Wolf
Series: Bloodlines # 1
Author: Kelex
Genre: Paranormal/MMM Ménage/ Mpreg
Length: Novella (142 pages)
Publisher: Twisted E-Publishing, LLC; 1st edition (January 25, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Blurb: Their love is taboo.

The crossing of wolven bloodlines is forbidden. Yet Eirik, supreme alpha and king of the wolves, is tired of hiding his love for Gunnar. The last of his kind, he’s cursed to be without a mate during his long life. He refuses his destiny and seeks solace with one of those closest to him.

King’s guard Gunnar knew he could never expect to stand at the king’s side when he let the man take him to bed, no matter how much he began to crave it over the decades. He’d given his life to be a member of the elite warriors, not a king’s consort, but he can’t stop wishing the king could be his.

Moments before Eirik can change the laws governing their world, an old enemy comes bearing a unique gift. Perhaps Eirik’s not the last of his kind after all.

ISBN: 9781311606549

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Shorty’s Review: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

This is the first book in the Bloodlines series and boy does it pack quite a punch. The last Dire Wolf, Supreme Alpha Eirik is at odds with himself. He wants to be able to show his love for his lover kings guard Gunnar. But due to outdated ideas, that is nearly impossible so they hide their feelings for one another while around others.

I loved all the twists in this story. Leif was a unique individual that I wish more time had been spent on further details of what exactly happened at the lab. What about the others that are still there? Are they to be rescued? Maybe the answers will be in other books in the series.

It was truly an amazing edge of your seat story with action, suspense, mystery, betrayal and evil plots. I really felt bad for all three men for the circumstances they found themselves in. I so can’t wait to see what else happens in this fascinating series.

Highly recommended.

Tams’ Review: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Eirik is the last of his kind, saved when all the other Dire wolves were annihilated by a rival clan. He is the supreme alpha over all the races of wolves, so his word should be law, right? Not exactly. For years, Eirik has had to hide the fact that he is in love with his guard Gunnar.

Eirik is the last Dire wolf and the alpha, Gunnar is beneath him and therefore, the council will not recognize them as mates. Eirik is determined to be open about his and Gunnar’s relationship, no longer hiding it behind closed doors. But before he can voice that claim the clan that almost killed off Eirik’s kind show up and request to be allowed to return to the council, they come baring a gift.

Lief has no memory of his life up until Yao supposedly found him on the streets. It’s a shock to everyone when Lief stands before Eirik, the reaction he and Eirik have to each other. Not only is Lief a Dire wolf, he is Eirik’s blood mate. Gunnar is less than pleased at this recent development.

On the cusp of finally being able to love Eirik out in the open, their plans change when Lief appears. No one trusts the newcomer with their precious King and they try to keep Eirik out of arms reach, but Eirik is determined to figure out the truth about Lief, not to mention the blood mate bond is pulling them to each other.

As Eirik and Gunnar work to figure out the truth about Lief, where he comes from, why he suddenly appears after so many years. Lief finds himself having disturbing dreams. The truth of the matter is far more disturbing than just Lief’s dreams.

Short, Sexy and Steamy!!!! My three favorite colors. This is my first read by this author, but it will not be my last. I love the style of writing, the character development and atmosphere of the story. The rival clan that has been exiled, resorting to any means necessary to not only gain a seat on the council again, but to overthrow the king and take the throne.

The love triangle aspect was handled well without a lot of dragging out and angst overshadowing that aspect of the story. Eirik truly loves Gunnar, but his body cannot deny the pull to his blood mate. Gunnar understands the pull, he knows how rare and important a blood mate connection is, but it doesn’t stop his heart from breaking at the implications.

And poor Lief, dropped on his head basically, no idea why he is there or where he came from. There was just enough angst and tension before Eirik and Gunnar come to the conclusion that Eirik doesn’t have to make a choice, he can have both.

If you are a fan of Ménage storylines, shifter tales, fast paced reads with substance and a whole lot of MM that moves to MMM action going on… definitely a must read.

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