The Art of Hero Worship by Mia Kerick

51Tf83dnGCL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Title: The Art of Hero Worship
Series: N/A
Author: Mia Kerick
Genre: New Adult/ Romantic Suspense
Length: 181 pages
Publisher: Cool Dudes Publishing (February 14, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Trembling on the floor, pressed beneath a row of seats in a dark theater, college freshman Jason Tripp listens to the terrifying sound of gunshots, as an unknown shooter moves methodically through the theater, randomly murdering men, women, and children attending a student performance of Hamlet. Junior Liam Norcross drapes his massive body on top of Jason, sheltering the younger man from the deathly hail of bullets, risking his life willingly, and maybe even eagerly.

As a result of the shared horror, an extraordinary bond forms between the two young men, which causes discomfort for family and friends, as well as for Jason and Liam, themselves. And added to the challenge of two previously “straight” men falling into a same-sex love, are the complications that arise from the abundance of secrets Liam holds with regard to a past family tragedy. The fledgling passion between the men seems bound to fade away into the darkness from which it emerged.

Jason, however, is inexplicably called to rescue his hero in return, by delving into Liam’s shady past and uncovering the mystery that compels the older man to act as the college town’s selfless savior.

ISBN: 9781311511614

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: I have only read one or two books by this author and I must say that she has a blare about her stories. Although I am not one for teenagers or even college students in stories because they just don’t seem to come off the way many stories should. I also don’t like characters who are not gay then all of a sudden they are having sexual relations. It just doesn’t come off like what would happen in real life so for me this story was a mixture of many feelings.

Jason is watching a play with his girlfriend when some nut case student starts shooting. Jason was saved by Liam but his girlfriend didn’t make it. They form a bond that strengthens through time but Jason is still having a bit of troubles with it all. He had never had any plans or ideas of being with another guy but Liam is his hero.

Liam has such a horrible past and it leads him into his hero ways. He feels like he is making up for past mistakes by saving Jason. However he also has feelings growing for Jason and he wants to follow through with it all. The problem is he keeps trying to save others and it makes things difficult for them both.

Now with this Liam comes off more as a stalker and kind of creepy in a way. Whereas Jason comes off a bit of a wimp and off. Now the shooting was horrible and Mia wrote it with such a perfect direction that one would feel like they were right there. It was amazing the way it came off. I also loved how the guys dealt with the backlash of negative feelings from friends and family. Other than my problems with it the story was well written and fully developed. It was a good story and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It caught my attention from the start but unfortunately my attention wavered quite a bit so for me it wasn’t a win for me. I would like to say though that you can tell right off the bat that this author put her heart into her story and I would definitely recommend it.

However it really wasn’t for me.

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The Covenant by M. LeAnne Phoenix

51b4zRpnYDL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Title: The Covenant
Series: Covenant, #1
Author: M. LeAnne Phoenix
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: Novel (280 Pages)
Publisher: CoolDudes Publishing (January 15, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: When love is forbidden, who can you trust?
Seventeen-year-old David has been best friends with Jonathan for as long as he can remember, but the day he sees the pastor’s daughter press a soft kiss to Jonathan’s cheek everything changes. Overcome by jealousy, his explosive reaction reveals a deeper connection that sends their relationship spiraling down into dangerous territory.

When their clandestine love is discovered, they have nowhere to turn for help. The brutal circumstances of their parting test David and Jonathan’s covenant to each other in unimaginable ways. Forced to face their fears, it is in their darkest moments that the two young men discover that the courage, hope, and strength they need to fight for their love, has been the foundation of their covenant all along.

ISBN: 978-0-99467-802-7

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: There are some stories that call to you and some stories that just make you want to run away. For me this story was a mixture of it all. I can’t stand religion added into my love stories. I want hot sex, tender scenes, lots of passion and fire. However this one is based on a new love between two teenage boys so you don’t really get any of that, because it isn’t proper for young boys to have that type of relationship it would seem. This story has a historical theme to it that doesn’t really make it jump out at me also.

However these two boys do pull at your heart strings quite a bit. It also shows what gay youth went through back then. The dangers that they were in if one found out. It has a lot of suspenseful moments, angst, pain and some heart ache, plus it also shows that these two had more support than even they thought. I could not get into this story like I should have but it was an enjoyable story.

Now this author was new to me so I wasn’t really sure what to expect M. LeAnne Phoenix is a new author for me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will be the first one to admit that new authors make me leery. I hate not knowing what I am going to get from them. Which is funny, since I love surprises. The characters are fully developed and beautifully written. I enjoyed them quite a bit although I do wish that there were no religious elements added to it. Those made the story go down for me.

David and Jonathan have been best friends for quite some time, however the moment he sees Jonathan being kissed by a girl he loses it. It pushes him to another level with his friend. Things heat up between them, but they have nowhere to turn. It is a time where being gay is not good. David comes off as feminine and most think he is weak and many can’t stand to be around him. Jonathan feels strongly for David and there is so much heat between them that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

The story came off a bit slow to me, so my attention was not caught like it should have been. However with the religious tone, I am afraid my attention was not as captivated as it should have been. It is a well written story and the guys are the best. You can feel the love between the author and her characters.

As I have said before it is a well written book that will captivate your heart with the first page. I enjoyed parts of it however I am afraid the story was not for me. I do look forward to seeing what other stories this author has out.

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Into the Team by Rob Damon

81s55TTGFVL._SL1500_Title: into the team
Series: N/A
Author: Rob Damon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (216 pages)
Publisher: CoolDudes Publishing (September 15th, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts
Blurb: To honor his father, young footballer Todd Mackerson commits to his goal of playing for a professional team. When, at the age of 20, he is offered a place to train with one of England’s biggest clubs, he leaves home convinced his dream is within reach.

Being warned by his new team mates of the tough rules and hard training routines, Todd is undeterred. But when he discovers that the player’s way of bonding borders on the sexual, and that he must learn to accept the erotic affections that connect the team together, he wonders how far he can go for his dream.

But, after experiencing the care and attention men can give to each other, Todd feels awakened. Learning that each player has a special “partner” on the team, who they play and bond with as intimately as lovers, Todd becomes fascinated with the idea.

And when he develops feelings for one player in particular, he discovers how a stronger kind of romance – that between two men – can be pure and powerful enough to bring magic and success on the pitch.

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Reviewer: KathyMac

Review: Into the Team, by Rob Damon is his debut novel about a small boy, who lost his father at a very young age, growing into a man and fulfilling, both, their dreams of playing football. For those of us who live in America, we call it soccer, but it doesn’t change the dynamics of what the book is about, and that is team companionship/spirit/support/connections to your fellow team member.

Todd has dreamed of playing football since he was a small boy. He’s now twenty and it looks like his dream is coming true. As he is driven to an undisclosed location, by a football scout, he hates to get his hopes up for what this could mean.

He soon finds out that he is being offered a spot on one of England’s biggest clubs and he is ecstatic.

In the locker room, Todd sees two players in the shower together and this really confuses him. He’s pretty sure they were touching each other in a sexual way, but why isn’t anyone saying anything?

The more he learns about team dynamics and bonding the more questions play havoc with his head. When the boss notices Todd’s concern he pulls him into the office for a talk. His theory has proven that by partnering up with another team member, one that you connect with strongly, makes the flow of your skill on the field much better.

Todd doesn’t deny that knowing your team members and being able to anticipate their moves on the field works great but he is not sure about the intimacy he witnesses.
I really enjoyed this story and I liked the author’s writing style. I wasn’t sure how the story was going to play out, but I was intrigued enough to stay with it and basically read it in one sitting.

I wouldn’t consider this a romance, at all, more like a bro-mance. There isn’t any sex in the book, to speak of, and but there is touching and kissing. Most is handled off page allowing the reader to use their imagination.

With that said, there are moments of intimacy between the players that are very realistic and sweet, bordering on hot and sensual. The more comfortable Todd becomes with the team, the more he is at ease with expressing his feelings. At first, he’s very reserved and almost bashful, but he soon gives in wanting that connection with his teammate.

He does start to question his sexuality, however, and wonders if he is gay or at least bi. His partner on the team is Daryl, who is very shy and keeps more to himself. He has never clicked with anyone on the team until Todd came along. These two have a history together and I was really hoping that it would bring them closer, off the field, as well as on.

The story flows along at a nice pace and the author spends most of his focus on the field or locker rooms where the players are learning to trust and form connections. There were some phrases that I was not familiar with since this happens in England but I wasn’t thrown from the story. At one point, I was completely under the author’s spell, when the guys were on the field and the author narrated the game, play-by-play.

I actually felt as though I was on the field watching, holding my breath, willing the ball to go into the net. It was intense and I think I held my breath through the whole game. Great job by the author with his detailed descriptive narrative.

The author, in my opinion, leaves the story open for the reader to form their own opinion as far as the HEA or HFN. I choose to believe that Todd and Daryl, both, have their happy ever after and I would love to see more about them in the future to see if I am right.

I would definitely recommend this story to other readers who like a story with heart. There is a scene where I had tears pouring down my face as Todd faces some of his past about his dad. It was a beautiful and heartfelt moment and the author had my undivided attention. Then, there were moments that had me smiling from ear to ear celebrating their joy with them.

Overall, the story was very moving and I would definitely read more from this author.

FANart into the team rob damon soccer ball
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