The Fall by David L. Dawson

15713052Title: The Fall

Author: David L Dawson

Genre: Dystopian/Science Fiction, YA

Length: Novel (314 pages)

ISBN: B00734OB42

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Inc (October 5th, 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Eric

Blurb: The future of planet Earth is bleak.  Two warring gods have decimated the planet.  Fanatical religious cults, cannibals and cat/human hybrids are just some of the dangers out there.  A young boy called Ben Casper lives in a crumbling shopping mall called The Glass Palace with his family. He’s just come back from a rites of passage into the brutal outside world that officially makes him an adult. Now he must get married and be trained to take over from his father as Mayor. Except he sees things differently now.  He doesn’t want responsibility. The only things he truly wants is to go back out into the world and win the love of Brian, who happens to be his best friend’s brother.  Only he might have responsibility thrust upon him when he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy to kill the gods and save the world; a plot that could lead everyone he loves into mortal danger…

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Review:  Interesting, fresh, a brand new take on Gods and Goddesses, this book is everything perfection when it comes to science fiction. It truly is the next Hunger Games and as long as The Stand essentially. I found this novel addicting, strong, and well written.

David Dawson truly does have a vision when it comes to writing science fiction. He truly does have a strong understanding on what it means to be out of this world. The author provides very strong characters that face so many complications it will make your head spin. I couldn’t get enough of it once I started. I stayed up into the late hours reading this novel.

The characters were fantastic. I couldn’t get enough of how well this book is written. He shows how powerful it can be when it comes to writing first person perspective. He shows—the author—what can happen if we set our minds to something. The more I read, the more immersed into the storyline I became.

Altogether, this novel is just beautiful. Strong writing, strong storyline, and excellent characters this is a book well worth the time you put into it. He truly does have the power to take you away from your problems. I highly recommend this book.