Last Line by Harper Fox

91FR10iplmL._SL1500_Title: Last Line
Series: N/A
Author: Harper Fox
Genre: BDSM/ Fantasy
Length: Novel (201 pages)
Publisher: FoxTales (July 18, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: John Griffin and Michael South – agents in the renegade counter-terrorism agency Last Line, and closer than brothers. It’s a fast-lane life of danger and excitement. John loves every minute of it, but he’s facing one big problem now: his feelings for Mike have flared up from friendship into a passion he can no longer hide. And Mike, although the bravest and best of partners, doesn’t feel the same.

Their one sexual encounter leaves them baffled and alienated from one another. Mike is a haunted man, shaken by flashbacks to his past life as an MI5 agent and a mission in Russia that went terribly wrong. He’s been left with a need for violence between the sheets, and John isn’t prepared to hurt him.

Not everyone has Mike’s best interests at heart. Their ruthless boss hires a ghost from Mike’s past to help track down a Russian war criminal who’s planted a nuclear device in the heart of London. Anzhel Mattvei knows all of Mike’s dark secrets, and soon regains his former sexual thraldom over him, leaving Mike locked in battle for his will and his soul.

Anzhel has turned Mike into a human detonation device. Only John’s love can pull him back from the brink – and save millions of lives in the fallout zone.

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Reviewer: Diane

Review: In Last Line, we meet John Griffin and Michael South who are both agents in a black ops type counter terrorism unit. They are incredibly close and live a very dangerous life. John Griffin is gay and has definitely fallen in love with his partner but unfortunately, Michael doesn’t feel the same way. They still manage to be an incredibly efficient team and work extremely well together.

Someone from Michael’s past comes back to haunt him and all of a sudden he is reliving his life as an undercover agent in Russia. Unfortunately, that undercover assignment involved torture and mind control, which leaves Michael struggling to separate past from present.

Last Line was a hard book for me to read, mainly because I hated knowing that Michael had lived through such torture in his past. The mere fact that he cannot find sexual pleasure without pain really bothers me, as he seems like a gentle soul underneath all that brawn and bluster. There are elements of fantasy in this book that were not really explained and I found myself wanting to know more.

Extraordinary healing ability and a psychic bond between Michael and John made me wonder what sort of world these men really live in.

This is an intense story that really makes you think. You have characters with depth and a meaningful history together. You have a mystery when people from Michael’s past come back with threats of dirty bombs and their ability to control Michael’s behavior with very little effort on their part. You have an innocent in the form of John’s younger brother who I really need to learn more about in a future book!

Overall, Last Line is an amazingly complex story with well-developed characters. I hope that there is a sequel that explains a few of the book’s mysteries and gives us a closer look at Michael and John’s developing relationship.

The Lost Prince by Harper Fox, 2nd edition

91zFHf+kftL._SL1500_Title: The Lost Prince

Series: Sequel to A Midwinter Prince

Author: Harper Fox

Genre: Paranormal/Suspense

Length: Novel (339 pages)

Publisher: Harper Fox (September 27th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Laurie and Sasha have built a bright new world together. Sasha is working for the Immigration Guidance Council, and Laurie is landing theatre roles he could once only have dreamed of. Best of all, they’ve spent the past two years enjoying the love they snatched from the jaws of Sasha’s violent, dangerous past.

But Laurie has a history too. He’s on edge, his talents increasing beyond his ability to deal with them. And although his father is dead, Laurie can’t deny the turbulent genetic heritage the old man has bestowed on him. Only Sasha’s love is keeping him anchored and sane – and Sasha is vulnerable, shaken by bad dreams about his life on the streets.

Then Laurie learns that Sasha’s Romanian gang-lord father is on the loose in London, and his deepest fears boil to the surface. The last time Stefan’s shadow fell, Sasha made a run for it, and Laurie can’t bear the thought of losing him again. When Laurie lands a part in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, he abandons England for a dream of safety in the States, persuading the astonished Sasha to come with him.

But the dream becomes a waking nightmare for both of them beneath an alien Californian sun. Laurie must meet his demons head-on, and Sasha must confront the inner barricades that have kept him from treating Laurie as a comrade as well as a lover and a friend. The frosts of a midwinter London brought them together – will this blazing summer crack them apart, or forge enduring love from first romance?

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Reviewer: GiGi

Review: I had not read the first book, which even as the author does her best to fill in the back-story. I feel I need to do. However…this book I could not put down! I lost a ton of sleep last night, just to let you know! My first impression, is that this story was about watching a train wreck…the tracks were set, both engines were full steam full of mistakes, each picking up speed for a collision you know would happen but could do nothing to stop.

Sasha and Laurie hold so much passion. Both characters had me in their corner. I was in turns angry at and cheering for both love interests. Harper’s characters are truly human with beautiful flaws and painful strength. Every mistake they made to protect each other along the way was clear, I imagined myself making those same mistakes, and was more sympathetic to each character for it.

This book stabbed me in the heart, but mended the wound beautifully. There will be scars, but they just stand to represent strength. I loved this book for the passion, for the characters and for the adventure. Lots of surprises lay in wait around every corner, and all this is sprinkled with very hot and sometimes painful sexual encounters. Not only does the reader traverse the globe, but cultures, and relationships as well. There’s murder, covert operations, deceit, betrayal and forgiveness.

I also cant’ possibly end this review without commenting on the tongue in cheek resemblance of Blood Moon to another movie franchise we all love to hate. Readers, you’ll know what I mean when you crack this baby open, all I can say is I’m looking forward to attending live theater in the near future. High five, Harper Fox! Keep up the great work!

Wolf Hall by Harper Fox

A1Ebf0tQR1L._SL1500_Title: Wolf Hall
Series: N/A
Author: Harper Fox
Genre: Contemporary/Shifter
Length: Novella (19K words)
Publisher: FoxTales (October 30th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Once upon a time, a family lived up on the wild northern moors. They were clever and attractive, close-knit and polite. And everyone left them strictly alone…

Halloween is a wild, weird night in the lonely moorland towns of the north. It’s dark and cold, and cracks can open up in the fabric of the safest world.

Davey Bell has been trying to live safely. He’s struggled through a rough adolescence and has a decent job, a home of his own. He agrees to a meeting with his ex, even though Burdo got him into so much trouble in the past.

But Burdo has plans, armed robbery amongst them. When Davey recoils from his efforts at blackmail, Burdo swears he’ll track him down. There’s something inhuman about Burdo’s rage, and Davey panics and runs from him. The town is small, the darkness beyond it absolute. Davey has lived there all his life, but he takes a wrong turn on the moorland road and is suddenly lost.

It’s the first night of winter, and set to freeze hard. Not much chance of survival for a man without shelter, a man on the run from his past… Then Davey stumbles into the forest, and his fears of Burdo and the cold dissolve to nothing at the sound of deep, bestial growls.

The moon is full. Ancient moorland legends are coming to life in its silvery radiance. Out of the woodland steps a strange young man, and the snarling beasts fall back. He’s offering sanctuary, but at what price? He’s the most beautiful creature Davey has ever seen. If Davey follows him in fascination through the gateway of Wolf Hall, what secrets will unfold before the dawn?
ISBN: 9781910224120
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Reviewer: Gigi
Review: A bad past, and a bad ex-boyfriend are haunting Davey nowadays. Fox starts us in s seedy diner in Davey’s ex-mining hometown to have a meet up with his ex-boyfriend Burdo who only seems to dredge up bad memories and bad feelings for him.

Davey has spent years trying to get a new start, an education, a job, a way to get out of his small town and away from his past. He feels pride and guilt in turn until he sees Burdo, who only makes him feel guilt, and resentment.

Burdo has not tried to better himself, only taking a downhill turn to a life of crime and drug abuse, and now he wants to abuse his past relationship and friendship with Davey. Burdo tries to use Davey’s guilty conscience to make him assist in robbing a local store by gunpoint so he can pay his debts, and get his hands on more drugs.

When Davey stands up for himself, stops Burdos’ plans and attempts to seek help, he finds himself running for his life, directed by a witch to choose Wolf Hall as shelter, and running right into a mysterious man’s paws…ahem…arms.

This is where Davey’s life truly becomes strange and twisted, as he finds himself instantly attracted to this man, feels safety in his arms, and a need to confide everything with him, and reverse that role of secret sharing to cast light on the secrets of Wolf Hall…

A fun twist on coming of age for a shifter, and becoming part of the clan, for Davey who has been outcast most his life. Will he find shelter, and commitment, and a new start in this most strange of places?

A fun read, wish it were a novel instead to the details and plot could be longer and more layered…basically great enough to want more!

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Half Moon Chambers by Harper Fox

994969Title:  Half Moon Chambers

Author:  Harper Fox

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  FoxTales (November 8th, 2012)

Heat Level: Medium

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   A cop and a recovering addict – no chance for romance there.

Yet Vince, a street-hardened narcotics officer, is having to reassess his life. Six months ago, he hit rock-bottom. A bullet brought him down, and his beloved partner Jack betrayed him. Badly disabled and in constant pain, Vince is flying a desk these days, and it doesn’t suit him at all. His world is looking grim when he meets Rowan Clyde, sole surviving witness to a vicious drugs-related killing.

Rowan doesn’t want to talk. He’s vulnerable, trying to hold his own life together in the wake of a crippling addiction. Vince should have no time for him, and Rowan certainly shouldn’t trust a cop with an agenda to get him onto the witness stand at any cost.

Yet despite their differences, there’s an instant pull of attraction between these two damaged men. Their new bond is put to the ultimate test on the tough streets of Newcastle during a dark northern winter, as each turns out to hold the keys to the other’s survival – and to his destruction.

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Reviewer:   Any

Review:  British and Brilliant.

Simply put, I loved this story. Cop Vince narrates the story with a cool, blunt efficiency and a twist of color that makes him a unique character. He’s tough, he’s hardened, yet, after getting shot in a failed drugs bust, he shows us he’s vulnerable too – and somehow, seeing him cope and overcome his pain made him an even tougher character, in my opinion.

Artist and recovering addict Rowan Clyde is deep in the shitter – though this only comes out gradually as the story rises to the climax – yet he manages to be such a beacon of light in this story, and I found his attraction to Vince compelling and, like his works of art, beautiful and erotic.

I love the flawed characters and the mystery elements of this story, and, gah, I was so swept up in the characters that I barely put the book down—and when I did, I did so with reluctance.

Do I really have to wait months for the next Harper Fox release? I’m going to be quite impatient about it, in fact, like Rowan, I seem to have become deeply addicted and I don’t think it’s something I’ll recover from.

I recommend this story to those who like a gritty, well-written story with a crime-suspense flavor to it.

Hurry on up with the writing, Mrs. Fox, I need my next story fix.