Witchy Boys by Katey Hawthorne Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway!


Hiya guys! We have Katey Hawthorne popping in today with her new release Witchy Boys, we have a fantastic guest post, a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway, so check out the post and click that giveaway link <3 ~Pixie~


Witchy Boys


Katey Hawthorne

Just in time for Halloween! Two novelettes about men with magic—and the occasional demon. 

“Blood Magic and the Mini Zombie Apocalypse”

Griff has a bad habit of getting talked into black magic he shouldn’t be using—but this time it’s even worse. His ex is bent on revenge in the form of a mini zombie apocalypse, and the only person who can help Griff is a hottie white magic practitioner named Blythe. The catch: one of Griff’s spells gone wrong left Blythe with a haunted apartment a year ago, and Blythe isn’t over it.

Still, Blythe agrees to work with Griff. As they unravel the ugly blood, sex, and death magic, they also discover surprising things about each other. Hopefully, it’s enough for the ultimate trust they’ll need to defeat a lot of zombies and a crazed witch, or their town will end up covered in corpses.


Six years ago, Thackeray agreed to let a demon haunt him in exchange for help hunting other demons. It’s a lonely life, but worth it to be the best demon hunter possible — to save families from the kind of evil that ruined his own childhood.

This Hallowe’en, Thackeray’s dealing with an upstart coven. A powerful, pretty witch named Matt defects to help Thackeray stop their scheme to invite god-knows-what from the other side. 

Demons are much easier to fight than the urges Matt’s flirting inspires. But Thackeray can’t hook up with a demon watching over his shoulder… can he?

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The Pumpkin Patch by Rosina Scott

df539ff09419a19f0d4a09026fd05ea2.image.300x450Title: The Pumpkin Patch

Author: Rosina Scott

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Erotica / Halloween

Length: Short Story (5956 words)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (October 26th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥2 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: In search of the finest produce for his seasonal pies, William Axel finds more than he bargained for when he returns to home to his childhood town.

Looking to procure the ingredients for his pies for his restaurant chain, William visits Heart’s Pumpkin Patch, the renowned home of the best pumpkins he has ever tasted.

Hoping to strike a business deal with the owner he discovers that the old man who owned the company has since passed away, leaving his son the business. William finds more treats than anticipated in the form of the young, but sexy Jared Heart, heir to the business.

Product Link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/the-pumpkin-patch-ebook-p-60433.html

Review: This is a very short seasonal story, not creepy or haunting, rather a romantic erotica.

William is a chain restaurant owner and after many years, he comes back to his hometown to make a deal with the man whose pumpkins are legendary. What was meant to be a business deal though turns more…

Jared is young a gorgeous. He’s charm is strong enough to seduce even the pickiest of them, and William is indeed very picky. However, this little “roll in the hay” turns out promising something more profound, something both men ling for.

And while this little story started promising itself down the road, it managed to become one of those I really don’t like. The only part I truly liked and had a touch of wickedness, playfulness, and Halloweenish about it was the starting scene of their “roll in the hay.” That tattoo was a naughty touch.

But things started turning shady when the first sex scene ended and the second one followed. No, it wasn’t the fact that they went immediately in round two that bothered me, that happens often and it is often quite sexy. However, the second scene included fellatio on the member that a couple of minutes previously went bareback at an un-douched rear end. I’m all for kink, honestly, I love kink, but I’m not sure this was intentional or somehow was overlooked. It managed to make me feel uncomfortable with it, as rare as it is for me to feel so.

Moving on, what was meant to be a trick or treat turned into a love is in the air romance. Such a short story, so unrelated scenes and emotions, such a lack of chemistry. Yes, it was lustful but romance so fast, that is simply not my kind of cuppa. Instant love? I’m just too cynical for that.