Bump and Grind by Cameron D. James

e9769dc8eab9f6c19eaa7c037d82463d68abe858Title: Bump and Grind
Series: Go-Go Boys of Club 21, #1
Author: Cameron D. James
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella (110 pages)
Publisher: Cameron D. James (November 1st, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: Liam loves the life of being a go-go boy—dancing, partying, and constant adoration from hot clients. The only thing he has to worry about is if he’s using the right moves as he grinds to the beat to win the affection of the highest tippers.

But tonight, there’s a new patron at Club 21—Ryan, a dream hunk and former porn celebrity—and he’s got eyes for Liam, and Liam alone. A private dance is a no-touch affair, but when Ryan rents Liam for half an hour all for himself, the experience forever changes how Liam sees his life in the club.


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Reviewer: Prime

Review: I’m going to say first up: the blurb is misleading for the reason that the blurb only talks about go-go boy Liam and his mysterious, sexy hunk of client, Ryan. But, and this is a big but, there are also two other stories going on here, that of Liam’s fellow go-go boys Lance and Ken. Liam and Ken have been doing it a while but Lance is a newbie.

All three are happy and enthusiastic about their job as go-go boys at Club 21. This is a good book but on thinking, there isn’t a lot in the way of plot. The plot point of Liam and Ryan only forms about a third of the book. The thing is I liked this plot and really wanted to know more. The rest talks about the ins and outs of these guys jobs and has POV from Liam, Ken and Lance. To be perfectly frank, I felt as though I needed more time and details on Liam and Ryan and less time (still conveying the same info) on Lance and Ken.

I feel reluctant saying much else because to me not much really happens, which leaves me oddly disappointed. Then there is the ending. It’s a cliffhanger ending… frustrating but will probably keep me reading. This is a very sexy, hot of what should prove interesting.

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