Guardian Angel by Hayden Thorne

51UM2xbEB8L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Guardian Angel
Series: N/A
Author: Hayden Thorne
Genre: Paranormal Historical Gothic
Length: 439 pages
Publisher: Hayden Thorne (March 4, 2016)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: When nineteen-year-old Dominic Coville’s parents die in an accident, leaving him not only alone but on the brink of poverty, he desperately searches for work and is thrilled when the post of secretary is awarded to him despite his obvious inexperience and ignorance. Mr. Wynyard Knight of Mandrake Abbey, however, gladly welcomes Dominic and earns the young man’s immediate sympathy for his fragile health as well as gratitude for the promising new life now awaiting Dominic.

Inside rock and timber, hungry shadows seek…

But unusual things soon happen and appear to focus solely on him, and Dominic begins to wonder about the true history of Mr. Knight, the strange young man haunting the third floor, and Mandrake Abbey. With the persistent and increasingly violent attempts at communication by an angry ghost shadowing his hours, Dominic struggles to unravel the mysteries of his new home. And even with the help of a handsome young gentleman who’s an aspiring supernaturalist as well as his clairvoyant sister, danger closes in far too quickly.

Then it’s only a matter of time before carefully constructed façades fall away, and the sickly, decaying underbelly of Mandrake Abbey’s centuries-old collection of stone and timber will reveal itself.

Set in an alternate England sometime before the mid-19th century, Guardian Angel weaves a tangled and dark tapestry of old magic, romance, and madness, a celebration of classic gothic fiction and its macabre sensibilities.

ISBN: 978152425030

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Dominic Colville is desperate to find work after his parents pass away and cad steals the family fortune. He applies for a job as a companion and personnel secretary. Mr. Knight hires him and he travels to Mandrake Abby to begin his new job. But all is not as it seems and strange things begin to happen.

This book has an eerie, spooky feel to it after Dominic settles at Mandrake Abby. I didn’t quite trust Mr. Knight even though he appeared nice and friendly. I felt that something was off about him and I was right. The Manor itself had a creepy atmosphere to it from the beginning with haunting details of its description it fit well into the story.

Its past as revealed over time is horrifying to say the least. I felt both saddened and angry on behalf of the young men who were employed there before Dominic. The magic aspect of the book was a surprise but I did wonder why Dominic couldn’t really do anything but use an illuminating and warming spell. I thought maybe he could do more.

The story at the beginning seemed a bit drawn out to me though I did understand we had to be introduced to the characters. Once the story got going though it was a mystery that needed unraveling and what a mystery it was. Murder, deception, assault and one young man’s trials to uncover the truth before it’s too late for him.

I will warn you that there is mention of rape in this book.

Wonderfully written.

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Gold in the Clouds by Hayden Thorne

Gold_in_the_Clouds_400x600Title: Gold in the Clouds

Author: Hayden Thorne

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Length: Novel (200pgs)

Publisher: Queerteen Press (14th April 2013) 

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Heart 

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After his fifteenth birthday, Blythe Midwinter finds himself in a bit of a pickle. It’s high time for him to be a productive member of his family, taking up work he detests in order for his older sister, Molly, to follow her dreams of success as a talented baker. Though the three orphaned Midwinter siblings — Molly, Bertie, and Blythe — are lucky enough to work, they still earn only enough to keep themselves clothed and fed. Blythe desperately wishes for more, and it doesn’t help that his best and only friend, Jack Wicket, refuses hard, honest work in favor of good luck as the only means for quick success and instant riches.

Blythe’s dreams of a better life get more desperate when he attracts the attention of another boy, the youngest son of a rebellious old artist, whose family rises well above Blythe’s in wealth and station. Embarrassment and shame muddle Blythe’s perceptions of luck, work, and the promise of love — that is, until Jack Wicket’s foolish decision to exchange his beloved cow for a handful of magic beans forces Blythe to look past castles in the clouds and understand what it is that truly measures a man’s worth.

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Review: Blythe is fifteen and his sister, Molly, has decided it is time for him to start work. turfed out of bed every morning at dawn to sell bread is not Blythe’s idea of a decent job, but Molly is insistent that Blythe sells the bread while she concentrates on baking cakes. Blythe wishes for an easier life and it isn’t helped by his layabout friend, Jack, and his sore feet. But, letting Molly down isn’t an option, if he wishes to keep his hearing and not be strung up by his sister. When Blythe meets Edrik, a well off boy, he is tempted by Jack’s dreams of luck.

This is a great young adult fantasy story that shows a lad’s changing views, as he enters manhood and the hardships of adulthood. Blythe suddenly has to start bringing in the money when he turns fifteen. Although, he whines that he is too young, his sister, Molly, points out that both herself and their brother, Bertie, both started work at fifteen. As Blythe reluctantly takes over the bread selling, which according to Blythe is a girl’s job, he still dreams of an easier life. Jack keeps trying to tempt him with doing nothing, but hoping for luck. When Blythe meets Edrik, he can’t understand why the other boy would be interested in him. He’s poor and Edrik’s family is rich.

Blythe is like so many other young adults in his town. He’s at the age where he should choose what he wants for a job, but he wants to cling to the last vestige of childhood. Having a friend like Jack doesn’t help him. Jack believes in luck and that he doesn’t have to do anything and riches will fall in his lap. When Blythe is embarrassed in front of Edrik, he is tempted by Jack’s offer of instant riches. Hayden Thorne has created a wonderful fantasy world where gossip is abound about fairy-tale horrors. A boy catches the eye of a rich boy and where a friend has his head in the clouds. Blythe is a wonderful character who is down to earth and cheeky, Jack is obnoxious, Molly is trying to keep her family going, and Bertie has really bad night gas and Edrik is sweet on Blythe.

I thought this story was vastly entertaining, with its down to earth characters. With the simple dreams of the characters and with its gentle learning curve for Blythe. This story is all from Blythe’s perspective, so we get the unfettered view of life from a fifteen year old boy with his hopes and dreams, but, also with him learning that life isn’t perfect, but you can be happy with what you have. Jack’s a character that does get up your nose, Edrik you don’t see very often but he is a lovely character who is super sweet on Blythe and what we see of Molly and Bertie is good.  

I recommend this story to those that love fantasy, young adult, obnoxious boys, growing up, finding a sweetheart, a touch of adventure and a happy ending. 


Dr. Morbid's Castle of Blood by Hayden Thorne

Title: Dr. Morbid’s Castle Of Blood

Series: Masks 06

Author: Hayden Thorne

Genre: Young Adult, Superheroes

Length: Novel (173pgs)

Publisher: Queerteen Press (JMS Books) (19th August 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Following the attacks on Vintage City by the Deathtrap Debutantes, life quiets down, and the superheroes are temporarily without work. Unfortunately, unemployed superheroes mean bored superheroes, and with Peter’s birthday just around the corner, Eric asks for help in coming up with the most creative gift he can give a boy who’s got everything. Tapping into everyone’s fondness for computer games, Eric enlists the heroes’ help in experimenting with a video game in a desperate bid to amaze Peter with something unique.

What they don’t expect is a game that’s been sabotaged by an old nemesis. Eric and the heroes suddenly find themselves trapped in a horror game, forced to advance against the clock or be stuck in it forever. With three of their friends vanishing from the group, Eric and Ridley are forced to use their wits and their limited abilities to fight their way through monsters that are meant to keep them from finding the others. Outside, Althea as Spirit Wire, along with unexpected allies, scrambles to keep a delicate connection with her friends as she tries to save them all.

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Review: This book is part of a series and is best read in order. Eric is struggling to come up with a birthday gift for his superhero boyfriend, Peter; the guy who has everything he could ever want. So, Eric with the help of a few of his superhero friends sets out to get the coolest best present that a boy could ever want, a 3D interactive computer game.  But, it goes wrong when an old nemesis sabotages the game and they are stuck inside fighting zombies and monsters, trying to find their friends with a time limit to finish the game and escape.

This is a great story for young adults and those not quite so young adults who love gay superhero stories and great fun. Eric just can’t think of anything to give Peter for his birthday (except the obvious, but then he is sixteen and horny. So, when he strikes upon the idea of a unique gift he pleads with his friend Althea to help him out. So everything is planned and the game seems to be going great and then everything goes wrong, as they find themselves trapped having to complete the game before the time runs out. then three of them go missing and Eric and Ridley have to battle their way through the rest of the game trying to find their friends with the limited help the Althea and two unexpected allies.

Okay, so I have to admit to being a fan of the Mask series. I just love being able to read a book that can take me back to my teenage years of dreaming about superheroes and the weird and wacky things of the teenage imagination. This story is great; Hayden Thorne really does manage to get into a teenage psyche to give us the weird and wonderful life of Eric and his friends. the adventures they have are unique and very funny in places. This story is no different. Eric and Peter are a great couple, but other than them being boyfriends and horny, most of the story is focused on Eric trying to find the perfect gift and then on the adventure of being stuck in a game.

This is a really well written story for those of us who love trying to recapture those fleeting teenage feelings and this is an excellent story for young adults who want to let their lives go briefly and sink into an imagination filled world which is fun, amusing and just a touch angsty. I know people will pull a face, but my favorite bit out of the entire story has to be the scene with the zombie baby. It was just so disgusting and amusing and oh, so wrong to laugh, that I still chuckle when I think about it.

So, I recommend this if you love a gay teenage superhero, their faithful not superhero boyfriend, angsty teenage problems, adventures that only a teenager could do, horny teenage boys, chuckles and laughter and an amusing story.



The Haunted Glade by Hayden Thorne

Title: The Haunted Glade

Series: N/A

Author: Hayden Thorne

Genre: Fantasy; Gay Fiction; Historical; Paranormal; Young Adult

Length: 19 pages/5,128 words/ Short Story

Publisher:  Queerteen Press, JMS Books (January 15th 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: from Queerteens Press (JMS Books LLC) – Legend talks about a haunted glade somewhere deep in a nearby wood. While most residents of a tiny village regard those fireside stories as nothing more than cautionary tales meant to keep children in line, curious adolescents attempt to solve the puzzle of the haunted glade. Rumors of a strange twilight melody that seems to come from somewhere in the wood only feed youthful recklessness, and no one but the village potter knows the truth behind this mysterious music. He alone in his generation has heard the haunted glade’s call, and he knows that someone among those young adventurers is now being summoned, as well. The task of finding that special boy and grooming him for his destiny falls on Irwin’s shoulders.

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Reviewer: Adrienne

Review: A sweet, young adult story of growth, and learning to acceptance and understanding oneself, written with vivid imagery. Seventeen year old Yves Milford seems the only person in the village who can hear the music coming from the nearby haunted glade, where fanciful legends and warning stories have been passed down for generations to keep villagers out.  When Yves’ peers begin pairing off into couples, thirty-six year old village potter, Irwin Blythe, confides in the young man that he also can hear the songs from the glen. This music is only heard by certain people and Irwin tells Yves that since he can hear it, he will soon discover what it means to be accepted by others like him. After Yves turns eighteen and learns what is in the glen, he realizes this acceptance and understands that he one day will be called upon to help those from his village who have similar yearnings.

A very enjoyable read…