Commanded by Nicholas Bella

24551706Title: Commanded
Series: House of Théoden, #1
Author: Nicholas Bella
Genre: Paranormal/BDSM/Dark/Erotic
Length: 60 Pages (Novelette)
Publisher: Nicholas Bella (February 2nd, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Théoden: On the evening of branding my new son, Noel, my King has called a special meeting of his Court. I can’t possibly guess what this meeting is about, as everything within his kingdom is running perfectly. I do know one thing, Ara loves to entertain and be entertained, so at least that’s something to look forward to. What I’m not looking forward to is having to see Nolan, Lord of District Four. We really don’t get along. Well, as for my children, when the Master is away, the boys will play. In fact, I insist on it.

Noel: I’ve just received my official brand, the insignia of the House of Théoden. Along with the brand comes a load of responsibilities I am to adhere to. Apparently, my new life involves being an enforcer. I’m to be trained by Marco, my eldest and most sadistic brother. I’m not looking forward to that, not one bit. At least tonight, I’ll get a reprieve. For tonight, we celebrate as only the House of Théoden can.

Warning: This serial contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive eyes. The novelettes in this serial will be filled with dark, twisted, raunchy, and steamy scenes between powerful, sexy men that will either offend you or get ya revved up. This series will not be pulling any punches, and it won’t apologize for hurting your feelings, either. You’ll find no fluff and ruffles here. The vampires are not misunderstood, hopeless romantics looking for love. The werewolves are not cute and cuddly and the dragons aren’t the ones from your childhood. This is NOT a romance. There are approximately 18,300 words in this novelette.

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Reviewer: KathyMac
fanart commanded nicholas bella araReview: I made it through Season 1 (Yay) with basically one thought. Give me more! If, by chance, you are reading this and have not read the first season, Chained in Darkness, I would stay, STOP, go back. It is imperative to read these in order so that you have the full understanding of what has taken place. Season 2, House of Théoden, starts with, Book 1, Commanded. One of the things I love about the author, Nicholas Bella, is each new installment starts off where the last one stopped. You are able to pick back up with no lost time or events. And, trust me…you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Noel has completed his embracing and has made Théoden very proud. However, the King has called a meeting of the Court, and Théoden will have to leave Noel in the care of his brothers. As the saying goes,” when the cat is away the mouse will play,” will certainly hold true as Bruce, Marco, and eventually Donovan show Noel new heights of pleasure he never knew existed.

“Do you want me to spank you some more?”
Shit, did I? I had to think about how I felt while he was spanking me. It didn’t help that he was still stroking my cock with expert fingers. He was breaking my concentration, but I didn’t want him to stop.
“Answer me boy. I don’t have all day, and if you cum before I get my way, you’re going to pay.”
“Yes, Bruce…I want you to spank me again,” I said. I couldn’t hardly believe the words that were coming out of my mouth.

fanart commanded nicholas bellaEven though Noel is finally adjusting and accepting his position in the house, he still has a wee bit of his rebellious attitude that shines through. He loves pushing his boundaries and testing his limits with the brothers, and even Théoden. I love this about Noel. He knows what is expected, most of the time, yet challenges them when he doesn’t understand. But, he is learning, rather quickly, that pain also brings pleasure and contrary to what he wants everyone to believe, he loves it.

In Season 1, it was mostly about Noel, his training (Ha, that’s an understatement) and accepting his new life. In, Season 2, Commanded feels more about Théoden and that excites me. I can’t wait to learn everything there is about him. Of course, it’s too early to make the assessment that it’s all about Théoden but one can hope…right? Oh, how can I love someone so cruel and vicious? He is one sexy, hot-blooded, vampire!! **I just looked up the definition for understatement – Restraint in artistic expression. Trust me…Restraint is a foreign word in the House of Théoden. 

Season 2 also brings new characters. Ara, King, and the sire of Théoden, may pull rank as my new obsession. He is ruler over all of the Lords and he has called the Court to his home for a meeting. We meet the other Lords, as well, and even though it was brief, you do get an idea of the personalities involved. Jealousy rums rampant between some of the vampires and their skill will be tested to the limit.

However, the King has a plan, and it is going to take each one to pull it off. He puts a lot of trust and faith in Théoden because he is his favorite and most loyal son. But, don’t be fooled by Théoden’s place in the eye of the King. He demands respect and anything less will have you re-thinking your fuck-up.

**Théoden and Ara**
“This isn’t what we agreed upon, I pointed out.
“Times change,” Ara continued. “And, as King, my Decree is whatever I make it.”
“So I see,” I snapped. Before I knew it, he had lifted me from the chair and had me by my throat, several inches off the floor. It was impressive, as I am taller than he is by five inches. His grip was tight and painful as he slowly crushed my larynx. I could do nothing but wait for him to release me on his own.
“I realize that I afford you more leeway than my other children because you are my favorite. But do not ever make the mistake that you are my equal!” With that, he slammed me back into the leather chair.

Whew, for a moment or two, I was afraid for Théoden. But, he is a smooth talker and as even the King referenced, he is the favorite. He doesn’t hold anything back either as he pleasures his King. They both take and receive from each other and finding their release is a very H.O.T. scene.fanart nicholas bella bruce DC

The trip was not all fun and games as the King has a very important plan and mission to expedite. He expects results and I have no reservations that Théoden will deliver results and possibly a very sexy 2-legged creature who may or may not run through the woods on 4 legs. This is speculation and

I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Nicholas Bella continues to deliver a thrill seeking, sexy, and dangerous continuation into a world we have barely touched the surface in. His descriptive narrative and no holds barred dialogue holds me captive from start to finish. With the new season ahead I, no doubt, will be swept along at a face pace hanging onto every morsel (Ugh, not a good word when discussing vampires) that the author exudes with his creativity.

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