End Game by Jennifer Brooks

Title: End Game

Author: Jennifer Brooks

Genre: Futuristic (2017) Science-Fiction, Zombie

Length: Novel (171pgs)

Publisher: Musa Publishing (10th August 2012)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After his cousin is murdered, journalist Jessie Canning reunites with his estranged lover to investigate it.

Jessie was on the phone when his cousin, Ben, was attacked. Fifteen minutes later, when Jessie arrived at Ben’s condo, his cousin was dead. With life and death as close as a minute away, Jessie must work with his estranged lover, Mathew, to learn why anyone would’ve wanted to kill Ben.

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Review: Jessie receives a phone call from his cousin Ben, but as Ben is asking him to come around as soon as possible the line goes dead after a series of thumps. Now with his cousin dead and his estranged husband/lover by his side they have to discover the truth and just what Senergine is trying to hide.

This is quite a unique nanotechnology, zombie suspense story that is quite gruesome, violent and bloody… whoop! Jessie has been dwelling on the separation between himself and his husband. Hoping that Mathew will phone him and they can make things right between them. When he receives a call from his cousin Ben, and Ben seems to be in trouble he drops everything to go help him. But, when he arrives his cousin is dead, the police are there and men in haz-mat suits… could it have anything to do with the company Ben works for? With the help of his estranged husband, he begins to delve into what has happened and discovers what Senergine is trying desperately to hide.

The two main characters in this are Jessie and Mathew, who are married, but have been estranged for a couple of weeks. Their relationship seems a bit stilted and although they do have a wonderful reconciliation scene and incredible make up sex, you still feel like you are missing something in the relationship. The nanotechnology mutating and going wrong was brilliant and scary; something that could be a medical breakthrough turning into something out of a horror story and the developers trying to hide it was really well done.

Combining both story lines into one was well done, as was the emotional turmoil that Jessie goes through throughout the book. We don’t really get a real feel from the other characters like Mathew, Gabriel and Nathen, as the story is all from Jessie’s POV, but we get to know them enough to make us care what happens. This story is violent and bloody and near the end it gets a bit horrific, as you realize the lengths that some scientists will go to, to cover things up and also to discover answers.

I will recommend this to those who love futuristic, nanotechnology, zombie/infected thrillers, with blood, gore and danger and a reconciliation of two stubborn men in love.