Breaking the Ice by Jessica Lee

xgetthumb,quser=3261,asite=4577,aw=400,ah=400,afile=uploaded,P2Fimages,P2FBreakingTheIce_50.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zSOmR2v1nNTitle: Breaking the Ice
Series: Ariel Estates, #3
Author: Jessica Lee
Genre: Paranormal/ Shape-shifter
Length: Novella (157 Pages)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing (January 1, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Being the last male standing isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Mikah Malloy is living proof. His mother and father were both killed during their individual attempts to assassinate the pride leader of Ariel Estates, Silas Murdoch.

Now after the dust has settled on his bloodstained family’s name, Mikah must face life alone among his fellow lion shifters. But Silas and his mate, Theo, have decided a vacation in Alaska is just what the doctor ordered to help Mikah come to terms with his grief and his plans for the future. The only snag with their plan is trouble always has a way of finding Mikah, no matter where he runs.

Gideon Haven, eldest son of the Haven pack’s alpha, would give his soul for a way off the ice. But when a hunter is out to eradicate his pack one by one, skinning them alive for their wolf pelts, Gideon can’t just walk away.

The predators have now become the prey, but they’re determined to hunt down the poacher out to slaughter Theo and Gideon’s pack. As for Mikah, he’s more than ready for the job. Putting one’s life on the line isn’t a hardship when you don’t care whether you live or die.

Even though the heat between Gideon and Mikah becomes nearly impossible to resist, Mikah is determined the tenacious wolf isn’t about to get close enough to break the ice around his heart

ISBN: 978-1-60735-725-4

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Each book in the Ariel Estates collection features a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, I would recommend reading the series in sequential order.

I love the way Jessica put together this book that not only fascinated me but kept my attention the whole time. I had a blast reading this and look forward to reading more by this author. My attention was caught with the first sentence and I just couldn’t put the book down.

Mikah’s father planned to assassinate their Alpha but failed. When his mother tried to, he shoved her away but ended up killing her. He felt guilty and couldn’t seem to come back from it. So Silas suggested a trip to Alaska with them. It would change his life in more ways than one.

Gideon was the eldest son of his pack, but he had no desires to be Alpha. Thankfully, he had a twin that could do it. He wanted to travel and experience the world. Things didn’t go as plan, especially after meeting Mikah.

Mikah was not only stuck in the past, but feared coming out. He knew that if he was to get his man, he would have to push him just a bit. Too bad his ex kept popping up at the wrong time. They had hunters killing pack mates, and there was a traitor amongst them.

So they had to deal with more than one idiot at a time. Then something tragic happened, and Gideon is left to take the Alpha position. Mikah had to make a choice.

I love the way all the feelings they felt were involved in this story.

It was the perfect story for me and I loved it. I can’t wait to read the next story.

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In the Pride's Best Interest by Jessica Lee

81En9DFaBmL._SL1500_Title: In the Pride’s Best Interest
Series: Ariel Estates Series, #2
Author: Jessica Lee
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Shifters
Length: Novel (212 pages)
ISBN: 9781607356417
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing (March 6th 2013)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts
Reviewer: Thommie
Blurb: Eli Novak, lion-shifter and Secretary of Ariel Estates has never been more fulfilled. Or more torn and confused in his life. No male has ever heated his blood or crept into his dreams before. Well, except for one. But that was over long before it ever started. So he’s straight, right? He loves women. Always has. So how can this strawberry-blond human male who stumbled onto their land have him questioning everything he ever thought he knew about himself.
Shayne Matthews is lost in the Smokey Mountains when a light in the distance leads the way to what he thinks could be a potential rescue. But it’s a decision that ends up landing him in a cell. Inside a world he never knew existed, fear turns to lust and a whirlwind of an adventure that puts him in the middle of a battle for dominance and power.
When the thirst for blood at Ariel Estates rears its ugly head once more, Eli is forced into a triangle of options where there is no right move. He must choose between his best friend, the human who’s claimed his heart, and what is in the Pride’s best interest.
Purchase Link:–in-the-pride-s-best-interest-ariel-estates-series-book-two-by-jessica-lee.html
Review: Oh my God, what a start! Talk about gripping your attention and stealing your breath away along with your mind from the first chapter.

The second book in the Ariel Estates Series starts with the tried and proved big bang like the first one did. A fast-paced story filled with anticipation, action, and lots of chemistry comes to steal you away for a couple of hours and take you on a ride where big badass lion shifters will fill your senses and make you gasp. What I like most about this series is the fact that the “cats” are mostly very well profiled. They have a very nice balance between their human and animal parts, and their instincts are such that require shifters to remain hidden from the world lest their inner animal surges forward and their secret is revealed.

And it’s precisely that secret the Secretary of Ariel Estates, Eli Novak, tries so hard to protect in the absence of his Alpha and best friend, Silas. But when a lost hiker stumbles upon the Prides lands and trespasses, Eli finds himself in a very peculiar predicament. Having harbored feelings for a male only once and a very long time ago, Eli felt safe in his sexuality until he lays eyes on Shayne. Everything turns upside down and while he makes sure the human is no danger for the pride, Eli can’t stop thinking of him.
I really liked how the author dealt with this dilemma here. The constant agonizing Eli felt gave the text a tension and a hint of despair. Already it has been established in book one how the pride feels for same-sex relationships, but the addition of a human in the mix makes things even more complicated, putting Eli, and Silas by proxy, in a hard and a rock place. When Eli goes to find Shayne outside the Estate, in order to explore his consuming emotions, things become dangerous. As Ariel does not lack for people with grudges and harboring hatred toward their new leader and his friends.

The action that takes place was lovely for me. I just loved the animalistic reaction even as I’d have preferred that “all hell breaking loose” to be a bit more, a bit grander. But even as fast as the villains went down – and at this point I need to highlight the fact that the villains are a bit overdramatic and mad as hell – what made the story a bit awkward was the final intimate scene between Eli and Shayne. The dialogues between them was, how should I this, off-putting, killing the mood, and after paragraphs of talking about the logistics of how and why, the act itself was fast, furious, and unfulfilling. While all other intimate scenes had this very good dose of sensual in them and eroticism was a constant, the final one, where fireworks should be exploding, well it failed. I also have that little thing with the phrase “like it?” It is certainly turning in a deal breaker for me.

Nonetheless, this book was still good and gave a bit more light in the Ariel Estates Pride, albeit we need more lore, but it was a very nice and gripping story, complimenting the first book in the series wonderfully.


On Thin Ice by Jessica Lee

Title: On Thin Ice

Series: Ariel Estates #1

Author: Jessica Lee

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shape-Shifter

Length: Novella (90 pgs)

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC (February 29, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts~loved it

Blurb: Silas Murdock, lion Pride leader of Ariel Estates, is on the trip of a lifetime, big game hunting with his entourage in Alaska. Everything had been perfect right up until a freak storm barreled into the area ruining their plans followed by an assassin’s bullet plummeting them into the frozen tundra.

Enter wolf shifter and former pack physician, Theodor Lucas. Returning from a trip to a nearby village, he witnesses the crash and finds the wreckage along with an unconscious and barely alive Silas. Theo’s ethical sense won’t allow him to walk away; leaving the male to suffer and freeze to death when there’s a chance he could be saved. Despite the personal risk and his vow to never be responsible for another soul, Theo takes the lone survivor back to his cabin to care for his injuries.

The stranger’s unusual scent has Theo stumped. The gorgeous male is definitely not human, but exactly what is a mystery. But Theo’s unexpected guest is the only one with any answers as to who he is, and why their pilot ended up with a bullet to the back.

There’s just one problem: now that the male is awake, he doesn’t have a clue. In fact, who, what, and where he is, is a total blank. But for Silas, there is one thing he does know for sure: when it comes to Theo, his hot-as-hell rescuer, a lifesaver has never looked more delicious.

Product Link:–on-thin-ice-ariel-estates-series-book-one-by-jessica-lee.html

Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Silas is a copper hair, green-eyed, lion-shifter, gorgeous man, leader of his Pride and bisexual. That last thing is perhaps a cause for trouble for him. His vision for the Pride, the freedom he wants to give to his people is not viewed with acceptance by everyone. An assassination attempt during the ride home from a hunting trip clarifies that. He has an enemy back home wishing him dead.

Theo is white blond, with beautiful blue eyes, a doctor, oh and yes! He is a shifter, too; a wolf-shifter. He has his own past he’s running away from. Having lost his loved one on an accident after a fight they had, Theo left his pack and isolated himself along with his guilt. He has given up all hopes on love. While leading a lonely life he witnesses a plane crash. After debating with his inner voice that tells him not to interfere, he goes at the crash site only to find Silas barely alive.  Theo takes Silas to his cabin and takes care of him, only to find out when he regains consciousness that Silas suffers from temporary amnesia.

While his body recovers Silas remembers nothing about his life. Where he came from, who he is and what awaits him. All he knows is that his doc is hot and very desirable. Theo tries to help him regain his memory, but Silas’ beauty stirs long-lost feelings in him and he succumbs to all that he’s been trying to bury for a long time. Their lovemaking is breathtaking and he starts to fall in love with Silas and as the days pass by he doesn’t want to let him go as he inevitably must. And that becomes more necessary when two assassins locate Silas and try to kill him. Driven by his despair that his lover might get hurt, Silas allows himself to shift into his lion form and the rush of adrenaline, the fight with the two shifters brings back his memory.

He must go back to his Pride and most importantly he must find the person that wants him dead. To do that he has to leave Theo. A Wolf and a Lion cannot be together, can they? Can Silas make their relationship work?

I enjoyed reading this a lot. It is a very exiting story that has it all. Love, sensuous and hot lovemaking, suspense, mystery, conspiracy, interesting characters and a plot with a twist in the first installment of the Ariel Estate series that will make you want for more. I certainly can’t wait for part two.