Proud Heart by Kade Boehme

25739922Title: Proud Heart
Series: Chance of the Heart, #1.5
Author: Kade Boehme
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (37 pages)
Publisher: Kade Boehme (June 15th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5 Hearts
Blurb: After three years together and a fair share of family drama, Bradley and Chance are feeling the strain of trying to keep their business afloat, their families happy, and planning their wedding. Chance is headed to an LGBT Charity horse show in L.A. just in time for Pride, but Bradley can’t pull himself away from overworking and his insecurities.

Bradley gets it together, though, and their brief time in L.A. may be just what they need to remind themselves how much they matter to each other.

A Chance & Bradley Pride Month short. 9k words that include an insecure accountant, his frisky cowboy fiance, and a pair of riding chaps

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Do you ever finish a book and think, I want to see where these two are a few years down the road? Well that is what Proud Heart does, it gives you a glimpse into the life Chance and Bradley have settled into now that they found their happy ever after.

Chance and Bradley have been together three years now and still going strong. But there are a few tears in the fabric of their lives that need mending. Chance had to take a step back from the restaurant when his father fell ill, so Bradley has taken over running the place which takes him away from home, and Chance, for long hours and late nights. Little arguments over mundane things become all out wars, caused by the stress they are both feeling over the separation.

On top of all that, they are trying to plan a wedding and not everyone they love is happy about the pending nuptials. When the opportunity to escape from life and responsibility for the weekend arises, Bradley makes plans to secure his future with Chance and prove to his Cowboy that he and their life together is the most important thing.

What a wonderful follow up to Chance of the Heart! Boehme shows that sometimes life can be messy. There are unforeseen challenges to maintaining a business, a life and a relationship. But the one thing that never wavers is the love Chance and Bradley have for one another. They are passionate and committed so when they argue or disagree. All that passion bleeds over into the fight. This was just a fast, fun read with a little bit of drama and angst, and a whole lot of love and compromise.

There were just a few typos that drew my attention away from the story momentarily, but overall, I loved this short story.

Perfect addition to this series, I do hope there will be more to come.

Chasing the Rainbow by Kade Boehme

91QLN6738ZL._SL1500_Title: Chasing the Rainbow
Series: N/A
Author: Kade Boehme
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel (222 pages)
Publisher: Kade Boehme (May 14th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Bobby Gugino realized he may have met the man of his dreams in Jody Olsen, only neither of them were gay, so far as Bobby knew. But when Jody came out and ended his marriage, Bobby’s entire worldview was skewed, and his own health issues lead to his own coming out. Fast forward four years and Bobby runs into Jody again, but Bobby may be too busy making up for lost time to see how great they are together.

Jody Olsen’s got guilt and mommy issues, but his coming out was smooth and his life had settled into a mundane pattern of kissing frogs while waiting for prince charming and helping run his mother’s book store in New York’s East Village. When Bobby comes bumbling back into his life with a surprising shared passion for the written word and an endearing love for sugary Frappuccino, Jody can’t help but be quickly swept up by the man.

The struggle to be patient with Bobby and his being unsure about being committed to someone is not an easy one. Does Jody hope for his happy ever after with Bobby, or is the lure of chasing the rainbow too much to fight against?

Includes a fresh-faced divorcee with his nose in romance novels and his heart in the clouds, a thirty-something fresh out of the closet, chasing a missed youth and trying to find his place in the big gay world he’d missed out on… and a little dirty suit sex.

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Jody Olsen is still on the heels of his divorce and finally coming clean about his sexuality. He has a job he loves as the manager of his family’s book store and a great apartment. The only thing missing is a man to call his own. As luck would have it, a happy circumstance brings the perfect guy into Jody’s life. But it isn’t without complications.

Bobby Gugino is fresh off a break-up with his long-term girlfriend after coming clean about his sexuality as well when he gives an old acquaintance a ride home and the game changes. Bobby is tall, dark, handsome, successful and smart… everything Jody wants in a man. But while Bobby actively pursues Jody, he also struggles with the possibility of being tied down to one person.

The story is told from alternating POV between Bobby and Jody and I quite liked that aspect of the story. It was nice to see a certain situation from the mind of each character, the action and the reaction.

I also liked that they had the common ground of coming out later in life, so there wasn’t any angst or issues with that, they’d each experienced it and moved on. What I loved most about the story was how as Bobby and Jody grew closer as a couple, they each became stronger individuals. When faced with some possibly devastating news, they made it through by sticking together.

There were a few mistakes here and there, misspelled or misplaced words and I’m pretty sure there was a name swap once, but I thoroughly enjoyed the overall feel of the book.

A little bit sexy and just a fun read.

Teaching Professor Grayson by Kade Boehme and Allison Cassatta

TeachingProfessorGraysonLGTitle: Teaching Professor Grayson
Author: Kade Boehme and Allison Cassatta
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (224 pages)
ISBN: 9781632165039
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 21st, 2014)
Heat Level: Medium
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Reviewer: Zane
Blurb: Christian Grayson is a professor of sociology who comes from a close-knit Southern family steeped in values and tradition. He left Tennessee using education as his excuse for escape, when he truthfully only wanted the freedom to be who he truly was. But at age forty, he’s still in the closet and still adheres to the morals his father, a Southern Baptist minister, raised him with. This includes saving himself for Mr. Right.

CJ Hata has been under Christian’s wing since his freshman year. A genius, pure and simple, he’s a senior now and no longer needs to report to Professor G, but he still seeks his teacher out occasionally for a friendly chat.

When Christian accidentally outs himself to CJ while pouring his heart out about his dying father, CJ feels totally out of his element. He convinces himself to put forth his best effort because the man he’s been crushing on for four years needs a friend. In the meantime, everyone around CJ is stumbling out of the closet, but the one person he really wants to come out has barricaded himself in with the bible and his family’s expectations.

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Review: This was an extremely captivating read, in large part because both characters were not what one would expect them to be. Christian, the 40-year-old teacher is the virginal, closeted one, while CJ (the college student) is the more worldly and experienced of the two. I found this role reversal very refreshing. It’s not very often we see the younger MC learning patience and understanding, having to slow down and educate (of all people) his teacher. On the flip side, seeing the older MC struggle with who he knows himself to be versus his religious/family upbringing and responsibilities was absolutely intriguing.

While CJ did come across as snarky, I understood that. If you feel like in your 20’s you have it together, and yet the guy you’re falling for who is twice your age can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other without stumbling – well, how frustrating would that be? And Christian often seemed like too much of an innocent – but to be that 40-year-old feeling inept in his attempts to be what his young would-be lover wants, while trying to be true to himself – or who he thinks he should be… the amount of self-doubt that could generate would be of epic proportions.

Family and religion intersect to generate even more issues, and CJ and Christian have their hands full. The two repeatedly stumble and get back up again; they love, leave and return to fight for their relationship. Through their trials and errors, they do reach that middle ground and manage to be true to themselves and their beliefs.

Those of us who don’t see sexuality in limitations and constraints often forget that there are people and places that are not quite so liberal, and individuals who do have to deal with these conservative and antiquated values. This story so effectively portrays these circumstances and deeply resonated with me on many levels. I only hope that for every struggling ‘Christian’ in real life there is a ‘CJ’ waiting in the wings.

Christian and CJ teach us that where there is a will, there is, in fact, a way. I loved that they turned what was originally viewed as ‘black and white’ to ‘gray’. They showed that faith is what YOU believe, and how YOU work it into your life, and not what others want you to believe. It is because of this that I found myself rooting for them, wanting them to find their way to a future, their future.

Collaborative writing of a single work is not easy. Such endeavours are often apparent to the reader; the writing can seem disjointed and lack cohesion. This most assuredly did not occur here. Teaching Professor Grayson is a seamless effort, well written, and had I not known in advance this was co-authored, I’d never have guessed. Kudos to Allison Cassatta and Kade Boehme for this accomplishment. I truly hope there is more to come from these two in the future!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through **

Going Under by Kade Boehme

81GoS1io0dL._SL1500_Title: Going Under
Series: Keep Swimming #2
Author: Kade Boehme
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Length: Novella (106 pages)
Publisher: Kade Boehme (August 28th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Ex Coast Guardian Kyle Bevins is a joker, a friend, and unlucky in love. His friends know he’s a good guy to turn to if for nothing other than a much needed laugh, but he rarely heeds his own advice. He’s content as the new co-owner of his friend’s charter fishing company in Pensacola Beach, Florida, but he’s missing the companionship of having a significant other and tired of the old hook-ups.

Eddy Jiminez is unlucky, period. He’s been dealt most every negative consequence of being gay. He’s also an ex-con, so he figured he’d play it safe, keep working hard and trying to forget that it was men he craved. But when he meets Kyle, he can’t stop going back for more, but tired of the lies and hurting, he doesn’t want to give Kyle up.
Kyle would do anything to keep Eddy from drowning again, so he decides to see him safely into the big world of being out, but a past connection may ruin everything. Will there be a second chance for both of them, or will their relationship go under?

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Review: Note, this is the second book in a series that should be read in order.

Kyle Bevins longs to have something more, someone more actually, in his lonely life. On the surface, he has it all. Openly gay and unapologetic about it, a successful business owner, gorgeous, fun loving and outgoing. But a string of bad relationships and hopeful hook-ups that turned into one night stands have left him wrung out. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to him when his latest attraction turns out to be less than prince charming. But it still stings.

Eddy Jiminez is just as shocked as the sexy blonde at the bar is when his mouth agrees to follow him home. Eddy has long since tried to bury his homosexuality behind meaningless sex with women and a flare for bullying when he was younger. His temper is almost as large as he is, and his fuse is very short. But there is something in the eyes and the smile of the stranger, he finds himself pushing up against the wall in a dark corner outside the bar.

They both have valid reasons to push each other away, but the reasons to pull close and hold on tight are more appealing. There is an odd sense of familiarity Kyle has with Eddy, an insane attraction and a need to touch him and make it all okay. Eddy is frazzled from issues in his past included violence and abuse, but he has this ability to lose himself in Kyle, and it both exhilarates and scares the living daylights out of him. Gradually they grow closer, learn to trust each other, start to share more and fall in love. In the end, it’s a secret that Kyle holds that threatens to tear them apart, not Eddy.

This is one of Boehme’s best stories yet. He always keeps his stories young and fresh, and even when the subject matter is intense, there is love and understanding underneath that give them an extra edge you can’t help but be drawn to. This story however, bobs and weaves its way through the lives of these two men, tying them together further back than they even realize. This story really took some forethought and planning to come together the way it did in the end. The immediate and intense attraction that Kyle and Eddy shared translated into some amazing sex as well, but there was sensuality and tenderness there from the start.

I definitely recommend this story, just be sure you read Keep Swimming first. I’m anxious and excited to see what book 3 in this series brings as there was a nice little set up for Phil and Kent to get their own story. Of course, the barbershop owner and his parole officer husband could get a book as well. Lots of options here!

Wood, Screws and Nails by Piper Vaughn and Kade Boehme

WoodScrews&NailsLGTitle: Wood, Screws, and Nails
Author: Piper Vaughn and Kade Boehme
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: Novel (176 pages)
ISBN: 9781627988018
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (April 23rd, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Eric
Blurb: Aaron Costa’s summer was all planned. Despite having to remodel the family lake house, it would be a vacation of sorts, and he had every intention of enjoying it—until the friend who was supposed to help him got injured and left him in a lurch. He decides to take the opportunity to bond with his son and hires Julian and his roommate, Malachi, to assist.

As a broke college student, Malachi could use the money, and spending the summer with Aaron for eye candy sounds like a dream. “Look but don’t touch” becomes his motto. But when Julian starts flaking on his responsibilities and Malachi and Aaron are forced to spend long hours alone together, their mutual attraction is impossible to resist.
Aaron can’t fight the temptation sexy Malachi presents.

But more than their age difference stands in their way, not the least of which is Aaron’s semi-closeted status and the fact that he’s never openly discussed his sexuality with his son. He has no idea how Julian will react when he learns his father is not only gay, he’s also dating his best friend.
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Review: Yummy, amazing, and sexy as hell are three words I would use to describe this novella. Powerful, emotional, and fun are another three. Honestly, this is one of those books that is so worth it. Piper Vaughn is a new author and knows what she is doing.
Aaron has it all figured out. He has a plan to get a house remodelled in time for a sale in August. But when Malachi comes around willing to do some work to help out, Aaron finds himself consumed and distracted by Malachi’s beauty. A story that is worth the read and amazing as ever, this novella is one for the perfect reads list.

Aaron has his flaws and stands strong no matter what. Malachi is one of those men that doesn’t give up on what he wants when he wants it. And he wants Aaron. A story of understanding, construction, and some hot sex, this is a worthwhile read. I highly recommend it to those that want to have a nice good read. It takes place during the summer but it is perfect for any time of year.

Go on out and get a copy. You won’t regret it at all.

Where the World Ends by Kade Boehme

20931353Title: Where the World Ends
Author: Kade Boehme
Genre: Contemporary Romance with a Native American aspect
Length: Novel (162 pages)
Publisher: Loose Id (March 11th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 hearts!
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Will Cooper is a Deputy in the Sheriff’s office of Western Washington’s coastal Gray’s Harbor County. While searching for a stolen vehicle, he gets lost and meets Colin Sharpe who’s a member of the local Native American tribe. The two are attracted to one another but after a run-in with some tribe teenagers that ends in bad blood between the sheriff’s department, Will and Colin’s father, the two can’t think of worse people to get involved with.

When Colin’s father and the tribal council wage a war against Will in the form of a lawsuit with some nasty allegations from a troubled teenager, Colin and Will must face the reality that they have no future. But after running into each other in a more neutral environment, they decide to throw caution to the wind and get each other out of their systems. What was supposed to be one night turns into an affair that neither sees having a happy outcome.

Will’s been hurt by falling for the wrong man before. Can he and Colin put aside the tribe’s prejudices and make a stand for love?
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Review: Will Cooper is the new deputy at Gray Harbour’s Sheriff’s office. During a routine stop gone bad, with some teenagers from the local Native American tribe, Will inadvertently makes enemies within the tribe. He came to Gray Harbour after an incident at his previous job because one, he needed to get as far away from there as possible; and two, no one else would hire him. The local Sheriff took a chance on Will and the last thing he wants to do is let him down.

Colin Sharpe is a youth counsellor for the Native American Tribe, working with the teenagers at the school. After two local teens steal a car, get caught by Deputy Will and the wrong teen pepper sprayed, Colin’s dad and the council go after Will. Colin knows that the gorgeous, shy man he met that took care of one of the teens after the incident instead of locking him up, could not possibly have done what the other teen is claiming.

The elder Sharpe has no love for the white man. In fact, when his son Colin told him he was gay he responded, “Better you be gay than bring home a white woman!” not even kidding. So when Colin and Will start seeing each other, they keep it secret from everyone. It was actually supposed to be just one lust filled night. Both men could get their fill and be done. But the mutual attraction, white-hot chemistry and ability to curl each other’s toes in the bed made it very hard to just walk away. They begin a whirlwind affair that could have disastrous results not just for their relationship, but for their jobs and families as well.
What I love about Boehme’s books is that the reader gets to take a ride through the mind of a gay man who is not afraid to tell you exactly what happens when two young, virile men act on a mutual attraction and an exuberant lust for one another. You seriously need to turn the thermostat down just a notch before reading this book. It is oh so hot and steamy. But there is some enthusiastic writing underneath all the passion. The storyline was engaging and believable, and the character development was sustained throughout.

Boehme is quickly becoming a one click buy for me, just because his name is on the book. Definitely a must read for fans of the genre, but there is that sexy romantic vibe in there as well. My only complaint here is the cover. I think the cover artist was trying to show Boehme’s descriptions of the characters with Colin having that rich coppery skin tone in contrast with Will’s pale flawless skin, it didn’t blend well. But that has nothing to do with the story so no marks off. LOVED IT!!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

Trouble & The Wallflower by Kade Boehme

20645398Title: Trouble & the Wallflower

Author: Kade Boehme

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel (200 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62798-447-8

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (February 28th 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4~4.5Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb:Raised in near seclusion by an agoraphobic mother, Davy Cooper’s social skills are almost nonexistent. Now that his mother has died, he needs to make friends for the first time in his life. He catches Gavin Walker’s eye, but the sexy, confident, bad boy hipster intimidates shy Davy so much that he throws away Gavin’s number every time he offers it.

When Gavin defends Davy from a rude guy, Davy begins to warm to him. However, with his limited experience, he thinks he and Gavin are too different, and anything more than a casual acquaintance will end in complete disaster.

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Review: The first thing that attracts me to a book is the title (you expected the cover right?) and the moment I read Trouble and the Wallflower I was hooked. I knew, I simply knew that the story behind it would be fantastic if written right. Next, came the cover – though I don’t usually pay much attention to it – and I loved the simplicity and lack of nakedness. It was an instant flash in my head that the guy in the cover represented Gavin and I was intrigued, so I immediately looked at the blurb and there I was sold. I had to have this book.

Kade Boehme delivers a lovely story about two guys who grow and flourish in each other’s love. It was a greatly written story making me swoon in romance and sweetness, even though I don’t usually go for romance and sweetness. The story is about two characters that could not be more different from each other.

Meet Davy; a twenty-two year old man whose entire life has been sheltered and a bit screwed up from his agoraphobic mother. Secluded from early age he never had the chance to socialize thus he has real trouble with people. Add in the mix his natural shyness and everything resembling a relationship or even friendship becomes a reason for a panic attack. But as content Davy appears at being a wallflower his personal demon won’t leave him alone.

Meet Gavin; bad boy and sexy as hell Gavin has set his eyes on Davy. At least once a week he’ll visit him at his work place and torment Davy with his presence and non-stop flirting, evoking that adorable yet miserable flush that turns Davy’s naturally tanned face bright red. What starts as a chase for something that resists him, slowly turns into an obsession and eventually the need to be around Davy’s quiet presence becomes overwhelming for Gavin.

I’ll be honest here; I didn’t like Gavin at the beginning. Yes, I knew that he would become adorable later, but trust me when I tell you the author did a remarkable job in portraying the utter jerk. The need to bitch-slap him was nearly suffocating me. He was the epitome of a man-slut and boy did he screwed up a time too many. If it wasn’t for the patience from heaven Davy had and the beautiful sweet soul he possessed, I don’t think these too characters would have made it. The chemistry was scorching from the beginning, but it was that resistance from Davy first, and Gavin later on that made everything ten times more potent.

These characters though had it all. They had highly enticing personalities, their portrayal exquisite, but most of all they had this every step of the way growth that gave them life and made them stars. The saying “you make me want to be a better person” was never better been put to use than in this story, both characters managing to change dramatically as the plot went on, both managing to surprise the hell out of me with their actions and attitude. I’ve read sweet stories, I’ve read books with steamy sex scenes, and while this one was hot and sweet and passionate and corny (the nice kind) and challenging, I’m absolutely sure that it was this pairs change throughout the book that made me love this read so much.

In the end, this book is simply great and very well worth reading. It has it all and leaves you with the biggest smile of satisfaction, and that’s all I can ask from this genre. If you love romance and a sweet heart-melting story, then I strongly recommend this novel to you.

Gangster Country by Kade Boehme

18920409Title:  Gangster Country

Author: Kade Boehme 

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel (204 pages)

Publisher:  Kade Boehme (December 10th 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate to Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Logan Marshall moves to New York to be a social worker where he feels he’s needed most. Logan’s always had it good. His Daddy is a preacher, sure, but he preaches a laid back, tolerant congregation who accepted Logan’s sexuality gracefully. He’s from a ranch in nowhere, Texas, which makes him a hot ticket in the clubs with his tight, work strengthened body and his cute accent. He’s out of his element in New York, not looking for Mr. Right Now but Mr. Right.

Gianni Rodriguez grew up in Brooklyn. Nothing could be further from the way he was raised than innocent, good-hearted Logan was. Gianni is fascinated that people like Logan even exist. And parents that not only are God-fearing, but also accepting?

As second in command of Los Cuervos, his brother’s not-so-merry band of drug runners and pimps, Gianni’s life would be in serious jeopardy if anyone ever knew the truth. That’s why his growing attachment for Logan is a bad thing.

When Logan’s work collides violently with Gianni’s life, Gianni has to decide if the man is worth risking everything, even his family– the man who may not even want him once he realizes what a monster the man he’s been sleeping with really is. Could Logan be Gianni’s reason to go straight? Or will they both go straight to an unmarked grave?

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Logan Marshall is a good ole boy from Texas, transplanted in New York for his job as a social worker. All his charm mixed with his down to earth attitude and that sexy southern drawl definitely draws in the guys. But Logan is looking for more than just a one-night stand. When he meets Gianni Rodriguez one night at a party, they don’t exactly get off on the right foot. But Gianni is relentless when he sees something he wants.

Gianni Rodriguez is not exactly boyfriend material. His brother is the head of the infamous Los Cuervos gang, drug runners, thugs, and killers. Gianni is his muscle and has to do things sometimes that he admittedly doesn’t want to do. Getting into a committed relationship is the last thing he wants, not only would he have to tell that person who he really is, but he’d put them in danger from his brother as well. But Gianni can’t help himself when it comes to Logan.

A year later and as much as, these two keep telling themselves it’s just ‘friends with benefits’ it’s really not. Gianni still holds much of his life secret though, and it’s starting to weigh on his conscience. After a heated argument they sort of break up. And when Logan’s job interferes with a member of the gang and Gianni’s brother orders a hit on the sexy social worker, Logan is thrown head first into the world Gianni has tried so hard to keep him out of this past year.

Boehme has become a force to be reckoned with in the M/M genre, and he is only getting better. Richly written characters with personality that jumps off the pages and a storyline that will have you emotionally invested. Logan and Gianni are like night and day they are so different. Opposites attract and all that, but they balance each other out as well. Even the secondary characters have depth and meaning within the story. Wendy, Gianni’s outspoken cousin, was my favorite.

This book will throw you a few curve balls and the twist at the ending floored me. I warn you though, I devoured this book in one setting, I could not put it down it was so good. The flow of the writing and the story was steady with all the OMG moments placed perfectly. This one is a must read in my opinion. Hot men, steamy sex, gangster lean and lots of action.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews*

A Little Complicated by Kade Boehme

18304457Title:  A Little Complicated

Author: Kade Boehme 

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novella (104 pages)

Publisher:  Kade Boehme (September 2nd, 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Ryan Borja met the guy of his dreams in college. Brady Novak was kind, responsible, and easy on the eyes. Yeah, the guy had a kid but Ryan loved her too. What could go wrong? Well, Ryan’s sister Ellie, that’s what. Ellie is a flighty; love-em-and-leave-em kinda girl with a big heart who doesn’t realize she dated the guy Ryan had fantasized about. But, like all of Ellie’s other relationships, this one ended within two months, just in time to send Brady running off to take a job in Phoenix, taking Ryan’s heart with him.

Ryan never thought he’d see Brady again until eight years later Ryan’s sister blindsides him by announcing that not only is Brady back in Atlanta but she’d asked him out on a date. And he’d accepted. As if that wasn’t enough to send Ryan on a tailspin, a neighborhood girl brings him face to face with Brady in an unexpected way.

Brady can’t believe when he sees Ryan again. He assumed Ryan had moved on from Atlanta, like he’d always said he would. But Brady hasn’t forgotten his cute, nerdy friend and wants nothing more than to have a chance to try the relationship they never got to have all those years ago, but convincing Ryan that he hadn’t slept with Ellie proves difficult. Ryan is still hurt over the way they left things and makes it an uphill battle, but Brady has waited too long. He’ll damn well give a good go of trying to get his man and with the help of his precocious teenage daughter and a little help from friends; they may just get their Happily Ever After.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Ryan and Ellie Borja share more than just blood, they also happen to be attracted to the same man. Brady Novak stormed into their lives eight years ago when they were in college, and then blew out just as quickly several months later, taking Ryan’s heart with him. Brady was graduating and had landed a great job that would give him the ability to support himself and his young daughter, Delila. Miscommunication and Misunderstandings led Ryan to believe Brady was upset over his breakup with his sister. When in fact, Brady was more upset because he was losing Ryan.

Time heals all wounds, and over the next eight years, Ryan got over Brady, or so he thought. Until his sister shares the news that Brady is back in town, worse still, she has a date with him. Old feelings that Ryan thought were long-buried resurface and he’s flooded with the memories he’s tried so hard to forget. Ryan is nothing if not stubborn and hard-headed, the more Brady tries to talk to him the more Ryan pushes him away. Add to that the precocious teenager that lives in Ryan’s building who is hell-bent on setting Ryan up with her dad, and these two have several hurdles to climb. If only Brady could get Ryan to stand, still long enough to be honest with him about his feelings.

Boehme is quickly becoming a loud voice within the M/M genre with stories that are based on realistic life events and contain extremely likeable characters. I’m not usually a fan of angst within a storyline, but Boehme has a knack of knowing how to mold the angst into passion and love that make it bearable and believable. I think the moral of this story is to be honest about your feelings, not only with yourself but with that person as well. How do you know what he or she is thinking, if you never ask? Oh, and have some mind-blowing sex and blow jobs coupled with some toe-curling kisses on that journey as well, I mean what’s life… without a little fun? 


Wide Awake by Kade Boehme

18273077Title:  Wide Awake

Series: Wide Awake, Book #1 (2nd Edition)

Author:  Kade Boehme

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novella (158 pages)

Publisher:  Independent Published Author (July 30th, 2013) First published January 2013

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   *Recently re-released with extended content and a sparkly new cover*

27-year-old Tyler Marcus has always done the right thing. He’s intelligent, quiet, made good grades, and went on to become a celebrated civil rights attorney. But the one thing he has always wanted was the one man he should not. Mark Riley realized at 33 that his life was not what it should have been. He’d been in a marriage of responsibility, raising his son that was a teenage mistake, taken the job his father had pushed on him on the police force and had been miserably drifting along, until one night his teenage son’s friend was visiting from college and woke him from his miserable slumber. Tyler Marcus changed Mark’s life with a simple act of kindness and with one chance meeting, 5 years later, may also end up giving him the world

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Tyler has had a crush Mark for several long years. A chance meeting at a local gay bar brings the two face to face again after 5 years without contact. When Tyler wakes up wrapped in Mark’s arms the next morning, with expletive details of the night they shared replaying in his mind, he’s sort of standoffish. You see, it’s not just the age difference between Tyler and Mark that worries him. Or the fact that he’s been in love with Mark for what seems like forever, Mark is also his best friend’s father.

What started out as a friendly conversation on a swing set many years ago, set Mark down a path that landed him back at Tyler’s doorstep. Mark spent his entire life pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Forced to marry young by his parents, when his then girlfriend ended up pregnant, then forced into a job he hated by the same parents. One conversation with a young man who was wise beyond his years set in motion a series of events that would forever change the lives of everyone involved.

When their mutual families learn of their relationship, let’s just say the shit hits the fan! Tyler’s mom is livid. And her best friend, who happens to be Mark’s ex wife, is infuriated. And just waits until Mark’s son, Tyler’s best friend finds out. Add to that a jaw-dropping act of violence against Tyler and you have an intriguing story with just enough angst to keep you turning the pages. Boehme does an excellent job of weaving everyone’s stories together and then bringing the focus back to Tyler and Mark in the end.

In the end Wide Awake was a beautiful love story about two men that defy everyone’s logic about why they shouldn’t be together, in order to be together! Overall, this was a sexy, romantic read with a HEA ending that I just loved.

Don't Trust the Cut by Kade Boehme

kb_donttrustthecutTitle:  Don’t Trust the Cut

Series:  N/A

Author:  Kade Boehme

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel (208 pages)

Publisher:  Loose ID (July 2nd, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Tucker Gray is a Baltimore, MD waiter, hailing from the Deep South, whose mental health issues and past relationships have made it hard to trust more than the cut. After he hits what he thought was rock bottom Tucker decides to keep close to the ones who stood by him and keep his head down, until he finds something to prove it can get better.

Jesse Bauer is unsure what his future holds after an injury forces him to retire from the marines. With all of the decisions he has to make in his civilian life with all of its freedoms and possibilities, he feels staying closeted and keeping the people in his life happy will keep down the chaos.

Until the night, he met Tucker Gray at a party he thought that’d be possible, but both of them are instantly and strongly in lust. As their relationship grows, Jesse has to prove himself and Tucker has to learn to trust more than the cut.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  It all started with a kiss.

Tucker and Jesse meet at a welcome home party that their mutual friends have thrown for them. Jesse is home from the marines after an injury ended his military career. Tucker is returning from a vacation in Canada, or so that’s the story. A chance encounter in the restroom leads to a quick but passionate kiss that neither man can forget. Jesse has always been partial to guys, but he’s also in a long-term relationship with a woman. This coupled with a very troubled past make Tucker gun-shy to even consider giving Jesse a shot.

Jesse is definitely the alpha male persona. But the tall, brooding ex marine can’t stop thinking about the wounded soul he kissed at the party. When he and Tucker finally meet again, Jesse is not going to let his chance to get to know Tucker slip away a second time. The more time they spend together Tucker slowly starts to let his guard down, but Jesse still has a girlfriend and the closer he gets to Tucker, the more confused he is about his relationship with Miranda. Can a guy that spent 10 years wrapped in ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ and lived his life in the closet for fear of losing everything and everyone he loves build a life with a shy, wounded and slightly mental gay man who takes his breath away?

Boehme wrote these characters with a raw realism that is almost poetic. The characters are three-dimensional and have depth; they aren’t full of fluff and fantasy. Being from the south, I absolutely loved Tucker’s southern flare, his good ole boy drawl, and the shyness that ever encompassed him but managed to exit the room whenever Jesse was around. Tucker and Jesse struggle to maintain a relationship, both for different reasons, but Jesse is completely honest about his issues from the start. Tucker, not so much. He has good reason though, or at least he thinks so, but what will Jesse think when he learns the truth?

I’d give this book 10 stars if it were a move, definitely a must read! The HEA in this book takes several twists and turns to get to but it’s beautiful and perfect. A relationship takes a lot of work and Boehme does a fantastic job of showing the struggle his characters deal with along the way. They tear it up in the bedroom too, which is a definite plus!!