The Fall Trilogy by Kate Pavelle

Kate Pavelle - The Fall Trilogy CoverTitle: The Fall Trilogy

Series:  The Fall Trilogy | Books One – Three

Author: Kate Pavelle

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (666 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 9, 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ¾ – 4 Hearts

Blurb: The Fall Trilogy follows Sean Gallaway and Asbjorn Lund as their relationship goes from dating to marriage, but along the way, violent stalkers, jail breaks, secrets, school, and even shipwrecks all conspire to drive the couple apart. If their relationship is going to survive, they must learn to trust each other, no matter the cost.

See excerpt for individual blurbs.

ISBN: 978-1-63477-621-9

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Reviewer: Shorty 

Review: This trilogy follows the lives of Sean and Asbjorn as they struggle through ups and downs to make a life for themselves.


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

There was a lot of information about martial arts in this story. It was a bit much and the actual story seemed to fall to the background because of it. Then through in the mix a stalker and there is your story. I don’t know how I feel about the way Sean was treated by Asbjorn after he was brutally attacked by the stalker. Seemed to me if he cared for him he would have been more understanding.


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

This book picks up where the first book ended. The stalker/assassin is back with a vengeance and all Sean’s new self-confidence is slowly torn away. Needing a change of scenery Asbjorn takes Sean to see his family. But things go from bad to worse as added stress and another attack leaves them reeling and Asbjorn wanting to remove the threat to Sean permanently.


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

The killer is finally taken care so the couple should be happy but with the pressures to finish college mounting Sean ends up getting ill. Asbjorn feels out of sorts as well but when Sean gets a letter in the mail saying he’s won a boat they head off for some much needed rest and relation. Unfortunately things do not go according to plan as per usual. They get stranded on an island, a body washes ashore.

All in all it was a good series with some major issues being dealt with as one struggles to come to terms with happened to him and the other trying his best to protect them both from a killer and the world. But as with life it does not come without its ups and downs. Great read.

Swordfall by Kate Pavelle

SwordfallLGTitle: Swordfall
Author: Kate Pavelle
Series: The Fall Trilogy, #2
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Dreamspinner (January 9th, 2015)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: On Christmas break in Denmark to meet Asbjorn’s family, Sean almost dares to relax again—until the news of Frank Pettel’s sensational jailbreak hits the web. Sean played bait to put the serial sex offender behind bars, and now Sean feels the target reappear between his shoulder blades. He could keep hiding away in Europe, but college won’t wait, and Sean was never the one to take the coward’s way out.

Using his military and martial arts experience, Asbjorn assesses the major failure of the justice system that led to Pettel’s escape. Yet removing one problem introduces another: Asbjorn has never dealt with his own post-traumatic stress. As he goes hunting for the man who is a direct threat to his loved one, his grasp on reality slips.

Watching Asbjorn’s change, Sean’s confidence erodes. To further complicate things, Asbjorn’s deadly silence creates secrets that test the bond of trust that binds them. An older, wiser voice helps them understand that behind the bloodstained veil of secrecy, there is space enough for love.

ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-311-0

Product Link:

Review: Sean and Asbjorn have been through a lot in their young lives, both as individuals and even more so since becoming a couple. When they vacation together in Denmark, Asbjorn’s home, then Ireland, Sean’s home, they learn more about each other and their pasts. But while they are away the man who sent them across the ocean in the first place escapes from prison, and Sean is scared. Frank Pattel promised Sean he’d kill him if he ever got out, well, now he’s out and eluding capture, all while taunting Sean and Asbjorn.

Asbjorn is determined to protect the man he loves, regardless of the cost, and in doing so, he sends himself into a downward spiral of regret and painful memories of a past he has never fully overcome. Sean mistakes Asbjorn’s withdrawn attitude as him having second thoughts about their relationship and makes a few mistakes of his own, only surmounting the inevitable. If Asbjorn can’t be honest with Sean and himself about who he is, what he has done, and then Frank Pattel is the least of their worries.

I had some issues with this story. Let me start with what I enjoyed. I really liked the journey to both men’s home and the insight into how and where they were raised; it gave them a little more depth and explained their personalities somewhat. I was intrigued by the dynamics of the two couples, Asbjorn and Sean then Don and Adrian, and how they played off of each other, how they connected in a way.

And just as with the first book in this series, I love the way Pavelle has woven this tale of mystery and suspense into a world of martial arts, the two main characters so flawed and co-dependent on each other it’s almost frightening.

Unfortunately, there was too much going on in this story and I was confused at times. The flow wasn’t cohesive either when jumping from Asbjorn to Sean and back, again, I was confused. I didn’t get the connection with the fight toward the end either unlike the similar situation in the first book.

Even with the hiccups along the way, I’ll tune in for the next installment in this series because I’m invested in these characters and their story now. I have to know if they are going to get their happy ever after or at least their happy for now.

If you like books with a lot of action and suspense you should try the Fall Trilogy, there is romance as well it’s just not in your face romance. Start at the beginning though or you’ll really be confused.

KICKASS Anthology, Guest Post, Review & Giveaway!

Anthology - Kickass -Tour Badge

Today we have the Mia Kerick & Michael Bower from the Anthology KICKASS stopping by. Mia and Micheal both speak about things worth fighting for, there’s a great giveaway and we have Lisa’s review. So enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link… just remember all this is in aid of Eric Arvin so don’t forget to purchase your copy <3 ~Pixie~

Anthology - Kickass Cover



Keira Andrews, Connie Bailey, Sophie Bonaste, Tara Bluhm, Michael J. Bowler, A.L. Boyd, Jade Crystal, Catherine Dair, Fiona Fu, Nancy Hartmann, JP Kenwood, Mia Kerick, Jackie Keswick, Eleanore Pavelle, Kate Pavelle, Jonathan Penn, Tali Spencer, Taomi, Rayne Vogel, Brandon Witt, Scott C. Pavelle

With a special foreword by Eric Arvin’s sisters Angela Arvin-Young and Amy Arvin

Against bad odds, he persevered. Wit, grit, and guile pulverized his scary opponent into a sad pile of dust.

Eric Arvin is Kickass.

Even a kickass hero needs a hand from a secondary

character, and Eric needs that extra power boost right now. This anthology is a volunteer effort organized by Eric’s fans and fellow writers in order to help him raise funds and help cover the cost of his high-tech recovery. His wicked sense of humor is intact, but his body needs a bit of help.

These stories are meant to inspire. They’re a warm hug, a wave from afar, a wink and a nod. Discover new authors and graphic artists as you, too, get revved up to slay whatever ails you!

Illustrated edition !

KICKASS ANTHOLOGY was produced in order to raise funds for the medical recovery of our friend and colleague, author Eric Arvin.

All artwork, both written and graphic, was donated free of charge.

All proceeds will go directly to Eric Arvin and his family.

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Zipper Fall by Kate Pavelle

ZipperFallLGTitle:  Zipper Fall

Series:  A Steel City Story

Author:  Kate Pavelle

Genre:  Mystery/Suspense

Length:  Novel (328 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 20th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low to Moderate

Hearts Review: ♥♥♥♥3.5 to 4 Hearts

Blurb:  Wyatt Gaudens, an advertising executive and adrenaline junkie, has fine-tuned the art of breaking and entering into apartments, misusing his considerable rock climbing skills. Once inside, he steals a pretty, shiny thing or two. When his friend Reyna complains that her jerk of a boss makes her workplace a living hell, he breaks into her boss’s home to get even. More than any other pretty thing, what really catches his eye the most is her boss, Jack.

Working hard to overcome his own lingering problems, investment specialist Jack Azzuri focuses on his second chance at making his business grow. But grief for his sister, Celia, recently killed in a suspicious climbing accident, sabotages his attempt to start over. When he meets Wyatt, he’s strongly attracted even though Wyatt is the last person he should associate with. With Jack’s explosive temper and Wyatt’s adrenaline addiction, the path to a stable relationship will be a tough climb. They might succeed if they can sort out what really matters, as well as learn to take the good with the bad. Wyatt hopes to speed their progress by solving the mystery that’s weighing Jack down: how did Celia really die?

Reviewer: Lisa

Product link:

Review:  Wyatt Gauden’s had a wonderful job, but too much energy. So, on the side he was a burglar. Wyatt’s best friend, Reyna, hates her boss and somehow gets him to agree that she needed a little revenge. Breaking into Jack Azurri’s home got him more than he bargained for. Love, little bit of anger, and some pain was just part of what he received. Helping Jack find the answers to his sister’s death got them just a little closer to the truth. 

At first, it was hard to get into the story, because it seemed that there was more description then needed, instead of the story line itself. It turned out to be a very good story though. I laughed through most of it and parts of it were a little disturbing. When Jack interrupts Wyatt’s attempt, his language isn’t something I would think would come out of a wealthy business owner. 

Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle

WildHorsesLGTitle: Wild Horses

Series: Steel City 01

Author: Kate Pavelle

Genre: Contemporary, Kink

Length: Super Novel (350pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st July 2013)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Homeless pickpocket Kai Alwright steals a cell phone and some cash one day only to find the owner texting him, appealing to his better qualities. The request to return the phone stings Kai’s pride; he rides his rusty bicycle all the way to the stables north of the city, where Attila Keleman, the phone’s owner, offers him a new start in the form of a job and a roof over his head. Soon Kai discovers a natural talent for work with horses, and he makes every effort to separate his new existence from his promiscuous past on the streets. 

Attila is a reclusive horse trainer whose dressage trophies gather dust, and whose broken heart has been walled off. His undiagnosed Asperger’s makes life around people a challenge, but though he prefers the company of horses, Attila finds Kai’s presence tolerable—even refreshing.

When a client who rides at the stable with her daughter finds out Attila is “still gay,” she tries to run Kai off—and she doesn’t stop there. Mortified, her adult daughter runs away and falls victim to a dark figure from Kai’s past. Kai joins Attila in a rescue mission that tears the civilized masks off their hidden pasts.

Purchase Link:

Review: Kai finds himself homeless on the streets of Pittsburgh and has finally found himself desperate enough to pick pockets. On his first attempt he gets sixty dollars and a cell phone and is surprised to get a text off the phone’s owner requesting the return of the phone. Kai finds his pride stung and he sets out to return the phone to its owner. Attila is a reclusive horse trainer, he prefers horses to humans, but when he meets Kai, the man who picked his pocket, there is something about the man he likes, and he gives him a job and a roof over his head. When one of Attila’s clients discovers Attila is still gay and refusing her advances, she causes trouble and her daughter runs away, only to fall victim to a figure from Kai’s past. When Kai and Attila both try to find her, they discover that they both have secrets from their pasts that clash.

This story is a great story of trust, finding love and your place in the world. Kai is twenty-four and has fallen on hard times. He is reduced to living on the streets and picks his first pocket. When the man whose pocket he picks sends him a message, it resounds within himself and he decides to do the right thing, and return the stolen phone. It leads him to a new life and a new purpose. Attila has his life in his phone, so when his pocket is picked, he sends a plea for his phone to be returned. When he gets his phone back, he also gets a man who is dehydrated and passed out. Seeing how Kai is with his wild stallion, Vermillion has Attila offering him a job and the two of them begin to get close. But, Kai is still skittish. So, when a client threatens him, his first thought is to run to protect Attila. But, Attila has gentled him enough that Kai confides in him.

I really enjoyed this story. It is pretty easy-going with how it is written and you quickly are pulled into their lives. Attila is quite a standoffish figure, but Kai quickly gets under his skin. Kai is like a wild animal, which has been treated badly, and he finds it hard to trust. Putting these two men together creates a wonderful story of building trust and love, with just a touch of tension. It is a dance between them, as they learn everything about each other. But, they both hold a secret part of their lives back. There are quite a few characters in this story that bring in conflict, doubts, and friendships. They also show Kai what family is all about.

The relationship aspect is really good, with some touching descriptions as they make love. They fall into an easy friendship before embarking on a sexual relationship and even then, they don’t rush it. I really loved how everything worked between them. It wasn’t instant love and they built up the trust between them, even if they held a little part of themselves back. The background story of the day-to-day running of a horse stable was really interesting and you fall in love with Vermillion (Cayenne) who is the horse equivalent of Kai. Just like Sensational Snowfall, (Sen) is the equivalent of Attila.

I recommend this to those that love easy enjoyable reads, finding trust and love, a touch of tension, conflict, danger, and a very happy ending.   


Animal Magnetism ~ A Dreamspinner Press Anthology

Title: Animal Magnetism

Series:  A Dreamspinner Press Anthology

Author: Heidi Champa, Cari Z., Matthew Vandrew, Chris T. Kat, Avery Vanderlyle, Kim Fielding, R. Cooper, Emily Gould, A.J. Marcus, Skylar Jaye, Minerva Wisting, Lily Velden, Kate Pavelle, Liz Makar, G.S Wiley

Genre: Anthology

Length: 352 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 13, 2012)

Heat Level:  Moderate (total book)

Heart Rating:    ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Lions tigers and bears Oh! My! Whether ist a dog or cat or something more exotic, the animals in this collection of m/m stories serve as the catalyst for bringing lovers together. No matter how the encounter begins, by the end of each story, with a little help from their finned, furred, or feathered friends, our heros have discovered some animal magnetism of their own.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Cat

This is a great collection of 15 stories where animals of some sort are catalysts for romance. Some are sweet and some are very hot. All were very cute and fun to read. I will break each down with a heat rating for ya!


A Few Too Many by Heidi Champa

Heat Level:  Explicit

Ted takes his dog, Jake, to the annual Highland Games. After winning, Jake gets into the cups sitting around of booze and gets sick. Ted rushes him to the vet to find that the usual veterinarian isn’t in. a new very sexy vet is there instead.

I found this story so cute, I laughed until I about cried. Then it got so hot at the vet’s office.

If you like dogs, men in kilts, hot vet, and hot man-sex you will love this.

Having a Ball by Cari Z.

Heat Level:  Explicit

Jimmy comes to snake sit at his older brother, Michael’s, house, after, Michael’s wife died in an accident. Michael had to take his daughter, Kelly, to visit her deceased mom’s family for two weeks at Christmas. Jimmy is left with instructions of how to care for the snake and an emergency contact in case of problems. The emergency contact is a neighbor upstairs. Circumstances bring Jimmy to call on the neighbor. What happened that he had to call the neighbor? What happened after he called the neighbor? All I’m telling ya is read this story… it’s cute.

This one was sweet, also. You can’t help but feel for Jimmy being creeped out about babysitting a snake. Things that happen afterward are pretty hot.

If you like sort a sad stories, snakes, friends to lovers, History lessons, and hot man-sex you will love this one.

Along Came Spiders by Matthew Vandrew

Heat Level:  Mild

Hedge is on his way to work when an earthquake hits. A woman says a man may be injured and has a basement full of spiders. Hedge is a nurse and goes to help. Alec a police officer that was just going off duty tries to keep Hedge from going in, but Hedge insists.  They get trapped temporarily inside with loose spiders.

This was such a sweet romantic story even if it had spiders on the loose.

If you like police officers, male nurses, a sweet romance and spiders you will love this one!

Cuddling Up by Chris T. Kat

Heat Level:  Explicit

Paul was leaving work and it was raining cats and dogs (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun), so he goes back into the big cat house at the zoo where he works. (Real cats like lions and leopards and stuff)When he gets inside he finds Noah, his relief cuddled up with the Snow Leopard and her cubs. He watches, afraid if he startles them the leopard will hurt him.  When Noah finally exits the cage, Paul confronts him and an argument ensues. Paul goes into the shower to cool himself off and get out of his wet clothes. Noah follows him in.

I loved this story it was so sweet the scene with Noah and the snow leopard and the story of why he was in the cage. The sex was really hot, too.

I recommend this if you like, Snow Leopards and cubs, sweet stories, and hot man-sex.

New Tides by Avery Vanderlyle

Heat Level:  Mild

Steve had to take a job on the east coast and his boyfriend Eric had stayed on the West Coast. He works in aquatics with crabs.  After three years and trying the long distance relationship and failing they still kept in touch some and Steve really hadn’t moved on. Eric had. Steve’s favorite possession is a pencil with a crab on it that Eric had bought him when he graduated school. His pencil keeps coming up missing and found in strange places.  The new co-worker, Jan, studies octopi and has one named Cleo that he is studying its behavior. How does Cleo Bring Jan and Steve together when octopi aren’t one of Steve’s favorite marine animals?

I love this story it. It’s a sweet story about a man not wanting to let go of his love, but a strange occurrence helps him put Eric in his past and find new love. Even with no sex mentioned this story was so good and exciting.

I recommend this story to anyone that likes a sweet story with no sex, Octopi, crabs, marine biology and sexy men.

Care and Rehabilitation by Kim Fielding

Heat Level:  Mild

Ira is a history professor he is in mourning of losing his long- time partner to leukemia. He has his partner’s dog, a St. Bernard and she finds a baby bird. Ira is told of a person the takes birds in to rehabilitate. When he gets there, he finds the person is an ex student of his, that he had a mild crush on when he was in Ira’s class. Ironically, Caleb had had a major crush on Ira, too. Caleb is also in mourning of losing his mother a year ago and had taken over her business of taking in the injured birds that needed rehab. Can a baby bird and a St. Bernard be the path to both Ira and Caleb’s healing?

I absolutely loved this story. It has no actual sex, but the story is so sweet, yet sad with a happy ending.

If you love Birds, dogs sad but sweet stories of love lost and having to move on this one is super great!

Butterbean and the Pretty Princess Make A Home by R. Cooper

Heat Level:  Moderate

Riley and Eli are roommates. Eli is the best roommate Riley ever had. But, Eli and Riley are so different. Eli is quiet, large, and hairy, and from a wealthy family. Eli has tattoos, designs them and runs around with his friends that talk about Eli. Riley has been staying home more finding he enjoys Eli’s company. One night on his way home he finds two kittens in a box in the trash. He brings them in and Eli flips out. He is terrified, and thinks he has allergies. Can two abandoned kittens bring together two friends?

This story was so cute. Eli’s reaction to the kittens is hilarious.

If you like friends to lovers romance, a cute funny story, tattoos, and kittens you will love this one.

Jonno by Emily Gould

Heat level:  Mild

Ethan took a job in the wildlife park because his partner Louis had been giving him a hard time about not working. Their relationship seemed to be falling apart. On his first day at work a squirrel named Jonno bit him. He had to go to the onsite medic, Mitchell. He and Mitchell become good friends. Can A mean squirrel bring two friends together?

This was another cute sweet story. I felt so sorry for Ethan. Louis is such a prick. Ethan and his squirrel Jonno’s relationship is absolutely hilarious. The buildup of Mitchell and Ethan’s relationship is so sweet.

If you like squirrels, funny stories, sweet romances, and friends to lover’s romance.  Stories with a great relationship with no sex this one is a must read.

On Eagles Wings by A. J. Marcus

Heat Level:  Moderate

One day out hunting with his eagle, Gavin, a Falconer, finds Heath, a ranger on a cliff. He had been pushed by a poacher and broke his leg.  Gavin rescues him.  They both have been friends for a while and both live out in the wild alone. They find themselves even closer.

This is a very sweet story of a rescue that brings friends to lovers.

If you like eagles, hunting, wilderness, sweet hot man-sex and friends to lovers check this one out.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road by Skylar Jaye

Heat Level:  Mild

Gabe has chickens as pets. His neighbors don’t mind since he shares the eggs. Tracy and her son just moved across the street. Tracy came back to the country sick to spend the rest of her time. Aaron is having a hard time adjusting. One of Gabe’s chickens keeps getting out and going to Tracy’s, Aaron keeps returning her.   Aaron isn’t into one night stands and Gabe isn’t into commitment. Can a wandering chicken bring these two together?

This is another really cute sweet story of an animal bringing to men together as friends and possibly more.

If you love the country, stories with a bit of angst, chickens and friends to lovers, this one is a must read.

Tears for a Broken Sun by Minerva Wisting

Heat Level:  Explicit.

Akira runs a flower shop his parents left him. He has a crush on a customer that comes in every Friday. they have even had dinner a few times as friends, but he thinks Luca is straight. Wan, Akira’s dog is acting strangely this day. An earthquake comes and its bad and his house is wrecked inside. He starts walking the dog seeing people leaving for the shelters afraid of a tsunami. Wan keeps acting strangely so they head to shelter after seeing people on buildings. Luca comes up on a bicycle and gets Akira to run. A tsunami comes and they barely make it to a deserted building.   Akira is upset his entire house is destroyed and his shop. Why did Luca come to save him?

A very exciting keeps you on the edge of your seat story.

If you like a story with excitement, sadness, and a sweet friends to lovers. This one is great!

Stripped Bare by Lily Velden

Heat level:  Explicit w/some slightly vulgar language

Nick is an artist and at one of his exhibits a handsome stranger comes in.  He eyes one of the works then leaves. The next day he shows up at a talk and asks so many questions Nick feels he was stripped bare. After the talk, the customer meets with him and wants him to hold the three orbs until he can meet with his partner.  Michael shows up at his shop one day and Nick’s parrot, Ollie, that has a foul mouth   talks way too much. Does the fowl mouthed fowl bring them together?

This was a cute fun story. I loved the descriptions of the art and the story behind Ollie. It’s hilarious and hot.

If you like art, parrots and hot man-sex give this a go. It’s hilarious. Fun and fast paced.

Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle

Heat level:   Mild

Kai is nearly homeless and having to scrounge for food.  Desperate, he picks a man’s pocket. He gets 60 dollars and a new iPhone.  Atilla raises horses and runs a teaching school and his entire life is on the phone. He has money and doesn’t care about the 60 bucks. He sends a message and says you can keep the money, but please return the phone. He leaves another message you are much better than this. Kai feels bad and finally decides to return the phone. He goes all the way to Atilla’s horse ranch and gets overheated. One of Atilla’s horses that are wild and the only horse Atilla hasn’t been able to train takes up with Kai. How does a wild horse change a homeless desperate man’s life?

I liked this story. It was interesting how Atilla was so kind and generous to Kai. I had one problem with this story, however. I was reading and rooting for Kai and Atilla and the story just stopped. It really didn’t end or allude to an ending. It just felt like she ran out of time and cut off the story. I would have loved to found out what happened to Kai and Atilla.

If you love horses, stories full of desperation and a Good Samaritan keeps returning her.   This one is for you.

Show and Tell by Liz Makar

Heat Level:  Explicit

Damian is a kindergarten teacher and self-professed animal killer. Sam is the new owner of the local pet store. Damien is blackmailed by one of his students to get a new classroom pet after his latest tragedy.  He goes to the shop to find a snake and meets the new owner, Sam.

I think this was one of my favorites. It’s fast past sweet and so funny. These kids… the things they say.  The story is sweet, hot and full of humor.

I recommend this one to everyone.  But especially if you like snakes, turtles, dogs and funny kindergarteners, and hot man-sex.

The Conch Republic by G. S. Wiley

 Heat Level:  Mild

Randy is unemployed and living with his mom in Key West. He gets a job in a tourist shop and meets Jack.  Jack collects Conch shells and has a conch museum.

This is a sweet romance. I found it a bit rushed and it just suddenly ended. I’d have loved to see more of the romance between Jack and Randy maybe less of Randy’s sister Brett.

If you like beaches, Conch museums, stories about authors and book readings. Try this one.