Blah, Blah Valentine's Day by Kyle Adams

20447322Title: Blah, Blah Valentine’s Day

Series: N/A

Author: Kyle Adams

Genre: Humor and Contemporary

Length: Novella (39 Pages)


Publisher: MLR Press LLC. (February 14th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb:Valentine’s Day has always been one major suckfest for Andrew. He knows he is cursed and has resorted to avoiding everything even remotely related to the stupid “holiday.” Against his better judgment, Andrew lets his best friend talk him into attending a themed party one Valentine’s Day evening. Andrew spends the whole night cautiously waiting for his bad luck to kick in, nervous to see what disastrous situation he might find himself in. While at the party, Andrew meets Evan and is immediately attracted to him, but Andrew worries it will end in another Valentine’s debacle if he tries anything.

Can Evan convince Andrew he’s worth the risk or will this really be one more Valentine’s disaster?

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Review: I have always loved a funny story, one that will keep me laughing. This has the laughing down pat but it also has just a touch of seriousness. Kyle will get your attention with his stories every time.

Andrew has always thought that Valentine’s Day sucked so much that he thinks he is cursed. Being set up by his best friend ends up with him meeting Evan. At first, he is against the hookup but then the sheets are set on fire. Talk about hot and passionate, these sexy men have it going on. Now if he could just get over the feeling of being cursed.

I loved this story but wished it were longer in length. It was a cute way to get someone who hated the holiday’s to find a way to love it once more.

Prize Package by Kyle Adams

PrizePackageLGTitle: Prize Package

Series: 2013 Daily Dose: Make a play

Author: Kyle Adams

Genre: MM Contemporary

Length: Novelette

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 1st, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: When Jason Smith wins a contest he doesn’t remember entering, he earns a visit with The MeatGrinder, aka Trent Peterson. Trent expected a rabid fan; instead, he gets Jason, who knows nothing about wrestling, doesn’t care about the prizes, and would prefer to skip the official wrestling demo, please. Trent should be annoyed, but by the end of the day, Trent knows he wants more than one day with Jason. Now he just has to convince Jason that Trent is more than his alter ego.

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Review: Honestly, this short story was too damn hilarious and the best prelude to a real novel starring Jason and Trent. If there ever was one, I’d sure root for it.

So, here we have Jason. A guy that enters any contest he finds in his field of view out of pure compulsion and he’s never won anything. But this time he did. He is the winner of a contest that he has absolutely no idea what the heck it’s for. But, that doesn’t matter. No sir. What matters is that he won. Ah and it gets better. He gets to meet The MeatGrinder, a wrestling persona quite famous, although the wrestling part Jason couldn’t care less. What he cares about is the person behind the persona, Trent, who was his all-time college crush back when he was a very, very insecure person. Leading to regrets for never even attempting to talk with Trent. So now is his chance not only to dispel that longing, but to actually spend some time with his old crush, since part of the prize package is to hand out with him the entire day.

Hilarious, did I say that already? Well I don’t care. I’m going to repeat myself as often as I feel necessary, because it was too damn funny. Jason’s character made me laugh and laugh and like him even at his worse. Even when he got really laughable at some point and whiney at some others. He still was a fantastic character and damn it if he didn’t deserve some love there. And Trent, well, besides being hawt and gorgeous and incredibly sweet and adorable, that guy had the patience of a saint for putting up with Jason’s antics. I suppose it was refreshing for him to be with a person that didn’t suck up to him all the time; still in the context he came as quite lovable there.

And as for the wrestling part of the story, damn the entire plot from the moment Jason shows up at Trent’s place ‘til they reached the pool felt like this giant build up, with sexual innuendos and rubbing each other to the point of madness. Very sexy with some wrestling “training” scenes that made you think of anything but the actual sport.

In the end you were left with a very wholesome feeling that is hard to get when reading stories of such short length. Strongly recommended.