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Hi guys, we have Victoria Sue stopping by today with her new release The Innocent Auction, Victoria shares with us some details about her upcoming release, we have a great excerpt, a fantastic giveaway and Lisa’s review so check out the post and click that giveaway link <3 ~Pixie~

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The Innocent Auction


Victoria Sue

London 1810.

Their love was a death sentence.

Deacon, Viscount Carlisle, was aware of the slums and gin-lanes of London. Just as he was aware of the underground traffic that furnished the brothels and bath houses with human innocents. He was also aware that the so-called justice system would hang the accused without much of an attempt at a defense, unless the unfortunate had deep pockets to pay for it.

He just hadn’t expected to be directly involved in any of it.

It started with a plea for help and ended with forbidden love, the love between a Viscount and a stable-boy. An impossible love and a guarantee of the hangman’s noose.

Will Deacon fight for Tom? Will he risk the death sentence and take that fight from the stately halls of his English mansion to the horrors of Newgate Prison and the slums of London?

Or will he realize that if he doesn’t, death will be a welcome end to the loneliness of the sentence he is already living?

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The Bitter Rednesses of Love by Dominique Frost

18085969Title: The Bitter Rednesses of Love

Author: Dominique Frost

Genre: Regency, Steampunk

Length: Novella (84pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (18th June 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Anthony Clark, degenerate genius and impoverished nobleman, finds himself wedded to the painfully proper young aristocrat, Stephen Ayers. They’ve been pledged since before Stephen’s birth.

Will their marriage prove intolerable to them both, or will they find a happy equilibrium, instead? As Anthony teaches Stephen the pleasures of the body, will Stephen be able to teach Anthony the pleasures of the heart?

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Review: Anthony loves his life just the way it is; drinking, whoring and his inventions. But, the time has come for him to finally marry his betrothed, a man who is rich, handsome, and a prude. Stephen has known all his life who he is to marry and can only hope that his husband will give up his whoring ways, but knows there is little chance. When Anthony finally realizes just who he truly wants, will he be able to crack the shell his husband has erected around his heart to prevent further hurt?

This is a great little novella of a regency timeline that incorporates just a touch of Steampunk and gay marriage. Anthony is in his thirties and has enjoyed his life of freedom to the fullest. Marriage isn’t something he wants, but his betrothed is of age and the time has come to settle down. Although, he has plans that don’t quite involve giving up all his vices. Stephen is twenty-one and has saved himself for his husband. He is resigned to the fact that he will not be able to change his husband, but after a great start to his marriage, hope begins to grow until it is shattered by one careless act.

I found this story to be quite sweet with the way that Anthony suddenly realizes that his husband has crawled under his skin and wormed his way into his heart. I liked the way that Stephen was willing to give Anthony a chance until he betrayed his trust and I really liked how Stephen doesn’t back down on his stance or just forgive Anthony. Anthony really gets a shock when Stephen turns his back on him and he begins to realize what a mistake he made. He does try his best to prove he has changed, but the damage has already been done. it takes a terrible accident to bring them together again.

The Steampunk aspect is very loose, based on steam engines and developing machinery used in battle, it is an occupation that keeps Anthony busy. Anthony isn’t a very likeable man at first, but he does grow on you and you like Stephen straight away for his sweet innocence.

I recommend this if you like Steampunk tinged regency, an innocent falling in love and being hurt, a rake who falls in love despite his plans and a very happy ending.


Randall's Romance by Lee Brazil in collaboration with Raven McAllen

17880856Title: Randall’s Romance

Series:  Behind Closed Doors Book 1

Author: Lee Brazil~ In Collaboration with Raven McAllan~

Genre: Historical

Length: Novella

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (May 2nd, 2013)

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Heat: Explicit

Blurb: Behind Closed Doors, 1

When Randall Gretton’s father leaves his family behind to seek out his lost love, Randall finds an unexpected sympathy in his father’s actions. The dashing soldier takes completely to heart his father’s advice to his children, “If you are fortunate enough to find love, and then seize it.”

Is a chance encounter at a masquerade Randall’s chance at lifetime love?

Be warned: m/m sex, sex toys

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Be warned:  m/m sex, sex toys

After a tryst at a masquerade party, Randall finds himself intrigued by the man he thought was his lover, but found out, too late, was not.  He wants to see the mystery man again, but will he be able to handle the truth of who his mystery man is?

This was a beautifully written Regency romance full of hot sex, mystery intrigue and true love.   I loved this collaboration between two fantastic authors and can’t wait for the next one.  I thought the sex was graphic and hot, but well written into the mystery and intrigue. So well that it came off also loving and sensual. Very good story by two great Authors!

Recommendation: If you like Regency romance, mystery, intrigue, very hot graphic sex, Lee Brazil or Raven McAllen you won’t be disappointed.

Adrian's Librarian by Hollis Shiloh

AdriansLibrarianLGTitle: Adrian’s Librarian

Author: Hollis Shiloh

Genre: Regency

Length: Novella (103pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (22nd May 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥2 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: One night at a masquerade party, rakish Adrian Knowles kisses the wrong man by mistake and meets Oliver Windham. Feisty yet wary and broken, Ollie desperately needs a friend. Almost against his will, Adrian finds himself playing the hero… and falling in love. 

Adrian hires Ollie to set his library to rights—after having his servants put all the books out of order. He promises himself he’ll treat Ollie only as a friend, but Ollie quickly becomes the only man he wants.

A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma.

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Review: Adrian mistakes a young man catching some air for his secret rendezvous. After kissing the man and apologizing he listens to his tale of woe and decides he has to do something to help the appealing young man. Oliver finds himself in an untenable position when his uncle turns him out and he falls into the hands of a procurer. With no one to turn to and no way of finding employment, Oliver has to accept his fate. until Adrian comes to his rescue and offers him the job of librarian. But, Oliver is still wary, after all why would someone of Adrian’s station help a man like him?

This is a very gentle paced Regency romance, of a young man who is struggling to survive and a well-to-do gentleman who takes him under his wing. Adrian falls under the innocent charms of a younger man when he mistakenly kisses him. Taking him into his home as a librarian, Adrian can’t help but wish for more. Oliver is wary of his new employer, the man kissed him! Oliver has been bruised in the past and it led to him being homeless. Now Oliver has to trust his instincts and he blooms under his new employer’s roof. When Oliver discovers his feelings for Adrian are romantic in nature, he has to convince Adrian it is something he really wants.

Oliver and Adrian made a decent couple, but it is a very tentative friendship at first with Oliver’s fear and wariness shining through and Adrian’s suppressed longings and yearnings. The relationship is slow-paced, with Oliver learning to trust Adrian and when they do begin to explore the relationship deeper it is still drawn out slowly. The storyline is quite good with a wealthy gentleman coming to the rescue of a man fallen on hard times. A man who has been misused in the past and needs protecting. the wealthy gentleman falls in love, but doesn’t think his affections will be returned.   

I found this story to be a little bit too much at times, Oliver crying and Adrian’s yearnings just drove me mad. I really felt at times that it was getting Mill’s and Boon’s sappy and a really early Mill’s and Boon at that. The attitudes were completely wrong for the timeline as well, men crying!! Offering comfort!! Not in Regency England they didn’t. I really did want to enjoy this story more, but it just didn’t sit right. Because it felt like Adrian was treating Oliver like a female with delicate sensibilities, rather than as another man.

I will recommend this to those who love young man in distress, a dashing gentleman rushing to the rescue, falling in love in harsh times, gentle love and a very happy ending. 


A Gentleman's Agreement by J. Roman

GentlemansAgreementLGTitle: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Author: J. Roman

Genre: Regency, Christmas

Length: Novella (100pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st December 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Thomas Derrik is about to have the worst Christmas of his life. Three days before the holiday, he finds out the father he doesn’t get along with is arriving on Christmas Eve, his ex-lover and new brother-in-law will be staying at his estate until the New Year, and his beloved brother, Edmund, has died.

Luckily, Edmund’s last holiday scheme may well save Thomas’s Christmas: Henry Appleby, a young lord fresh from the Continent, has arranged to court Thomas. But the family tragedy and jealous exes may put an end to the romance before it begins.

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Review: Thomas is facing a horrid Christmas. His brother has died, his lover married his sister and his father is heading home for the holidays. But, Edmund, his brother, had put a plan into action and it looks like Christmas just might be a merry one after all. Henry knew Edmund well and agreed to the plan along with Henry’s sister and Thomas’s father. Now, they just have to see if they can charm Thomas, but with a bitter ex on the grounds and Thomas being hurt once it just might take a miracle.

This is a wonderful regency romance with a twist to the happiness and a very broadminded father. Thomas is dreading Christmas, his father is coming home, he has just received news that his brother has died and his sister and her husband (his ex-lover) are staying over Christmas. But, when he meets Henry and his sister, things start to look up. And, they nearly get damn right happy, when he discovers his late brother’s plan. Henry is delighted when he meets Thomas. He can see his friend’s plan working well. But, when Thomas’s ex throws a spanner in the works, Henry decides to give Thomas a night he will never forget.

I really enjoyed this story. I have to admit to having a huge soft spot for Regency men and their clandestine relationships and this is a perfectly clandestine courtship. Thomas has been severely hurt in the past by a callous lover, but when Henry comes on the scene he shows Thomas of a new way to live and they just seem so well suited. I loved both these men and thought that Thomas was well rid of his ex-lover, Darrow. The storyline was great and I loved the twist and I especially loved Edmund’s plan. While I loved this story I am going to have to demand a story for Jonah and one for the other couple in this book… or maybe they could be combined *wink wink*.

I am recommending this to those who love Regency romances, great characters, passionate kisses, a jealous ex-lover, a miracle with a very interesting story and a very happy ending.

Less Than All by Lee Brazil

*Note* Book details have been updated to the 2nd edition release.
Lee Brazil - Lee Than All 325x487Title: Less Than All

Author: Lee Brazil

Genre: Historical, Regency (1800+)

Length: Short (63pgs)

Publisher: Lee Brazil (14th June 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Nicholas Danville doesn’t trust his lover, certain Victor cannot share the depth of his attraction. With him only for now, Victor must marry to fulfill his duty to his family. Surely that will mean the end of their liaison?

A youthful indiscretion leads to a humiliating encounter between Nicholas Danville and Lord Victor Ware. Nicholas returns home in disgrace, and Victor continues life in the Ton. Years later, Nicholas’s reproving parents send him to town to attain a degree of polish before he prepares for life as a member of the clergy.

A chance encounter with an old friend leads to a new confrontation between Nicholas and Victor. This time, the attraction between them burns brighter, Nicholas is old enough to know his own mind, and Victor is done with self-denial.

From ballrooms to gardens and opera houses, Victor sets about proving that a passionate liaison between two men is possible even under the narrow gaze of the Ton.

Purchase Link: Amazon: Lee Brazil – Less Than All

ARe: Lee Brazil – Less Than All

Review: Nicholas has a crush on Victor, his best friend’s older brother, but he knows that it is futile as Victor has to carry on the family name…even if he did notice him. Victor burns for Nicholas, but doesn’t act on it. Instead, sending Nicholas away, after catching him with his brother. But, now years later, he can’t fight the pull anymore. But, Nicholas won’t give him what he wants most, because Nicholas doesn’t believe Victor loves him.

This is a well written regency romance, showing a difficult time for gay men and their relationships. Victor finally gives into his longing for Nicholas, but Nicholas begins to run, Nicholas realizes that what he feels is deeper than just a fling and he panics when he realizes that Victor will have to marry and have children. Victor can’t understand why Nicholas is backing off and gets demanding with Nicholas. It is only later, after a heart to heart with Victor’s brother, that Nicholas wants to grab the memories with both hands.

Victor is typical of a Lord; he demands and his demands are met. But, with Nicholas, he can’t have what he demands and instead of asking and finding out why Nicholas refuses, he threatens Nicholas instead. Nicholas wants more than a passing fling and he does get in over his head with Victor. The thing is, they complement each other well, but because of the era, it’s a struggle for both of them. It isn’t until both of them confide in good friends, do they maybe see a solution. I liked the story and I thought the characters were well done for the time period. Both men’s attitudes also reflected that time and what sex we do see is erotic and hot.

I will recommend this to those who love historicals, regency, secret lovers, hot sex and a happy for now ending.



The Rapier Brothers by Megan Derr

Title: The Rapier Brothers

Author: Megan Derr

Genre: Fantasy/Historical/Regency type

Length: 3 Short Stories (74pgs)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (20th April 2010)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Tales of brothers, swords, and the men they most desire…

Main Gauche—Though he was born to nobility, the loss of first his father, and then his mother, has left Dagger a peasant. His stepfather is cruel and greedy, and refuses to claim Dagger as his own. Instead of living the life for which he was meant, Dagger spends his days as the apprentice to a blacksmith. He spends his days sharpening the swords of others, rather than practicing with his own. He pines for the life he does not have–and for the handsome lord who frequents the smithy.

Then the King calls for a tournament to show off his son, the Crown Prince. The chance to be a duelist again, to see the lord he so admires but can never have, is more than Dagger can resist…

1000 Victories—Epee loathes the noble life; his heartless father, his overbearing brother, the hypocrites he must call peers. He wants the simpler, ordinary life of a peasant. It is a life he is slowly working toward, and soon to hold in his grasp, no matter the consequences.

All that holds him back is Lord Sharp, the man he has long loved but never been able to win. But, he is very close to winning his thousandth victory over Lord Sharp in the dueling ring. With that 1000th victory, Epee hopes to win at last the man he loves more than even freedom…

The Perfect Son—Sabre has always lived according to the wishes and desires of his father, to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. His father’s eldest son, he strives to be what his father wants. He is affluent, educated, a talented duelist, respected, and feared. He is everything he is supposed to be.

Except happy.

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Review: Megan Derr has again shown us what a wonderful touch she has with gentle romance. In this trinity of stories which starts with Main Gauche (which has a Cinderfella feel to it) we are treated to some wonderful feel good stories where anything is possible.

In the Main Gauche Dagger lives with his step-father and two step brothers, everything was taken away from him when his mother died and she trusted her husband to take care of Dagger, which never happened instead he is working at a Blacksmiths dreaming about one of the customers and of being a gentleman again. Katan is the Crown Prince and he is intrigued by the mysterious Main Gauche, he wishes to get to know the man after the competition but he disappears.

A wonderful feel good story, which is a wonderful rendition of Cinderella with a very heavy male view.

In 1000 Victories we have Epee who has had a crush on Sharp for many years, he set out to prove himself to Sharp but now a figure from the past has emerged to thwart him again. Sharp used to like Epee but an allegation ruined that friendship and now a day hardly passes without them dueling. When the past comes to light Sharp realizes what has always been in front of him.

An incredible story that shows the lengths that some men will go to, to capture the men they love.

In The Perfect Son we have Sabre who has thrown his life away trying to please his father but when his father forgets his birthday it is the catalyst that sets Sabre in motion to take his own life back. Lash meets Sabre at an Inn and sets about to seduce the man, they have a couple of perfect days before Lash disappears and Sabre returns to what was his life.

A great story that shows that love can be anywhere and can hit you unexpectedly.

These three stories are a treat to read as we get the stories of all three brothers from their own points of view, each finding love in his own way and overcoming the iron hand of their father and step-father to become the men they want to be. This one I will recommend to those who like regency-feel stories, happy endings and the more romantic side of love.