Accidentally Mated by Lynn Tyler

AccidentallyMated-LynnTyler-500x750Title: Accidentally Mated
Series: Fraser Lake Pack, #1 (NOTE: This is a companion series to the Called to Mate series by Lynn Tyler)
Author: Lynn Tyler
Genre: MM Shifter Romance
Length: Novel (202 pages)
Publisher: Lynn Tyler Books (June 22nd 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Tristan Massey didn’t set out to become the alpha of Fraser Lake’s werewolf pack. All he wanted to do was borrow a car. But he couldn’t ignore the dangerous direction his beloved pack was heading in.

Jake Trenton, tiger shifter, has a secret far more important than his unrequited love for his best friend. One that he will do anything to protect, even move thousands of miles away from everything he’s ever loved.

One night of passion ends with a mistake that ties them together for life and ends in disaster. While Tristan struggles with the consequences of letting go of his rigid control, Jake must decide whether he can show, and accept, his true nature.


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Reviewer: Tams

Review: Note: This series is a companion series to the Called to Mate series by Lynn Tyler. While you can read this book without having read the others, there is a storyline for both men in the Called to Mate series that might be important to read.

Jake Trenton is hiding a secret that is far more volatile than the love he harbors for his best friend. Hiding ones true nature is enough to drive anyone insane, but Jake has to hide his feelings for Pierce as well. Add to that what his father did to the Smooth Rock Falls pack and Jake finds himself searching for anywhere else to be besides the Falls.

Tristan Massey never wanted to be Alpha, but when his Alpha loses focus on what’s best for the pack, Tristan has no choice but to challenge him and step up. He makes the trip to the Falls to try to find an Omega for his pack, what he finds is tiger shifter looking for a way out. Tristan offers Jake sanctuary within his pack and as much as it pains Jake to leave Pierce, he knows he has to cut that string and move on.

The attraction is immediate, but both men tamp it down. Jake fears anyone in his new pack learning his true nature so he doesn’t share it with anyone, not even Tristan. And Tristan refused to act on the attraction feeling that his pack won’t accept a gay Alpha.

When they finally succumb to the attraction Tristan’s wolf does what he has wanted to do since the day they laid eyes on Jake, he claims what is theirs. But Tristan still refuses to admit their mating out loud, actually denying it when asked point blank, and in doing so he drives Jake right back to the Falls.

Called to Mate has always been one of my favorite shifter series and this new spin off promises to be just as good, if not better, than the first. My heart broke for Jake when he was first introduced into the series, how he tried to overcome the wrongs of his father. And now we have Tristan who has to learn that appearance isn’t everything, while he thinks telling his pack he is gay and showing them he loves Jake will make him look weak. He has to learn the love they share will only make them stronger.

As usual, Tyler has this way of showing the vulnerability in characters and then allowing them to grow through love and understanding with her writing. I was drawn into the story from the start and it never lost my attention. The flow was steady, the characters were three-dimensional and the storyline was strong.

Tristan is strong and passionate even though he’s pigheaded at times as well. Jake is soft and sensual and it’s his level headedness that balances the pack. Now the two of them as a couple have to find their balance.

Definitely a must read for fans of Tyler’s former series as well as anyone that likes shifter stories, strong Alpha male romance and rocky road that leads to the perfect Happy Ever After.

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Date Night by Lynn Tyler

914FFTQuTqL._SL1500_Title: Date Night
Author: Lynn Tyler
Series: Pack Mates, #3.5
Length: Short (17 pages)
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books (February 9th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Date night has never been hotter! Shannon and Gray are beginning to think they’ll never get “alone time” again. But Declan and Quinn have plans for these two desperate shifters. Sit back and enjoy Lynn Tyler’s latest short story in the bestselling Pack Mates series, Date Night.

Shannon’s getting desperate. Between teething, colds, and night shifts, he and Gray haven’t been together in weeks. Hell, he’s pretty sure Gray’s three nieces are working together to make sure he never gets any loving from Gray again. But it’s Declan and Quinn to the rescue and Shannon suddenly finds himself in a hotel room with an equally desperate mate.

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Intercourse, Anal Play, Paranormal, Shifters, Contemporary, GLBT, MM

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Review: Shannon and Gray are committed to their relationship, pack, and family. But lately, between raising three little girls and Gray’s job at the hospital, the relationship part needs a little more attention. So when Declan and Quinn offer to watch the girls so Shannon and Gray can have a date night, it’s an offer they can’t resist.

Gray takes Shannon back to the hotel where they first claimed each other with the mate bond and the spark that has simmering just under the surface for weeks, finally ignites.

This is by far my favorite MM Shifter series. Tyler always pays extra attention to those little details and nuances that make each couple in her stories unique. Shannon and Gray are all but overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising the girls, but they are determined to make sure each of them knows how much they love each other.

Stolen moments and kisses in the few minutes in between bottles, dinners, and bedtime stories just aren’t enough right now. They have a mutual itch that must be scratched.

Short, Sexy and Steamy! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A Called to Mate Christmas by Lynn Tyler

acalledtomatechristmasTitle: A Called To Mate Christmas
Author: Lynn Tyler
Series: Pack Mates, #2.5
Genre: Shifter Romance
Length: Short (17 pages)
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books (December 15th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Blurb: Quinn’s thrilled Declan’s being so romantic during the Christmas season and he’s determined to do something just as awesome for his mate. But Declan seems to have his own plans.

Curl up and enjoy a bit of holiday spirit in Lynn Tyler’s A Called to Mate Christmas, a special addition to her paranormal romance series, Pack Mates.

Quinn has been blessed with a very romantic mate. Twelve days before Christmas, the gifts start pouring in, some sweet, some spicy. But now the book and video game he’d purchased for Declan seem pale in comparison.

All it takes is a visit to an online adult store and a little help from Cullen to arrange for the best gift Quinn can give Declan.

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Intercourse, D/s Elements, Light BDSM, Paranormal, Shifters, Contemporary, GLBT, M/M

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Reviewer: Tams

Review: With Christmas fast approaching, Quinn worries that his gifts for his mate, Declan, won’t express his love for him. So he talks One of Declan’s betas into helping him set the perfect gift in motion. Now he just has to convince Declan that he is sincere, and that he truly wants what he is offering him.

Short, Sexy and Steamy… the perfect complement to this amazing shifter series. Declan and Quinn are definitely hopeless romantics and they cannot get enough of each other, cannot seem to be able to touch each other quite enough. Quinn hopes to give Declan the ultimate gift, to prove to his mate that he trusts him implicitly, now if only Declan will cooperate.

There was so much emotion conveyed in so few pages I was just blown away. But then, Tyler’s shifter stories are also emotionally driven. This is a must read series, I would say you could even start with this short story and make sure you can bond with the characters, then go back and start from the beginning.

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Michael's Heart by Lynn Tyler

91L9ImVtfRL._SL1500_Title: Michael’s Heart
Series: Pack Mates book #4
Author: Lynn Tyler
Genre: Contemporary M/M Shifter series
Length: Novel (175 pages)
Publisher: Liquid Silver books (June 2nd 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate to Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Michael and Justin have both been hurt in the past, but when these two solitary, lonely werewolves find each other, they must decide if they’re willing to risk everything for love. Lynn Tyler presents Michael’s Heart, Book 4 of her paranormal romance series, Pack Mates.

Michael Ferris lives a solitary life, even as a werewolf within the confines of the Smooth Rock Falls pack. Not willing to risk getting hurt again, he’s built an impenetrable wall around his heart that only a few had even a chance of chipping away at. His job as a firefighter helps to keep his mind off his solitude for a while, but when he meets the right guy, Michael doesn’t know if he can let him in.

Justin Blake isn’t lonely by choice. In fact, he’s not even aware of just how lonely he is until he lays eyes on the handsome firefighter. As the shifter negotiator, Justin finds himself hopelessly drawn to Michael while helping to ease new shifters onto pack lands.

Can two hurting, lost souls heal each other, or will fear keep them apart even as the Smooth Rock Falls pack grows larger?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GBLT, Paranormal, Shifters, M/M, Wolves, Other Weres, Contemporary
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Review: Michael Ferris is content living his life as a fire fighter and a member of the Smooth Rock Falls pack. Recently though, more of his pack mates are meeting their mates, including his best friend since birth, Grayson. Michael feels the loneliness and continues to occupy his time with work, the pack and his friends. As much as he wants something more, he has an overwhelming fear of being hurt by anyone he loves. So he ignores his attraction to the sexy pack Lawyer Justin. Avoiding the man at all cost.

Justin stays very busy as a successful attorney, the pack lawyer and the shifter negotiator. But he to feels the loneliness on the rare occasion he allows himself to think about being alone. From that first moment he ran into the large, in charge Fire fighter, literally ran into Michael, and spilled his coffee down Michael’s shirt, he’s been smittin. And the spark only grows stronger when they finally shake hands and Justin feels the familiar tingle of electricity that is a sign to any shifter that they have found their mate.

Michael fights him tooth and nail. Michael’s wolf recognizes that the lawyer shifter is his mate and makes it difficult, and Michael going to Justin when the lust builds to take the edge off, then fleeing as soon as his mind clears is only making matters worse. Justin has fallen head over heels in love with his large, sexy fire fighter wolf. But he doesn’t want to be hurt either, and every time Michael pulls away, it tears him apart. Can Michael sift through all the pain and anger he holds inside over what his parents did to him, and find a way to let Justin in? Or will Justin tire of the back and forth yo-yoing that Michael is putting him through and give up the man entirely?

I am absolutely enamoured with the characters that I fell in love with in book one. And throughout this current story, Tyler has set herself up for several new couplings in future instalments. This time around, we not only have the Smooth Rock Falls pack but also they are welcoming several Tiger shifters who wish to have as much protection as possible for their Tiger Omega. And since the pack has been successful in keeping their own Omega, Quinn the alphas mate, protected the Tiger counsel sends Pierce to the pack for added protection. This doesn’t go without incident that was not fully explored, so perhaps that will be the core of the next book. Especially since Tyler briefly shows an attraction to Pierce from one of his most loyal bodyguards.

Several things start their course in this book that didn’t reach their final destination, so we have a ton of potential for this series going forward. I highly recommend you read these books, but start with the first one because all of the pack members are prominent characters throughout each book, so you’ll need to start at the beginning to have the whole picture!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

The Wolf's Tiger by Lynn Tyler

91Gx+EAcYLL._SL1500_Title:  The Wolf’s Tiger

Series:  Pack Mates, Book #3

Author:  Lynn Tyler

Genre:   Paranormal Shifter Romance

Length:  Novel (272 pages)

Publisher:  Liquid Silver books (December 23rd 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: He’s a tough, strong wolf shifter – raising his three young nieces will be a snap. Sure, it will! Enter a sexy tiger-shifter-turned-nanny and things really start to get interesting. The Wolf’s Tiger is the passionate new addition to Lynn Tyler’s hot, paranormal romance series, Pack Mates.

All Grayson Mitchell, a wolf shifter, wants to do is raise his nieces in peace and maybe get a full night’s sleep while he’s at it. But between his job as an emergency room nurse and the demands of the three little girls, sleep seems far off. He needs someone who can help him out with the girls, and a nanny seems like the ideal solution.

Shannon Cho is a tiger shifter who was banished from his pride for being too powerful. But he doesn’t want to lead. He wants to devote his life to children. Answering an ad for a nanny is the opportunity he’s been waiting for.

But what happens when the two men cross the line between employer and employee? Will love flourish? Or will the secret that’s been kept from the Smooth Rock Falls pack tear everything apart?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GLBT, Light BDSM

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  This is the third book in a series that I highly recommend you read in order to fully appreciate the storyline and the various characters.

Grayson Mitchell (Gray) is a wolf shifter, ER nurse, and unexpected new father. His sister and brother-in-law were killed in an accident leaving him the primary care giver for his three young nieces. Declan and Quinn, Gray’s alpha and the alphas mate, are really pitching in and helping as much as they can, as well as the other members of the Smooth Rock Falls pack. But there is only so much they can do and Gray soon realizes he’s going to need some help.

Shannon Cho is perfectly happy on his own. As a Tiger shifter, it’s in his nature to be a loner. He was forced out of his pride because of his strength, although it was all for not, because Shannon doesn’t want to lead anyone. He just wants to care for children, it’s what he loves, and he’s good at it. He answers Gray’s ad for a nanny and is hired pretty much on the spot, with Declan’s approval of course.

The attraction is immediate and mutual, but neither Gray nor Shannon wants to cross that line at the start. Chemistry can only be denied for so long and soon the overwhelming pull they feel to one another wins. They settle into a comfortable relationship and they both fight to urge to claim the other as their mate. A dinner with the other pack members one night proves to everyone just how powerful Shannon truly is when he perceives Gray to be in danger.

But there is more still. All the while Gray, Shannon and the girls are adjusting to a new lifestyle and the pack is getting accustomed to the new Tiger in their midst; an old enemy is dancing in the shadows. Declan puts the pack on lock down when they find evidence that Shannon and the girls are in danger. When their enemy puts Gray’s life in danger, said enemy better watch out, because he now has a four hundred pound tiger on his ass!

I do love this series, I’ve become completely invested in all the shifters from the Smooth Rock Falls pack, and this newest installment did not disappoint! Action, suspense, sticky sex, intrigue, and waffles were just floating off the pages. The interactions between the characters as the pack faced a threat to one of their own and quickly went into protection mode. And then Gray, Shannon and the girls getting to know one another and becoming a strong family unit somewhere along the way. It was all woven together seamlessly and the writing flowed consistently from start to finish. I devoured this book in one setting.

If you are a fan of strong alpha males, gay shifters, steamy romance and some intense action then the Pack Mates series is a must read.

Micah's Refuge by Lynn Tyler

micahsrefugeTitle:  Micah’s Refuge

Series:  Pack Mates, Book 2

Author:  Lynn Tyler

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Novella (70 pages)

Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books (June 24th, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Faced with the choice of hunting down and killing his human lover or being banished from his pack, werewolf Micah is forced to leave everything and everyone he loves. He finds a new pack in Northern Ontario that is willing to give him refuge. Determined to start over, Micah hopes to find a mate he can settle down with in Smooth Rock Falls.

Forensic chemist, Shea, rarely gets any down time, and that’s fine with him. As much as he loves his pack, he’s a bit of a loner with no wish for a mate. After all, his slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a fear of having anyone count on him do not make him mate material. But when a new wolf joins the pack, Shea experiences emotions he’s never dealt with before, turning his whole tidy world upside down.

Micah is well aware Shea isn’t looking for a mate and doesn’t know if he should pursue the genius or if he should look for a mate elsewhere. But when tragedy strikes and passion ignites, can Shea just let Micah walk away?

One man in need of sanctuary, another in need of emotional security … together they will find the refuge they have both been seeking. Lynn Tyler steams up the pages with passion and desire in the newest addition to her Pack Mates series, Micah’s Refuge.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Short, Sexy, and Steamy… my three favorite colors! Micah is new to the Smooth Rock Falls pack, having been forced out of his former pack because he refused to kill the human he’d slept with. When he learns that, his new Alpha is not only gay, but also mated to a man as well. He’s certain he’s made the right choice for his new pack.

Shea is drawn to Micah pretty much immediately, and the feeling is mutual. A loner at heart, he fights the pull to Micah. His emotions, his head, and his wolf are at war amongst themselves. His heart wants to love, but fears getting hurt. He’s never felt this way and it scares him. But, his wolf is ready to claim his mate. Micah tries hard to get Shea to agree to be his mate. But, Shea continues to back pedal, eventually pushing Micah towards another wolf that is all too willing to snag the big, sexy wolf. Shea finally admits he’s fallen in love with the other shifter when Micah lands in the hospital after an accident. But is it too late to claim him?

Full of passion, intensity and some steamy guy on guy action, Refuge will leave you wanting more from this elusive pack of shifters. I can’t wait to see what Tyler has up her sleeve next for this pack. If you are a fan of strong alpha males, sexy shifters, hot and sweaty man sexiness and a HEA, this is a must read for you.

Redeemed by Lynn Tyler

15853253Title:  Redeemed

Series:  N/A

Author:  Lynn Tyler

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Novel (102 pages)

Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books (August 26th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   The angel Gabriel has been expelled from Heaven due to pride and a lack of compassion for the humans he has been tasked with guiding. The only way to be re-instated into Heaven is to get a human to fall in love with him and give up their life for him. Gabe resigns himself to a long, mortal life since he has no desire to become intimate, either physically or emotionally, with a human, whom he thinks are below him.

Josh is a brilliant, young cardiothoracic surgeon who has been hurt by a boyfriend before. When he meets Gabe, the man with the name of an angel and the face to match, he is convinced to give a relationship another chance.

Will Gabe be able to overcome his pride and let himself fall for the surgeon or will Josh be hurt all over again?

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Short, Sexy, and Steamy… my three favorite colors! Blend that with an Archangel guilty of the sin of Vanity and that makes this a must read story!

God and Archangel have come to the conclusion that fellow AA Gabriel needs to be taught a lesson. Although successful on his missions with the humans, he is quite vain and taken on the attitude that humans are worthless and beneath him. Having been expelled from Heaven until he learns the error of his ways and makes a human fall in love with him, he has concluded that he will be stuck on earth forever. Enter Dr. Josh. Gabriel is instantly attracted to the charismatic doctor and decides he has found his target. He’ll make this eager young man fall in love with him, give up his life, and earn his way back into heaven.

Becoming emotionally and physically attached to Josh wasn’t in the game plan. Even if I did see the ending of this book coming a mile away, the ride there was such fun! As the story progresses and Gabriel grows a conscious you are drawn into this unconventional love story. Tyler wraps it in down to earth issues and struggles and conveys Gabriel’s inexperience with actual feelings magnificently.

Gabriel is presented as perfection, but it is only skin deep. His struggle with the absolutely foreign concept of feelings was the best part of this book for me. Jealously, love, anger, attraction and pure need are not feelings he’s used to, and to see him progress through these different stages of his relationship with Josh are liken to watching a newborn growing up in fast forward.

So, when we come toward the end and Gabriel finally gets what he thinks he wanted all along, is it truly what he wants?

Be warned… there is some extremely hot and definitely steamy M/M… Angel/Human sex gracing the pages of this short story. I give this one 4/5.

Called to Mate by Lynn Tyler

16233154Title:  Called to Mate

Series:  Pack Mates, Book 1

Author:  Lynn Tyler

Genre:   Paranormal Romance

Length:  Novella (79 Pages)

Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books (December 3rd 2012

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Declan’s chance to be the alpha of his pack has finally come, but in order to take over he needs to find a mate. Finding the gorgeous and fragile Quinn living in his parents’ home, his body heats for no other.

Quinn is a submissive male wolf who has spent most of his life abused by his former alpha. However, being mated to his new pack’s alpha provides him with a level of safety he’s never known before, and a whole new world of passion and lust.

Just as their love begins to blossom, a wolf from Quinn’s past threatens the happiness he’s found in Declan’s arms

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Declan has come home to take over as alpha of his pack. His father is stepping down to join the council. The last thing he expected to find when he arrived was skittish shifter, Quinn, sleeping on the floor in his parents’ living room. Quinn has taken sanctuary within Declan’s pack at the urging of the council, after suffering mentally and physically at the hands of his former Alpha for being gay and a submissive wolf. Declan is immediately, intensely and insanely protective of Quinn and these two fall in love almost as fast as they fall into bed!

Boy meets Boy and they live happily ever after, nope! Someone from Quinn’s former pack threatens to destroy not only Declan and Quinn’s newfound love, but also the entire pack. Add to that the unease that has settled over the pack where Quinn is concerned and the fact that his Alpha/Mate is keeping secrets from him and the plot thickens.

What I liked most about this story was the aspect of touch, Declan talks about it several times throughout the story. These wolves thrive on touch; they hug, shake hands, have lots of hot sex (bonus!), and once Quinn is exposed to this he thrive as well. With his former pack, Quinn was neglected and abused, only touched as a negative and he withered, never able to shift. With his newfound pack, he flourishes, as touch becomes a positive. Not to mention being claimed by the Alpha! As short as this book was, there was still some great character interaction and plot development. I didn’t like that Declan was being secretive, but Tyler made up for it by letting his beta tell him just how asinine he was being.

If you like gay romance, sexy alpha male shifters and a little bit of mystery and intrigue, this is definitely a book for you. Book 2, Micah’s Refuge, is out June 24th. Stay tuned for my review on the next installment in this series, I will tell you that it does not disappoint!!