Crazy from the Heat by Mercy Celeste

91ZzQZnbTtL._SL1500_Title: Crazy from the Heat
Series: N/A
Author: Mercy Celeste
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (161 pages)
Publisher: MJC Press (April 17, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Life is like high school.
For Grey Talbot teaching high school history was a choice. When a gorgeous blond punk of a kid walks into his class with attitude to spare, Grey fears his choice might just be his undoing.

High school kids kept getting younger and Paul Gaines stayed the same. Moving from one city narcotics unit to the next, his youthful looks and slender body made him a perfect undercover cop for the job.

Meeting the professor wasn’t part of the deal. The man was smart sexy and off-limits even if he was younger than Paul.

For Grey getting involved with one of his students, even if that student wore a badge meant playing with fire. Fire that could burn them both.

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Reviewer: Artemis

Review: When I first read the summary of this book, I was a little bit worried about the whole student/teacher concept. I’m not a huge fan of adults and underage kids in a romance book! But, we learn very early on in the book that Paul is not really a student but an undercover cop trying to bust a narcotics ring. Despite the big reveal to the professor, no one else can know so while there is the whole ‘forbidden’ relationship angst. It isn’t creepy for the reader to be reading about a student/teacher relationship.

I loved that the author gave Grey an outwardly prim and preppy attitude but a touch of bad boy underneath. I really think his character was perfect! Just enough concern for his students matched with a bit of attitude and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Paul is dedicated to his job as an undercover narcotics officer, although getting sick of playing the part of student because of his slim and youthful appearance. While he knows that falling for the professor is a no no, he just can’t seem to help himself!

There was a good balance in the book between Paul and Grey’s relationship and the investigation of the narcotics ring. I was definitely surprised at the outcome of the case but won’t go into details and spoil the story! I did think the end was a little bit rushed…I would have liked a bit more of a wrap up than we were given, although it ends with a HEA so I was happy.

The passion between these two characters is intense but the emotions are there, too. Nobody is jumping into bed right away and there was a nice buildup of both story and relationship before things get too serious.

I am always going to buy a Mercy Celeste book and definitely recommend this one as well. It is sweet and sexy with a great story line and wonderful attention to details. I loved it and will be reading it again…probably more than

Two Point Conversion by Mercy Celeste

20983514Title: Two Point Conversion

Series: I hope so!

Author: Mercy Celeste

Genre: Contemporary Twin Romance

Length: Novel, 120 pages

Publisher: Self Pub (March 4th 2014)

Heat: Explicit

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: On his 19th birthday Kyle Beauchamp gets the surprise of his life—a make out session in the back of the bus. With his wide receiver.

Kevin Beauchamp loves two things, football and Kyle. After a rough game and a discreet blowjob in the back of the bus, Kevin’s life will never be the same. But the love of his life is straight, and off-limits in more ways than one.

When Kyle returns his feelings, Kevin has to decide if a few nights of intense passion is worth destroying their future. He knows one thing—loving his twin might be wrong, but losing Kyle would be like losing the other half of his soul.

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Review: Kevin and Kyle Beauchamp, Kev and Ky, are twins that share everything. A strong love for football, and each other. Aside from a couple times in their lives, they’ve always been together and they share a bond that breaks the lines of social acceptability. On the outside, Kevin is gay and Kyle is straight, but on the inside, things aren’t that black and white. They are two halves of the same whole.

One night of bliss on the bus after a game leads to confessions and passions that Kyle never fathomed, and Kevin only dreamed of. They hide their newfound love from everyone around them, or so they think. Little by little, the facade crumbles and as they get more caught up in their emotions. They take risks that eventually land them in very hot water. Friends become allies, mentors become saviours and family becomes the enemy in this brilliant story of forbidden love.

The subject matter of this book, twincest, may be controversial, but the story was so well written. Kev and Ky’s emotions are all over the place and well conveyed to the reader. The love is loud, the passion is perfect and the desperation is disturbing. As the story unfolds Kev and Ky learn that they have more allies than they ever thought possible. And the person that is screaming the loudest, condemning them, is someone they should be able to trust. I loved that even though most people didn’t understand or necessarily agree with the relationship as more than just brothers, most people still stood up for them. Don’t judge that which you don’t understand.

I realize this book won’t be for everyone, but let me assure you, the author did not write some tawdry porn script where a couple of twins just pound each other into oblivion as entertainment for the masses. This is a love story rooted in blurred lines. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that there is a sequel.

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

Under a Crescent Moon by Mercy Celeste

underacrescentmoon_8001Title: Under A Crescent Moon

Series: N/A

Author: Mercy Celeste

Length: Novel (195 Pages)

Genre:  Romantic Suspense/ BDSM

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing, October 25th, 2013

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Murder, mystery, sex and magic. It’s just another typical night under a crescent moon…

New Orleans Police Detective Taylor Campbell has done his best to leave Xander Cooper alone. Years ago, he joined the Army to get away from the temptation of the younger man. But a series of murders around Xander’s restaurant has Taylor running scared. And when he happens upon Xander holding off a group of thugs, his honor is forgotten.

Xander Cooper fell in love with Taylor when he was a teen. Now an adult, he’s waited and watched and hoped that Taylor would one day see him as more than a little kid meant to be avoided. He didn’t expect murder to bring Taylor to his bed. For Xander, giving Taylor his heart is easy. Letting him in on the family secret is another thing all together.

He didn’t expect that Taylor would have secrets of his own. Secrets that make a little thing like Xander being a witch seem tame…

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, rough sex, mild BDSM, dubious consent and cheating.

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Review: Taylor did everything he could do to leave Xander alone. Even as far as joining the Army. When he comes back, he joins the Police Department and became a New Orleans Police Detective. Xander has always wanted and loved Xander. ever since he was just a teenager. Xander’s parents were killed on 9/11 and he came to live with his aunt. Where he met Taylor. Who took care of him when he got there. But even then, Taylor realized he felt something for the younger man. Now when danger comes to Xander, Taylor knows where he needs to be. But, he also needs to tell him the truth about his life. The fact that he has a wife and a child on the way, but that it isn’t how it sounds.

Showing both of them that love can overcome even the hardest roadblock. There is a lot of anger and love in this story, along with pain and danger. This book has wonderful characters with a lot of emotions and a great story plot. I loved this story and loved the emotions that it brings out.

Six Ways From Sunday by Mercy Celeste

17727309Title: Six Ways From Sunday

Series: N/A

Author: Mercy Celeste

Genre: MM / Contemporary / Erotic Romance

Length: Novella

Publisher: Beg For Mercy Press (April 12th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Take one NFL tight end, and one Marine, add one week and watch the sparks fly.

Bowen Murphy craved two things, football and Dylan. After high school he had football but he lost Dylan.

Dylan Sunday walked a different path, one laid down before him by his father and his grandfather. Losing Bo one day after discovering they shared more than football wasn’t part of the bargain.

Six years of missed connections and finally Dylan is able to come home to the man he left behind. The spectacle of the biggest game in the NFL is only the beginning of one sizzling week. After that time and fate would decide if Bo and Dylan would walk the same path, or if one of them would make the ultimate sacrifice.

Warning: bittersweet tale of two hot men, making up for six years of separation. May not be suitable for sensitive readers. Contains scenes of male/male sexual practices.

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Review: Oh my God, I really do think after this read that Mercy Celeste is a wicked, wicked woman. She cannot possibly have pulled this incredible story.

You just know from page one, from first paragraph, hell from first line that this story is going to be intense and is going to rock you. The pace is set and it’s fast. You need to keep running along with the story and you need your wits about you.

Long time friends Bo and Dylan not only take separate paths when Bo goes to college and Dylan hits the Marines, but that day they realize that both are attracted to each other and their feelings are reciprocated. Many years of friendship seem a bit lost when they could have had more and now they are going to be apart for who knows how much time…

So at this point you think nice start and nice little characters. You see the temper Bo has. You see the love he harbors for Dylan and vice versa, and you get one hell of an intense first time between the two young lovers. So, the question remains, what is the author going to do with that? And Celeste does not disappoint delivering one hell of a week with our heroes six years later.

Both characters are more mature. Dylan has already become someone in the Marines. He is no longer the young boy who left, rather a man who is absolutely delicious to read about. Surprising Bo at his Super Bowl game, he is in town for one week. Bo has changed too, he has come to realize that that friendship they had is not only the same, but rather stronger and the love he once harbored for Dylan is right there simmering under his skin waiting for Dylan to come back to him.

What follows is a week of hot, steamy, incredibly erotic sex between them. And I do mean incredibly erotic. Perhaps it was that shadow of desperation in the air, the fact that after six years all they have is a week and it seems so little time for those two. The text does manage to convey everything and while doing that you get so engrossed and caught up that you completely forget that something is coming up. That twist in the plot catches you off guard and hits you full force.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions and feelings, their intensity growing higher and higher, leaving you breathless and shocked. Personally, when Bo lays eyes on Janine, Dylan’s mother, I had to take a break and stop to get my brain in order. It was heartbreaking and after all that good time the pair spent this was like cold water splashed in your face. Cruel in so many ways, I can’t begin to describe or even hope that I could find the words to do so. You see, up until this point, this book was a four hearts rating for me. Because, while sexy and sensual and erotic, it was just that. With this twist, it made a full five hearts and while I was cursing the author all the time I could see the brilliance of the twist. She made it real. And then, while trying to come to terms with the text, while trying to make the end and get a hold on my dispersed thought she does it again.

I mean really? Really? What on Earth woman. How twisted can you be? I don’t know what was more cruel, the first twist or the second? Of course, I couldn’t be happier with the result. I looooved it. The impossibility that a novella, with a limited space for development could turn you upside down like this was the best surprise ever and if my enthusiasm didn’t show it, and if you need me to spell it loud and clear, people do read this book. It’s not to be missed.

Midnight Clear by Mercy Celeste

midnightclearTitle:  Midnight Clear

Author: Mercy Celeste

Genre:  Contemporary Holiday Romance

Length:    Novella (20,600 word)

Publisher: Self-published (November 29th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: Jake has lusted after his college roommate for four long years. Undeniably straight, Logan was out of reach. But was he? After the loss of his first love, Jake discovers that maybe Logan wasn’t as straight as he seemed.

Jake Benefield knows he has to let go of the crush he’s had on Logan Riley for four long years. He leaves to pursue a graduate degree only to discover love and loss. Home again, the last thing he expects is for Logan to confess his feelings for him. Can their friendship survive a cold Christmas one night stand or is Logan looking for more than Jake is ready to give him?

Note from author: Midnight Clear is a re-release formerly titled Need You Now. Other than title there are no significant changes to the story.

Product Link:

Reviewer:  Showme

Review:  Jake Benefield takes a job teaching in his home town after a tragedy forces him to make a change in his life. He just wants to work and try to go on with his life, but his friend Logan has plans for him. Logan throws a welcome home party and all the usual friends are there.  Jake has changed, but everyone else seems the same. Although Logan and Jake are still “friends”, a sexual encounter with a female friend years before caused a rift in that friendship and things have never been the same since. So, it’s a little awkward when Logan begs Jake to stay after and talk.

Luckily for us, the boys work through their issues and Jake finds out his secret about being gay is something Logan has already figured out. Jake has wanted Logan since the moment he saw him and had no idea Logan might feel something similar. Will giving into their lust mean ruining their on again friendship?

As always Mercy Celeste can write some hot sex. There was almost too much sex since the boys had a lot to work through, but they managed to have discussions between the teasing and biting. The ending was a little easy, but the boys didn’t really need more angst. There was plenty! I actually enjoyed some of the sappier moment from Jake’s former lover and that isn’t always well done. If you’re in the mood for a sexy holiday read with just a little heartache I’d recommend this.

Let It Go by Mercy Celeste

Title: Let It Go

Author: Mercy Celeste

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 214 pages

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books (September 24, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:  Eli had a temper. Creed seemed to be the main focus of that temper. For ten years the two of them left a trail of destruction in their wake. Rodeo, beer, and fists were all they had in common. Until the judge in Eli’s hometown had enough and sentenced them to house arrest. In the same house. They’d learn to get along or they’d kill each other. Either way it was a win for the tax payers.

Trapped alone on Eli’s rundown Florida ranch, Creed discovered Eli’s secret, one that he shared. But he didn’t count on Eli learning all of his secrets, especially the one that would shatter their newfound truce.

Scarred to his bones, Eli avoided relationships like the plague. But there was always something about the quiet Creed that pushed his buttons. Falling in love with him was never part of Eli’s plan. When it happens he’s unprepared and out of his league.

But when a shared enemy comes calling Eli can only think of keeping Creed safe. He never dreamed that their lives were linked or that Creed’s former life could destroy them both. Will love be enough to save them both or will they return to their bitter rivalry

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Reviewer: Showme

Review: I really wanted to like this book.  I love cowboys and the enemies become lover’s trope so this sounded good to me. It didn’t however come with a rape warning and it absolutely should have. There was on page and off page rape, so if that’s not something you can stomach to read about I’d skip this one because there is a lot.  Honestly, I read slave books and love a good hooker story but this was way beyond my comfort zone. I need something to balance out the awful or at least leave me feeling the journey was worth the pain. Sadly I didn’t feel that way about this book.

Creed’s life hasn’t been good one since his mom died when he was eleven. His father was a rodeo rider and an addict and neglected his fatherly duties while dragging Creed around the country.  Creed loves horses. He has a natural connection with them and becomes a star the rodeo circuit riding them. His father however takes his money and he’s forced to sell his body for food from the age of twelve. He’s ashamed but somehow comes to terms with the fact he’s got nothing but his horse and rodeo because what else does a whore deserve? He’s a survivor and hides away the pain. He doesn’t feel capable of love but that all changes after he’s forced into house arrest with a man who proves every time sees Creed he hates him by starting fight.

Eli hasn’t had the easiest life either.  His family is killed in a car wreck and his uncle takes over his care. He’s a truly despicable man. I will say that I thoroughly hated him.  He beats Eli often and Creed showing him up in the ring just fuels his uncle’s fire. Eli can’t seem to control his temper when Creed walks into the room even though he’s never actually done anything. The guys quickly realize all that hate was a masquerade for lust and give into the lust. Is it just lust and taking advantage of the opportunity for good sex or is it more? Can Creed feel love or will he bail when he’s released from house arrest?

The forced cohabitation could have been an enjoyable read if not for the, what felt like, constant abuse flashbacks. I have a hard time falling in love with the guys if I’m pulled out of the love fest   and into a nightmare. Initially I thought I’d like Creed the most because his story is so incredibly sad but I enjoyed Eli’s willingness to love and hope. My stomach actually hurt throughout the book and I couldn’t get into the sexy scenes because my mind was still whirling around one of the abuse scenes. My suggestion is if you think the blurb sounds interesting and are okay with the rape warning, check with a friend who has read it and see if it’s something they think you would like.  In the end this was way too much for me and I wished I’d been warned.

Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste

Title:  Beyond Complicated

Series:  N/A

Author:  Mercy Celeste

Genre:   Contemporary (Incestuous elements)

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Silver Publishing (May 5th, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts                                                                               

Blurb:   For former porn star Liam McGuire, life is pretty tame, except that his twenty-one-year-old son is now dating the love of Liam’s life. At the ripe old age of thirty-eight, Liam’s entire world is collapsing around him, his past catching up with him, his secrets and his lies are coming back to bite him. All because Kel had to go and fall in love with Seth.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Showme

Review:  Liam is a thirty-eight year old man barely living. He works, goes home to his crummy apartment, and wakes up to do it all again. One day he gets a phone call from his son, Kel, after seeing something upsetting about Kel’s new man on Kel’s Facebook page. Liam avoids Kel as long as he’ll let him, but eventually they agree to meet for lunch and Liam has to face whatever his son has to tell him that he doesn’t want to hear.  He never expects his son is going to surprise him with the new boyfriend and it sure as hell never crossed his mind that the “new boyfriend” would be the love of his life and ex porn partner, Seth. Seth has no idea Kel’s father is the man he lived and breathed for years ago. The reunion turns into a fight over who did who wrong, but the old fires quickly explode in one of the hottest scenes ever. You can feel the passion, love and anger between Seth and Liam. It steams off the page.  However, the next morning reality sets in that Seth had plans to commit to Kel and they’re back to the freak out stage. Kel is rightfully angry after he finds out about the night his father and boyfriend spent together. He tries to put his feelings aside because he’s finally told of Liam and Seth’s past and can see his father’s still hopelessly in love with Seth.

Liam tries to stay away, but Seth won’t let him. Seth persists and they agree they need to talk, but the irresistible pull these two have, brings them together again. They’re both shocked to hear Liam scream Kel’s name during his climax. Liam tries to deny it, but that night due to alcohol and a secret burning desire, Kel  seduces Liam. Liam and Kel realize they love each other and not in a traditional father and son way. They’ve always been closer to friends. Kel feels his stepfather has taken on the role of his father, and hates him. After their night together they try to fight it but the guys realize what they really want is for the three of them to be together.

Now, I truly enjoyed Seth and Liam’s relationship. I bought and invested in it. Like I said, they smoked up the pages and the back-story was heartbreaking and beautiful. Kel   joining the mix was a little hard for me to swallow. One scene had Liam being mad Kel’s stepfather was worried about his gay father touching him inappropriately, while the next scene had them touching everywhere! I don’t know that I would ever feel comfortable with this particular situation, but there were a few things besides the uncomfortable three-way love fest that didn’t work for me. Just when I thought I had a feel for the guys, they’d go the complete opposite way that I would have expected their characters to go. Kel never really added to beauty that was Liam and Seth IMO. However, they sure enjoyed Kel. I’ve read  some threesome books and some family lovin’ situations in books, but never have I read one quite like this.




In From the Cold by Mercy Celeste

Title:  In From the Cold

Series:  The Cold Series 01

Author:  Mercy Celeste

Genre:   Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel

Publisher:  Self-published; re-released(November 11, 2011)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥41/2Hearts

Blurb:  For eighteen years, Nathan Truman and Quinn Anders were best friends. One born of wealth and privilege, the other born to working people, Nathan and Quinn shared everything. Sports, music, first kiss, first love.
For sixteen years, Nathan has tried to forget Quinn. Tried to forget the stolen moments they’d shared as kids. He joined the Marines, married, not once but twice, went into law enforcement. He forgot.
For sixteen years, Quinn couldn’t stop remembering. He fell into addiction, found music, lost himself, and became a country music superstar. He never forgot.
Sixteen years after their one night together, tragedy conspires to reunite them.
Nathan and Quinn struggle to deal with their past while the present slowly crashes around them. Brought together by grief, their tentative new beginning may very well come to a sizzling end, leaving them both out in the cold forever.

Reviewer:   Portia

Review:  This was so not what I was expecting from Mercy Celeste.  All the other books of hers, that I’ve read, were nice angsty contemporary romances.  Boy meets boy.  Boy acts the fool.  Boy forgives Boy.  Boys live happily ever after.

In From the Cold was that and so much more.  The suspense of this novel was pretty intense and there were several scenes, near the end, that were amazingly horrific.  If lifetime ever gets a clue and starts making LGBT moves, this would make a great movie.

“If you loved it so much, why not rate it a 5?”  Well, now that Mercy has opened the door to romantic suspense, I want more.  I want to see the evil in the bad guy, the fear in the good guys.  There’s a taste of that in In From the Cold, but I want more…sue me, I’m greedy.

There are 2 more books planned for this series and I look forward to seeing if Mercy can do it again.  I think she can.  Buy the book, read the book…then you decide.  Highly recommend!!

Behind Iron Lace by Mercy Celeste

Title:  Behind Iron Lace

Author:  Mercy Celeste

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel

Publisher: Silver Publishing (October 31, 2011)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:  Darcy Butler is a fish out of water and is suffocating in the humid New Orleans heat. Dissatisfied with his career, his life, he is homesick and heartbroken. Above all Darcy is straight. Or so he believes until he meets the drop-dead gorgeous photographer he wants to revamp the art department of his e-magazine.

Caleb Mitchell, bad boy extraordinaire, lives life on the edge. He’s been around the world covering murder and mayhem. Back in New Orleans to tend his dying mother, Caleb is worn down by grief. He seeks the diversion of working at a local e-magazine to help keep him sane. He doesn’t expect the instant attraction to the bright-eyed editor/owner. That Darcy is probably straight doesn’t matter to Caleb. Because when Caleb wants something, nothing will stand in his way.

Not even Darcy.

Product Link:

Reviewer:   Portia

Review:  I really didn’t think that there was a book good enough to distract me from National Novel Writing Month, better known by its acronym NaNoWriMo.  In 30 days I, along with thousands of other crazy people, have committed to produce a 50,000 word novel.  My plan for November was basically just publishing the reviews that were sent in my reviewers and doing just enough to keep MM Good Book Reviews running smoothly.  Maybe read and review a book or two if I was on track with NaNoWriMo.

Then I made the mistake of starting Behind Iron Lace.  I’m ashamed to admit that until I started it, I’d never even read the blurb.  I just loved the cover art and knew from our online friendship that I loved Mercy Celeste twisted sense of humor.

From the very first paragraph I was hooked.  Being a Yankee, who after 20 years, still dreads deep Southern summers, I could totally relate to poor Darcy’s first summer in New Orleans.  Couple that with the fact that New Orleans is my favorite city in the world and Behind Iron Lace was off to a stellar beginning.  Mercy does a fabulous job of bring N’awlins unique ambiance to life.

From moment one, the chemistry between Darcy and Caleb is intense.  At first, they appear to be polar opposites; Darcy the straight-laced, Northern intellectual, Caleb the bad-boy Southern artist.  But somehow it works.  Which was really surprising as neither man is really out of the closet.  Hell, Darcy doesn’t even realize that he is in one.

Truly, this is my favorite kind of MM romance.  It moves along at a nice pace and you really get to know the characters and get to watch them fall in love.  Watching each of the main characters drop their individual baggage, to get to the place where they could even entertain the possibility of a relationship, was a joy to read.  *side note:  Mercy, If you’d made poor Caleb wait any longer to get into Darcy’s pants, you and I were going to have a long talk about suspense vs. torture.*

So yeah…I’ll be up late tonight pecking away at my keyboard, because while I was supposed to be writing earlier, I was cuddling with my Kindle…and it was sooooo worth it.