Triad by Cheyenne Meadows

a650ae36acb8c9bacd981dcb7d6374a8.image.300x450Title: Triad     

Author: Cheyenne Meadows     

Genre: Paranormal, M/M, M/M/M     

Length: Novella (158pgs)    

Publisher: Silver Publishing (17th August 2013)   

Heat Level: Explicit     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3 Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie    

Blurb: Alpha wolf shifter Dillon and his mate, Rick, are tracking a rogue when they run into Copper, a lion shifter. Instant attraction flares between the pair and the feline as they team up to catch a killer. 

A rogue wolf shifter with his growing army of killers sets alpha wolf and security expert Dillon into motion. Together with his long time mate, Rick, they track the string of deaths to a small rural town.

Copper, an alpha lion shifter, isn’t thrilled the Wolf Council sent the pair to stick their nose into his business but finally agrees to accept their help, determined to solve the case quickly and send both wolf shifters on their way before he gives in to his primal urges.

Sparks fly as they grapple with their instant attraction and jockey for top dog position while Rick sits back and watches the fireworks with amusement, realizing they just might have found their third mate. The sexual tension is building while a deadly band of killers is culling out the next victim in their game.

Can they put aside their differences and find a way to stop the killings before one of them ends up in the crosshairs?     

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Review: Dillon and Rick are wolf shifters who have the task of tracking a rogue wolf and his rogue pack; they have to stop the rogue before he wipes out more humans. Dillon is an Alpha and Rick is a Beta they are mates and looking for their third, when they come across lion shifter Copper the attraction between the three flares to life but Copper fights the attraction to concentrate on finding the wolf that is hunting humans on Pride land. As the three work together Alpha, personalities clash and Rick sits back to watch the sparks, but when one of them is injured they all realize that their flirtation is much more serious and if the Alpha’s can come to an agreement they just might have a true Triad.

This is an interesting shifter story that has some great pack structure and a hunt for rogue shifters. Dillon is a typical Alpha; he has to be top dog and doesn’t have much room for compromise. Rick is an interesting Beta, who is very easy-going; his relaxed attitude is a great balm to Dillon’s more brash attitude. Copper is a great character who has a laid-back attitude but is far from a pushover, he gives Dillon a run for his money in the Alpha stakes and gets along with Ryan beautifully. The rogue wolf wants the shifters to rule the world and is collecting shifters who are dissatisfied with pack life or have been abandoned by their packs, but he hunts for fun, killing humans and has drawn the attention of the shifter Councils. 

I really liked the small bits of information about the packs structures and how they work, the storyline was interesting with a rogue wolf bent on destruction, and ruling the world and the relationship between the three men was scorching with want and need. I must admit to having wanted more in the way of storyline dealing with the rogue shifters, having more details about them and what drove them. Although I thought Dillon, Rick, and Copper made a great Triad in the end, I got fed up with Dillon’s Alpha-ness early on, especially since he was puffing up against an Alpha lion. Copper handled dealing with another Alpha wonderfully, ignoring the blatant challenging on his own Pride lands, I also liked the fact that he didn’t expect to jump into bed with them even with all the pheromones flying about. 

I recommend this to those who love shifters, danger, alpha clashes, hot sex, dealing with rogues and a great hot ending.


Incoming by Robert Cummings

IncomingLGTitle: Incoming

Author:  Robert Cummings

Genre: Contemporary, MMM

Length: Novella (45 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 24th, 2013) 2nd edition

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Heat: Moderate

Blurb: Specialist Jack Russo is a lonely, closeted soldier serving in Iraq. He doesn’t have a regular outlet for his sexual frustrations until a roadside bomb injures the driver of his gun truck and Private First Class Shawn Farrelly arrives on base. The young soldier attaches himself to Russo and they end up on a rescue mission that turns into an ambush.

Alone and cut off from the rest of their unit in a hostile neighborhood, the soldiers take refuge in an old woman’s shed. The men fear they can’t make it out of their situation alive and choose to go out with smiles on their faces. They take advantage of the momentary privacy to fulfill their animal desires and leave labels behind.

 First edition previously published by Silver Publishing (February 18th 2012)

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Jack Russo being a gay man in the military; especially a war zone during don’t ask don’t tell had a tough time. He had to resort to staying secret and only satisfying his needs himself.

I really loved this story. Though I will say I don’t agree with the categories. I didn’t see much BDSM at all and the MMM that’s was pretty much pushing the envelope also. But I found it a fabulous contemporary MM story. I loved how well depicted Jack’s character was and also Shawn. I loved how this story unfolded by Jacks memories of the past and compared to his present. I found it overall beautiful and extremely hot and sexy.

Recommendation: If you like stories of men that have to stay hidden, soldiers, and really hot sex though most is fantasy this is for you. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fast read on a hot summer day.

Between Good & Evil by L.M. Brown

BetweenGoodandEvil400x600Title: Between Good & Evil

Series: Heavenly Sins 02

Author: L.M. Brown

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novel Plus (320pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (13th July 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Tristan’s demonic bargain and the repercussions following his decision to enter into it could tear apart forever the ménage he and his angel and demon lovers have formed.

Tristan, Machidiel, and Alastor are bound together by love, but their lives are running far from smoothly thanks to Tristan’s demonic bargain with an incubus. Tristan has two choices, remain with the incubus as his trainee or find a mortal to take his place. Neither choice is appealing.

The three lovers struggle to release Tristan from his bargain, only to find bigger problems on the horizon when a human caught up in the mess is taken prisoner by the Demon King himself, with repercussions that could tear their ménage apart forever.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a cliffhanger ending and continues in book 3, Between Life & Death.

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Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Tristan, Machidiel (Mac) and Alastor might love each other, but the repercussions from Tristan becoming an incubus is much more far-reaching than any of them thought. Trying to find a way out of Tristan’s bargain isn’t going well and when Tristan needs help during his training, he pulls an innocent into his problems and leads him to danger. With a dream demon playing games with their dreams and an innocent suffering because of Tristan’s choices, Tristan, Mac and Alastor have to face their past to move forward. But, it just might tear them apart.

“God damn you, L.M. Brown. You should be devising torture in Hell.” those were my first thoughts when I finished this book, and they were also my second and third thoughts as well…. My fourth thought was ‘where does she live?’, because I want that third book now! Tristan, Mac and Alastor are moving into a new home, but their happiness is tinged with the awareness of Tristan’s deal with Lawrence. Tristan’s first training session doesn’t go well and the repercussions are far-reaching with their repeated combined lives in the past being revealed and the truth of Alastor’s past being revealed.

This is a great story that will pull you every which way, as you follow the angel, demon and incubus as they try to sort out their problems. Tristan’s actions are what resound throughout this story. Everything he does seems to have devastating consequences. Mac has problems of his own, as Raphael tries to convince him Alastor isn’t worthy of his time. Alastor has his past shown to him, after being plagued by nightmares and the truth of his long forgotten actions affect his relationship. This is definitely a rollercoaster ride, as you cheer for their love and then doubt their actions. At one point, you want to smack the crap out of Tristan, as he walks away from the mess he makes and you pity Alastor, as he still doubts his place in the relationship. We are given insight into others actions and we are given a very surprising twist. We are also left with the big question of just what Tristan, Alastor and Mac are going to do now.

I have to recommend this to those who love angels, demons and incubus getting it on, if you adore conflict and arguments, if you love surprising twists at the last-minute and you love cliffhanger endings that leave you panting for more.   

Staged Whispers by Cassandre Dayne

17257674Title: Staged Whispers

Author: Cassandre Dayne

Genre: Contemporary, MMM

Length: Novella (100pgs)

Publisher: Naughty Nights Press (31st January 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 ½ – 3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When secrets and tragedy threaten to destroy three lives, will the friends and lovers learn to face their personal demons or succumb to the horror of tragedy?

Cole Dumont, Dylan Wyler and Brandon Foster were old chums who decided just out of college to open Forever Green Lawn. Their business, catering to the wealthiest families in Fort Lauderdale, and their pristine reputation afforded them every indulgence.

Unable to disclose their gay lifestyle, they sequestered their dark desires, sharing passion as well as their lives. Terrified to admit their needs, they all hid behind a mask. The reasons were too damning to admit – at least for one of the men.

When a horrifying accident nearly claimed Dylan’s life, Cole and Brandon were given a last request, one they were unable to refuse. As Dylan’s mysterious past finally became known, a serious of mysteries dragged them all into a private hell. The truth was far too damning.

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Review: Cole, Dylan and Brandon have been best friends and lovers for years, but they have all hidden secrets, which they have kept from each other. The three men opened their own business together, but have had to hide their sexual preferences from their clientele. Dylan’s past starts to haunt him, and Brandon and Cole have to fight for their lover, but some secrets are just too shocking to admit and Dylan ends up in a horrific accident.

This story is a good combination of horrors of the past, slight paranormal and distancing yourself from trauma, with a huge dollop of hot sex thrown in. Dylan is starting to be haunted by his past and it is driving him insane, but he keeps it hidden from Cole and Brandon so they don’t know what horrific things he has done in his past. Cole adores his men, but has kept his abilities hidden from them in fear of how they would treat him; he can sense something is seriously wrong with Dylan, but can’t get Dylan to open up. Brandon is more of the peacekeeper; he loves both his men, but doesn’t know what to do about the friction between them all.

I will be honest, while reading this book sometimes I thought ‘why don’t you confront him?’ or ‘why are you taking your time?’ because it seemed like there would finally be a confrontation, but the next scene they would be ‘shooting the shit’ or getting into an erotic encounter, and while that was hot, it was frustrating. I must admit the storyline was very good, with the emotional trauma being transferred into something that was more tangible and haunting, and uncertainty and fear playing a large part in all the men’s insecurities. The ending is something that shocked me because just as Dylan, Brandon and Cole seem to be getting their happy ever after, a phone call shatters Cole’s peace.

I will recommend this to those who love slight mysteries, haunting pasts, hot sex, strong love and an ending that is happy and shocking.


The Broken Triangle by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

18130957Title:  The Broken Triangle

Series:  The Square Peg, Book #2
Author: Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose ID (July 2nd, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Vin’s a hot Goth, tattooed and pierced and the most popular bartender at the Square Peg. Want to date him or buy him a drink? Sorry. Vin’s body is a temple and he’s barely been kissed. His heart belongs to Riley, the guy he crushed on in high school and can’t forget.

How about Vin’s BFF Patrick? He’d let you buy him a drink and have your wicked way with him in the men’s room (shh, don’t tell Shane or Ben, the bar owners!) Okay, maybe Vin needs to loosen up and Patrick needs to calm down, but they’re set in their ways.

Enter Riley, looking for Vin, and suddenly everything changes. Vin’s handed a happy ending on a plate and Patrick’s free and easy lifestyle loses its glitter as he sees what Vin has.

But does Vin really have his dream guy or does he just have Riley? Maybe they’re not the same thing, after all.

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: Wow! This story took a tilt I had not expected, but none-the-less cheered for throughout the story! You could feel the train wreck coming just beyond the return of the high school sweetheart, but I was glued to the pages anyhow to see how this story would unfold. The characters are believable, the story so well written I felt like I was walking in their shoes. A wonderful story of people discovering themselves, turning their lives and their love around. This story could stand alone, but we do get another peak at the great couple from Square Peg. Highly recommended.

Room at the Edge by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

16247282Title: Room at the Edge

Series:  Room at the Top, Book #2
Author: Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Genre:  Contemporary/BDSM/Ménage
Length: Long Novel
Publisher: Loose Id (December 18, 2012)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Three sexy men, one hot relationship. In Room at the Top, devoted sub couple Jay and Austin went looking for a no-strings attached Dom and ended up falling for Liam, who, much to his surprise, turned out to be the Dom of their dreams. But their happy ending was only the beginning of their story.

Now Jay is begging Liam to turn up the heat with fire play and Austin wants them all under one roof, no matter what people might think. Caught up in the difficulties and pleasures of their new relationship, it’s easy to miss the way they’re moving dangerously close to the edge of falling apart, not deeper in love.

Product link:

Reviewer: Heart
Review:  Room at the Edge is the second book in the Room at the Top series, which is about two submissive and a dominant working on their collective relationship and exploring their limits. When compared to the first book, it misses the tension and anticipation felt when the men’s bond, and their shared future, was uncertain. This book shows Austin, Jay, and Liam in a more equal relationship with matured needs.

Submissives Austin and Jay have come to depend on their Dom, Liam. They need his attention and presence: their weekly meeting used to be more than enough, but now they crave more.

Liam is really careful with Austin and Jay’s boundaries, and does his best to give both men what they need,while simultaneously satisfying his own desires. Despite this, they are afraid of their relationship falling apart.While Austin and Jay remain an unbreakable unit, Liam feels like a third wheel but is reluctant to rock the boat.

The authors absolutely succeeded in developing this wonderfully kinky story, specifically in terms of the men’s relationship,in sense of both the conventional and their ‘play’. This sequel introduces some new aspects of BDSM,and brings the mens’ other needs to front and center. Snow and Davitt make their character’s interactions, and their dependence on each other, nothing less than a beautiful, pain-stung dance.

Room at the Edge builds slowly, which in this case was a bit of a negative trait, requiring focus and persistence. Even so, I completely enjoyed this sequel and wouldn’t mind reading more about Austin, Jay, and Liam.

Storm Season by Nicola Cameron

17853088Title: Storm Season

Series: Olympic Cove 01

Author: Nicola Cameron

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Ménage à trois

Length: Novel (245pgs)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (26th April 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Ian West has his summer all planned out—go down to Florida, stay in his family’s beach cottage on Olympic Cove, and work on his first novel. But his plan gets thrown for a loop when he meets mischievous twin sea gods Bythos and Aphros and discovers he’s their fated consort.

As if that wasn’t enough, something in the Gulf of Mexico is turning mermaids into legendary monsters and gods into demons. Now, Ian not only has to finish his book and navigate the complicated waters of a ménage relationship with twin sea gods, he also has to stop an insane deity from turning the planet into a wasteland.

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Review: Although there are brothers in the relationship, there is no ‘twincest’. Ian is looking forward to an entire summer at the family beach cottage, he hasn’t been in many years, and it is just the place where he can relax and concentrate on his writing. Seeing two young men playing in the waves at the cove he decides to join them, but he could never have imagined who they really were or what they wanted from him. Bythos and Aphros are demigods and have waited many years for Ian and now he is within their grasp, convincing Ian that he is their consort isn’t hard but Ian’s heart is still held by his dead wife Diana.

So this is a paranormal/fantasy that also has a little bit of mystery and save the world from the mistakes of humans’ storyline, brilliant. Ian finds himself in the middle of an ecology nightmare when the Gulf oil spill does more damage than anyone could have ever imagined. Bythos and Aphros have the task of trying to clean up after the humans, Bythos is creating a new coral that will devour the oil and clean the water fast, but something has awoken and has been poisoned and driven insane. Aphros is given the task of destroying the twisted creatures that are being created before more humans and paranormal beings are killed. And, Ian, Ian is thrown into a world that he has no idea about and it changes him far more than any of them, but Gaia, could have known.

The relationship between Bythos, Ian and Aphros isn’t easy as they try to mesh three personalities into one relationship, they have many ups and downs as the demigods are forbidden to tell anyone some secrets and Ian wants to know everything, where protection given in secret is discovered and where lingering old love causes problems and truths are thrown out into the open. While I really liked Bythos and Aphros and the way they both were, Ian was harder to like just because of his attitude, talk about ‘I have to know everything’. Hold on Ian they are demigods who have important jobs to do whereas you are a writer, a human, so wind your neck in, *sheesh* talk about creating angst.

The actually storyline I loved, the Gulf oil spill being woven into a paranormal story where a resting deity is poisoned and driven insane, now that deity wants revenge on the ones who caused the poisoning. Demigods creating a new way for the planet to heal itself, trying to fix what the humans created and destroy what the deity has poisoned. A human, the consort to twin demigods who is drawn into the paranormal world and investigates for himself when he doesn’t get the answers he wants. The parts that the others gods play is great and the absolutely fantastic showdown near the end, spectacular. There are plenty of incredible sex scenes and the relationship between the three is good.

I will recommend this to those who love paranormal, fantasy, save the world, three sexy men, dangers, shattered beliefs, incredible sex and a happy for now ending. 


Bonded Hearts by Tamsin Baker

18131204Title: Bonded Hearts 

Series:  Third Bite, Book 2
Author: Tamsin Baker
Genre: M/M/M Ménage/Historical/Vampire/ Paranormal

Length: Short Story

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (June 24th, 2013)
Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥2Hearts

Blurb: Eric and Malcolm are over nine hundred years old. They love one another but if they do not find their third mate soon, they will both go insane and commit suicide. At a friend’s ball, the two vampires meet Jackson Essex. A gorgeous young Lord who smells like pure heaven to them both. They want him and crave the mating that will bind them forever.
Jackson has always known he had unnatural feelings and cannot believe it when he meets two male vampires that inspire passion in him. The sex is incredible, but Malcolm and Eric want him to stay with them. They want a relationship with him, and Jackson doesn’t want to be a sodomite.
Two vampires on the verge of insanity and their human mate in denial about who he is. Disaster seems to be the only course for the ill-fated trio.
Product Link:

Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: I’m usually all on board for a vampire romance, and ménage can be hot, but there’s just not enough room in this little book for the details that paint a paranormal world into something I can sink my teeth into. It’s pretty much all about the erotica, but the scenes maybe could use a bit more detail, and transitioning.

A Rampant Hunger by James Cox

18043478Title: A Rampant Hunger

Author: James Cox

Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica, MMM

Length: Short (66pgs)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (6th June 2013)

Heat Level: Scorching

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: How far would you go to save the man you love?

Earth is dying. Sam Bryant is a scientist traveling through space in search of a new world for the future of our species, but what they find threatens humankind’s very existence. The man Sam loves is now bitten and infected by a strange creature. Time is running out and Kael is beginning to mutate. He claims to feel a hunger inside his body that food cannot sate.

The mission to save Earth has turned into a will to survive, but will they both make it home?

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Review: Sam is a scientist with a crush, but being a nerdy scientist doesn’t get him attention on a spaceship searching for new world to call home. Kael is a Colonel leading the expedition and it’s his job to find a safe planet, but the first one they come across isn’t as safe as they first thought. Tavish is the Chief Medical Doctor going with them in case of injury and when Kael is bit by a dangerous creature, he has to try to figure out just what is going on.

Holy cow, this is a perfect blend of sci-fi and erotica that will please both nerds and sex seekers. Sam has only had his hand for company for the last five months and he has been secretly panting after the expedition leader, Kael. now he is chosen to go to the new planet’s surface along with all the muscle bound hunks. Accidently catching Kael and Tavish in a compromising position, it is a vision that he plans to put in his spank bank. Sam thinks his chances with Kael are shot until a night under the blankets changes his mind. The unexpected danger nearly takes Kael from Sam, but Sam’s utter determination gets them back to the ship…. Only to discover disaster and come to the rescue of Tavish. Now they have five months before they get back to Earth with a mutated Kael who has A Rampant Hunger that Sam and Tavish have to feed.

This is a brilliant sexual fix that really gets the juices flowing, the blood burning and gives your inner geek a high. Three characters who mesh perfectly together. doing what they have to, to survive *snigger*. This story has a great storyline; the Earth is dying and humans are seeking a new world. The expedition lands on a compatible world and inadvertently unleashes death. One survivor is bitten and is changing and the two others have to feed his hunger, and they love every minute of it! James Cox has done it again with his highly charged erotic writing, giving us an entertaining story while overdosing us on pure sex and giving us men who just love to fall in love.

If you are in the market for science fiction that’s got a dash of danger, a hankering for some scorching hot sex, and a yearning for three men falling in love, then this is the book you want to read. 


Relay for Life by Jana Downs

mem-jd-d-relayforlifeTitle: Relay for Life

Series: Deadzone 02

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, MMM

Length: Novel (180 pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (20th April 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Andrew Ainsley is a Deadzone-sponsored runner participating in the most intense cross-country race of his life. However, a double marathon through the wilds outside the safety zones will bring trouble he didn’t anticipate.

Marcel Carter has been in love with Andrew since he started running for Deadzone five years previously but never had the courage to ask him out. It isn’t until Andrew is lost that he realizes he’s been wasting time.

Matthew Gibson volunteers frequently for dangerous field missions, leaving little time for real relationships. He thinks he’s ready to put that life behind him until his cousin, Brooklyn, asks him to help rescue Andrew. When the three meet, sparks fly, and Matthew thinks he’s finally found what he’s been missing.

As they fight to survive zombies unlike any they’ve faced before and uncover dangerous government conspiracies, they’ll have to determine if their newfound love is real or if it only exists in the dead zone.

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

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Review: Andrew is a runner preparing for the most intense run of his life, a fifty-two mile run through the wilds for his sponsors, Deadzone. Andrew has had a crush on Marcel since he joined Andrew’s run security team, but Marcel only seems to see him as a brother. Marcel has wanted Andrew for years, but has always been reserved. But, now with Andrew missing Marcel is determined to tell him how he feels when they find him. Matthew volunteers to be a member of a small team sent in to find one of the most famous athletes of their time. Finding himself attracted to his fellow rescuer, Marcel, he has no qualms in letting the man know he is interested. Finding himself also attracted to Andrew, Matthew makes it his mission to get Marcel and Andrew to accept how they feel and all three find what they have been missing. But, getting out of the wilds is dangerous, especially when they uncover a government secret. Can the three men protect their new-found love?

This story is a great addition to the Deadzone series, giving us a mysterious government conspiracy and the love of three men. Andrew lives to run. it is what he is good at and he loves it. Marcel works as a field agent at Deadzone. His first assignment was for the run team and he has stuck with it ever since. Matthew worked for SCAB, but after a traumatic assignment he isn’t sure what he will do next. The three men come together when Andrew’s run goes horrible wrong and he is running for his life in an area overwhelmed by zombies. Andrew, Marcel and Matthew make a startling discovery as they make their escape, a discovery UFM doesn’t want to get out.

Although this story still has zombies, chases, escapes and new discoveries, it is mainly focused on the relationship between Andrew, Marcel and Matthew. As they explore their new love and relationship, they also discover where they fit together in the relationship; Matthew and Andrew have to put their fears to rest. Marcel is the most well-balanced and is a calm influence who will push his men when needed. Matthew is losing himself to depression when his dad disappears and he is unable to get a job. and Andrew has a fear of crowds and prefers his solitude life, although he opens up enough for his two lovers to share his life.

I really enjoyed this story and its new discoveries. The characters are excellent and I found their relationship to be loving, with just a few difficulties thrown in to shake it up a bit. The storyline moved well and I liked that they had normal worries like finding a job to think of. Their relationship slotted together perfectly and while they were in the wilds they had some really hot sex that only gives you a slight niggle about appropriate places. The support they showed each other was wonderful and I was happy that they waited before declaring their love. I really can’t wait for future stories from Deadzone because the discoveries that are made are really tantalizing and have really got me intrigued.

I will recommend this to those who love threesomes, zombies, chases, hunting, government secrets, hot sex, great characters and a very happy ending.             


Coals to Diamonds by Augusta Li

CoaltoDiamondsLGTitle: Coal to Diamonds

Author: Augusta Li

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (127pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st May 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In order to survive high school, Cole, Cam, and Bobby came together as friends and lovers to form a coven to practice magic. Then after graduation, Cam and Bobby escaped the small, backward town where they grew up and went on to success, leaving Cole behind. 

Ten years later, a series of tragedies brings Cam and Bobby back to Cole, and leads them to a powerful man named Darius Thorn, who wants to hone—and control—their magical skills. But after being apart so long, the trust and devotion they once felt isn’t as strong as it used to be, and they’ll need to reforge their bond and combine their energies to survive. 

1st Edition published by Tease Publishing, March 2009

Purchase Link:

Review: Cole, Cam and Bobby have been best friends for year. Growing up together, they formed their own coven and practiced magic. When they graduated Cam and Bobby left to follow their dreams, leaving Cole behind. Ten years later Cam and Bobby return to their hometown with both their dreams in tatters, returning to Cole. Now they are all in trouble. Getting involved with powerful magic user, Darius has left them with little options left. they have to reforge their bond that has weaken with time if they are to get out of the clutches of Darius.

This is a fantastic magic story that delves into the darker side of magic as three friends battle to get out of the clutches of the charismatic and dangerous magic user. Cole, Cam and Bobby forged bonds when they were young, now years later they have to reforge that bond. But, one of them feels guilt, guilt that the reason they are all together again is their fault. Their relationship is unsteady as doubts linger. But, the only way to truly be rid of Darius, a man who wishes to control them, is to reconnect to what they had in childhood.

This story has some wonderful sexual sensuality, a longing for what once was and a love deep enough to bring a man back from the edge of madness. There’s a fine line between good and bad, and once the reins of control has been lost, madness is sure to follow. And that’s what happens to one of these characters as he seeks to protect those he loves. Darius wants complete control and he uses his powers to try to force Cam, Cole and Bobby into agreeing, once they realize what he really wants from them. Cam, Bobby and Cole go through some dark moments trying to break away from Darius. there’s some not quite welcome sexual scenes, and incredible three-way sex and double penetration, and we see one of them getting deeper and deeper into darkness and madness. This story is really well written, giving us vivid descriptions and has a slick sensuality to its characters, the storyline is great without any quick fix to their solution.  

I will recommend this story to those who love sex magic, hot sex, a great storyline, brilliant characters and a very happy ending.   


Relatively Speaking by Allen Mack

relativelyspeakingTitle:  Relatively Speaking

Series:  N/A

Author:  Allen Mack

Genre:  Erotica          

Length:  Short Story (5,090 words)

Publisher:  JMS books (March 26, 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Dan and Greg invite Dan’s nephew and his best friend, Curt, to visit after graduation. Plans change when the nephew gets sick, but Curt visits anyway. Playing host isn’t to Greg’s liking at all. What can they do with a juvenile in their home for two whole weeks?

But Greg and Dan soon see Curt is all grown up. Tall, handsome, athletically built, he’s a charmer with a magnetic smile and a butt jeans were designed to show off. Nudity is the norm for Curt at home and alone, and it’s soon apparent he considers himself at home with the men.

Greg becomes more and more unsettled as Curt struts about the house in the buff, while Dan chuckles inwardly at his lover’s increasing discomfort. Greg becomes so horny, he can’t wait to get Dan alone. As things heat up between them, the bedroom door opens to reveal a naked Curt eager to join in the fun.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  Dan and Greg have been happily cohabitating for the last decade. Their secret to a successful relationship is to keep it spicy in the bedroom. The only problem is they are rarely attracted to the same person.

Then Dan’s nephew’s best friend, Curt, comes for a visit. The tall, dark and handsome athlete is perfectly poised to be just what both Dan and Greg are interested in. Greg fights his attraction to the younger man, but Curt parading around the apartment buck naked does nothing for his perseverance and everything for his libido!

If you are looking for a sexy, steamy M/M romance this is not the book for you. Now, if you are interested in a threesome between a seasoned gay couple and a young gay man ready, willing and able to explore his sexuality? Now THIS is the book for you! Mack’s attention to detail once these three get going in the bedroom is explicit, erotic and downright fantastic. This book is definitely a must read for all M/M fans.

The Healing of Idrys by T.N. Tarrant

The_Healing_of_Idrys400x600Title: The Healing of Idrys

Series: N/A

Author: TN Tarrant

Genre: MMM / Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel

Publisher: Silver Publishing (March 2nd, 2013)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Hadrian and Reilly meet over two puppies and a kitten. Now they want to include Idrys. Will they convince him it’s not a crime to be with them, or will Idrys’ family destroy any chance they have for life together?

Idrys Barber is a lonely, closeted man, whose life is completely ordered and controlled by his parents, until his sister files a complaint with the DA. Add to that, Reilly Lucas invades the dreams that plague him, along with Hadrian Merkel. Hadrian and Reilly meet over a pair of Boston Terrier puppies and a black kitten, dating each other and now they want to include Idrys, but will they convince him it’s not a crime to be together with them, or will Idrys’ further destroy any chance they have for a good life together?

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Review: Reilly is a lonely man. After a bad breakup he is left in a big house all alone and needing to fill his life with creatures that would love him unconditionally; he decides to adopt two dogs. What he finds in the animal shelter, though, is much more. During the process of adopting two gorgeous pups and a kitten, he falls for the flirtatious vet tech, Hadrian.

Hadrian has an instant lust experience with Reilly, but what hits him more is the image of being sandwiched between Reilly’s and Idrys’ arms. Idrys is an animal control officer that has captured Hadrian’s heart for years, but his closeted life in utterly unapproachable. As much as Hadrian fantasizes the three of them together, he knows that will not happen.

Now this story is a little bit complex in the beginning. Honestly, I couldn’t see how on earth the three men would come together the way it started. Hadrian is the over-exuberant type, Reilly is the guy that indulges him and always finds him cute, but Idrys is such a complicated character. While there is instant attraction between them all, the fact that Idrys’ past and present are horrible has everything standing by in cold wait.

It is Idrys’ life that left me with these great emotions of disbelief, anger, frustration and some more anger. This character has been abused forever from his family. His father beat him constantly for being gay, while his mother read passages from the Bible. They not only brainwashed him into believing that being gay is evil and wrong, not only made their controlling his life seem normal. They literally destroyed every chance Idrys might have to happiness. The cruelty Idrys suffered is beyond my imagination. I had trouble believing that what is described in this book could ever be real, but then again there have been cases of more horror that have occasionally seen the light, so I turned down my incredulity and kept reading.

What I read was a lovely love story between three men who cared for each other and stood strong and by each other’s side through some very ugly and disturbing events. While it took a wild turn toward drama, the plot was intoxicating in a way that I couldn’t stop reading it. I loved how the author approached Idrys’ healing. I loved how everything was considered and not rushed. If you think this is your classic ménage with hot steamy sex, than you couldn’t be more wrong. There are some very sensual scenes in the book, but what marks this story are feelings and emotions.

In the end it is a very sad story with an amazing end and a great writing if not a bit dramatic. I strongly recommend it if you like contemporary romance. Grab a box of tissues and dive in.

At His Throat, A Promise by Lilith Grey

med_AtHisThroatTitle: At His Throat, A Promise

Series: N/A

Author: Lilith Grey

Genre: MMM / BDSM

Length: Extended Novel

Publisher: Amber Allure

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Blurb: In the slave city of Spire, Ellis has been discarded. His former master, a man who was supposed to teach him and take care of him, passed away, leaving Ellis alone and in danger of being taken to the Facility. Ellis is desperate to avoid that fate. He seeks a master to take him on, guiding him into adulthood as well as a profession. Ellis has had desire stolen from him—he’s been trained to blush, to submit, to give in. He doesn’t know how to cope with William, a man who wants the real Ellis.

William is a Master, a man born in a neighbour city that does not deal in slavery. He has had bad experiences with slaves in the past, but all that changes when he rescues Harte, a young slave whose abusive master had all but destroyed him. Together, they are content in their mutual roles, not looking for anything more. But when Ellis catches the eye of Harte, and by extension, William, their relationship changes in ways for which they are unprepared.

Harte is a born submissive, a young man who lives for his role. He’s bratty but genuine. William, his master, is his entire life. Harte never expected to have room in his heart for another, but Ellis is beautiful and different and fills a place in his life that he hadn’t known was empty.

If only Ellis could learn to ask for what he desired, what he needed, then maybe William and Harte could help him. But Ellis is trapped inside himself, insecure and afraid. To stay with William, he only has to ask…but that’s the one thing Ellis cannot do…

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Review: The most intense thought that burned my head the moment I reached the end of this book was “I must read this again… Now!” The very next one was of how horrific this read was. There is this constant feel of fear all through the book that doesn’t let go, even when I reached the end and there was no more, I still had this fear in me that the next page is going to bring a greater devastating event that would literally kill me reading it. How very fascinating that this author maintained that level of intensity throughout the book. Terrific!

This book is narrated entirely by Ellis point of view. Ellis is unfortunate enough to be smart. In the city of Spire that means that when he reaches the age of 16 years old he must be put for servitude until he’s twenty. And that means that his body, mind and soul no longer belong to his but his master. He is to be trained his master’s profession, he is to serve that master in any sexual way and obey his every whim. He is his property. The unfortunate event of his master’s death leaves Ellis facing the Facility, a place where slaves without a Master to claim them go. A place to avoid at all cost.

In his desperation to find an owner Ellis comes across Harte and his Master, William. Not a very conventional Master/slave relationship one might say. It seems that Harte has his Master wrapped in his little finger. It seems that Harte is a spoilt slave. But those two are perfect and content in their relationship, for that is what it looks like to Ellis, who is dumbfounded to witness how Master William truly cares for his slave. That is almost unbelievable and causes great jealousy to Ellis who wants nothing more than a master to claim him, to own him and care for him like William does.

In an attempt to help a fellow slave from facing the Facility, Harte begs his Master to sponsor Ellis and so Ellis is taken into their home. However, the wonderful environment and care he experience there has Ellis scared. Scared that he will want to be a part of that, and if he’s honest the three of them seem perfect together. But Ellis is the kind of submissive that will never ask. He is not Harte, he will not want or if he does he will never show it.

And this is how a very painful emotionally story begins. A story that follows the horrors a slave endures in the hands of cruel masters, a story that follows the attempt and often failures of those kind Masters to change the law, a story that shows that cruelty is more acceptable than love in this peculiar world.

This is a love story first and foremost. A non-conventional love story between three people who literally go through hell, pain and horrors, a love story that goes against the world itself in order to survive and bloom. I loved all three main characters here. I adored Harte, a seemingly weak person who had an incredible strong will to live and love. I loved William, an amazing Master with an iron personality that bend enough to reach the sweetest feeling and conveyed a strong desire to love and respect him. Most of all I loved Ellis. That character was supreme in his beauty. Insecure most of the time he reached an amazing level of power in the end, when he finally sorted in him what was it that he wanted and that he must take it upon himself to make those wants reality for him.

And as you probably figured out, this book being about slavery, the sexual content was a bit more than explicit. The entire plot revolves around the sexual exploit of people, people being forced for years and years to endure horrible sexual tortures. The scenes are horrible and do not shy away from the gruesomeness or the pain. Many of those scenes may make your stomach churn and cause bile rising in your throat. However there is the threesome relationship of William-Ellis-Harte that will make up for it with a beauty and a balance that might leave you panting. I found them amazingly hot. The scenes were gorgeous and the writing was perfect even if it was seen in only one POV. The dramatic flavor of finality and the loss that was feared at every corner made for some very intense scenes as well. It was a feeling that will keep you constantly on your toes and won’t let you relax at all unless you reach the end line. I loved it, every single bit of this book.

And if you are so inclined and enjoy the hard-core BDSM read you will too love this book. As I said in the beginning of this review, my very first thought when I was done was that I must re-read this book… Now!

Re-Submission by Sage Marlowe

sage-marlowe-resubmission-cover-12-13-12Title: Re-Submission

Series: Sequel to Sub-Mission

Author: Sage Marlowe

Genre: M/M, BDSM, Ménage a Trois/ MMM

Length: Novel

Publisher: Total E-Bound (November 12th, 2012)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Explicit ~ Extremely Hot

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Rubbing a toppy sub, a submissive Top and a Dom with attitude together is guaranteed to send sparks flying — but what will they ignite?

Meet Tyler Kane. Ballsy and headstrong, he’s far from being the submissive type. Francis Hollister, Dom and proud owner of a BDSM club, couldn’t agree more — and yet, as Tyler carelessly suggests a bet, Francis sees an opportunity arise and decides to take him up on it.

Soon Tyler finds himself in Francis’ club and about to be trained as a sub. When Shae, the gorgeous Top Francis has assigned to teach him, doesn’t appear to be quite as dominant as his role would lead to believe and Francis turns out to be a rather versatile Dom, Tyler sees a perfect match just waiting to be made happen. Too bad though that he’s the only one who sees it. Or maybe he isn’t?

Curious to find out what happens when you rub a submissive Top, a toppy sub and a Dom with attitude together and what exactly the sparks from that explosive combination ignite, Tyler enlists the help of Pierce, Francis’ brother, and his partner Noah, and sets out on a mission.

While Tyler’s plan seems to work out astonishingly well, it seems that there’s more than one man in the club who is pursuing a hidden agenda…

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Review: I absolutely loved this book, but if I ever had trouble writing a review then this is the one. I frankly don’t know where to start, how to continue and were to finish. That is perhaps due to the fact that this is a very complicated story in its simplicity. The complication comes to the fact that there is not one couple to focus on rather than triangles and couples within couples and… Oh! Let’s start with the main hero the way I see it.

Tyler is an ordinary guy, a car salesman who is at the moment in London for work. His sex life? Pretty vanilla. That all changes when he meets Francis, a Dom if ever there was one. Somehow Tyler manages to insult Francis’s lifestyle and in return Francis tells Tyler that he wouldn’t last a day in his world. That’s all it takes and Tyler finds himself in a situation where he willingly will submit for a month…

I think in this book the most straightforward character was Tyler, he’s that plain old good guy, with a heart made of gold and a strong sense of friendship. That “I can’t stand people suffering out of stupidity” kind of guy who tries to make thing better for all the people around him. It’s easy to love this character, it’s easy to follow him around and it’s easy to understand his motives. Even the stupid decision of getting himself into sub-training when he clearly isn’t one. J

Next comes Shae, a deeply submissive guy. Shae doesn’t “play” the sub part; Shae is a sub through and through. Unfortunately, a scene gone awfully wrong left Shae shattered, taking away his trust and leaving him incapable to submit. He then is offered the role of a “service Top” at the club and ends in training Tyler on how to be a proper sub… Get the picture? The role reverse is pretty wicked in my humble opinion and the author pulled that off astonishingly well. Shae’s submissive nature collides with Tyler’s domineering nature and the results are fascinating to say at least.

Now Francis is the club owner. He’s the first Dom to train Shae. The two of them go way back and their relationship is clearly deeper than they let on. Francis has tried hard to help Shae overcome his trauma and find himself again, with no results. However, he does not let go so easily. In the story, one would think that Francis is the character that hides the most, and then you’d get confused and think that he’s pretty transparent, and then you’d go back and change your mind again…

There is one thing I can definitely say about this book. It kept me on my toes and in anticipation for the entire duration. For me this book is one of the best to show the different faces of “BDSM”. A perfect example that you cannot label anything, a thing may have lots of meanings and in the end nothing can be generalized as we are all unique and tick differently.

This book is also very, very entertaining if you’re into “BDSM”. I loved all the scenes, I loved looking at them from Tyler’s perspective, I loved looking at them from Shae’s perspective and hell, Francis point of view was thrillingly hot. Their chemistry worked so well for me. I was enchanted with how the trio worked together and I wish there was more to it, it felt it ended too soon for me. Yes, I’m insatiable.

The beauty of this novel was that it was in the end a wonderful love story, a story of friendship and of life with the most unexpected twist. Talk about hidden agendas alright and lessons to be learned. I truly believe that even if you’re not into BDSM you will like this book and if you are into it, then you’ll adore it. Definitely recommended.

Going Under by Tonya Ramagos

tr-thoss-goingunder (2)Title: Going Under

Series: The Heroes of Silver Springs #9

Author: Tonya Ramagos

Genre: MMM, Erotic Romance, Action, Contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: For a man who vowed never to fall in love, how can it be possible FBI agent Cameron Stone managed to fall twice? Hot on the trail of a missing fellow agent, Cameron finds himself in Silver Springs, hometown of DEA agent Adrien Bingham and firefighter Thaddeus Carter, and the last place Cameron needs to be. When emotions run wild and attraction explodes, can the self-proclaimed playboy hold on to his resistance?

Adrien never intended to fall for Cameron. Too bad his heart won’t listen. Then Thaddeus walks into his life, and his heart ends up in a train wreck of confusion.

Thaddeus knows Adrien’s heart already belongs to someone, but that doesn’t stop his pursuit. When he meets Cameron, he realizes the man is the one standing in his way. But when his own attraction to Cameron detonates, he’s left in a hell of a mess.

Product Link:

Review: This was quite a story I might admit. I know it was a ménage and I expected the steam and fire to burn. Well, I got all that alright, it was hot as Hell and it didn’t disappoint one bit. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the author went for an actual plot, a storyline for each of her characters, and then some. The guys here were not just pretty faces with killer bodies; they actually had some personality and a life on their own, beside their incredibly complicated non-relationship (at least at first). Admittedly, their personalities were too much alike, there was a fine line separating them, but it worked well within the series title “The Heroes of Silver Springs”.

Cameron, sexy devil that he was, had a weird baggage left due to his parents being too much in love with each other. That made him not want to ever fall into that trap, so he’s avoided it at all costs. Of course, life being the bitch that it is, he finally falls, not for one but two, at the same time… The frustration on who to choose, being unable to make that choice and even more unable to step back leads to interesting events.

Adrien, whom we first see in the story, is equally sexy and equally dedicated to serving the law and saving people. Perhaps that’s what drew him to Cameron in first place. However, even though he knows Cam is dangerous to him and not into relationships, he still can’t let it go. And to top it all, there is Thaddeus, a temptation if there ever was one, fireman and deeply in love with Adrien. Being in the middle of this roller-coaster of emotions Adrien needs to make a choice. And right when he thinks he has things under control they change yet again…

Thaddeus, he’s the sweetest of them all, and apparently the one with the hidden talents. You’ll have to read it to understand what I mean 😉 Thad loves Adrien, period. He loves him for many things, but most of all his honesty. Honesty that has Adrien admitting that he can’t be with Thad, even as he feels way too much for him, because he feels the same about another man. A man that Thad gets to meet and Mother of all Monsters, he falls for too.

When I say there is frustration on hands for the better part of this book keep in mind that it’s the understatement of the year. The relationship part is wonderfully developed in my opinion, considering their jobs schedule and the unplanned events that took place. Their intimate moments, although they are few, are charged with electricity and clearly painted the imagery in my head. Loved it. The humorous streaks were livid and I found myself laughing, a lot.

The action plot though I felt it has some holes. Some things were just not credible enough and left questions unanswered. It didn’t do much to kill the story though, and if you don’t pay a freakish attention to it, you might not even notice. But, I could definitely do without the extremely developed aspect of Terry’s love life; especially when it came right in the middle of a very interesting scene between the guys, and boy did that happen often. Now I didn’t mind the m/f scenes in the story, not at all, it simply threw me when it cut through and had me waiting for some paragraphs to see what is going to happen with the men. It even tempted me to skip through it and go on. In the end, Terry’s part felt like a story within a story and ruined the mood a bit when trying to follow the main storyline.

But, if you don’t mind the above and if you’re willing to turn a blind eye, I strongly suggest you read this book. It was fun, it was fast, it was hot and it was approachable feeling-wise. You’ll love the story and the guys and you might even get a laugh or two with some funny incidents taking place.

Here I Am by Evelyn Shepard

es_mt1_iamhere_coverinTitle: I Am Here

Author: Evelyn Shepherd

Genre: LGBT M/M/M Apocalyptic

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id (October 30, 2012)

Heat level: Explicit

Heart rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Sawyer never it saw it coming. He never expected Jesse to finally respond to him. He never expected the meteors to take out LeVeque tower. He never expected an old woman to try to eat his face off.

Sawyer thought that when he went into work that night it just be another boring evening at the bookstore. But the impromptu quickie in the bathroom is just the beginning. Sawyer, with his gorgeously infuriating boss Jesse, his best friend Chloe and her little brother Jaden are in for more than a boring night.

The undead are rising up and they will have to find their way through the aftermath. With the aid of Jesse’s wryly sexy ex-lover/best friend Topher, they will attempt to head south to find a safe haven in a world turned to bedlam. But with the government keeping secrets and the infected turning, it’ll prove that the nightmare is far from over.

As Sawyer struggles to come to terms with his new world, he’ll also face the conflicting truth that he is in love with not one, but two, men.

It leads him to ask life’s great question: can you find love in a zombie apocalypse?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/m), violence.

Product link:

Reviewer: Heart

Review:  As a big zombie fan who had a positive experience with one other book from this author, I had to see what I Am Here was all about. An attractive cover and particularly three men on it, worked like a charm and as soon as I got it, I jumped into the zombie apocalypse.

Sawyer works in a bookstore and has the hots for his boss Jesse. Their attraction comes to its peak on the night when there is a meteor shower everyone else just has to see, but instead of solving their boss/employee relationship they end up defending themselves from biting old ladies and the still walking dead. The action, both plot related as well as the sexual, starts right away, and before you know it, you have two guys who are crazy about each other killing zombies. Personally, I really like fast paced stories with well-developed fight scenes and well thought through plot, both of which I found here.

As they run, they rescue Sawyer’s best friend, Chloe and her little brother and eventually meet up with Topher, Jesse’s ex and still a very good friend.

The ménage itself develops rather late and even then I thought it lacked the chemistry which was obvious between Sawyer and Jesse as well as Sawyer and Topher. It’s really hard to incorporate romance into something as gore filled as a zombie story and there were plenty of times where I either noticed the inconsistencies or rolled my eyes at inappropriate situations where the main characters decided to have sex. I suppose it’s a curse when you watch as many zombie related movies/shows as I do, to pick apart each action and pay attention to details.

Anyway, my main issue here was the amount of sex, which frankly pulled me out of this fast paced story. I feel there’s just no room for it when each minute is danger filled and you’ve just spent your day killing people you used to know and actually still have their blood in your hair and clothes.

Sawyer as a character was someone I liked the least. He had his good moments and I do like bratty characters, but his outbursts seemed more acted out than a part of his personality. Topher was my definite favorite and I can’t get over how little there was of him in the story as well as the relationship. Maybe its partially just my impression because I liked him so much, but the story had involved him to a bigger extent.

As apocalypses go, this was a good one. From losing your loved ones, to military involvement it probably falls under ‘classic’ category, but the author has a flair for action and it shows. So if you lack zombies in your life, pick this up and read about what’s it like to find yourself surrounded by people who want to eat you and all the imaginative ways how to escape that fate.

Third Time Lucky by Morgan Lewis and Raelynn MacDonald

Title: Third Time Lucky

Author: Morgan Lewis, Raelynn MacDonald

Genre: LGBT M/M/M contemporary BDSM

Length: 119 pages

Publisher: Silver Publishing (October 13 2012)

Heat level: Explicit

Heart rating: ♥♥2Hearts 

Blurb: Ron has his ideal submissive in Declan, a feisty blond who challenges him in all the best ways. In Ron, Declan has found a Master he can serve. When Ron suggests they bring a third person into their bedroom to play, Declan has just the person in mind…

Christopher, Declan’s former Dominant, is a close friend of them both and searching for a partner of his own. When Declan invites him to join them, Christopher is more than happy to oblige. But the presence of a third man in Ron and Declan’s bedroom affects their relationship in unforeseen ways. Will Christopher be simply a play partner, or is there room for something more between the three of them?

Product link:

Reviewer: Heart

Review:  This is a short story that seems to promise more than it eventually offers. I was looking forward to a ménage with BDSM elements and while you will find the listed in some form, my expectations far surpassed what I eventually got.

Declan and Ron are in a BDSM relationship, deeply in love and devoted to each other. Declan is bratty and I found him to be somewhat insecure in his relationship, while Ron keeps putting out this brave adventurous vibe while but in most situations comes off completely lost without a set goal in mind.

The two decide that what their relationship needs in that particular moment in time is a third in their bed and they end up inviting Christopher, Declan’s ex Dom.

For any potential readers – you should be aware that this story is primarily sex centered. There’s little when it comes to plot and BDSM is rather mild. It didn’t work for me at all, but then again, I thought the whole dynamics was wrong. Declan was way too mouthy and Ron had no idea what he wanted in bed. The three guys consulted over everything during the act, which just about killed the eroticism as well as any spontaneity that could have been found there. I kept wondering what exactly they discussed beforehand when every single move needed permission. Christopher was the only one who gave me any real Dom vibe, but I never once felt as if he was any closer to Ron and Declan than he was at the very beginning.

To conclude: this book really wasn’t for me.

Choices by Em Woods

Title:  Choices

Series:  N/A

Author: Em Woods

Genre: Contemporary/ western

Length: Novella (12240 words)

Publisher: Breathless Press (September 21, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   When a rodeo clown, a small town veterinarian and his assistant form a complicated trio, they find it’s their choices that determine who finds love.

When rodeo clown Brandt Collins is forced into retirement by an injury in the arena, he heads to long-time friend Kaden Slater’s hometown to settle down. As far as he’s concerned if that old flame ignites into a wildfire, then all the better.

Kaden is glad to see Brandt, but a little complication in the form of Kaden’s new assistant, Mike, throws a wrench in all their plans. Sexy, smart and young, Mike wants Kaden more than he wants his next breath.

Soon, misunderstandings and the past conspire to tear the trio apart before they’ve even begun. And now it’s their choices that will determine who finds love – and who doesn’t.

Product Link

Reviewer: Cat

Review:  Brandt comes back to town hoping Kaden and he can reignite an old flame, one they let go out, with each choosing to follow their career. Now Brandt has retired from the rodeo and back in town to claim the love he left behind. Kaden is a veteran and his new young assistant, Mike is a very good friend. He has always been there for Kaden.  Even when Kaden was pining all these years over Brandt. Mike is devastated when Brandt shows up. He really thought perhaps Kaden would finally let him in his heart and bed. Can Kaden choose between Brandt, the love he always wanted or Mike, the best friend and man he has lusted for? What happens in spring, when the rodeo is back?  What will Brandt choose a threesome or the road? Choices! Choices!

This story was a very fun fast short read. But it seemed I’d read this before. Not that it mattered; I liked the story of Brandt, Kaden and Mike a lot. The sex is hot and the characters are all three swoon-worthy.  I just needed more of it. The story of the hater attacking them was good, also. The only problem that kept me from loving this was it seemed disjointed and the stories seemed rushed.   I would love more. More of Kaden and Brandt’s relationship, then more of Mike and Brandt’s relationship, and finally, more of the threesome. It really never unfolded, just was there suddenly.

I recommend this book to anyone that loves threesomes, cowboys, vets, hot loving sex, and very a poignant love-story.

Could you love someone enough to accept they love someone else and become a threesome? What would your choice be?  Choices, choices!

Triage by Louise Blaydon

Note:  Triage, in this title is not used as a medical term.  Instead it refers to an all male Ménage

Title: Triage

Series: N/A

Author: Louise Blaydon

Genre: m/m/m Ménage, Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 25, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: When Christian first meets Jordan and Ezra, they’re all young and lucky, thrown together in a journalist internship that cements their friendship for life. But when the internship ends, everything falls apart.

Christian has always loved Jordan, though he’s sure he doesn’t have a chance. By Jordan’s wedding, Christian has feelings for Ezra too. Then Ezra leaves on a foreign assignment, and Christian resigns himself to loneliness and concentrates on his job.

But his professional success comes with crushing personal blows. When an accident kills Jordan’s wife, Christian becomes Jordan’s only support. Months spent so close to him take their toll on Christian’s heart. Then Ezra finally comes home and Christian realizes he has to make a choice: give up on both of them and try to move on… or take a chance that’s risky, crazy—and his only shot.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Meet Christian. A gorgeous person, smart and caring and the best friend one could ask for; always there to stand by his friends, without imposing himself and loving them unconditionally. If a bit naïve or as it was well put, by Jordan, “unobserving”.  he makes out for being a man you could hug and crush out of fondness.

Meet Jordan. Hot! Tall, broad-shouldered, always joyful, he’s probably the protagonist that suffers most tragedy in our story by losing his wife only one short year after their marriage. He’d be lost without Christian, who comes to save him from drowning in sorrow by moving in with him. Although he loses most of his “happy face” by being thus victimized by fate, Jordan is by far the person they all turn to, to save the day, when odd occurs with his infectious smile.

Meet Ezra. What a snarky SOB. The sexy devil that always spices up the company by just being Ezra. A badass war-covering reporter, Ezra suffers from fate as well when his convoy gets hit and all in his vehicle dies, except him. He’s shipped back and life seems dull and awful, while Christian and Jordan try to get him back on tracks. Although Ezra was gone for five years in the Middle East, their friendship falls back to more than familiar tracks when he returns. The three of them are the best friends and perfect together.

Well… They are perfect together indeed. The story follows the path they take that eventually leads them to see, really see just how perfect they really are together.

I really, really liked this book for numerous reasons. First of all, I love a good triage. Call me kinky and you’d probably be right about it, but there is nothing hotter on my book than that. Going on, Ms. Louise Blaydon has a brilliant sense of humor that she managed to pour all around the book. It is so good and the final scene where the boys decide to give it a “try” was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 15 min. Not to mention the sex scenes being incredibly hot. Nothing soapy or awfully gentle and all that, just pure, primal, lusting sex that had me into it, but good. The protagonists were each and every one of them different and attractive in their own ways. I liked them all, having a soft spot for Christian for some reason. I think he was the one that was torn the most and his incredulity in the end was adorable.

I recommend this book to anyone really. this was a great read, fast, easy and highly entertaining. When the book ended I didn’t feel sorry it did, instead I was left with a great feeling that everything went as it was supposed to and content because it was really worth my time.