In the Dark by P.G. Forte

7325684Title: In the Dark
Series: Children of Night, # 1
Author: P.G. Forte
Genre: Paranormal & Alternate Worlds / Holiday / Vampires / Suspense Elements
Length: Novel (225 pages)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (December 8th, 2009)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: When you live forever, you’re bound to make a few mistakes.

1969 San Francisco. World-weary Conrad Quintano should have known better than to fall in love with a human—much less Suzanne Fischer, the barely legal, adventure-seeking hippie beauty known as Desert Rose. And the very last thing he should have agreed to do was to raise her babies and protect them with his life. But even twelve-hundred-year-old master vampires can find it hard to reject a deathbed request—especially when issues of love, guilt and blood are involved.

Present day. Raised in virtual isolation, twins Marc and Julie Fischer have always known they are vampires. But they never knew their parentage—or their unique status in the vampire world—until their “uncle” Damian comes to fetch them home. The family reunion, however, isn’t what they expect. They’re thrust into a world for which they’re totally unprepared. And the father they expected to see, Conrad, is missing.

How to find him…and whom to trust? Solving the mystery of betrayal and vampire family values will prove the Beatles had it right. All you need is love…and an occasional side of blood.

Product Warnings:
While reading this book you may experience any of the following, an increased desire to wear flowers in your hair, dress in tie-dye or nap during the day. Other symptoms may include an intolerance to sunlight, an aversion to garlic-flavored tofu and a pronounced urge to bake…or get baked.

ISBN: 978-1-60504-695-2

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Conrad, a powerful vampire, goes missing and the mystery begins to deepen the further you read. I loved the fact that Damian, Conrad’s love interest, came to his aid even though Conrad had sent him away years before. It showed how much they still cared for one another even centuries later. Loved Damien’s upbeat character.

Suspenseful at times and mysterious this story draws the reader in the ever growing mysteries to find out the end result. The twins Marc and Julie are born vampires and not made vampires, which in this story was not normal. Julie seemed more reserved than her twin Marc who was inquisitive. Their mother was a human woman named Desert Rose who Conrad fell in love with and had children. But she passes away after their birth.

One of things I really liked in this book was that there was no judgment on who you were within this story. So many stories have discrimination and judgment in them regarding who a person is with that it was refreshing not to see it in this story. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious throughout.

Very interesting story with a lot of flashbacks that give insight to the mystery woman even though I thought there were a too many. This story has so many twists and turns that it was hard to keep them straight at times.

It was an intriguing read.

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Ashes of the Day by P.G. Forte

81KTmaJYPJL._SL1500_Title: Ashes of the Day
Series: Children of Night, #4
Author: P.G. Forte
Genre: Paranormal & Alternate Worlds / Vampires
Length: Novel (233 pages)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (May 21, 2013)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2 ½ Hearts
Blurb: Only blood can break your heart.

Children of Night, Book 4

New Year’s Eve, 1999. The world is braced for Y2K, but that’s not the only ticking time bomb in Conrad’s life. Damian wouldn’t be the first vampire to find a way to die, but Conrad is determined he will not be one of them.

Present day. Damian struggles to trust that fate could possibly be kind enough to give him a love as perfect as Conrad’s. Conrad balances on the keen edge of his own fear that one more slip of his formidable control could drive his lover away—permanently.
Julie learns the hard way it’s not just interspecies relationships that seldom work out. Even between vampires, love is not a smooth course.

Meanwhile, intrigue and conflict within the nest continue to grow, fueled in no small part by Georgia’s slipping hold on a deadly secret. Marc works to consolidate his position as leader of the ferals—and discovers that being a walking anomaly has certain advantages. Including some that are totally unexpected.

Product Warnings: Contains more love triangles, more power struggles, more tears and teeth gnashing, and even more graphic scenes of ManLove between moody, domestically inclined vampires than in previous editions. Definitely not recommended for anyone suffering from ALSSD (Auld Lang Syne Sensitivity Disorder) or with aversions to ballrooms, evening clothes, sarcasm, or close-quarter stiletto combat.

ISBN: 978-1-61921-477-4

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This the fourth book in the Children of the Night series. The plot of the story seemed about the same as the rest of the books with only a few new things added here or there. The back and forth of flashbacks regarding Conrad and Damian was a little confusing at times to me. I was hoping for more to this story than there actually was.

Marc sets out to find out about his origins while at the same time gets closer to the rogues that Conrad wanted nothing to do with. Marc struck me as a very strong and dedicated young man to accomplish all this by himself. I was impressed with his character.

All throughout I found myself continuously having to stop as I couldn’t focus. I was disappointed that there was no progress in this book from the others. Though well written this book lacks much needed advancement in the story to keep the readers engaged in the story.

I didn’t like it myself, but I’m sure others would enjoy it where I didn’t.

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Old Sins, Long Shadows by P.G. Forte

old-sins-long-shadowsTitle: Old Sins, Long Shadows
Series: Children of Night, #2
Author: P.G. Forte
Genre: Paranormal/Holiday/Vampires/Suspense Elements
Length: Novel (224 pages)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (May 3rd 2011)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: Living forever is hard, but loving forever? That’s damn near impossible.

Children of Night, Book 2

1856, New York City. Moments after Conrad Quintano drives his life-mate away, heartache and guilt descend around his heart like a pall. Convinced that Damian’s hatred is as permanent as the scars Conrad has inflicted on him, Conrad steels himself for an eternity of emotional torture.

Present day, San Francisco. For the sake of vampire twins Marc and Julie Fischer, Conrad and Damian present a united parental front. In reality, their truce is a sham. Conrad, weakened by his recent ordeal, struggles against the urge to bring his mate back to his bed. And Damian misinterprets Conrad’s explosive temper as proof their relationship is irreparably broken.

When an old enemy’s quest to create a dangerous new breed of vampire threatens the twins’ lives—and the precarious state of vampire peace—it’s imperative the estranged lovers put the past behind them. Or the shadows of the past will tear apart everything they hold dear.

Product Warnings:
This book may not be suitable for readers with an aversion to emotionally damaged vampire heroes. Caution is advised if you have experienced prior sensitivity to any of the following: costume parties, fencing lessons, interspecies, inter-generational or intra-gender dating, occasional mild violence, and/or recreational blood-drinking.

ISBN: 978-1-60928-450-3

Reviewer: Shorty

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Review: This is the second book in the Children of Night series. It is mostly about Conrad and Damian’s past breakup and present situation.

It confused me how two people who loved one another so much would let at least 100 years goes by without talking things out and resolving the issues. Maybe they should have stayed apart seeing as how much wasted time went by after their breakup. It was frustrating reading this book as I wanted to grab them both and make them talk to one another rather than them ignoring the issues between them.

There is a mystery in the book regarding someone making rogue vampires without any guidance. Marc was brilliant in the way he figured things out and alerted everyone else. I was surprised at who unraveled the mystery. But then again it should not have surprised me with all the drama taking up Damian and Conrad’s time.

I felt a lot of this book was unnecessary and drawn out. I loved the parts about Conrad and Damian’s past and Marc’s part throughout the book as he solved the mystery. But, I felt the rest was just too much.

It as an O.K. read.

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Fallen Embers by P.G. Forte

fallen-embersTitle: Fallen Embers
Series: Children of Night, # 5
Author: P.G. Forte
Genre: Paranormal & Alternate Worlds / Vampires
Length: Novel (247 pages)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (April 21st 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 2 ½ Hearts
Blurb: There’s a thin line between blood and madness.

Early Twelfth Century. When the half-civilized Conrad Quintano stumbles upon a stacked battle on an isolated beach, his first instinct is to walk away. What does he care if a bunch of worthless vampires kill each other? But a dying ember of chivalry compels him to rescue the pretty female vampire in distress—radically altering the course of his already cursed life.

Present Day. Marc Fischer continues his desperate search for Elise, while his newly single twin sister, Julie, is hooking up with everything that moves—at least that’s how it looks to a jealous Armand. As the twins’ unusual abilities grow stronger, Marc makes the mistake of trying to protect Julie from what he’s learned about their true nature.

Meanwhile, Conrad’s relationship with Georgia—the vampire he saved centuries ago—is about to alter yet again. They’ve each been keeping dangerous secrets. Secrets with the power to destroy the entire clan. Now, with Julie’s life threatened, the Fischer-Quintano vampires will learn the most painful truth of all.

No lie lies hidden forever

Product Warnings:
Proceed with caution. Storm warnings and small craft advisory are in effect as romantic alliances form and re-form at random. Expect to encounter any or all of the following: old hippies, new friends, erroneous conclusions prematurely jumped to, and best-laid plans gone seriously awry—thanks in no small part to the actions of a certain impetuous Spaniard.

ISBN: 978-1-61922-635-7

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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the fifth book in the Children of Night series and it is mostly about Georgia. I didn’t care for her in the book at all. Though I did understand some things better now than when she was first introduced as her more of story began to come out. I still don’t care for her though.

There is more in this book about both Julie and Conrad as the story progresses. Each character has their own situations they are dealing with throughout the books. Each is explained to a degree as well. I really wish I had known there were females in this series before I started it as I’m an m/m reader and don’t like m/f scenes or hints of them in the books I read.

I had to continuously start and stop as I read this book as I lost all focus on the story through the female parts in it. I am sure it’s a good book but just wasn’t for me at all.

It was O.K.

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Now Comes the Night by P.G. Forte

81jzNyTX-XL._SL1500_Title: Now Comes the Night
Series: Children of Night, #3
Author: P.G. Forte
Genre: Paranormal & Alternate Worlds/ Vampires/ May-December
Length: Novel (345 pages)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (February 26th 2013)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: Growing up, vampire-born twins Julie and Marc Fischer were taught one simple fact of life: you can choose your food, but not your family. Six months after moving to San Francisco, though, the new challenges and choices each are facing are a Gordian knot of complicated.

Marc must decide whether to stay with Conrad and Damian, the only family he’s ever known, or embrace his destiny and the unexpected family—the ferals—that comes along with it. Meanwhile, Julie is forced to deal with the unpleasant realization that the man she loves isn’t necessarily the man who’s best for her.

For Conrad and Damian, the holiday season is stirring up bittersweet memories, and neither can keep from revisiting past passion and pain.

Faced with new mysteries to solve, new alliances to forge, new secrets to keep, and old relationships to rebuild, it’s no wonder the Fischer-Quintano vampires long for the good old days—when food was food and family was all that mattered.

Product Warnings:
If you’ve previously suffered from Disco Fever, this book could precipitate a relapse. Extreme care is recommended for anyone with a pronounced weakness for mistletoe, fang play, pretty young men of either species or extremely dangerous alpha-male vampire single dads. May contain trace amounts of polyester.

ISBN: 978-1-61921-472-9

Reviewer: Shorty

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Review: This is the third book in the Children of Night series. While recovering from his ordeal Conrad and Damian attempt to reconcile their differences. Still tension remains between these two strong men. I still don’t understand why these two have drawn things out in these books. They should just talk and get everything out in the open and be done with it.

Marc moves out and decides to help the help the rogues while searching for the one who hurt him horribly. I really liked Marc’s determination throughout this book. As with the previous books there are flashbacks throughout, so be warned.

We see Julie having second thoughts about her human boyfriend as well as being introduced to characters that seemed to have vanished only to return in this book. There was a lot going on in this book as it continues in the same fashion as the previous ones.

There is suspense, a long lost love that is finally found and whole lot of family drama regarding the vampires.

All in all it was an O.K. read.

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