Into The Dark Void by John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Title: Into the Dark Void

Author: John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Genre:  Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 31, 2015)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Is Earth alone in the universe?

In an attempt to answer that centuries-old question, scientists sent probes into the void, hoping they’d be found by intelligent life forms. In hindsight, it’s decided that giving possibly hostile races directions back to Earth might be a dangerous idea, and the United Space Force Marines are dispatched to recover the probes.

Corporal David Creswell has become a little too close to Blake Bickford, a recent graduate from Marine training, and fraternizing is against regulations. They manage to keep their romance under the radar until they are reassigned to a classified mission to retrieve the probes—aboard a ship where they’re clearly not welcome. While trying to discover who is playing with Earth’s toys in deep space, they’ll give new meaning to “leave no man behind.”

ISBN: 978-1-63476-310-3

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: When I saw who the authors were of this story I knew that I had to read it. They write stories that give you a world that has a bit of humor to it even though they have more of a serious tone to them. They also give you sexy men with a lot of depth and detail to them; it feels like you know them. After seeing the cover of the book, I can tell you my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. What I wouldn’t give to have a man like that.

This is a bit of an oddball story to me, but it was a lot of fun. You get gorgeous men in uniform who are working in outerspace. David and Blake saw each other and knew what they wanted. David is a corporal and Blake was a private, but it didn’t seem to mind with these guys. They are very hot together.

Then while in space one saves the other, and it gets real close for a while there. They came close to death and were going to be in deep trouble with the military. Then more danger surfaced and it was up to them and their friends to keep everyone safe. I must admit that this story is a bit harder to get into and difficult to follow in some parts. The marines have a saying about not leaving any many behind, and these two are definitely backing that saying. I love how protective they are of each other, but that they are still marines.

The story itself is an amazing story but the last few pages seemed a bit forced to me, like they were trying to rush the ending a bit. Other than that, it was a great read. I had fun with it and couldn’t stop reading once I started. I love the author’s gift that they have.

I would definitely recommend this book.

Beyond Obsession by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

BeyondObsessionLGTitle: Beyond Obsession
Series: N/A
Author: John Simpson & Robert Cummings
Genre: Ghost/Spirits, Paranormal
Length: Novel (196 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-62798-518-5
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (March 26th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: After coming out to his family and being disowned by his father, Adam is forced to drop out of college and work at a convenience store to make ends meet. At the store, he meets handsome but married and deeply closeted police officer Steven Miller. Their illicit affair quickly becomes much more for Adam, but Steven can only return his affections physically. Hurt and unfulfilled, Adam turns to a gay dating site to hook up for sex. During one of his hook-ups, he’s robbed.

Although Adam expects Steven to help him out, Brian, another member of the dating site, comes to his rescue instead. Brian helps him recover his property and wants a more personal relationship. But when the man who robbed Adam turns up dead and things happen that Adam can only describe as supernatural, it becomes apparent Brian wants more than Adam is willing to give.
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Review: This was an amazing story. I love the twist and turns that it gives you especially when it includes the supernatural. John and Robert have amazing gifts at telling stories. I love how this one has voodoo in it. Adam had at first intended to go to college and then figure things out from there. But when he had come out to his family, his father basically kicked him out and stopped supporting his college life. So he had dropped out and took a job at a convenience store to make ends meet. It was not so bad all things considering he had been hurt by his father.

While working there Adam had met and fallen in love with a married cop. Steven had told him that he was getting a divorce but would not come out for fear of losing his children. And for a while that was ok, but Adam was slowly getting tired of it. So he had decided to try a dating site for gays. But the one time he hooks up he gets robbed. He didn’t know what to do. He turned to his cop lover but Stephen was not as helpful as he wanted. However, Brian wanted to help him.

When Adam met Brian he got a weird feeling from the man and decided to cut his loses. However, what he didn’t know was Brian was heading into voodoo. He was into the Guede Baron Samedi, a very powerful Voodoo god and his disciples are pure evil. The thing was Adam was still very much in love with Stephen. Now here he had a man who he loved with all of his heart, but wasn’t so sure about. A man that was not only crazy, but also deadly, a ghost who was insane and a tattoo that just wouldn’t go away. He was lost as hell. To fix it he had to fix what was going wrong in his life including apologizing to people he had wronged. He must have done something wrong in his life, because first his lover wouldn’t come out, then hooks up with a one-night stand and gets robbed, has his stolen stuff returned by another date, attacked by crazy man, shot at by an ex-coworker, haunted by a ghost.

I definitely love it when John and Robert get together and write. I love the characters that they give you and the world they create. It caught my attention from the very start and kept it all the way to the end. It gives you the best of multiple worlds. Excitement, adventure, danger, two hot and sexy men, the paranormal worlds and mixed up minds.

Rolling Thunder by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

RollingThunderLGTitle: Rolling Thunder

Series: Murder Most Gay Series, #5

Author: John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel (202 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 13th, 2013)

Heat Rating: Low

Heart Level: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Budget cuts shuffle the decks of the Prince George’s County Police Department. Separated after years as partners, Hank Capstone and Patrick St. James find themselves having to make a new start. Assigned as a training officer, Hank takes on the tough task of showing hot, fit young rookie Jessie Morgan the ropes. Unfortunately, Jessie’s beauty is only skin-deep, as he seems to have a habit of spouting homophobic comments to anyone who will listen. Still, Hank watches closely, figuring his rookie hides a deeper secret.

While Hank is distracted by his new partner, secrets from his past resurface. A former Iraqi general with a grudge against Hank arrives in the area seeking revenge. Does his appearance connect to a terrorist threat made against the local mall? Hank and Patrick must reunite to save the day

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Review: Hot cops in and out of uniforms, what more can a person ask for.


This is book five in the Murder Most Gay Series and to get a feel for them you should start with book one. This book has such an amazing plot and it will capture your attention from the get go. Great sex scenes, danger, murder, friendship, and love are just parts of what you will get from this. Now these amazing hot sex scenes are not between Hank and Patrick but with their husbands. So you actually get lots of hot sex scenes with both. They had met right after graduating from the police academy and became best friends. Being there for each other when they were married and grew to love each other as brothers.


They had separated for a bit on the job, they were surprised to find themselves teaching rookies how not to get themselves killed. They still protected each other no matter what, especially when danger comes for Hank. This has them reuniting together to stop the danger from killing Hank and terrorizing innocents at a mall. This story has the excitement you crave and love. I actually read this story three times, because it was so good.


I have always loved this series and was happy when this book came out. It has the perfect amount of twist and turns that will keep your attention. You will love Hank and Patrick along with their husbands Shawn and Dean. They are just so cute together and you can’t help but love them. Besides what is there not to love Hot and sexy cops and danger…all in this juicy story.

Incoming by Robert Cummings

IncomingLGTitle: Incoming

Author:  Robert Cummings

Genre: Contemporary, MMM

Length: Novella (45 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 24th, 2013) 2nd edition

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Heat: Moderate

Blurb: Specialist Jack Russo is a lonely, closeted soldier serving in Iraq. He doesn’t have a regular outlet for his sexual frustrations until a roadside bomb injures the driver of his gun truck and Private First Class Shawn Farrelly arrives on base. The young soldier attaches himself to Russo and they end up on a rescue mission that turns into an ambush.

Alone and cut off from the rest of their unit in a hostile neighborhood, the soldiers take refuge in an old woman’s shed. The men fear they can’t make it out of their situation alive and choose to go out with smiles on their faces. They take advantage of the momentary privacy to fulfill their animal desires and leave labels behind.

 First edition previously published by Silver Publishing (February 18th 2012)

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Jack Russo being a gay man in the military; especially a war zone during don’t ask don’t tell had a tough time. He had to resort to staying secret and only satisfying his needs himself.

I really loved this story. Though I will say I don’t agree with the categories. I didn’t see much BDSM at all and the MMM that’s was pretty much pushing the envelope also. But I found it a fabulous contemporary MM story. I loved how well depicted Jack’s character was and also Shawn. I loved how this story unfolded by Jacks memories of the past and compared to his present. I found it overall beautiful and extremely hot and sexy.

Recommendation: If you like stories of men that have to stay hidden, soldiers, and really hot sex though most is fantasy this is for you. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fast read on a hot summer day.

Murder on a Queen by John Simpson and Robert Cummings

Title: Murder on a Queen

Series: Murder Most Gay 04

Author: John Simpson & Robert Cummings

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (238pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (3rd August 2012)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: It’s trouble in paradise for homicide detectives Pat St. James and Hank Capstone. After four years as Pat’s partner, Hank wants to move on from Homicide. Sensing the friendship might be about to implode, Pat’s and Hank’s husbands book the four of them a vacation on the gay-friendly cruise liner Queen Mary II.

But what’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday soon turns deadly. The wife of a wealthy hotel magnate has enlisted her lawyer’s help in relieving her husband of the hotel chain and the money that comes along with it—and all of them are on board. When Pat and Hank stumble into the midst of the domestic dispute and the ship runs afoul of a handful of hired mercenaries, the detectives will have their hands full trying to save the Queen, their husbands, and their partnership.

Warning: Some scenes of dubious sexual contact.

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Review: Pat and Hank are having trouble in their working relationship that begins to spill over into their personal lives and their husbands get involved. Shawn and Dean put their heads together and come up with a solution, a holiday aboard the Queen Mary II where their husbands can relax with no work to distract them. But, even the best laid plans go up in flames, as a husband betrayed, seeks his revenge against those that took everything away from him.

This is a great ‘husband out for revenge’ story where ‘a woman scorned’ is nothing compared to a husband who has been betrayed. Pat and Hank are at odds after Pat discovers that Hank has put in for a transfer. When their husbands discover the problem they come up with a solution to make everyone happy. But, in another place another husband is making his own plans for the same holiday and he has no plans of letting his spouse be happy, but Pat and Hank become involved.

I loved Richie, the poor love, betrayed by his wife and his best friend, the people closest to him in the world. A betrayal he can’t let go of, so when his old driver/bodyguard offers him the opportunity of a lifetime there is no way he can turn it down. *sigh* It is brutal, but I doubt there are many people in the world who wouldn’t be tempted. Pat and Hank came across as a little bit selfish about their own desires and the blatant ignoring of their husbands was terrible. The way they acted like glory hounds on the ship was a bit galling, interfering in something that had nothing to do with them, when they were supposed to be relaxing with their husbands.

I thought the storyline was great, and that it progressed well throughout the book.  The characters are well done, although it might be hard to get a good bead on unless you have read the previous books. The villains are nicely nasty enough and the revenge is brilliantly planned. I must admit though that I was surprised at the end. I suppose I was expecting a slightly different outcome. I was happy that Pat and Hank sorted out their problems as well, but still enjoyed when Shawn and Dean put them in their places.

I will recommend this to those who love crime, suspense, a bit of drama, complex revenge and a happy ending for our hero cops and their husbands.