Coke's Clown by BA Tortuga

51z6Y9TnnVL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Coke’s Clown

Series: Roughstock 04

Author: B.A. Tortuga

Genre: Cowboys and Western/Erotic Romance

Length: 188 pages

Publisher: Pride Publishing (April 12, 2016)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Bullfighter Coke is having a rough time in the Roughstock universe. When his dear friend Sam Bell is injured at the finals of the bullriding season, he takes that, and his injuries, pretty hard. His very own clown, Dillon, is determined to take care of Coke, which is tough when Coke is usually the one to care for everyone. Can Dillon get Coke to take a little downtime and recover?

Dillon and Coke appear in And a Smile: Season One.

ISBN: 978-1-78651-399-1

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: This is book four of the Roughstock series. You do not have to read them in order but you do understand some of the things they talk about better and who some of the other characters are if you do. I do suggest you read them in order though. They are really good so why not?

I loved Coke from the first book and was so happy to get his story. Coke is my kind of man. Tender and loving and he deserves a happy ever after. The stars of the Show–oops– I mean book were equally Coke and Dillon. I mean a sexy, rough bullfighter and an adorable and funny rodeo clown. How could it get better?

I loved the conversation and dialogue between Coke and Dillon. It is short and clipped and to me it really made the impact. I also like how there was short repetitive words or short sentences in internal dialect that also added some punch.

The chase was hot, the sex even hotter. I think it got a bit too hot. For me anyhow. Once they got together it seemed for quite a while the story became all about the sex.  I would have liked a little more of the drama near the end and a few pages less of the sex. (Just my opinion).

We also got another peek at Jason and Bax (I won’t say more here just in case you haven’t read the first. But for those that have. Don’t give up on them yet! Jase is still determined.

There were many other cowboys mentioned like the Taggard triplets (I really would l love to see Adam’s story) also Packard or Beau and Sam… yeah so many stories I would like!

If you like rough and tumble cowboys, bullfighters, rodeo clowns, sweet romance, and some hot and raunchy man-sex (hey they are cowboys! and there are tender moments as well!) You will love this one!

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File Gumbo by BA Tortuga

51cKLQWA+oL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Title: File Gumbo
Series: Roughstock 03
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Length: 145 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing (19th January 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Blurb: Beau is riding like the two-time champ that he is, but nothing is assured in the world of bull riding–not happiness, not wealth, and not survival.

Beau is a two-time champion bullrider who is working on his third title. Sam is his longtime lover and traveling partner, who is feeling the sting of having just about the worst season he can remember. The two of them are on the road together twenty-four seven, and it’s starting to get to them a little, between the constant injuries Sam faces, and the relentless press that Beau has to put up with.

Add in friends on the circuit who need their help and the fact that they have to hide what they mean to each other, and it’s no wonder that Sam and Beau’s relationship starts to wear a little from the friction. When things blow up in their faces, Sam leaves the bull riding tour for a while, but the boys find out they’re far more miserable apart than they are together.

Beau and Sam may agree to disagree in order to make peace and help out their friends Jason and Coke, but in the unpredictable world of extreme sports, nothing goes as it’s planned. Can Beau and Sam recover from what just might the last ride of Sam’s life?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1-78430-949-7

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: I have been waiting for Beau and Sam’s story for a while. There is just something extra special about these two men. They have been together for a long time. Though they aren’t shouting from the rafters they aren’t actually hiding either.

Beau is the big champ right now especially with Jase out injured. Sam isn’t doing well at all and is barely making it good enough to stay in the events with Beau. Sam is beginning to tire of people thinking Beau is keeping him and saying that he is riding on Beau’s fame. They need some long-awaited home time but find themselves at AJ’s visiting Jase and Andy after Coke’s injury.

There is so much going on in this book. We get a bit more of Coke and Dillon as well as Jason and Andy. The bits with Jason and Andy at AJ and Missy’s are always fun with little Benji. You have got to love Benji’s cute baby names for all these rough and tumble cowboys, showing their softer side. Also, Sam and Beau raise hound dogs, so we have the cute doggies as well!

There is a little angst with Sam beginning to doubt himself and his relationship then there are other twists I won’t get into, that leave you in nail-biting suspense.

There is a little something for everyone in this book. In the front of the book, the author has a note about the grammar and style. I agree one hundred percent. I love the language and the rough vocabulary. It gives the perfect feel for the roughness of the cowboys and settings. Some of the terms like bobblehead cowboys made me laugh like crazy. It fits so well with all the nodding!

If you like cowboys, cute kids and puppies, angst, twists, a little suspense and, of course, scorching hot man-sex, this is a must!

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Blind Ride by B.A. Tortuga, 2nd edition

25508130Title: Blind Ride, 2nd edition
Series: Roughstock 01
Author: B. A. Tortuga
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Length: Novella (137 pages)
Publisher: August 4th, 2015 by Pride Publishing
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts
Blurb: Jason Scott has everything a bull rider wants: success, money and traveling partner, Andy Baxter. When he loses his sight in an accident, he stands to lose it all.

Jason Scott is at the top of the bull-riding game, on his way to a winning season. Along with his traveling partner, Andy Baxter, he’s riding hard on the circuit, working around the country with all of the other bull riders and bull fighters, living the good life.

The only thing he wishes he had is Bax, but he’s afraid to take the step that would make them more than friends, worried it will ruin everything.

When a terrible accident leaves Jason unable to see, his whole life goes south. Jason decides to chuck it all, determined to go home and hide at his momma’s ranch. Bax has other ideas. He wants to make sure his best friend doesn’t give up, and he hatches a plan that stuns Jason and makes their friends and family think he’s crazy.

With the help of the other bull riders and a very persistent bull fighter named Coke, Bax convinces Jason to give life one more try. With Jason cautiously learning to hope, and his relationship with Bax going to the next level, life gets pretty complicated.

Everyone gets in on the project, from Jason’s strong-willed mother to an entire ranch full of children, all of them working to help Jason do what he loves.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

ISBN: 9781784306397

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: After a tragic accident Jason is afraid he will lose more than his eyesight. Jason hides at his moms ranch hoping that his eyesight will return so he can get back to work and be with Bax more.

Bax worries about losing Jason and does all he can to convince Jason not to give up.

This is a very emotional story. There is a lot of angst and it gets a little dark at one point when Jason decides to give up.
I loved the love between these two men even though the first half of the book they were merely very close friends.

The story is written in both men’s view and I love that. I loved the internal thoughts where we saw from the beginning both men wanted more. The actual sex isn’t until the middle of the book, then it seems to really take over the story.

The story tugged at my heartstrings quite a bit. The first half hoping they would finally act on their feelings and then when Jason got injured.

I did wish there had been a little more physical description. I did see that Jason was a very small man in contrast to Bax with the nicknames Bax used, but I never could picture these men in my mind. Another thing was the abrupt ending of the story which I am hoping just means it will pick up in the next book.

If you like cowboys, rodeos, Bull-riders, friends to lovers, determination and some pretty hot man-sex this is for you.

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