Battle of Will by Sasha L. Miller

Title: Battle17130362 of Will

Author: Sasha L. Miller

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Super Novel (470 pages)

ISBN: 9781620043073

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (1st January 2014)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: At a memorial service meant to honor the dead and mark the beginning of a truce between Skirfall and Morcia, Ackley spies a figure who does not belong—a mage interrogator whose presence will only cause harm should the Morcians realize who he is and all the people he has tortured. But the problem rapidly grows much worse than that when Ackley realizes his true purpose is assassination of the Morcian crown prince—an assassination Ackley prevents, but at great cost.

Banished from his own country, bound magically to the crown prince of his enemies, Ackley is certain of just one thing: whether he can figure out how to break the spell or not, his death is assured.

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Review: Ackley of Skirfall jumps into action when he realizes that the memorial service to honor the dead and seal the peace between two warring country’s is really a trap. Ackley spots Daralis, a mage interrogator, lurking in the crowd and realizes he is set on assassination and Ackley acts at great cost to himself. Now tied to the crown prince of Morcia, Beorn Ealdwin, Ackley has to find a way to break the bond whilst being dragged into a plot by some members of Ealdwin’s own council.

This is a brilliant enemy to lovers’ story; it’s a story of trust being built and of attraction building and two men finding love from a difficult situation. Ackley is a magic user and through one impulsive act, he finds himself bound to a man whose country outlaws magic. Ackley has to discover the counter spell that will set him free, but it is far from easy as he is looked upon with mistrust. Ealdwin doesn’t trust Ackley but has no choice in following Ackley’s advice… both their lives depend on it. Both Ackley and Ealdwin have to work together as they try to discover the traitor in Ealdwin’s own council, and Ackley begins to run out of time and just might have to choose between his magic and his freedom.

This is a great fantasy story of two men from different sides of a war who have to work together if they want their freedom. I found the story to be very in-depth with the ongoing war and the political maneuvering taking center stage, with Ackley’s search for a counter spell coming in a close second and the developing relationship between Ackley and Ealdwin being left till last. I liked the way the story progressed with Ackley and Ealdwin working together and the trust between them building slowly over time, when they did admit their feelings it felt more genuine because of the time they spent getting to know each other. This is far from an instant attraction story or men falling headlong in love, it’s a building of trust and affection.

Both Ackley and Ealdwin are interesting characters and their relationship is based on necessity which then takes its time developing into something more. I really enjoyed the main storyline of breaking the spell and discovering who is making a play against the throne and found it well drawn out. The setting is perfectly written *sigh* I love stories that have a medieval feel to them and I absolutely adore them when magic is thrown into the mix. I must admit though that I got thrown at times with the changing of Ealdwin’s name, at times he was Ealdwin and others he would be called his other name Beorn and it would take me a moment or two to remember they were the same person *shush*.  

I recommend this to those who love fantasy, brilliant characters and an intriguing storyline with magic, political sneaky dealings, betrayal and a relationship built on trust.   

Beach Remedy by Sasha L. Miller

17841212Title:  Beach Remedy

Series:  Paranormal Days 

Author:  Sasha L. Miller

Genre:  Paranormal

Length:  Novella (58 pages)

Publisher:  Less Than Three Press (June 12th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Laurie

Blurb: With his cousin laid up from a broken ankle, Lee agrees to help him out and combine a beach vacation with a bit of legwork to scope out a haunted lighthouse. That his cousin agrees to pay for the vacation certainly makes a cheesy ghost tour bearable. Lee’s plan is to get the work out of the way quickly, then spend the rest of his time on sun, sand, and all the blood and sex a vampire can stand. But, the cute hotel clerk he picks out proves to be anything, but an easy snack.

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Review:   Engaging beach read, short and kind of sweet little story about what you think you want isn’t always what you need or should have. The characters are fun and written as well-rounded people. The writing flows, the setting is clear in your mind.

Lee, a vampire, is just looking for a summer vacation of love um, bite um and leave um while helping his cousin out. And the cute guy at the hotel counter is looking like a good bet. Except Jayden doesn’t fall for Lee’s vampire glamour or enthrall. Hmm, why would that be? Well maybe because Jayden’s a Hedge witch, one of the few paranormals that are resistant to vampires. Now intrigued, he gives up his idea of love/bite and leave um to pursue Jayden.

I truly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading more from this author

Burning Bonds by Sasha L. Miller

15839851Title: Burning Bonds

Series: The Bestiary: Bundle 2

Author: Sasha L Miller

Genre:   Fantasy

Length:  Short (38 pages)

Publisher:  Less Than Three Press

Heat Level:  Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb:   The charms and elixirs crafted by the fae are highly prized and notoriously difficult to obtain. The fae charms Fihr sells at his stall are lucrative business, but he would happily throw it all away to have a chance with Satu, the beautiful faerie who makes the charms. When he catches Satu trying to run away, terrified of his betrothed, Fihr throws all caution aside, determined to help Satu no matter what it takes.

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Reviewer:   Pammie

Review:  A flight into the world of fae.

When Satu determines to run away rather than face an arranged marriage, Fihr steps in quickly to help. He learns Satu’s parents agreed for him to marry a wealthy gnome, but Satu fears all the gnome is really interested in is his ability to create powerful fae elixirs.

Fihr agonized over how to talk Satu into staying with him, only to find it’s what Satu always wanted.

They decide to marry to ensure Satu can’t be forced into marriage with the gnome. However, the gnome doesn’t give up quite so easily.

This is a nicely crafted, if brief, venture into the world of Fihr and Satu. I recommend it for those who love fantasy and who want something short and sweet.