Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction, Edited by Timothy J. Lambert & R. D. Cochrane

Hey everyone, today we are bringing you a great new anthology Foolish Hearts, each story was carefully chosen by editors Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane and our Gigi was pretty impressed with this collection of stories so take a look at what she had to say! ~Pixie~ 

Take a Chance on Love!

Following the critically acclaimed anthology Fool for Love, editors Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane bring together a new compilation to appeal to sensual appetites. Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction is a collection of seventeen passionate yet lustful gay romance stories, ranging from the adrenaline-pumping days of youth to the heartbreaking nights of middle-aged romance. Readers are taken on a joyride through the wild memories and fantasies of well-known erotica writers, such as Felice Picano, Andrew Holleran, and Greg Herren. Escape to new worlds while rediscovering the intense and beautiful emotions associated with falling punch-drunk, head-over-heels in love.

“Every once in a while a book comes along that completely bowls me over. It shakes me out of any reading ennui I may be experiencing and reminds me once again of the reasons for my love of the written word.”

The Indie Reviewer, (praise for Fool for Love)

About the Editors

Timothy J. Lambert is an accomplished gay erotica writer. His stories have been appeared in Best Gay Love Stories and The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica.

R. D. Cochrane has published short stories and two novels, Coventry Christmas and Coventry Wedding. Together they have co-published several written works, including The Deal; Three Fortunes in One Cookie; and Someone Like You. Both writers reside in Houston, TX, and can be found online at and


Foolish Hearts

New Gay Fiction

Edited by Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane

$15.95, Trade Paperback

240 pages, 5 ½ ” x 8”


Publishing on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014

Contact: Eva Gantz at, 510-845-8000

FoolishHearts_hires2Title: Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction

Series:  Anthology

Author: Edited by Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane

Genre: Contemporary/Coming of Age/Aging/Fools In Love

Length: Novel/Anthology <

Publisher: Cleis Press (2014)

Heat Level: Mild

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: The Exhilaration of Love. As gay marriage bells are finally ringing out around the world, bestselling editors Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane celebrate with a collection of gay romance that will incite love—and lust—in every reader. A thirty-something realizes the man sleeping beside him every night is his real Prince Charming in Steven Reigns’ “On These Sheets.” Love, youth and age bump up against each other at a gay guesthouse in “Symposium,” by Andrew Holleran. A hopeless romantic finds his heart’s desire amid the temptations of Hollywood in Felice Picano’s “New Kid in Town: 1977.” Men who love men abound in this dazzling collection of deliciously sexy, romantic and tender stories. 

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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: This is a collection of stories that contain honest thoughts, emotions and experiences. These authors create stories that share growing pains, relationship woes, sexual enlightenment, frustrations, unrequited love and so many more foolish and not so foolish moments of love and life. Some are sweet, some are sad, some are cute and others funny. As a collection this anthology is for the romantic, without the erotic. All are very well written, and many have touched my heart!

Hello Aloha by Tony Calvert: Being the single man out during a vacation wedding at the Magic Kingdom could stress anyone out. As best man, Chad does his job and tires not to grumble at the perky grooms-to-be, but the pressure they apply to get him to sample the sexy seven singles they invited for him gets on his nerves. Chad gives in to the whole fairy-tale theme and decides to stop grumbling when a large an irritating “Goofy” character comes up to him and begins a conversation of sorts, or as much as a nonspeaking man in a dog costume can! Funny thing is…Goofy and Chad share sympathies, secrets and it turns out attraction…one of my favorite sweet stories in this anthology!

How To Be Single at A Wedding by David Puterbaugh: Natalie and Peter, both single, and as Nat says, “Always A Bridesmaid and Never A Bride,” are once again helping their friends plan and execute their Cape Cod wedding. Natalie suggest that they should write a blog: How To Be Single at a Wedding. Throughout this short story they both grumble about singledom…about weddings, and relationships past….but by the end of this short they leave us with hope..and belief in true love after all.

Three Things I Pray by Trebor Healey: A beautifully poetic and surreal trilogy of short stories following the thoughts and lives of circus clowns, an amorous trapeze artist, and other side show lovers. A retired and lovesick clown retreats to the forgotten land of Buenos Aires, and seems haunted or hunted by angels, whom he saves, he has sexual encounters and whom he sets free. He recollects his past life and his past lover, wondering at his future, it’s relevance, and its possibility of holding love. This is an odd little story in three parts, all of which create surreal images, flowing one into the other, never really knowing for certain if we’re in the present or in a dream state. Also a bit esoteric when it comes to the exotic locale, when it comes to literary references, and cirque in general. I enjoyed it, but was also left questioning what I just read was all about.

On These Sheets
 by Steven Reigns: A story about true relationships. “I’m glad you got new sheets,” Timothy says when we walk into my bedroom….I ask him why he’s glad, “You’ve been with other men on that old set.” This leads to an internal struggle with the MC, does he resent his new man’s feelings, is his new man trying to make his earlier experiences shameful? What does he imply by that comment. And so the internal debate proceeds, and he decides he is happy for his earlier sexual encounters in this bed, happier to have discovered what he enjoys and that he brings experience to bed with his new lover, not shame. The question is, does Timothy feel bad about his partners past, or is he trying to say something else…a clean slate…a new adventure together ahead instead?

Victoria by Erik Orrantia: One of my favorites in this series. An older couple, both vaqueros living in Mexico having worked the same ranch together for over twenty years. Gay marriage becomes legal throughout Mexico and it brings the subject up Osvaldo’s mind. He begins to pressure Daniel into getting married, citing the reasons they need to protect themselves and their assets. Daniel can’t imagine it and sees no point, in fact he fears public recognition of their relationship, when right now the small community they live in has plausible dependability…so he ignores Aldo’s hints and please for him to consider it. But I enjoy Daniel’s epiphany, and the resulting trip to Mexico City and the experience the couple has there. A sweet story, love these two old cowboys and their simple life together!

Nude Beach by Paul Lisicky: Everyone needs a rebound after a failed relationship, something to make them believe in love again, something to make them feel worthy of that lust and love. Matthias’ passions and motivations are sparked by a chance sexual encounter on a nude beach. The sparks fly with this new mysterious man, but will Matthias jump right into the next relationship, or perhaps will he lose the man’s number and take time to consider his future options? All about reigniting passion and confidence after a broken heart and crushed ego.

Tea by Jeffrey Ricker: A coming out story, and a tragic loss of new found love. Tea is poignant, and a beautiful illustration of love, loss and acceptance. A wonderful example of understanding between mother and son. 

A Royal Mess by Taylor McGrath: Another favorite in this collection! What I like the most is not that Graham is still curious, and tracks down his former lover after a breakup and resulting disappearance. It’s not the fact that he finds his lover, confronts him and finds that Ferrin has been wondering and longing for him also. It’s the fact that Ferrin found a way to look after himself, heal himself through what he was struggling with personally and is able to come back together with Graham as a healthier partner in their future instead of a needy and dependent lover. But enough of that, there are some interesting surprises in store and some beautiful honesty.

 by Nathan Burgoine: It’s so damn cute! Poor Chris is struggling with his infuriating manager, she’s condescending and homophobic, and if that isn’t enough he has to deal with another level of crazy when Lighting Todd comes into his store and tries to drop hints at predicting his future. While Chris deals with telling off his boss, shrugging off his crush on a friendly security guard, can he hope that Todd is right and good things are coming for him? I wont’ give away more…because I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this short treasure!

Touch Me In The Morning by Greg Herren: Greg’s sick on empty one night stands where is lover sneaks out before sunrise. He wishes just this once that his new paramour and long time friend Dennis, would be there to hold him and share the simple pleasures of a lover in the morning light. Unfortunately is doesn’t appear to be the case, and he’s just about to give up. But is he reading Dennis all wrong?

Foundations by Timothy Forry: It takes two to tango, successes and failures have two sides in every relationship. David’s partner Clause has cheated, he’s remorseful and repentant, but can David look past the hurt, the betrayal, the distrust? When a severe storm threatens their home and their lives David takes a closer look at what he holds dear and what went wrong. He realizes that his long stretches away from home, his focus on his own career, and his lack of care and communication for his lover could be the biggest part of the problem. But what’s the best way forward, revenge, dissolution? Does their relationship and their home have a strong enough foundation to weather the storms of life?

New Kid In Town
1977 by Felice Picano:  Kid flees east coast to find love, fame, sex and fortune on the west coats only to be disillusioned and finds a love interest who ironically flies back home to New York, but he’ll follow too finding nothing but superficiality in WeHo.

The Green Sweater by Mark G. Harris: Man finds a note in a downstairs bathroom at a party he’s attending that’s an SOS from someone who is being bored out of his gourd by a man in a green sweater…the same color of sweater he is wearing. Man’s confidence takes a kick to the balls and he avoids the cutie he’d been hanging out with, opting for the lonely deck instead. The ending is sweet, and I was glad I kept rooting for him.

Rochester Summers
 by Craig Cotter: This story is another one of my faves and just melts my sentimental little heart. It’s a reflection of fond memories involving his first sweet summer crush, lots of slow admiring glances, time spent skinny dipping, whiling time away until summer and innocence ends. I don’t’ want to give away more, it’s too good to spoil.

Bothered, Bewildered by Rob Williams: Another coming of age, or at least coming to terms story complete with a sweet crush, unrequited admiration, and secret kisses in the dark by a visiting nocturnal witch! This story made me smile, warlocks and all!

Meditation by Timothy J. Lambert: A poor frustrated stressed soul searches for understanding and relaxation at a meditation retreat, only to suffer through silence, painful positions,and his attraction to Corn Fed Guy. Funny that even though he finally settles into the routine of silent meditation, and begins to focus on his life, he totally misses that it worked. His silent reflections held meaning. I was so excited, until the end….then I laughed.

Symposium by Andrew Holleran: A couple of gay authors recall the glory days and share their woes and concerns of the present and future of the gay writing scene while presenting at a writers retreat. Electronics have ruined everything! They contemplate love, sexuality and writing with a younger writer at the retreat, and confess that life as a writer has very little excitement, and very cold and lonely hotel rooms even with success. Cute, sad and probably very honest! An interesting choice of closer for this collection, the hopeless romantic in me wanted the two men to find their way home…together!